Sonic The Hedgehog #110 Review by True Red
"Station Square Attacks!"
Written by Benny Lee
Pencils by Ron Lim
Inked by Pam Eklund & Andrew Pepoy
Nice cover and fitting for the possibly dark main story on the inside. Great splash page by Axer, too. The splash page also revealed that either someone can't count at Archie or there's a communication breakdown somewhere.

Anyway, Uncle Chuck makes a brief appearance to wake up Sonic and Tails who're both wanted at the castle. When they get there Sally has Nicole replay the message from Station Square, which basically states that an atomic strike has been launched toward Robotropolis and it's not possible to stop it. The problem is that the environment would be ruined as well so it's up to Sonic and Tails to stop the missiles before they strike in 20 minutes.

So off they go to Robotropolis and since Sonic's waving a "white flag," Robotnik lets them inside. Sonic is about to tell Robotnik about the missiles, when the alarms go off signalling three warheads heading for Robotropolis (the splash page said "five"). Robotnik wanted to know why they wanted to warn him about the missiles and Sonic mentions that Knothole would be ruined along with Robotropolis so he has to use his satellites to shoot down the missiles (that technically isn't a smart idea since if the missiles blow up at all they should damage the environment). Anyway, Robotnik declares that he's just going to use his force field to protect Robotropolis as he of course doesn't care if Knothole gets damaged--Robotnik and Snively are just a machines after all.

That took Sonic and Tails by surprise and they head for the force field controls. While Tails works on the controls, Sonic keeps Robotnik busy with a little bit of taunting. Tails says that he's done and grabs Sonic and the two fly outside as the missiles close in on the city. Sonic holding Tails runs up the wall of one of taller buildings and then jumps onto a missile, while Snively claims that nothing was done to the controls. As Robotnik orders the force field to be activated, Tails takes Sonic and the missiles are inside the force field. Sonic's plan was to have the force field activated, but to make sure they didn't get to put it up until after the missiles were inside. Tails comments that they'll never be able to live in Mobotropolis again but Sonic says not to worry about it as Knothole is their home.

Rating: Rings

With the exception of the totally unnecessary sillyness in the first panel on page 2, I liked this story for the most part. While it still makes absolutely no sense for the force field to continue to function if the city was truly destroyed, nor does it make sense for a force field to be able to keep in the damage of an atomic strike, it's something I let slide since normal physics doesn't always apply. It was nice to see Sonic cheer up Tails, who was looking like he was about to dwell on the destruction of their original home. You could look at that scene two ways--either the total dismissal of a big event or Sonic keeping up a front to keep his friend cool about the situation. I chose the latter, which is why I gave it 4 rings.

"One For All"
Written by Karl Bollers
Pencils by J. Axer
Inked by Andrew Pepoy & Pam Eklund
Meanwhile in the castle, Sally is holding the Sword, which has taken "possession" of Sal again to the surprise of King Max and Queen Alicia. Obviously, Queen Alicia doesn't know much about the Source of All, as King Max informs her that the Source gives the royal family power and that while Sal decided not to go through the rite, the Source has still chosen her to be its vessel.

While the parents are talking, Sally is elsewhere just like she was in Super Special #11 when she rejected bonding with the Source. She sees the present (Sonic & Tails returning from Robotropolis) and the Source explains that it was destroyed when the missiles struck. The Sword and King Max' crown are all that is left. Then Sal sees when the Sword saved her life when she fell into the fissure back in Sonic #100. Finally, she sees herself and Sonic being attacked by spider ninjas, which the Source tells her is something from the future. Sally gets really mad now as she doesn't want to know the future (as that was one of the reasons she rejected bonding with the Source).

Queen Alicia can't stand seeing Sally just floating in the air so out of it and grabs Sal begging her to snap out of it. Sally finally lets go the Sword and as she does that, she returns to reality. Queen Alicia holds Sally and starts crying wishing she knew what was going on with Sally, who just thinks it's her destiny.

Rating: Rings

The story and art just ruled. That's the best way to describe it. I really loved the focus on Queen Alicia in this story. It's nice to see her motherly instincts on display to show something about her other than the fact that she has no grasp on the reality of the past decade.

No third story as Archie decided to waste space by printing Spaz' fave covers. That was a complete utter waste of six pages. Next time Archie decides not to print a third story, give Lee/Lim or Bollers/Axer some more pages, especially Lee/Lim since those stories have been needing just one more page to give a real good effect. The covers were #33, 36, 48, 61, 78, 90, and 95 for anyone who's interested.

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