In The Begining...
Archimedes Alerted!
Premonition Of History

Birth Of A Notion
Death Of A Guardian
Out Of Thin Athair
Arise: The Dark Legion!

And They Call Her: Julie-Su!

The City Vanishes...

He's Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Enerjak Attacks!
The End Of An Enerjak
Arise: Master Mogul!

My Path Took A Different Direction...

Journey's End (Page One)
Journey's End (Page Two)

The Happiest Poison On Earth!

Fly From Destiny, Charmy Bee

I Smell A Rat...
Chaotix Surpise!
Until We Meet Again, Prince Charmy

Welcome To Haven...
Baby Knuckles!
Best Friends - Forever?...
Kiss Me Quick!

Get Lost!
The Guardian Who Failed

Paratroopers Of The Weenie Patrol!
Exceptional Health, For A Corpse...
Keeping Secrets
And They Call Him: Prince Elias!

Divided Divorce
The Mother Vanishes...
Take Off To Sky Island!
The Brotherhood Breached!

Heavy Logic; Wet Fur!
Busted! Knuckles And The Phoney Tobor!
That's Some Erector Set!

Scare Tactics!
Arise: Metal Enerjak!!!
THIS Is A Protest!?!?

Who's The Hypocrite Now?
Metal Gear Xenin

Chase Your Past!!!
Mind Over Matter
Nightmare In Red

The Birds, The Bees, The Spitting Of Hot Coffee

The Female Sex And Silly People!
We're Talking What About Who?
Love Me, Love Me, Say That You Love Me

Friends No More... (Page One)
Friends No More... (Page Two)

Chameleon Commotion: Valdez Roboticized!