Sonic The Hedgehog #152 Review by Chronos Cat
Sonic the Hedgehog 152

Editor in Chief: Richard Goldwater, as always
Managing Editor: still Victor Gorelick
Editor: Mike Pellerito
Special thanks to Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at Sega Licensing

Cover: "Play on Playa"
Signed by Spaz
"Playa"...?! I can't believe they actually put that on the cover!
Sonic is surrounded by his and Evil Sonic's Mobius Prime girlfriends. He looks happy, but none of the girls do.
From this, one would think the story was about all the girls being angry at him for his evil-self's two-timing.

Written by Ken Penders, penciled by James Fry, inked by *Al Milgrom*, lettered by John Workman, colored by Josh and Aimee Ray.
At last, the return of Fry! I thought we had lost him... I like the inking in this story... I also notice there's a lack of J. Ray's trademark shininess -- either he didn't give it the normal time, or Aimee saw to it being more subtle...

We also see the return of Lupe and the Wolfpack. Cool, though they don't get speaking parts. ...It's odd that Ariel and Athena are wearing overalls -- I would have expected them to be wearing wolfpack outfits by now.

Speaking of time, the story claims it has been "eleven years, two months," and some-odd weeks, days, hours, and seconds since the coup... Either another ret-con, or a glaring mistake. The coup was said to be eleven years ago in Endgame (and several times since then), and Sonic spent a year in space. Thus, even omitting the months that passed in continuity between Endgame and 125, we should be at least twelve years after the coup...

...Another mistake is that a group so in tune with nature would not mistake a "klak-klak" sound for birds or bees!

"Sonic's Angels"
Written by Ken Penders, penciled by Jon Gray and Al Bigley, inked by Al Milgrom, colored by Josh Ray, and lettered by Jeff Powell.

ADAM has unleashed an army of nanites to conquer the world... Sonic, Mina, Fiona, Bunnie, and Amy are sent into the machine/city the nanites have created to stop it. (Since when was Mina a fighter?)
Bunnie is captured, and the nanites try to assimilate her.
Snivley is discovered laying EMP generators in the structure, to deactivate the nanites, and the group decides to adopt his plan.
Sonic finds Bunnie, and explains to the avatar of the nanites that Bunnie isn't a robot, she's a cyborg.
Unfamiliar with the concept of machines and living things coexisting, it decides it has to think about this.
It releases Bunnie, as well as everyone else, and halts all assimilation of Mobius while it thinks.
Deciding this is good enough, the Acorn warriors and Brain Trust abandon the EMP idea, and head back to Knothole (with Snivley!)...

I'm sure many people will find their own problems with this story. I only had two that stick out enough to mention -- one, the Bigley art wasn't very good. The characters were all off-model, but none more noticeably (to me) than Snivley... (Also, were the nanites supposed to destroy Bunnie's hat and jacket, and turn her shoulder organic?)
Two, why did Sonic make no comment on Bunnie's kiss?!

There's no Sonic-Grams again, but as the final blurb advertises the next issue, the issue's ending doesn't seem quite as abrupt and unplanned as it could otherwise feel.

I give this issue a 5.5 out of 10. More good than bad, but nothing to brag about.

Final Thoughts:
Evil Sonic's still on the loose, and his conquests still don't know it was him, while now we've got the Nanite city sitting there, thinking about cybernetics -- we've got a lot of unresolved plot threads building up here... Let's hope there's a payoff, or at least a resolution...

Also, I found myself hoping the Bunnie re-design was on purpose. Not only do I enjoy design changes in general (when they're explained), but I think it looks good, and it would be interesting if the nanites could build organic parts...

Of course, it would have been even more interesting (and it wouldn't have created another plot point to be resolved) if they'd just used the EMP. Bunnie might have had to deal with being handicapped again (never mind the EMP disabling her parts -- she'd mostly lost them already by time Sonic showed up), but only temporarily -- with the Brain Trust at work, it wouldn't be too long before new cybernetic parts could have been constructed for her...