Knuckles The Echidna #14 Review by WB
The Chaotix Caper - Part Two: "A Tenous Grip On Reality"

FFrankly this issue was good if not great!!! However many people found it to be muddled, and with Charmy's fate to compound things there are a lot of negatives with some GLARING pluses on the side. Granted this isn't the greatest of all Knux stories lets remember that there are things worse - namely that goshawful Sonic 33 which just makes anyone want to jump off a cliff after reading it...

Anyways, onward and forward. Summing this up briefly we open with Charmy renouncing his princehood and running out on his family - The King and Queen Bee and his little sister. After a knock with the butler (complete with Stretch Armstrong limbs, George Washington vest, punch-drunk expression, and looks like he's about to mimic Goofy's a-hyuck noise) Charmy is teased by voices in his head as we pan out to the doc who is saying that things aren't looking good for him...Anywho, cut to Remington and Julie who are heading towards Happyland where we find - Downtown Ebony Hare - Pimp To The Furry Stars, Renfield Rodent - The Walking Infomercial and his pall Ripper, the buffed rat on the cover. Say goodnight also to Ripper as he's knocked woozy in the second panel! The little black hare ain't too happy with Renfield and is about to show him five little fingers that may prove his point....Cut back to the dream sequence where we find Charmy running away from Safron, his "supposed" betrothed and Anime Cutey lookalike and the now deceased Mello just before they set off for Happyland! Charmy now is disgusted with his life in the Strawberry Fields of mobius and is about to take his woes to the one place where he can feel content - The Floating Island !!! There he meets Mighty The Armadillo as a great friendship is about to be made....While the rest of the Chaotix are seemingly back up to par Remington and Julie are in the middle of questioning Renfield who's busy lying through his teeth as usual. In the shadows watches Ebony as he now sets his new plan in motion - Deep Six The Rodent !!! Now lets get to the Namesake of the book....Knuckles! Remeber the blaring lights - Turns out they belonged to The Bear Pack! I'm surprised no one caught this but these guys look EXACTLY like the Bear Pack from Mad Mike Da Bear Warrior in the Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon.....interesting...Anyways Knux suddenly goes into his own version of a Sonic Spin as Locke and Sabre gawk in amazement from Haven. Now that we have our daily dosage of Knux we find Charmy's gotten worse, Vector wants to put a bite on the nurse, and General Stryker wants to have a "friendly" chat with Harry The Dingo, like it or not, Harry's gonna be more than just a staple character...Up walk Remington and Julie who need Harry to get them to the local thugs hangouts where does Harry take them but to the headquarters of Beejay McThing where we find Julie-Su and Ebony Hare! Julie may have gone undercover but she didn't fool the rabbit for a minute - and as we close Chapter Two we end with julie taking the same kind of fall Sally did in Sonic 47!

Rating: 1/2 Rings

Overall this issue was great but it had something missing to it. Granted that there all some muddled moments in the book but hopefully these should be closed by next issue. What really interests me though is the fate of Charmy. This issue lets us know were in for a return of the Bee Family but how will this affect the Chaotix? Next issue: Knuckles 15 and The conclusion to the Chaotix Caper - Say byebye to Charmy!!!! Plus the long awaited return of Knuckles!!

Joya Nappo