Sonic The Hedgehog #112 Review by True Red
"Mistaken Identity Crisis!"
Written by Benny Lee
Pencils by Art Mawhinney
Inked by Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund
Antoine is in full glory on this cover--a cover that does something very rare. It features all the core Freedom Fighters, though Tails is hard to spot flying the bi-plane. One of Spaz' fave easter eggs, Astal, is easier to spot hanging on the plane. This is easily my fave cover in a long time. The frontpiece by Axer is awesome as well. However, Antoine never really had that anger that's on display in the pic inside the story.

The issue starts with General D'Coolette retelling his glory days as a general for King Max to Antoine. Now we know where Antoine gets it from. Suddenly, a portal opens up above them and while D'Coolette watches, Antoine hides. Sonic comes in time to catch Zonic who eventually falls through. Zonic is hurt so Sonic runs off to get him some help, while D'Coolette comments on how brave and heroic Sonic is. While I'm not a big Mawhinney fan, that crestfallen look on Antoine's face was perfect.

Doctor Quack tells us Zonic will be fine, so Sonic leaves because until Zonic wakes up they won't know what happened to him anyway. D'Coolette and Antoine find Sonic in Knothole and D'Coolette starts praising Sonic. At first Sonic is eating it up, but unlike D'Coolette, Sonic notices Antoine's expression and realizes this isn't "right." So, Sonic starts saying that Antoine is a "real" hero which surprised both D'Coolette and Antoine. Sonic and Antoine walk away and have a quick whispered conversation in which Sonic comes up with a plan to have Antoine look good for his dad. Antoine goes back with his dad, while Sonic goes to make preparations.

As Sonic is about to get ready, Doctor Quack calls him since Zonic is waking up. Zonic tells them that "one of [Sonic's] worst enemies" is somewhere in Mobius Prime. Meanwhile, Antoine now is telling "stories" to D'Coolette. When Antoine gets questioned on a plothole in his story, he ends up not having to answer it because Evil Sonic appears. Antoine is thinking that it's Sonic dressed up as Evil Sonic. While Evil Sonic keeps talking, Antoine takes him down. Sonic and Zonic arrive on the scene, and Zonic shackles Evil Sonic, while Sonic congratulates Antoine. Then, Antoine realizes he's shaking Sonic's hand and faints causing everyone (except Evil Sonic) to laugh.

Rating: Rings

It was a very nice story. I was glad Sonic picked up on Antoine's feelings within the story. Considering Sonic likes his "image," I enjoyed the fact that he was willing to boost Antoine's image for something that's important to Ant. It would've been nicer if some things could've been a little longer though. The art was very good, even though it's not really my kind of style.

Written by Karl Bollers
Pencils by Art Mawhinney
Inked by Nelson Ribeiro
Story starts with Uncle Chuck in his lab and Sonic is asking him if he's coming to Lupe's going away party. Uncle Chuck says that he's got too much work to do, so Sonic leaves. A little later, Uncle Chuck is surprised as Sonic has brought the party to Uncle Chuck's lab. Uncle Chuck is watching everyone have fun, when Lupe finally greets him. He returns the greeting, but decides he needs to go outside. Lupe follows him and the two talk about his recent actions under Robotnik's control and Uncle Chuck laments about the roboticizer and how he can't be forgiven. Lupe says he already is if he'd only forgive himself at which point seemingly everyone from the party has joined the discussion as both Sally and Sonic agree with Lupe. Lupe tells everyone that the party is for honoring Uncle Chuck as well as her farewell party. Uncle Chuck says thanks and finally smiles.

Rating: Rings

Uncle Chuck is the nice guy you always feel for and the story did the guilt-thing justice. While he's been told not to feel responsible for how the roboticizer came to be used, it was for story-sake more powerful coming from Lupe, especially the way the conversation went. If this angle is used again though, this story becomes useless, so I hope it isn't. Cameos galore as Rotor, Bunnie (in her "original" hairstyle), Tails, and Hope make it into this story. So does Antoine, but the main story focused on him.

There were 7 pages worth of Data Files as Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, and the Brotherhood are profiled in this issue. Some interesting notes were made about Amy (such as the fact that she's from a noble family) and for the Knux fans, an "official" note of sorts was made on Knuckles & Julie-Su (she's referred to as his girlfriend) and Janelle-Li's colors were revealed.


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