Primary Characters
Sonic The Hedgehog - The Hero

Lives with his parents in Knothole City; currently the field leader for the Knothole Special Forces Team (consisting of Tails, Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot, and Fiona Fox) in the war against Doctor Robotnik a.k.a. Eggman and other enemies of freedom; Sonic's team is assigned missions by his ex-girlfriend, Princess Sally, which makes for awkward situations. The two are at odds because Sonic chose the life of an adventurer rather than be her royal consort, but it doesn't interfere with their professional relationship. Much. As issues progress, Sonic will find two new potential love interests in the form of teammates Fiona and Amy. Problem is, he has no interest in Fiona and Amy is an annoyance...isn't she? A recurring dream he's having would suggest otherwise...

Miles "Tails" Prower - Sonic's Sidekick, Mechanic/Technician
Lives with the Hedgehog family in Knothole City; Tails is the Kingdom of Acorn's greatest fighter pilot and is also an operative for the Knothole Special Forces Team; he is Sonic's best friend and looks up to him; he dreams of someday traveling across the universe to reunite with his parents Amadeus and Rosemary; in his spare time, Tails loves to work on his transforming, mech-fighter bi-plane 'The Tornado' and read comic books. Tails has a huge crush on his teammate Fiona Fox because he once fell for a robot duplicate of her created by Robotnik. When the real Fiona starts to show interest in Sonic, it will cause friction between the longtime buddies although Sonic doesn't care for her; it'll be a hard lesson in love, but Tails will learn that friendship is most important; because his mechanical genius rivals Eggman's, Tails will eventually refit 'The Tornado' for space travel and go on a space adventure where he'll meet his parents.

Knuckles The Echidna - Sonic's Friendly Rival
Has returned from the afterlife to find himself bereft of his gliding, strength, and digging ability; ironically enough, his return has caused him to be revered by many echidnas as 'The Avatar' spoken of in the Prophecy of the Ancient Walkers; currently, Knuckles is living in Knothole City and is a freelance operative for the Kingdom of Acorn; his return to Angel Island reveals that his powers require the close presence of a Master Emerald to awaken them from dormancy; he opts to leave Angel Island and forsake ultimate power since his presence there serves as a beacon to the Master Emerald's location; Knuckles will play the loner for awhile and leave Knothole City and the Chaotix on a pilgrimage to Mobius' far eastern continent where he will study martial arts at Monkey Khan's Temple; it is while there that the Master Geode, buried deep beneath the surface is unearthed by an earthquake orchestrated by the evil Iron Queen; the MG imbues Knuckles with an ancient, primal chaos energy that transforms him into a cosmic, temporarily omnipotent version of himself who single-handedly liberates Angel Island from Robotnik; after that, the MG will shatter and be dispersed across the globe, and Knuckles will be able to draw upon power from these shards wherever he travels

Amy Rose - Sonic's Potential Love Interest
Lives in Knothole City at Rosie's Orphanage and has undergone significant changes during the year Sonic was gone; we've never delved into how the Ring of Acorn transformed her besides changing her look and giving her the pico pico hammer; Amy has greatly matured from the character seen in issue #114's "Young At Heart" and even has her very own blue sports car called 'The Breeze"; she's become an expert at wielding the hammer and uses meditation to tap into its full power; she has taken to using tarot cards that allow her to glimpse the future and read the destinies of others (like in the games) and these abilities make her a valued member of the Knothole Special Forces Team, although Sonic still tends not to give her the benefit of the doubt when in the field because he is used to dealing with the old Amy; they are constantly bickering...but could the tension mask something more?; she will discover her true origins in an arc entitled "The Little Planet," which would ideally establish and incorporate elements from the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG CD (where Amy first appeared); she will find herself stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean with Sonic and the two will share a kiss; this will lead to a period of denial, but the two will eventually give in to their hormones; however, Amy and Sonic will try to keep their relationship a secret so Princess Sally doesn't find out

1st Tier Characters
Sally Acorn - Sonic's Former Girlfriend; Princess and Acting Ruler

Currently the acting ruler of Knothole City while her parents are on their royal tour to unify the planet's leaders in the war against Robotnik; she ended her romantic relationship with Sonic because the trauma of thinking he could really die in battle was too much for her to bear, especially after believing he had suffered such a fate in issue #125's "Sonic Adventure 2.5: Omega"; Bunnie Rabbot is Sally's best friend and Nicole acts as her royal advisor; Sally never travels on field missions anymore, but instead assigns them to the Knothole Special Forces Team; when she rejected bonding with the Source of All and gave the Sword of Acorn to Arachnis' spawn Sally thought she was rid the Source forever, but in the coming months the Source will return and the Sword of Acorns will try to force her to accept the new destiny it chooses for her; this will culminate in "The Strand" arc in which Sally will be forced to leave Knothole and travel with the Knothole Special Forces Team (and General Armand D'Coolette) to the far east in search of Max, Alicia, Antoine, Sir Charles, and the entire royal tour whose plane went in the mountains

Julie-Su - Knuckles' Girlfriend
Former member of the Dark Legion who, ironically, has become Knuckles' girlfriend; she is currently the only female member of the Chaotix; being raised as a Dark Legionnaire has given Julie-Su a tough-girl exterior and only Knuckles and her foster parents have experienced her softer side; due to her scientific upbringing, she doesn't believe in the Prophecy of the Ancient Walkers, and therefore, does not view Knuckles' as 'The Avatar'; Julie-Su was deeply hurt by Knuckles' demise during the 'Ultimate Power," arc and was tremendously overjoyed by his return at the conclusion of "Afterlife"; she is slowly coming to accept the fact than he can hold his own despite the fact he returned without his advanced abilities; Julie-Su doesn't like the way Rouge the Bat looks at Knuckles at all; Julie-Su doesn't accompany Knuckles on his pilgrimage to the far east, choosing instead to remain with the Chaotix until his return

The Chaotix - Knuckles' Friends & Team:
Espio The Chameleon - Straight Man; Dark, Gruff Ninja-Type
Vector The Crocodile - Loudmouth, De Facto Leader, Decision Maker, Job Taker
Charmy Bee -Scatterbrained Team "Mascot," Little Guy Who Goes A Long Way
Mighty The Armadillo - The Muscle; Asks-Questions-Later-Type
Ray The Squirrel - Cheery, Upbeat Newbie; Most Agile; Agency Secretary

Currently freelance operatives for the Kingdom of Acorn in the war against Robotnik; because none of them are echidnas, they don't believe that Knuckles is 'The Avatar'; to them, he is just their best friend who, they are thankful, was able to cheat death; when Knuckles' leaves on his pilgrimage to the far east, the Chaotix remain in Knothole City with Julie-Su where they opt out of being incorporated into the Knothole Special Forces Team and decide to instead open a detective agency (as established in KNUCKLES CHAOTIX, SONIC HEROES and SONIC X); it is in the period during Knuckles' absence that the "Chaotix Connection," would ideally occur; after Knuckles liberates Angel Island, the Chaotix will relocate their detective agency to that location

2nd Tier Characters
Bunnie Rabbot - Sally's Best Friend

Currently shares a high-rise apartment with Fiona Fox in Knothole City; co-leader and pilot for the Knothole Special Forces Team; Bunnie broke up with Antoine after the war against Robotnik radically changed his personality; Antoine's departure from the team to accompany the king and queen on the royal tour is a relief since she doesn't have to work so closely with him however, the events of "A Bunnie's Story," will cause Bunnie to undergo a period of doubt where she will feel like an outcast; not having a boyfriend will intensify her feelings of loneliness and she will leave Knothole; three miles into her journey, Bunnie realizes that running away isn't the answer-she has to stay and face her problems; it makes her realize that years ago, she ran away from home rather than deal with the problems there, and so she travels back to her hometown in "The Origin of Bunnie Rabbot," to confront her dark past; we will learn Bunnie's true name (Scarlett O'Hare and what happened to her parents

Antoine D'Coolette - Bunnie's Former Boyfriend; Sonic's Former Rival
Currently serving as head of King Max and Queen Alicia's security detail on the royal tour; the war against Robotnik greatly changed Antoine's personality, making him into a darker character; only Dr. Quack knows how Antoine got his scar (it wasn't in battle-he slipped on a banana peel while in the kitchen and fell into a nearby cutlery rack); Antoine doesn't know that there is another reason why he is chosen for the tour-one that dates back to issue #60's "The Ultimatum," where Max tells Sally that the Source has advised that she marry Antoine-Max never stated why; the new manifestation of the Source, located in an underground grotto in the eastern mountains, holds the key; it will be revealed that the Source knew even back then that the future war would make Antoine darker and that's why it instructed Max to choose him as Sally's mate-he represents the loss of innocence; the Source was hoping that Sally would fully bond with it and fallen under its sway; as future king and queen, they would have been its puppets; the Source still intends for this to occur; Antoine is taken to the grotto and immerses himself in the Source at Max's behest; the Source offers him power beyond his imagining, enticing him by telling him that he can finally be respected by everyone and win back Bunnie; poor Antoine accepts the Sword's offer, is possessed by its will, and becomes a villain; the Source will refuse to release Antoine from its grip until Sally fully bonds with the Source and accepts the Sword as her own in "Ultimatum II"

Fiona Fox - Sonic's Potential Love Interest
Currently shares an apartment with Bunnie Rabbot in Knothole City and is an operative with the Knothole Special Forces Team; Sonic had once busted into a Robotnik-controlled base where she was held captive along with Mighty and Ray; Sonic was able to free the other two, but Fiona was left behind; Fiona harbored resentment toward Sonic for years after this, but when he apparently "sacrificed" himself to prevent an alien weapon from destroying Mobius, her feelings turned to respect; now that he has returned safe and alive, those feelings will blossom into more; Fiona is unaware that Tails has a crush on her, and furthermore, couldn't suspect him of ever having such feelings since she was never told about the Fiona Infiltrator that broke his heart

Mina The Mongoose - Sonic's Former Love Interest
During Sonic's absence, she became a famous pop singer who performs for the Acorn Royal Guard in order to boost their spirits in the war against Robotnik; Mina lives in Knothole City with her mother, Isabel, but is currently on tour; Ash the mongoose is her boyfriend and manager; Mina still holds deep feelings for Sonic, but her heart belongs to Ash; in the upcoming "Song Sung Blue" 2-parter, Robotnik dispatches updated versions of Heavy and Bomb to assassinate Mina because he allegedly hates her singing (the truth of the matter is that he can't stand being a closet Mina fan); Sally assigns Sonic to act as Mina's bodyguard, which Ash doesn't like at all; adding tension to the situation, is the fact that all of Mina's song lyrics appear to be (subconsciously) directed toward Sonic (hence the title)

Jules & Bernadette Hedgehog - Sonic's Parents
Currently living in Knothole City; took comfort in the fact that they still had each other during the time Sonic was believed to be dead, even though Jules' condition makes it impossible for them to have any more; while Sonic was away, Jules & Bernie own and operate a Knothole City diner called 'Uncle Chuck's' whose specialty is chilidogs; future stories will hopefully emphasize the fact that Jules is one tough customer due to his roboticized nature and can handle himself in battle

Sir Charles Hedgehog - Sonic's Uncle Chuck
Royal Science Advisor to the Kingdom of Acorn; currently accompanying Max and Alicia on the royal tour with Antoine; he won't see Sonic again until the "Fall of Empire" arc which will take place in Station Square; after departing Station Square, Charles and Alicia detect odd behavior on Max's part, especially when he orders his pilots to set a course for the eastern mountains instead of back to Knothole City; Max won't reveal his actions no matter how many times Charles asks; the situation escalates to the point where Charles and Alicia find themselves literal prisoners aboard Acorn One; unbeknownst to them, they are being taken to the Source; however, Charles finds a means of getting a distress call to Sonic before the plane disappears in the mountains

Maximillian & Alicia Acorn - Sally's Parents
During Sonic's year-long absence, Max has regained the use of his legs and Alicia has taken a more active role in affairs of state; the royal couple are currently on tour to fortify their kingdom against Robotnik with Station Square as their final stop; it will be revealed that Max's decision to have Sally someday wed Antoine in issue #60's "The Ultimatum" was directly influenced by the Source's hold on him; Max's departure from Mobotropolis in issue #75 removed him from the Source's proximity-based influence and allowed him to start seeing Sonic's merits; the apparent destruction of the Source in #110 and the exile of the Sword of Acorn in #111 severed Max from the Source completely; thus, when Sally asked for Sonic to be the royal consort, Max readily agreed along with Alicia; however, we will learn that the Source has returned stronger and has begun to exert a subconscious influence over Max once again; after Max departs Station Square with the rest of the royal tour members, the influence starts to become a conscious one; even though Max still looks like himself, Alicia and Charles note discrepancies in his behavior, especially when he orders Acorn One's pilots to change their course for the eastern mountains; when Alicia asks why they are going there, he tells her that it is 'classified' info; Alicia finds herself a prisoner aboard Acorn One with Charles; it will be revealed that the Source is communicating with Max through the Crown of Acorn (similar to the way it communicated to Sally through the Sword); as Max gets closer and closer to the Source he will start to undergo a physical change; by the time Max arrives there, he will have completely transformed into Ixis Naugus, who will have found a mystical means back into our realm through Max's physical form; when the Crown of Acorns is destroyed, Ixis will be banished back to his realm, and Max will return to normal

Nicole - Sally's Royal Advisor; Sentient Handheld Computer
Did not undergo any changes during Sonic's one-year absence; Sally has appointed Nicole to the post of royal advisor while she is acting ruler of Knothole City; in an upcoming issue, Nicole and A.D.A.M. will encounter each other for the first time and fall in love causing the Mobian equivalent of 'Romeo and Juliet,' since Robotnik and Sally will both be against this match made in cyber-heaven

Rouge The Bat -Professional Thief/Treasure Hunter/Secret Agent/Nightclub Owner
Has been pardoned for her past illegal activities; currently lives in Station Square and works as an operative for the President; owns her own nightclub there; Rouge will encounter Knuckles while he is on his pilgrimage in a story called "She's All Bat"; she will also play a significant role in the upcoming "Fall of Empire" arc

Shadow The Hedgehog - Sonic's "Dark Twin" and Not So Friendly Rival
Currently mobile; Shadow is a free agent who wants to see Robotnik stopped by any means necessary, even if it means killing him; this lack of morals will bring him into conflict with Sonic and the rest of the Knothole Special Forces Team; in an upcoming arc called "Black Hog Down," we will see that Shadow has been acting as an unseen guardian angel to Hope Kintobor (whom he believes to resemble his long-dead Maria); when she is kidnapped to Megaopolis, he follows only to find that Hope was bait for an elaborate trap orchestrated by Robotnik himself; Sonic and the Special Forces Team follow in order to save Hope and stop Shadow from committing murder; Shadow's actions inadvertently alienate Hope, causing her to fear him; the rejected Shadow allies himself with Skarkus, a mysterious robot that wants nothing more than Robotnik's fall; we will eventually learn that Robotnik took a DNA sample from Shadow while he had him trapped and has used it to clone an army of Shadows to serve him (like in SONIC HEROES)

3rd Tier Characters
Rotor The Walrus - Inventor; Systems Specialist

Currently lives in Knothole City; Rotor heads up his own team of eager young technicians, inventing weapons for the Kingdom of Acorn in the war against Robotnik (much like 'Q' in the James Bond movies)

Elias and Meg Acorn- Sally's Brother and Sister In Law
Currently living in Feral Forest within the Kingdom of Acorn with their daughter, Alexis, and Meg's father; Elias forsook the life of a prince, choosing instead the life of a humble woodcutter; he is very skilled at using an ax as a weapon and will protect his home and family no matter the cost

Ash The Mongoose - Mina's Boyfriend and Manager
Lives in Knothole City, but is currently on tour with Mina; Ash doesn't like Sonic at all; in his opinion, Sonic broke the heart of the person he loves most in the world; Ash's low self-esteem makes him extremely jealous and he fears that Mina will go running to Sonic should the opportunity ever present itself; during the "Song Sung Blue" arc, when Sonic is assigned to bodyguard Mina, Ash will accuse Mina of subconsciously writing her lyrics to he right?

Hope Kintobor - Robotnik's orphaned niece
Lives in Knothole City at Rosie's orphanage, where she is very happy although some of the Mobian children pick on her for being an Overlander and also being Robotnik's niece; in "Black Hog Down," Robotnik will kidnap Hope from the orphanage claiming rightful custody of her since she is his niece; Shadow will attempt to save her, but Hope will find him to be as frightening as Robotnik

Big The Cat & Froggy - Sonic's Fishing Buddy
Lives in Knothole City at Rosie's orphanage; although Big isn't very bright, Sonic likes to go fishing with him because of his extremely carefree nature; Froggy, however, happens to be the smarter of the two

Station Square President & Secretary - Kingdom of Acorn's Allies
Both currently live and work in Station Square, coordinating closely with the Kingdom of Acorn in the war against Robotnik; the President constantly finds himself at odds with G.U.N.-Station Square's corporate military-mainly because he isn't as trigger happy as G.U.N.'s Commander Brass; this growing conflict will be dealt with in the "Fall of Empire" arc, where the President will find himself and the Station Square Congress facing a military coup while royal dignitaries-Max and Alicia Acorn-are visiting on their royal tour; although Sonic the Hedgehog, the Knothole Special Forces team, and Rouge successfully save the lives of the President, the Secretary, Max, Alicia, et al., the coup is successful and Brass is instated as the new president

Dulcy The Dragon - Sonic's Mythical, Reptilian Friend
Current status unknown; see Michael Gallagher's upcoming 4-parter

Geoffrey & Hershey St. John - Kingdom of Acorn Spies
This mobile husband and wife spy duo are currently away on a top-secret mission for the Kingdom of Acorn

Downunda Freedom Fighters - Kingdom of Acorn Allies
Current status unknown

Locke & Lara-Le - Knuckles' Parents
When Angel Island was invaded by Robotnik's forces Locke was the last of the Brotherhood left standing (the others are missing at best and presumed dead at worst) and the Master Emerald was entrusted to his care; meanwhile, the pregnant Lara-Le went into hiding with her current husband, Wynmacher, and other free echidnas under the protection of the Dark Legion; it was there that she gave birth to a baby boy named Kneecaps the Echidna; when Haven's location is discovered by General Von Stryker and the Dingoes, Locke entrusts the Master Emerald to the Dark Legion before being captured and subsequently tortured to reveal its location; in the "Return To Angel Island" arc he is eventually liberated by Knuckles, Sonic, the Chaotix, and the Dark Legion; Lara-Le mistakenly believes Hunter's energy-spear to have killed Wynmacher, Moritori Rex, Saffron, and Remington, when it has actually teleported them to Megaopolis; Lara-Le is once again without a companion, and in an ironic twist of fate, Locke offers to help her raise Kneecaps-even though they aren't romantically attached, perhaps now they have a second chance at raising a son properly

Dr. Quack - Acorn Royal Physician
Seriously injured while tending to wounded civilians on the frontlines of battle during Sonic's absence; currently lives in Knothole City with his wife and three children and serves as official physician to the royal family

Rosie - Orphanage Owner
Currently owns and operates her own orphanage in Knothole City

Monkey Khan - Renegade Robotnik Cyborg; Head Monk at Stormtop Temple
After Stormtop village was deroboticized, Khan was reunited with his loved ones and let go of his hatred for Overlanders; During Sonic's absence he built a temple in Stormtop Village in the far east, where he currently resides and trains others in martial arts; Khan will begin training Knuckles in the use of martial arts in an upcoming arc until the Iron Queen uses a spell to take control of Knuckles; Robotnik will say the word "Bananas," causing Khan to fall under his control; the two will battle to claim the Master Geode for their respective "mistress" and "master"

Rob O The Hedge & His Merry Menagerie - Kingdom of Acorn Allies
See "The Battle For Emerald Isle" arc

The Wolf Pack - Kingdom of Acorn Allies
Current status unknown

Muttski - Sonic's Dog
Currently lives with Sonic and his family in Knothole City; due to an alien language translator that has bonded with Sonic's nervous system, Sonic and Muttski have become able to communicate with each other

Rory, Sasha, and Snaggle - Rosie's Wards
Currently live in Knothole City at Rosie's orphanage

Game Protagonists Who Have Yet To Debut
Cream The Rabbit & Cheese The Chao

Polite girl, raised almost like a princess plus her loyal pet

Vanilla The Rabbit
Cream's Mother

Bean The Dynamite Duck - Bark's Partner
Munitions expert; proficient in the use of bombs, dynamite, and gunpowder (Looney Toons-style)

Bark The Polarbear - Bean's Partner
An extremely strong "gentle giant"-type; Bark keeps Bean from destroying nearby landscapes

E123 Omega - Eggman Creation
Sentient robot that rebels against its creator

Omochao is a comic relief robot chao who flies around serving to explain the game tutorials while bumping into walls and such; origin unknown

Primary Villain
Dr. Eggman a.k.a. Robotnik - Principle Threat

Currently resides within his science fortress located in New Megaopolis, the capital of the Eggman Empire; during Sonic's one-year absence, Eggman declared war on both the Kingdom of Acorn and Station Square; without his primary nemesis around to foil his schemes, Eggman has been able to fortify his robotic/technological arsenal in order to capture such prized territories as Angel Island and Sandblast City; the Mobians living in his territories are oppressed by his Shadow-Bots; Eggman will use any means possible to crush his enemies and conquer the entire planet; his name is at the top of the Kingdom of Acorn's and Station Square's most wanted list; the sad truth is that Eggman has no one to love and no one to love him back-not even his artificial "children"; Eggman hates Sonic as much as he fears Shadow-he knows that Sonic won't stop until he's imprisoned for his crimes while Shadow has no qualms about killing him outright; he considers his creations, A.D.A.M. and M, to be his children-artificial heirs who will someday inherit his empire; in the "Black Hog Down" arc, Eggman will kidnap his niece, Hope Kintobor, in order to lure Shadow into a trap; Eggman will also find a new nemesis in the form of Skarkus, an enigmatic robot that wants him dead almost as much as Shadow and a new rival in the form of Coconuts

1st Tier Villains
Ixis Naugus -Dark Magician and Sorcery-Wielding Sociopath

Currently inhabits the extra dimensional Zone of Silence, where he is omnipotent-the only problem is Ixis has no one to rule over; this is the reason why he desperately seeks to return to the normal zone of existence; unbeknownst to anyone, the last time Ixis escaped the Zone of Silence, he had an opportunity to corrupt the Source of All with his dark magicks as a means of preventing the bright future seen in SONIC: IN YOUR FACE from occurring; realizing the tremendous influence the Source had on the royal family, he committed this act in order to manipulate the destinies of the Acorn lineage away from that future; in the upcoming "The Strand" arc, Ixis will return to this realm by using Max as a host-body that will transform into Ixis the closer he gets to the Source; it will be revealed that Ixis can manifest in such a manner because of his connection to the Crown; after Sonic destroys the Crown, Ixis is banished back into the Zone of Silence and Max's body changes back to normal

The Source of All - Primordial Sentience; Ally of Ixis Naugus
The Source of All currently resides in a grotto deep within the eastern mountains of Mobius, where the Strand-an order of spider-ninjas-have fallen under its sway; this mysterious, sentient goo, whose origins predate Mobotropolis, had been a neutral force, wisely guiding the destiny of the Acorn line for centuries, until it was corrupted by Ixis Naugus' dark magicks; even after Ixis banishment back to the Zone of Silence, the newly-corrupted Source sought to influence the decisions of Maximillian and Sally Acorn respectively through the Crown and Sword of Acorn; it wasn't until the Source was destroyed in issue #110's "Station Square Attacks!" and Sally forsook the Sword in #111's "Kids of the Spiderwoman" that the Acorns seemed to emerge from its influence; "The Strand" arc will reveal that the Source of All wasn't destroyed by Station Square's atomic missiles-it seeped deep down into the bowels of Mobius and manifested halfway around the planet in the mountain grotto; As per Ixis' desire, the Source still wants Sally to fully bond with it and accept the Sword of Acorns in order to avert the SONIC: IN YOUR FACE future from coming to pass

Mammoth Mogul - Immortal Would-Be-World-Conqueror
Current status unknown; see upcoming "The Chosen One" 2-parter; future stories would ideally establish Mogul as a wealthy businessman dressed like Doctor Zhivago and living in a large mansion somewhere in Mobius' North Pole; however, the immense wealth isn't enough for him-he needs power-literally; since his release from the Master Emerald, Mogul has found over time that the Chaos Emerald on his chest is running out of energy-he's dying; he will be forced to use his financial resources to fund black market archeological digs all around the world in search of Master Emeralds, Chaos Emeralds, Super Emeralds, anything that will give him more chaos energy to sustain his existence; Mogul hires Nack the Weasel to oversee such an operation in the far east; this is where the Iron Queen uses her mystical might to unearth the Master Geode, Mogul's means to solving his problem once and for all; he finds himself embroiled in a battle with The Iron Queen and Eggman for its possession; at the same time, more competition comes in the form of Rouge who is trying to recover the Geode for the Station Square government while trying to resist the urge to steal it herself

The Strand -Ninja Order; Keepers of the Source of All; Ixis Naugus Allies
Order of ninjas comprised of hundreds of spiders; they currently inhabit the eastern mountains of Mobius and have never had contact with outsiders; the only one within their ranks who ever had contact with the outside world was the late Arachnis, who went renegade and left the order; her spawn, who were born with genetic memory, sought out the Strand after Sally imparted the Sword of Acorn to them in issue #111; Arachnis' spawn quickly fell under the control of the Sword, and thereby the Source, which ordered them to return to the Strand; once they returned, the Source was able to take mental control of the entire ninja order; once neutral, these silent warriors have been corrupted into protecting the Source at all costs

Metal Sonic - Sonic's Sentient Robot Duplicate
Version 1 sacrificed life to save Tails at the end of issue #87; in the upcoming "Metal Madness" arc in issue #150, a new version of Metal Sonic-created by Nate Morgan- will appear to wreak destruction on Knothole City and New Megaopolis along with Metal Knuckles, Metal Amy Rose, and the Tails Doll; because Sonic, Tails, and Amy are missing (and Knuckles left Knothole City weeks ago), all of Knothole will mistakenly believe that these are roboticized versions of the heroes; at full chaos energy power, he becomes the Metal Overlord and can morph into any character (as of SONIC HEROES)

Metal Knuckles - Knuckles' Sentient Robot Duplicate
Will debut in the "Metal Madness" arc to attack New Megaopolis and Station Square along with Metal Sonic, Metal Amy Rose, and the Tails Doll; subservient to Metal Sonic

Tails Doll - Nate Morgan Creation
Inspired by Coconuts, and created by an amnesiac Nate Morgan, the Tails Doll will debut in the "Metal Madness" arc alongside Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, and Metal Amy Rose to cause havoc; dark and frightening, the doll never speaks

Metal Amy Rose - Amy's Sentient Robot Duplicate
Will debut in the "Metal Madness: arc; see above

2nd Tier Villains
The Skarkus Robot a.k.a. Snively - Robotnik's Nephew and Foe; Shadow's Ally

This villainous, "new" anti-hero will arrive on the scene during the "Black Hog Down" arc to attack Eggman's science fortress and aid Shadow; the two will become allies more out of a hatred for Eggman and a desire for his destruction rather than out of any common goals; Snively hates his uncle because he left him for dead during the Xorda attack on New Megaopolis in "Sonic Adventure 2.5: Alpha"; for months, no one-not even the readers-will suspect that the 15-foot tall Skarkus is not really a robot, but is instead Snively inside a sophisticated (albeit glitch-filled) battle suit; readers will learn Skarkus' true identity before Shadow does, and much of the humor that follows will be Snively trying to keep Shadow duped by not blowing his cover

Coconuts & Nate Morgan -Sonic and Eggman Foe
It will be revealed during the "Metal Madness' arc that the Bem deroboticized every roboticized being on Mobius in issue #124's "The Last Robian," including Nate Morgan whose shell survived Robotropolis' destruction in #110; readers will learn that the Bem's derobotization was successful but had an undesired side effect-Nate was bereft of his memory; he returned to Mobius an amnesiac wanderer with no recollection of his former life; Eggman's former lackey, the totally psychotic robot-monkey known as Coconuts, crosses paths with Nate; realizing Nate's scientific genius, Coconuts decides to exploit it to his own gain by first befriending him, then later by manipulating him into building metal versions of Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy to attack Megaopolis and Knothole City; much to Sonic's chagrin, Nate won't remember him or Tails

Nack The Weasel a.k.a. Fang The Sniper - Professional Thief and Bounty Hunter
Currently mobile; will work for whoever pays the most; Mammoth Mogul hires him in an upcoming story to oversee a black market archaeological dig to locate a precious emerald in the far east; this operation will bring him into a conflict involving Sonic, Knuckles, Robotnik, the Iron Queen, and others

Lien-Da a.k.a. Kommissar & the Dark Legion - Dark Legion Leader
Currently resides within the Hidden Palace, a long-hidden edifice located deep beneath Angel Island's crust; although she is self-serving, Lien-Da cares for the echidna species more than any other; as leader of the Dark Legion, she has organized the DL's ranks into a rebel force against the dingoes who sold out Angel Island to Robotnik; the Dark Legion has liberated hundreds of echidnas from dingo prison camps, offering them sanctuary in makeshift tents outside Lien-Da's home in the Hidden Palace; the Dark Legion have been entrusted by Locke to keep the Master Emerald hidden from Robotnik while he remains a dingo prisoner; Lien-Da has summoned Knuckles to Angel Island in order to stage a rescue; Neither Lien-Da, nor her Legionnaires, believe in the Prophecy of the Ancient Walkers, therefore she doesn't believe Knuckles to be the echidna avatar

A.D.A.M. - Robotnik's Sentient Computer Virus
Acronym that stands for Autonomous Digital Assault Microbe; resides in every piece of Eggman-based hardware, including robots, computers, and vehicles; Robotnik created A.D.A.M. by mistake during Sonic's one-year absence, and it was instrumental in Robotnik's invasion of Angel Island after it corrupted the Dark Legion's server; this child-like entity is loyal to its neglectful "father"; however, in coming months, "he" will begin to question that loyalty, especially when Robotnik forbids an electronic relationship between A.D.A.M. and Nicole; the distraught A.D.A.M. will eventually rebel against his "creator," taking control of all of the Shadow-Bots, and leaving new Megaopolis; when the Shadow-Bot horde arrives at the borders of Knothole City, the Special Forces Team and the Royal Guard gear up for a confrontation only to learn from Nicole that they pose no threat

Mecha a.k.a. M - Robotnik's Bodyguard
Created to protect Robotnik, "she" is a literal killing machine; currently resides within his science fortress in New Megaopolis; it took the combined efforts of Sonic and a Special Ops team assembled by King Max to temporarily defeat her during the "Home" arc; Mecha is intensely loyal to Eggman and refers to him as "father"

Heavy & Bomb - Robotnik's Assassins
Although the originals were destroyed/incapacitated in issue #102, Robotnik will create new versions of the characters to assassinate pop singer Mina the Mongoose during the "Song Sung Blue" story arc; they will be updated to have the look they did in the KNUCKLES CHAOTIX game

Caterkiller - Robotnik's Engine of Destruction
Currently lying inanimate at the bottom of the ocean; when A.D.A.M. rebels against Robotnik, "he" will bring Caterkiller back on line and set it on a direct course for Eggman's science fortress

3rd Tier Characters
Col. Mange & the Dingoes - Eggman Sub Boss; Knuckles and Dark Legion Foes

Currently living and operating out of Angel Island's Dingo City (formerly Echidnaopolis); answers directly to Eggman; the Dingoes have enslaved the island's echidnas, placed them in prisoner camps where they perform backbreaking labor, and claimed their capital city for their own

Moritori Rex - Lien-Da's Grandfather; Former Dark Legion Grandmaster
Current status unknown

Croctobot -Crocbot & Octobot Fusion; Eggman Sub Boss
During Sonic's absence, Robotnik synthesized two of his preexisting artificial creations into a robotic split personality that currently serves as his Sub Boss on the conquered continent of Downunda

The Iron Queen - Knuckles' Foe; Eggman and Mammoth Mogul Rival
Sorceress of limited power who resides in the far east; hasn't been seen in quite some time; however, in an upcoming arc, the Iron Queen will make a play for more power than she ever possessed; after her mystical abilities allow her to discover the Master Geode deep beneath Mobius surface, she will cast a spell to cause a disturbance along an underground fault line; this will cause an earthquake that unearths and exposes the Master Geode, but the Iron Queen will find that both Eggman and Mammoth Mogul want her newly excavated treasure; she casts a spell to make Knuckles into her puppet in the fight to claim her prize, until the Master Geode's energies make him too powerful for her to control

Void - Evil Dream Entity
Currently resides in Maginaryworld, the dream realm, as a prisoner of Illumina, that realm's guardian (seen in SONIC SHUFFLE); Void's "light half" is Lumina Flowlight who assists Illumina in guarding the Precioustone

Gala-Na - Eggman's Sub Boss
Current status unknown; see Battle For Emerald Isle upcoming 2-parter

The Anti-Freedom Fighters - Alternate Reality Dark Version
Current status unknown; evil, alternate reality versions of Sally, Tails, Rotor, Antoine, Bunnie, and Geoffrey St. John; more of a joke than a threat

Evil Sonic - Sonic's Alternate Reality Dark Version
Banished from the Anti-Mobius, currently resides in a prison cell in the No Zone under the watch of Zonic the Zone Cop; in an upcoming arc called "Evil May Care," Evil escapes from prison after being denied parole and travels to Mobius Prime; once there, he finds himself in battle with Sonic; Evil manages to get a jump on Sonic and imprisons him in a solitary area; he gets rid of his sunglasses and leatherjacket, goes back to Knothole City, and decides to temporarily replace Sonic in order to avoid being recaptured by Zonic; while pretending to be Sonic, Evil causes havoc in Mina and Ash's love life, kisses Amy, and tries to put the moves on Fiona despite the fact that it hurts Tails; however, he finds that he deeply enjoys the way Jules and Bernie treat him; when a threat rears its head, Evil is forced to be a hero, and in so doing, finds that he enjoys the role; as a matter of fact, Evil enjoys it so much, he decides to take over for Sonic permanently...and the only way to do that is by getting rid of Sonic

Jack Rabbit - Eggman Sub Boss
Currently lives in Sandblast City, which was conquered by Robotnik

Game [Antagonists] Who Have Yet To Debut
The Battlebird Armada - Tails' Foes

Hi-tech airborne army led by The Great Battlekukku XV; ravage and pillage areas; similar in appearance to Bean; Battlekukku XV's son (unnamed) is second in command; first appeared in TAILS' ADVENTURE and are primarily his adversaries

King Boom Boo - Leader of All Ghosts/Undead
Sends out ghosts he controls to "possess" others and cause random mischief

Bokkun - Eggman's robot messenger
Usually leaves bombs and cause mischief before it leaves