Sonic In Your Face Pin Up Art
Sonic In Your Face Pin Up ArtSource: Sonic The Hedgehog In Your Face

One of Spaz' earliest pieces of work for Archie included this pic of Sonic and Tails.
Sonic #36 Cover B/W
Sonic The Hedgehog #36 Cover B/WSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #110

Selected by Spaz himself as his favorite cover in 1996, it features King Acorn, Sally, and Sonic.

Bunnie versus Mecha-Sonic
Bunnie versus Mecha-SonicSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #39

A full page shot of Bunnie taking her best shot at Mecha-Sonic.
Mecha Madness
Mecha MadnessSource: Sonic and Knuckles Mecha Madness

Double page shot of Mecha-Sonic and Mecha-Knuckles mixing it up.

The Trial
The TrialSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #40

Sonic may have been cleared for treason, but Antoine puts Spaz on the stand anyway in the Off-Panel-like comic at the end of the book.
Sonic #43 Frontpiece
Sonic The Hedgehog #43 FrontpieceSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #43

A nice frontpiece featuring Sally holding a broken crown and crying while Sonic and Geoffrey, as much as they want to tend to Sally, are more than ready to take care of the other first.

Sonic versus Robotnik
Sonic versus RobotnikSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #50

A rather elaborate page with Sonic and Robotnik squaring off regardless of the consequences.
EndgameSource: Sonic Super Special #6

It's the end of Mobius as the Ultimate Annihilator erases all life while Sonic and Robotnik continue their battle.

Return Of The King
Return Of The KingSource: Sonic Super Special #4

A pretty nice frontpiece with Sonic holding the Sword of Acorns with Uncle Chuck and a partially crystal King Max in the background.
Freedom Fighters on "Earth"
Freedom Fighters on EarthSource: Sonic Super Special #7

A frontpiece featuring the Freedom Fighters and Particle, Shadow Hawk, & Savage Dragon from the Sonic/Image crossover.

The Chaotix Caper
The Chaotix CaperSource: Knuckles The Echidna #13

The frontpiece for Knuckles #13-15 featuring the Chaotix along with Julie-Su and Remington.
Knuckles and Locke
Knuckles and LockeSource: Knuckles The Echidna #25

An interesting picture with Locke looming behind Knuckles.

Sonic #78 Cover B/W
Sonic The Hedgehog #78 Cover B/WSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #110

Selected by Spaz himself as his favorite cover in 1999, it is a collage of many Sonic characters from the Knothole/Mobotropolis area.
Julie-SuSource: Sonic Super Special #11

Julie-Su riding her Sky Cycle to begin her solo story, which is one of the few Archie stories drawn by Spaz.

The Egg Walker
The Egg WalkerSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #115

Spaz' design for the Egg Walker for Archie's Sonic Adventure adaptation. The Egg Walker didn't make it into the actual adaptation though.
K:20YL and Julie-Su's Family
Knuckles: 20 Years Later and Julie-Su's FamilySource: Sonic The Hedgehog #115

Spaz' designs for Knuckles and Julie-Su for Knuckles: 20 Years Later (a story being partially revived as part of the Mobius: 25 Years Later storyline) as well as his designs for Luger, Mari-Su, Merin-Da, Floren-Ca, Simon, and Kragok and Lien-Da as kids.

Sonic Manga
Sonic MangaSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #115

Spaz' designs for Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Snively, and the male and female Swatbots in an alternate reality story that hasn't seen print.
Sonic #90 Cover B/W
Sonic The Hedgehog #90 Cover B/WSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #110

Selected by Spaz himself as his favorite cover in 2000, it features Sonic and Mina being surrounded by Combots in the Great Forest.

Keep Moving
Keep MovingSource: Sonic The Hedgehog #98

In another one of the few stories Spaz has drawn, the end of Archie's Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation features Sonic realizing that he has to go in a different direction unless he wants to be run over.
Sonic/Image Crossover
Sonic/Image CrossoverSource: Sonic Super Special #7

A real nice collage of several of the characters involved in the Sonic/Image crossover. It features Savage Dragon, Sally, Bunnie, Maxx, Tails, Spawn, Particle, Knuckles, Shadow Hawk, Sonic, Union, and Velocity.