Sonic The Hedgehog #62 Review by Jonathan Gray
"Icon - Part One"
"On His Majesty's Secret Service - Part Two"

Karl Bollers And Ken Penders(W)
Steven Butler And Art Mawhinney(A)
Lets get to the point, "Icon" was a pretty decent story. After the abominable letdown of 61,the the only decent reading material being that 4 page inset we are finally given SOMETHING that could possibly give us hope for a step ahead of the mediocre mess we've been getting. BUT THE BEST THING WAS ROBOTNIK !!!!!!! Its been way too long and that dead giveaway was just what I needed to give a boost. I've always thought of Bollers as a slower paced writer but he has some good storytelling skills that can be fleshed out with time. And Butler really did some interesting work. He reminds me of manny Galan when he first began - Yes Mr. Galan was bad when he began BUT we all know how good he is now and if Mr. Butler is any indication of this trend then this the art is definetely looking up! Basically here's the skinny - Tails and Sonic crash land in what I think may be The Lethal Radioactive Zone - Need to check the Mobian Map in SSS 2 - Anyway there they meet Jack Rabbit (Corny Name, Cool Design) and the Sand Blast Freedom Fighters. They also run into a group of angry Robians that AREN'T as buddy buddy as those in Knothole. And after Sonic displays his usual showoff-ness they arrive in Sand Blast City - covered with a dome to keep the Robians out! Elsewhere, high in orbit in a small Death Egg like satellite a familiar hand pushes a button on a control panel, and while Sonic is standing in awe at the people cheering around his huge stone statue and getting what could be some wine - Note To Archie : Lets not have the hedgehog get drunk please - The inhabitants of The Devils Gulag - after the taunting of Snively - Finally get thier wishes as all cell doors open and thier dreams come true: ESCAPE!!!! Meanwhile Tails is noticing strange things like why is the door locked and the only source of fresh air is an open grate in the ceiling? And as he leaves he finds Jack and some FF's covering the plane with the excuse that they may be stuck for weeks! No can do says Tails as we're reminded just why we're here to begin with - Namely Ixis Naugus. But Sonic is too busy having fun in SB City and at the moment is only concerned with his newest chill period. So whats the problem - Namely The Fearsome Foursome (Sgt. Simian, Flying Frog, Lightning Lynx and Predator Hawk), Slueth Doggy Dogg, Drago the Wolf, Snively, and everyone's fave villian Nack The Weasel wreaking havoc and playing with fire in The Devils Gulag! Like I said this was an OK story BUT Sonic read really slow, not much action at all to be honest exception being the whirlwind with the Robians, and around the middle especially in the parade through town Butler was off model with Sonic. The breakout however was cool simply because it covered SEVERAL LOOSE ENDS - Like what happened to Lynx, Simian, Frog, and Predator after The Battle Royal incident, where nack has been since Issue 40, and last but not least - DR> ROBOTNIK !!!! If nothing in this book makes you happy the sheer fact that he's finally back as a DECENT villian with a decent plan oughta put some form of glee on your face. It did not get the other two rings due to the slower read but that doesn't mean it was bad. Its the best in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGG time, and if they keep it up, hopefully the book will finally get better.

"On His Majesty's Secret Service" however was the reason the book DID NOT get the other ring. It was boring. How else can you say it. Heck if you read the previews you already know the tease and what it leads up to, its just a matter of getting us there. At least we finally learn the name of Valdez The Chameleon. Sure everyone's been wondering what was up with heavy and Bomb since Knuckles Chaotix but other than that there was yet again NOTHING to the story. maybe when Sally is added to the fray next issue it'll pick up speed. But until then - blah !!!!!

Rating: Rings