Sonic The Hedgehog #153 Review by Chronos Cat
Issue 153

Editor in Chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor: Mike Pellerito; Special Thanks: Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez of SEGA Licensing.

By "Sanford"

The pencils/inks are a little rough, but I like the detail on the gloves, and the colors.

"Songoose" Part 1

Written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Ron Lim, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by John Workman, colored by Jason Jensen.

Eggman sends Nack to assasinate Mina, but he messes up and is captured. Meanwhile, General Decoolete is taken down by a mysterious illness, and the girls continue to get on Sonic's case for what Evil Sonic did.

Lim does an adequate job on the art, while the colors have Jensen's trademark shininess...

"Fairy Tale" or the adventure of Pirate Sally

Written by Romy Chacon ("Walk the Plank"), penciled by Art Mawhinney ("Swab the Deck"), colored by Josh Ray ("Shiver Me Timbers"). Inked and lettered by Vickie Williams ("Hoist the Sails") and Rich Koslowski ("All Hands on Deck").

Rosie tells a tale of "Pirate Sally" fighting the evil wizard Kintobor.

Rosie says at the beginning that she's not very good at telling stories; I'd have to agree... I also wouldn't be surprised if many other readers agreed with Romy's credit blurb.

Final Thoughts
The first story was interesting, but not particularly impressive. The second story was disapointing -- such an imaginative tale could have been much more entertaining... Over all, it was an okay issue to lead into others, but not much on its own.