Sonic Super Special #10 Review by Rolland Therrien
Crossover Chaos

Here is my review of SSS#10: Crossover Chaos. *sigh* After the great quality of Sonic Kids 2, they give us this... Okay... time to make the donuts...

First off: Some Enchantra Evening: Chapter 2. Okay... Let's keep the resume short: This one bad witch, Enchantra, gets pissed at Sabrina, who misspelled her name or something, and plots vengance, instead of doing like rationnal mortals and sueing her. She scans the dimensions and finds Mobius. She zaps Sonic, turning him into a "Yes, Master" zombie, and sics him at Sabrina. Sally uses Nicole to follow Sonic to Earth, through a dimensionnal hole left by Enchantra, and joins up with Sabrina to try and stop Sonic from wrecking her town.

Sabrina keeps Sonic busy until his mind is freed, and Sally faces off with Enchantra to convince her to send everyone back, or else she'll tell every Sonicverse villain about that Dimensionnal hole. If I had been Sally, I would've done it anyway. Hey, let some other universe handle them for once! So, before Sonic can go medeival on Enchantra for brain-washing him, Enchantra sends all the Mobians back home, with no memory of what happened. Good idea, Enchantra! Now, could you help us forget this horrid story happened?

Rating: ZERO RINGS !!! - Archie CAN do better than this...

This story, both chapters of it, was pretty lame. Aside from the clichèd "Fight then team-up" routine (Already lame in its own right), we had bad puns, cheap action sequences and low character development. Essentially, this was just a gratuitous crossover. If the guys at Archie had kept it all in the Sabrina comics, I would've been greatful. On the art, it shows Dave Manak has been away for a long time. Sonic's head looked as big as a beach ball, and he looked like he was going to bust a gut half the time. I just hope Dave practices a bit more if he ever intends on doing the Sonic books again.

Zone Wars - "A Tale Of Two Hedgehogs..."

Now, for the second story: Zone Wars: A tale of Two Hedgehogs. Remember, in SSS#8, I told you the prologue meant we'd see more of this stuff? Here it is. Okay... Let's keep the resume short. Okay, from the Reverse Universe, Evil Sonic gets diched by the Evil FFs after a failed attack on Dr Kintobor's (previously referred to as good Dr Robotnik) clinic. He then gets contacted by an unknown stranger (but those of us who've read S#74 know it's obviously Robotnik) to do a job for him. That job is retrieving all the pieces of the Giant-Borg Battle-suit from Sonic #19, which were scattered through the mega-verse by all the Sonics.

Zonic, the side-ways Sonic counterpart/zonecop from SSS#8, recruits, as he says he always does, Sonic the Hedgehog (our own) and goes with him, via the No-Zone, Zonic's home, to Sonic Underground Mobius. There, our hero meets his counterpart from the new, hotly debated cartoon show, trade origins, and start to plan what to do. Meanwhile, Evil Sonic mixes-up his Robotniks and gives the Giant Borg pieces to the SU Robotnik, leaving the real Robotnik to make other plans. When SU Robotnik goes wild on Robotropolis with his new toy (you'd think he'd be more careful around his own town), Archie Sonic and SU Sonic (who has the worst hair cut I've seen so far) double-team to stop him, destroying the battle-suit. Meanwhile, Manic (with worst name) and Sonia (who sounds like Urkel's sister), disguised as aristocrats in robe (Dingo and Sleet must really be stupid to fall for that), break Evil Sonic out of SU Robotnik's dungeon, so Zonic can arrest him, and then everyone goes home.

Rating: Rings

Okay. What can I say about this story? Well, aside from the pleasent reappearence of Evil-Sonic (I love the guy), this story was clearly just a way for Archie to introduce us to the up-coming Sonic Underground TV series. The concept seems fascinating, but I hate that Sega is just dumping the SatAM plotline for this show. What? Sonic couldn't do the SU thing in the SatAM world? The art was good, and the story was pretty nice, even though they didn't do a good job of hiding the "Mystery Man's" identity. I guess they expected S#74 to be out already.

But nothing changes the fact this story was just a gimmick to introduce Sonic readers to Sonic Underground.

Overall Rating: Ring