I give this issue Rings! It had a great story, and a cool plot! It also had a message saying you should never take drugs! I can't wait to see what Downtown Ebony Hare is up to next, and if Julie-Su survives her fall! The Knuckles series just keeps getting better!

Rings. This issue's story was rather muddled but still good. I was confused by Charmy's flashback; at first I thought it was just an LSD-induced hallucination, but I don't think they'd devote seven pages to something like that. Charmy seems to have come off worse than from the LSD than the others. Are bees more sensitive to drugs than other animals? I'm starting to wonder if Charmy isn't going to meet the same fate as Mello (actually, I strongly doubt that). Yes, I'm also interested in seeing if Locke is going to teach Knuckles how to wield his new powers properly. And I LIKE Harry. You got a problem with that?

Rings. Wow! I'm actually quite shocked to find that Sega allowed such a strong subject, like drug use, become a subject dealt with in comics. The story is rather disturbing. See, I attend continuation school, surrounded by drug abuse. I've seen more crack pipes and 'bud' than anyone would ever care to. Still, the title should have been 'Charmy's Story' rather than 'The Chaotix Caper', seeing it's more Charmy's tale than anyone elses. (sniff) I hope you're all enjoying this mini-series, because of what I've heard, it will be Charmy's last.