2004 In Review Overview
Based on the fan voting, the winning stories, art, etc. are listed in the section below. The full results can be seen by checking here. If you just want the stats, then go here. Many thanks to Dirk Amoeba, Craig Bayfield, Neo Yi, Kayla The Hedgehog, Miss Puar, The Eggpire, Krayon, Chronos Cat, Miles "Per" Hour, and Darkest Light for voting this year.

2004 In Review Results
1. The best cover: Sonic #138 (Spaz)

2. The worst cover: Sonic #132 (Spaz/Ribeiro) & Sonic #135 (Spaz/Ribeiro)

3. The best frontpiece: Sonic #133 (Axer)

4. The worst frontpiece: Sonic #144 (Butler/Penders)

5. The best story arc: Return to Angel Island (#138-141): Bollers/Gray/Higgins, Pepoy, Amash, & Koslowski

6. The worst story arc: The Tommy Trilogy (#135-137): Chacon/Lim, Mawhinney, & Butler/Ribeiro, Pepoy, & Amash

7. The best main story: Say You Will (#134): Bollers

8. The worst main story: Agent of K.N.O.T.H.O.L.E. (#135): Chacon

9. The best back-up story: Love and Loss (#144): Chacon/Gray

10. The worst back-up story: Slumber Party (#139): Penders

11. The best art within a main story: Robo-Dyne Systems (#137): Butler/Amash, The Message (#138): Gray/Higgins, & How Many Echidnas Does it Take to Protect a Master Emerald? (#140): Gray/Higgins

12. The worst art within a main story: A.D.A.M. & Evil (#132): Manak/Higgins

13. The best art in a back-up story: Love and Loss (#144): Gray/Higgins

14. The worst art in a back-up story: One Part Ooh-la-la, and Two Parts Treachery! (#137): Bigley/Higgins

15. The overall best issue: Sonic #134

16. The overall worst issue: Sonic #136

17. The best single line: From Sonic #138
Sonic: But Julie-Su, you don't have a problem with Knuckles going into battle the way Sally does with me, do you? I mean, sure, he can't glide anymore, he's as weak as a kitten and pretty much good for nothing, but still...

18. The worst single line: From Sonic #143
Trey Scales: Because Dr. Robotnik gave me power and control. Besides, I'm a snake. It's totally within my nature.

19. The best conversation/dialogue: From Sonic #140
Lara-Le: His name is Knecapeon Mace...but we call him "Kneecaps" for short!
Mace: **annoyed**
Knuckles: Kneecaps the Echidna?! Mom that's got to be the worst name I've heard for a kid!
Mace: >_<
Sonic and Chaotix: *LOL*
Knuckles: (furiously) Is something funny?
Sonic and Chaotix: *shut up real quickly, Espio finding particular interest in his stars*
Lara-Le and Mace: :|

20. The worst conversation/dialogue: From Sonic #135
Sonic: When is a tortoise not a tortoise?
Tommy: When he's a turtle!
Sonic: My name is Hog... Hedgehog, Agent of K.N.O.T.H.O.L.E. What's your code name?
Tommy: I have none. It's just Tommy.

21. The best new characters, events, and ideas: A.D.A.M., Mecha, Dr. Finitevus, Mace, splitting up the Freedom Fighters and Return to Angel Island.

22. The worst new characters, events, and ideas: The return of Tommy Turtle and Mobius: 25 Years Later.