War Games
Cover: 80.8% (Good Cover)

The cover was preety good but thing seemed more dramatic on the cover then in the story though.Thats all I can say.It wasn't really a cover you could say a lot about.

"Station Square Attacks !"

Main Story: 77.3% (Okay Story)

Benny does another story which could've been a great story if it wasn't for his lack of emotion and reaction to things.Though this was one of his better issues ... The O.T.I.S. (Outer City Immobilization System) views Robotnik as an enemy to be eliminated but though Robotropolis will be destroyed it poison the enviroment ... including the people in Knothole.

Want to here Sonic and Tails reaction to this ... "Ouch." [Tails] "Mondo Ouch." [Sonic].Pathetic.But anyway as you problably know the good guys won ... Sonic & Tails go to warn eggman but he doesn't care since he is just going to activate the force field but his plan doesn't work.Sonic keeps Eggman busy while Tails screws with the controls so Robotnik will be forced to shoot the missiles.But Tails doesn't do anything to the sheild.They fly out while out while the missle are in Robotropolis.Silver Snivley activates the sheilds (too late for them but good for the people of Knothole) which traps the blast destroying Robotropolis.

Overall it was okay besides the reactions and emotions which is a problem all Benny Lee's storys have had so far.But this one was better then the others (not by much).

Art: 75.5% (Okay Art)

Ron Lim art ... you may think what am I thinking giving him a grade like that but to tell the truth it was actually very good.It is his best yet though it still wasn't very good.Still I gave him a 75.5% since its good for his standards.But it might have been the colorist more ...
The Best Of Spaz Covers

#33 - 1995
#36 - 1996
#48 - 1997
#61 - 1998
#78 - 1999
#90 - 2000
#95 - 2001

None of my favorites were picked.I still think Knux would've been cooler.

(No Rating)

"One For All"

Sally Back-Up Story: 95.5% (Wonderful Story)

At the beginning Sally is under a trance from the power of the sword.The source is where the royal power originates.Sally rejected the source (SSS#11) but Max said that the source didn't reject Sally.The Sword of Acorns and King Acorn's Crown are forged from the source.They are all thats left of the Source of All since the rest evaporated from the blast.The sword explains that the sword saved her life from the fall (100).Sally says she doesn't want to know what the future holds but the sword says she doesn't have a choice. Alicia grabs her daughter knocking Sally out of her trance that she got in the beginning of the story.Alicia asks whats happening to her and Sally answers ... "Destiny,Mom ... .... I think it's my destiny."

Karl is doing a much better job with these Sally storys.The emotion is just right.The storys are great.I love them.This is my favorite so far.I hope he keeps up the good work.

Art: 99.9% (Perfect)

Fry was my 2nd favorite artist ... but J.Axer has stolen that spot.The art was simply wonderful in all areas.The expression on everyones face was perfect.The art was detailed and Sally actually looked kinda sexy Maybe he'll take the 1st place spot from Spaz as my favorite artist
Overall: 88.8% (Good Issue)

The issue overall was good with the exception of the main story.Sure ... it was full of action and we know Robotnik will be back but what are we going to do without Robotropolis,Silver Snivley and all of Robotniks other junk ? Benny Lee better think of something good ... That was the biggest problem of the issue ... The perfect Sally story is what saved this issue really ...


"Station Square Attacks!"

Sonic and Tails are woken up by Uncle Chuck to go to Castle Acorn. When they get there they find out that station square has launched an attack on Robotropolis with nukes taking everything around the area with it. Sonic & Tails run off to warn Robotnik but then he remembers his protective shields and decides to throw them out. But quickly sonic and tails run to the control panal that opperates it to reset the affects.
After running our of Robotropolis Robotnik sets off the sheilds thinking it will block the attack, but instead it traps the nukes inside the shield causing the city and everything in it to go KAPLOOOWE! So that the rest of Knotwhole and beyond the shield is safe. Sonic and Tails go home as the two-tailed fox says I guess we'll never live in Mobotropolis again as Sonic says that Knowhole is there home NOW.

TiGSiE's views:

WTF? o__o;
Okay let me get this straight so now Robotropolis has been distroyed, the FFs have freed most of Robonik's slaves, AND now most have Robotnik's bots have been K.O. ed with the blast?! I think Eggman his looking kinda pointless for a villian now....he's got NOTHING!!!!!! No robian slaves...no bots...NOT EVEN A MAIN BASE! This Benny guy better think of something better cause I'm getting pretty sick and tired of these lame goodridance stories and Ron Lim's art. He's like a bad cold that won't go away. ~_~;

"Spaz Cover Art"

This is something I'd use to practice drawing on adobe for...but I wish there was a Knuckles story in it's place. =)

"One For All"

It simply states that Sally rejected the source but the source didn't reject Sally and that the source of all was destroyed by the blast. All that remains are the Sword of Acorns and King Acorn's Crown. It explains that the sword saved her life from the fall. Sally natuarally gets scared. (So would I if I had a sword talking to me and said it could see past, present, and future...) Sally says she doesn't want to know what the future holds but the sword says she doesn't have a choice. Alicia grabs hold of Sally knocking out of her trance that she got in the beginning of the story.

TiGSiE's views:
AGHHH!!!! The Source of All is PURE EVIL! *hides*
I think that the royal family should destroy it now since it's trying to FORCE Sally to do what it wants. That's just plain...creepy....

As for upcomming stuff in GF's letter page:

"The return of Amy Rose and Rob O' tHe Hedge"

Um...yay? Maybe they'll do something cool like go do something in Albion and beat up Gala-Na.

"Uncle Chuck dealing with his guilt"

Guilt? On what from where? @_@ confused....

"Wolfpack Story"

I'm afraid to look at this issue do to all the previews I've read for it.

"Muttski gaining Sonic's speed"

WHAT!!!???? O____o; Ok...I can handle Mina gaining some minimal Sonic speed but MUTTSKI? What is Archie trying to do?! I swear I guess now that all the FF should have Sonic speed now that you look at it....somebody needs to be slapped for this storyline.

"The return for Knuckles' Chaotix"

HORAY! ^___^

"Turbo Tails"

I don't know whether to be pleased by this or just down right hate it.

"Mammoth Magul"

An ok villian...but he talks WAY to much.

"A visit to Megapolis"

Um...where is that? o.o;

"Bunnie Vs. Rouge"

YAY! Rouge is comming to the comic! *dances*

"Dr. Robotnik's New Body"

Did he really need one? Ron is just gonna make it look bad. Maybe they'll make him easier to draw?

"St John and Hershey"

This would have been interesting if the 90s series didn't have to step in and make skunk boy look like a big jerk again.

"Prince Elias"

WAHOO! ^_^


Um...this is going to cause some MAJOR conflict mind me. With all the Shadow died and Chaos control bit fighting going around in SEGA sonic.So I guess he lives?

"Knuckles visiting the echidna afterlife?"

Kick @$$...I really wanna read this one.


first off, WHY does ron lim make sally look so dead? i mean, on the last panel of page 3 sally is telling them the dramatic news that this machine thingy has sent missles at robotropolis..and yet she doesn't seem to even care..o.o;

but points to ron for drawing funky swatbots! ^^

anyway..the story goes like this..
sonic and tails are woken at the dead of night only to find out theres some 'bad as in ''not good' bad' news. after sally and co had given the humans the data about robotnik, a special defence system for the city decided that robotnik should be wiped out, and so sent a couple of missles towards his base. while it'd definetly remove the threat..it'd also wipe out the surrounding area and kill those in knothole too.
sonic with tails in tow zip off to pay a visit to robotnik..
*found the midnight oil joke kinda funny*
sonic try to call a truce to pursuade robotnik to shoot the missiles before they hit (but wouldn't that mean they'd still poison the air..then eventually damedge the enviroment below..?..oO;..)
robotnik for some reason tells sonic to leave..what? you're not bothering to try to capture or kill sonic any more robotnik? *gasp!* and tell him that the forcefield around the city would protect it.
sonic had forgotten about the forcefield..uh..short term memory there sonic..? o.O;
theres a brief fight..tails does something to a computer..the two run away, escaping from the city just as the missiles shoot down and robotnik reactivates the shield.
the missles hit and explode, wiping out the city with a wonderful 'FWOOMF'..(fwoomf?..oo;..)
the two don't question at all if robotnik and the others i nthe city lived or not..
tails simply said they couldn't live in mobotropois again, sonic seems to also forget the whole battle fight and etc he and his freinds had gone through to win that city back..'don't sweat it bud..knothole's our home now!'
fahlahlahlah..happy-ish ending..?..o.o;

sorry..but that ending just didn't ring right for me..c.c;

then i was surprised at the 7 pages of spaz covers for the sonic..its nice to see his pencils before they're colored..but..its kinda obviously filler stuff..^^;

*turns the page..stares at sally story..cries* you draw sally so well jeff!..;_;
sally has somehow picked up the sword after tails and sonic had zipped off and is doing the glowy thing again, saying that there is a desturbance in the force..uh..source..c.c;..;p
(gandulf is a jedi knight!..o@;..)

it turns out that when sally had rejected the source it hadn't quite given up on her..
i kinda thought something like this would happen as elias had given up on the throne..so who else but sally would become the next ruler? ^^
the source, this time in the shape of the sword..basically tell her what happened with sonic, then says the source had acually been destoryed..leaving only the crown and the sword.
sal starts seeing visions of the past and the future as well..she seems to freak out alittle and runs for it. but she can't really escape from her 'destiny' and snaps out of her glowy-sword-trance as her mum shakes her.

poor sally..oo;

*glances at the fan art*..kids look so cute on sonic cotumes..^^

aand..thats it for me..*picks up her copy of super manga blast* anime! ^.^


first off - on the splash page ( very well done i think ) it has ablurb about -

what does a
talking blue hedgehog
two tailed fox
five nuclear
armed missles
have in common?

well, unless i missed sumthing there were only THREE missles in the story,

ok, got my copy,

main story - i think the reason they didnt celebrate there victory over robotnik is that they know he will be back jus tlike last time.

spaz covers : meh..... . knuckles woud have been better - and these arent even many of my favorites.

last story: WOW ! MAN AXER NEEDS TO BE PUT ON AS THE MAIN ARTIST!!! great story, greater art - on fer the books i say - right up there with bunny's upgrade story

cover of the book - meh.... spaz must be running out of creative juices lol. i mean its better then the first cover they showed off before it was finalized - but this is pretty boring


The Cover Art: Nothing less than Awesome. Despite the "War Games" Written on it, and I generally despise war - the whole thing looks very slick

Main Story- Station Square Attacks
Artwork is... I love the SA style characters don't get me wrong, and the Humans are fab... but the Artwork is a little too... pointed, sharp. There's no feeling to it, at least for the mobians. I agree about Sally basically being drawn like a zombie here.
Story: I like that they got a little, albeit corny, humor in here about burning the midnight oil. Back in the ol Cartoon's days the Swat bots did ocassionally seem to have a sense of humor or mind oftheir own. Egg man is 100% on par for the course. Sonic and Tails outsmarting him was also quite excellent ^^ However... I must protest to the destruction of any and all Robians that were in Mobotropolis - however I can see Chuck having a back-up plan some point soon perhaps. On a scale of 1-10, this gets a 6. Past but not Way past

Bonus! - The best of Spaz. Black and white pin ups or coloring book pages of some of the coolest Comic covers ever. Five Star!

Second Story - One for All
Sentient Sword? Cool. Sally spazzing over knowing what happens tomorrow? Cool. Sword rnning Sally's life, Uncool. The Source needs to just accept it's about to go extinct and content itself in being a sword and crown. Artwork is good, Sally does look real now and has emotions, very well done. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I wish it had been a page or two longer for more dramatic effect. Otherwise it hits a 7 overall

Previews of what's to come rub me the right way save for Muttskigettin' his master's speed. What are these people smoking? I want some.

~Sonic the Rose~