Sonic The Hedgehog #51 Review by Zifei Wu
"Reality Bytes"
Karl Bollers(W)
Sam Maxwell(A)
First off, the Spaz/Harvo cover looks great, in fact I think it's the best cover of the year. There's some Sega reference on it (Bean the duck, Bark the dog...), but since they do belong to the Sonicverse, so that doesn't matter.

Before getting on with the review, remeber that this issue is supposed to be a filler between "End Game" and "The Brave New World", so it is kind of lame.

The art work really stinked in this issue, Maxwell's Sally and Tails were way off model. Just look on page 2, panel 5, this picture made me laugh, Tails was only about the size of Sonic's head, ha, ha, ha... although I have to say Sam did improve a lot since "Battle Royal", now he actually add details to the backgroud! Ok, enough talking, lets get on with the story.

Pp1-2, the main freedom fighter lead Sonic to an area away from the main celebration of the defeat of Robotnik. Sally then awarded Sonic a medal for his bravery, bold courage, and strong leadership ... that's yet?!? After Sonic resked his life to defeat Robotnik, all he got was a medal! Not even a kiss from the Princess!

Pp3-5, later that night, Sally woke Sonic to go on a secret mission. She led him into the Great Forest, then reviled herself as a robot. Suddenly, com-bots came out of no where and started to shoot at Sonic. Sonic escaped and started his way to Knothole to warn everyone else.

Pp6-9, Sonic was picked up on the way to Knothole by Tails. On page 6, panel 2, Tails said to the com-bots "hasta la vista, meestah"... hmmmm, I wonder how many languages they have on Mobius. Anyway, back to the two heros, in the air they meet a mutant dragonfly, then they saw Crabmeat on the ground (why do new writers have to bring back old badniks?). Seeing this, Sonic said, "trouble always come in twos." But Tails corrected him, "in your case... it come in threes." Yep, Tails was a robot to, he then dropped Sonic. Sonic landed on the ground making a large dust ball, when the dust cleared, the robo-Tails and Crabmeat found a large hole in the ground.

Pp10-13, Sonic dug a hole when he hit the ground and started to tunnel. He came up near the hot spring and found Bonnie with a brocken leg setting against a tree. Sonic soon got suspiciouse and dived just in time from a Bonnie high kick. Sonic then went to get a power ring, but he had a hard time getting it out of the pool. He pulled the ring out just in time to see robo-Bonnie coming up behind him. Sonic then put the ring around Bunnie and ran off saying, "...and I'm a ghost!"

Pp14-15, all this time Sonic kept seeing holographic images of Uncle Chuck, but he didn't know what it meant. Sonic finally got to the Knothole entrence, and started to run down the tunnel. There he met holo-Chuck again who warned him not to enter Knothole, but he went anyway.

Now we stop for some fan art and the find your name in print page. I just want to make one comment about the artwork, Rachel Elizabeth Reagan's Tails was kind of cute.

Pp16-20, Sonic ran into Knothole to find his robo-friends and ... Robotnik waiting for him. Robotnik told Sonic that everything was under his control, and asked him to join him. Then on page 19, panel one, Sonic said, "like, this...". What!!! "Like"? This is SONIC, not Beavis & Butthead! Sonic then saw Robotnik disappear... and he opened his eyes.

Pp21-23, it is all a dream or a vertual reality nightmare. The holo-Chuck was actually Uncle Chuck trying to reach Sonic through a computer. It turned out that the medal Sonic recieved had a artificial virus on it that made him dream. Now the question came to who put the virus on there in the first place. Uncle Chuck said that Robotnik had nothing to do with the crime... well, I still can think of a few other suspects: Snively, Croc-bot, Naugus. I think it's Snively, but that's only my guess.

Now we come to the Sonic-grams. Something caught my attention here, JFG, the editor said about The Brave New World Special, "also witness Sonic meet---uh, uh, ahhh--- that would be telling", yes! You know what this mean!? Sonic is going to meet his father! Wohoo!

Rating: Rings

Ok, this issue over all isn't that good, but the plot twist at the end made you want to read more, it left you with questions. After reading this, I can't wait to read #53, where Naugus make his first appearence in the comic.