3/5 (2.6). This issue was an ok issue. It could have been better but it could have been much worse too.

4/5 (2.8). It was so-so. I didn't expect much from it, and I don't like the way they handeled the tikal story line, but I suppose they did pretty OK with this super special.

3/5 (2.6). It would have been smart to just leave out the freedom fighters. Just stick to the characters in the game

(5.0). I think this Sonic Adventure comic is really cool!!All of it was done very well.And its cool(way past cool!!)

2/5 (2.4). The story was OK I guess, but Sally, Bunnie, and even Antuoine were drawn more like shag rugs then animals.

4/5 (4.8). This was way more better than the last few issues.As a long time fan of the Sonic comic i must say that this is the better of the Sonic issues I've been reading for awhile now.Can't wait for Sonic#83!

3/5. Not bad at all. Better than SSS12, at least, but still had an awful amount of plotholes. Hopefully, these get straightened out in the last couple of issues.

4/5. I loved SSS #13. We finally saw some action and the story flowed very well. Definitely a step up from SSS #12.

(2.2) I love the game adaptations, but not this one. I expect a special to wrap up the story, hence the name "special". There were many plot holes, (Like where Knux was all that time before he met up with Sonic and Tails) that will be filled in soon, but that just showed rushed writing, and filling plot holes later is just a lame excuse to explain things later when the couldn't be fit in. The art was okay, but not its best, and the dialouge was confusing at times. If you hadn't read previous regular issues, you'd be confused by this special. And if you had read the regular series, there's no reason to get the special, because more than likely, things will be explained in the next issues explaining what happened in the special, which makes no reason to get the special.

(2.4) The art was okay, but the story was BAD IMO. It could have been written better.

(4.0) The artwork was awsome, the writing was good, dialoge was average and I was a little biased as Knuckles was on half of all the pages of the comic...

(4.0) Ron Lim's art was pretty good, plus the storyline on the whole was good too. As a longtime Sonic comic fan (since issue #1!) this is what call the best long storyline in the series and I give credit to those at Archie who've put this story together, especially the Super Special in question.