Just a little side note, I'm normally very positive about the comic. I'm normally always searching for good while others are searching for bad. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much good in this issue.

Anyway, no reason not to do a review, Onward and Upward.

Cover: I must say, looking at the cover when I first got it, it was a delight. An assault on your eyes filled with vibrant colors and action, not to mention a neat perspective. Antoine's looking all bad@$$, what more could Crimson Kitty want.

Seriously though, open closer inspection I found some flaws. Like I always say, I refuse to critisize art's quality. But I found some inconsistincies. First of all, despite the fact that she's not in the issue, Bunnie is off to the side waving hello. Don't really have a problem with that except she seems to be planning on joining the circus, I've seen clowns with a whiter face. Why?? I guess because she loves us. Also, why the heck is there a plane in the top right and who the heck is that hanging from it?(I actually started a whole thread on that if you wanna discuss).

Overall, I'll give the cover 8 outta 10 chaos emeralds.

Main Story: Mistaken Identity Crisis

Summary: General D'Collete and Antoine are strollin along when who should fall outta da sky then your friendly neighborhood zone cop, Zonic, and he's out cold. Sonic is there to rush Zonic off to dr. Quack. While Zonic is recovering, General D'Collette takes time out of his busy schedule to compliment Sonic, which gets Antoine's panties in a bind. So Sonic and Antoine arange for a little demonstration of antoine's bravery. Then, while Sonic goes to tend to Zonic's woes, Antoine and General D'Collette finds the cause of Zonic's woes, Evil Sonic(remember him?). Ant, thinking its Sonic in disguise, knocks him out with a judo chop. Zonic then comes and disposes of Evil Sonic as Antoine does an anime fall when realizing he didn't knock out the real Sonic(Two sonics! We've never seen that before!).

Art: Yes, that's right, Art. Specifically Art Mawhinney. Usual spiel, no criticisms, and no quibbles. Just a comment. Considering the amount of control Sega's had on the comic recently, I don't think they will be too happy when they find out that Archie is regressing to pre-Sonic Adventure style drawings. But I personally found it a little refreshing. So long as it doesn't keep up forever.

Plot: Hoo boy, got a few days. I'm going to break this down into sections, dealing with what I feel is the severity of the plothole.

Nit picks -

Page 10 - Where the heck did Evil Sonic come from? pretty self explanitory. How did he oust Zonic, How did he cross into Zonic's zone in the first place, and how did he manage to force Zonic out, and why upon forcing Zonic out, did he decide to FOLLOW HIM to accost Antoine and his daddyoo for cash! Please by Benny Lee the book, "What motivates Characters." because I have NO idea what was motivating Evil Sonic.

Also, was Antoine planning on knocking Sonic unconscious, or does he just not know his own strength. Because that's what he did with Evil Sonic.

whole issue - No FF's other than Sonic and Ant. Not so much a nitpick as a dissapointment.

Page 11 - I'm sorry, but its very unbelievable that Antione would faint from seeing two Sonics. Like that's never happened before.

Huge gaping disturbances.

Get ready for a tirade.

This story suffers from what I like to call "Star Trek Voyager" syndrome. Anyone who watched the old show will be familiar with it. They spend so much time building up to a climax, with limited space that there is no room for an ending that can match the begggining. I mean, I was loving this Ish up until about page 9, then it falls to pieces. Really, this was such a great beggining. Seeing Zonic again, finally getting a chance to see General D'Collette do something besides get beat up by Knuckles and chill with Rob o', and I really thought, despite the AoSTH's of it all, the whole "Antoine saves the Day" would be enjoyable. The great cover instilled that in me. Then they wrapped the whole thing up in two pages. Benny Lee, after working all this time had only two pages so he decided to just throw evil Sonic there, have Antoine knock him out, then faint. The end. Pathetic. This comic was really looking good, but if Benny Lee doesn't recover from Star Trek Voyager syndrom, we could be in for some rough times ahead.


2 outta 10 Chaos Emeralds

Sega Data Files: If this is the reason the previous story was cut short, I'd be really mad. Otherwise, they're fun. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy plus the Brotherhood of Guardians. That one was a special treat with a pic of all the guardians in order.

Backup story: Forgiven

Summary: Uncle Chuck is doing some research when Sonic invites him to a party honoring Lupe's going away(remember her). Uncle CHuck says he's swamped, so Sonic, that sly devil, brings the party to Uncle Chuck. Uncle Chuck tries to sneak out, but Lupe catches him. After a little chat about guilt and whatnot, everybodies hapy and theres a little family hug.

Art: Wow, much better than the first issue. Yet both were by art. This one just had more detail. There was something else to it as well. Something that just made Sonic look....better than he did in the first one. I checked it out but I still can't put my finger on it.

I'l say this, Lupe didn't take roboticization very well. I spent half the story trying to figure out if that was really her. But kudos to Art for puttin a lot of emotion into her face.

Interesting side not, no one's seemed to tell Art that things have changed a bit around Knothole, on page 2, he draws Bunnie with her old hairstyle. One thing I REALLY liked is that he drew Tails with his old face, but they put the newer colors on him. It looks much nicer than when he was brown and drawn like that.

Also Tails doesn't have any Tails in that page, but that's a common mistake.

Uncle Chuck's lips are in the exact same position the entire issue. It looks like someone froze while he was going, "Whaaaa".

Some great backgrounds for Art, who I always remembered as being not to great on the backgrounds. On Page 5, in the middle panel, sally is doing her best impression of Lup as her nose is being stretched out like a wolf's. But below that, it is pure vintage Sally. Haven't seen something like that for a while.

Plot: Hey, you take these backup stories for what they are, fluff. I really think this is the wrong time to bring up Uncle Chuck's guilt personall, seeing how we've known about the robotisizer for about 100 issues or so, but like I said, its just fluff.


Yes, Easter Eggs galore....two actually.

on Page 4, we see a shot of Uncle Chuck's lab. On the floor is a box with the label TRASH. Under neath it, you can make out the words, "Beastwars" Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

Also in the same panel of Page 4 is a clipboard with the words, "Armada Stinks" written on it......I don't get it either, but hopefully someone does.

Also, not really an easter egg, but Hope Kintobar finally puts in an appearence since moving in to stay since 109. She's in the background on two pages, just beaming her little smile.


Score: 5 outta 10 Chaos Emeralds

Total Score 4 outta 10 Chaos Emeralds



lemme clarify the easter eggs -

#1 - beastwars (my fav) looks like we gotta case of " trukk not munky "

#2 - armada is the new upcoming transformers series and its shaping up to be... a little diferent .

as for #112 -

it wasnt anything that ill remember 3 months from now, the transformers references help some lol. but in terms of story - it could have been good... it just wasnt.

overall not the worst issue i ever read, not the best either.


Cover Art: Five Rings ^_~
Although it features Antoine instead of Sonic, everything is 100% on target art wise. Astal also makes yet another cameo appearance, clinging to the bottom of the Biplane, thank you Spaz.

The Splash Page gets another 10, is that Axer's Art?

Main Story: Mistaken Identy Crisis
Rating: 5 Rings
This story Shows that Sonic is or has become more perceptive over time. The background is littered with SatAM type background chatracters and art by well.. Art Mawhinny. I always considered his art pretty average. (I edited this because I was getting him confused with Pat and Spaz after some research, and issue #21 is what I was thinking of) However, he's improved and as a SatAM puritan, I completely endorse the style ^_^

While the story itself involves Zonic, who shows a rare glimpse of Sonic without gloves on, the story for once doesn't have Sonic bolting off to take care of another world twin. Instead, Sonic and Antoine work together on a plan to impress Ant's Father, the Sherrif. In the Process, Antoine does a one hit wonder to the real Evil Sonic - which is why Zonic was there in the first place. Cute Plot twist to a masterfully executed story. The runt really isn't bad when he has his courage up - even if he didn't realize that wasn't the real Sonic.

Second Story: Forgiven
Rating: 2 Rings
Welp, This is a wonderful idea, of Chuck dredging up his old pains over the Roboticizer, and Lupe's condition because of him. The transitions I didn't feel were that well done, but I'll admit here that I'm openly biased. I just wrote a depressing Sonic guilt trip story, so I'm probably comparing this too much. Otherwise it'd deserve at least a 3 or 4. Artwork is consistant though i don't like how Uncle Chuck is drawn.

Bonus: Sega Files, character files. Nice move guys ^_^


The Curmudgeon Reviews:

Sonic #112 (with special bonus mini-review of Sonic #113)

Cover (Patrick Spaziante, Nelson Ribeiro, Josh D. Ray)

While a little cluttered with background characters (and the General's improbably-large cape, which is nowhere to be seen in the story itself), the basic composition of the cover is terrific: Sonic falling back as Antoine pushes him out of the way, striking a heroic pose, sword pointed towards the viewer (to be exact, a little to the viewer's left). Very nice, and as a bonus, it's actually accurate in depicting the story inside.

Grade: A

Frontispiece (J.Axer, possibly others inking or coloring; no credits available)

General D'Coolette (again wearing a purple cape) laughs as Sonic, apparently in the middle of one of his tales of derring-do, strikes an unusual pose; in the foreground, Antoine is obviously upset, though here his expression seems to be closer to anger than sadness. Very well executed, but Sonic's pose and Antoine's expression just don't seem quite right.

Grade: B

Lead story: "Mistaken Identity Crisis!" (writer: Benny Lee; penciller: Art Mawhinney; inkers: Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund; letterer: Jeff Powell; colorists: Josh & Aimee Ray; editor/art director: J. F. Gabrie; managing editor: Victor Gorelick; editor in chief: Richard Goldwater)

Plot synopsis: While Antoine and his father are engaging in some father-son bonding, Zonic literally drops in on Knothole, unconscious; Sonic catches him and takes him to the hospital. After watching Sonic in action, General D'Coolette praises the his courage and heroism; this saddens Antoine, who thinks he has done nothing for his father to be proud of. Sonic, noticing this, tells the General that Antoine is a "real hero," and then plots with Antoine before walking off. At this point, Zonic regains consciousness, bearing troubling news: one of Sonic's "worst enemies" is loose. The story then switches to Antoine bragging to his father about fighting Robotnik, but just when General D'Coolette asks an awkward question, they're interrupted by what looks like Evil Sonic, complete with black leather and sunglasses. Antoine, thinking it's actually Sonic in disguise, takes him down with one well-placed karate chop. Sonic and Zonic then arrive on the scene; as Zonic takes Evil Sonic into custody, Sonic congratulates Antoine on capturing the villain. Only then does Antoine realize he was facing the real Evil Sonic, and promptly faints.

Writing: This, I think, is a perfect example of going "back to basics": the story focused on members of the Freedom Fighters while involving some supporting characters, was very much character-driven, and was resolved in a clear, straightforward manner. One can argue that Antoine's displays of cowardice were inappropriate, considering his behavior since Endgame; also, his complete fabrication of an encounter with Robotnik doesn't reflect well on him, especially since he has had some heroic exploits he could regale his father with (his part in Endgame, for example). Still, these are nitpicks on what is, in the end, a satisfying story. The dialog fits the characters (Sonic's crack about "I've seen this special effect before" was especially appreciated), and the writing showcases their personalities and relationships, rather than just plugging them into a generic action plot. Grade: A-

Art: After an absence of nearly 3 years, Art Mawhinney returns, and better than ever. His knack for staging and storytelling is as strong as ever, and his drawings of the regular characters are on-model and full of life. What's improved are his character proportions; they're no longer quite so short and 'cute' in the stereotypical 'bigfeet' funny-animal style, but fit in quite well with Spaz's and J. Axer's renditions. The inking team of Pepoy and Eklund do a fine job in preserving Art's distinctive style, and the Rays' coloring is excellent, providing just enough shading to add realism to the drawings without going overboard in special effects (except for the gratuitous Photoshop blurring of the foreground characters in the middle of page 5). Even taking into account the inconsistencies in how Zonic was handled (why was he able to lie down, and later sit down, on a bed like an ordinary Mobian?), this is some of the best art the comic has ever seen. Antoine's expression and posture on the bottom of page 3 are especially effective, as is his walking behind his father on page 5 when they walk side-by-side elsewhere in the issue. (On a personal note, I much prefer the rustic-looking hospital shown on page 5 to the modern one depicted in Sonic #94.) Grade: A+

Overall grade: A

Sega Data Files (7 pages' worth!): This month we're provided with files on Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy Rose, and the Brotherhood of the Guardians. Someone else has actually converted the characters' height and weight to English measurements and discovered that there's no way to have them make sense, so don't take them too seriously; one can hope that the dates are reliable, at least. There are a few points mentioned in the Data Files that are worth noting: (1) The Data Files confirm that the doppelganger Tails took the place of the one true Tails during the extended fight scene that was Sonic #56 ("Immortality Is Forever, and So Is Mammoth Mogul's Dialog"). (2) Amy's physical age is now 16, even though it's chornologically (and mentally) 10. (3) Contrary to what was said before, the Data File for the Brotherhood establishes Thunderhawk as Sojourner's father, instead of the other way around. There's also a couple of minor mistakes: (1) Sonic and the rest of the kids were taken to Knothole when Robotnik staged his coup, not during the Great War. (2) The text of Amy's Data File specify that Rob O' the Hedge is her uncle, but he's listed as her cousin under "Known Family".

Fan Art: A drawing of Sonic traced from the cover of the Issue-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named by Sarah Phillips, a nice head-shot of Rouge by Samantha Moro, and a dynamic drawing by Alina Velazquez of someone who looks a lot like Rouge except for her long black hair and bushy white tail; however, the prize this issue goes to Kristi Hagadone, who draws Lara-Su with a big head-shot of Dimitri in the background, and smaller head-shots of Knuckles and Julie-Su in two corners, with Lara-Le and Wynmacher in another corner.

Backup story: "Forgiven" (writer: Karl Bollers; penciller: Art Mawhinney; inker: Nelson Ribeiro; colorist: Josh D. Ray; letterer: Jeff Powell; editor: J. F. Gabrie)

Plot synopsis: Sonic invites Uncle Chuck to Lupe's going-away party, but Uncle Chuck begs off, claiming he's "swamped with research". Sonic decides to handle the problem by bringing the party to Uncle Chuck instead, but after a few minutes of observing the high spirits of the people at the party, and exchanging greetings with Lupe, Chuck leaves the party and goes outside. Lupe follows, observing that he has been avoiding her and her family, and guessing it's because of his guilt over roboticizing them. Chuck confirms her guess, and she tries to convince him that it wasn't his fault because he was being controlled by Robotnik. Uncle Chuck then gets to the core of the problem: his guilt over inventing the Roboticizer in the first place. "All I want is to be forgiven", he says quietly, to which Lupe responds, "How can we do that if you won't do it yourself?" By this time, all the others at the party have followed the two outside, and Lupe calls for the party to honor not just her family's journey, but Uncle Chuck as well. The story closes on a shot of the two of them embracing, with Uncle Chuck thanking Lupe.

Writing: Karl Bollers seems to have really hit his stride in these short 5-pagers, and this one is arguably his best yet. He portrays Charles's guilt very poignantly, without overdoing it, and develops a very plausible story that leads to his not only being forgiven by Lupe, arguably the one person his actions have harmed the most, but also to his being led towards self-forgiveness by her and all of his friends. And all of it done in a very clear, understated manner in just 5 pages. Grade: A+

Art: My praise for Art Mawhinney's work in the lead story also applies here. I've had harsh words for Nelson Ribeiro's artwork in the past; in my opinion, as an inker he has a tendency to be overly-detailed for the sake of being overly-detailed, obscuring the penciller's work to the detriment of the story. In this story, though, he gets it just right; I'm not sure if it's because the focus is on roboticized characters who benefit from the extra detail, or if his style just meshes well with Art's clean animation-influenced pencilling, but I actually liked his inking for this story. The coloring for the story isn't quite as well-done as the lead story, but it's good enough. Grade: A

Overall grade: A+

Off-Panel: How many kids are going to get the "Godfather" reference?

This Just In!: J. F. Gabrie talks about how Star Wars influenced him.

Sonic-Grams: Lots of praise for Dawn Best and J. Axer, mild criticism for Ron Lim and the "mangafication" of the artwork in the comic, and Ken Penders corrects some errors that had been made in the Knuckles family tree in the past.

Overall grade for the issue: A. Even though it had only 16 story pages, I honestly think this was the strongest Sonic issue since SSS #11 (Girls Rule!). Now if only Art Mawhinney could be the regular artist for the main story, instead of Ron Lim...

Bonus! A mini-review of Sonic #113: I saw it in the comic store, I flipped through the pages, I noticed the artwork, I put it back unpurchased.