Sonic The Hedgehog #52 Review by Zifei Wu
"The Discovery Zone"
Tom Rolston(W)
Manny Galan(A)
I finally got Sonic #52... about a week late, oh well. Ahem, before I start with this review, I would again remind you that like Sonic #51 this issue is also a filler between End Game and Brave New World. Another excellent cover did by Spaz and Harvo! This cover features Sonic as a 1940s' detective holding a stop watch. Although this cover is in black and white, it is one of the best.

This time Sam Maxwell did the Splash Page, very nicely done. I think Sam is finally learning how to draw Sally...taken him long enough. I do look forward to see his work in Sonic #53. The main story of this issue is called The Discovery Zone, it is written by Tom Rolston. Art by Manny Galan, I have nothing against Manny, in fact he's a good artist. But can you Archie people make him stay with Knuckles?! Anyway here's the story:

Pp.1-2-----Sonic is out teaching Tails how to run (fly) fast. Then suddenly they see a flying suit. Sonic told Tails to go back to Knothole and warn the others while he went off to chase the suit. The suit leads Sonic into a cave where Sonic is knocked out by super powerful lights.

Pp.3-5-----We then jump back in time to the 1930s or 40s (enter a zone). Now we see Sonic as a detective waiting for someone inside a dance hall. This someone happens to be Sally or Ms. Acorn in this story. She's suppose to look really beautiful, but Manny ruin it by drawing her out of proportion. Man, why couldn't Spazainte draw this part. Anywayz, Ms. Acorn told Sonic to find Nicole and bring it to her. Nicole would have the info to defeat Robotnik. Sonic would get a big reward for doing this. She then tries to kiss Sonic, but Sonic zooms off toward the Slippy Dippy Slide Factory before the kiss could be planted.

Pp.6-10-----Sonic arrive at the factory to find it broken into and badly damaged. He also notices robot oil, so he concludes that it was Robotnik's doing. Radar scans on his watch show four robots a few blocks away, so Sonic begin to chase them down. After Sonic destroyed all the robots he got Nicole (which was in the hands of one of the robots) and headed back to the dance hall.

Pp.11-16-----Back around the dance hall, Sonic gave Nicole back to Sally, but before anything could happen, Robotnik shows up out of no where. Now before I go on, have you noticed how Manny Galan always draw Robotnik with the same expression? One more reason why he should stay with Knuckles. Well, so Robotnik shows up and told Sonic Sally is actually the leader of the rebellion, but Sonic decided to help Sally anyway. He pulled out a power ring and blasted out of the door, Robotnik and his robots went chasing after them. When Robo's gone, we find out Sonic and Sally were actually hiding under a table. Sonic contacted Uncle Chuck and told him to bring a plane to the airport. He then went on to open a secret door and took Sally straight for the airport. Sally asked Sonic to join the Rebellion, Sonic said he would. So the fight for freedom will continue in that dimension...

Page 17-----We're back to now. Sonic come stumbling out of the cave, upon seeing everyone he made some comments on what just happened. But nobody believe him. Sally said: "I think someone's been eating too many chili-dogs." And that's the end.

Rating: Rings

This story blew...HARD! Hopefully the Brave New World special and Naugus' first appearance from cartoon to comic will do much better. Needless to say it left me FLAT.

Backup Story: This story is about Sally trying to contact every freedom fighting group on Mobius and telling them what just happened in End Game, but before she could finish warning them about the zones, the communication broke. Just want to make a comment on page 5, panel 5, how could King Acorn smile and hug someone when his 95% crystallized?!?

Rating: Rings

Now this is more like it!! The art is good and the story isn't bad. Heck, Karl Bollers managed to do a simple recap in 6 pages and then leave a nice twist at the end. Foreshadowing of things to come? Perhaps. But for right now this makes up for the horrible drek that was read above.

Overall Rating: Rings - And thats ONLY because of the backup...