Sonic The Hedgehog #151 Review by True Red
A much nicer cover than last issue, even with the bad pun, and this issue is a bit better than the previous one. Still, the way Sonic is staying above the water, it's almost as if he can swim and we all know that he can't.

"Chaos Emeralds Are Forever"
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Art Mawhinney
Inker: Jim Amash
On the Anti-Mobius, Sonic is waking up to find himself surrounded by the evil versions of Rotor, Tails, Sally, & Bunnie (who is a fully flesh rabbit) and of course, Antoine. All of them are upset with him for different reasons: Sally--for being ditched while Evil Sonic goes solo; Rotor--for having his devices touched; Bunnie--for Evil Sonic dating other girls behind her back. The evil Sally, Rotor, & Bunnie each take turns beating up the barely conscious Sonic (who only believes this is real because of the pain) as the evil Tails complains that he deserves a turn, too.

Back in Knothole, Evil Sonic is wondering where Rouge was on his Mobius as he approaches her. After realizing that Rouge knows Sonic based on her reaction to him, he tries to play it cool. Rouge mentions that she had a little problem on Angel Island, and Evil Sonic says that he's been there and could show her whatever she wants--"even the chaos emerald" if she likes. Those of course are "the magic words" and Rouge grabs him and flies off with Evil Sonic, who doesn't mind one bit.

Sonic, on the other hand, wakes up to discover that he has been tied up and is hanging over a river. Antoine and the Anti-FFs use lasers to cut the rope and send Sonic into the water.

Rouge & Evil Sonic arrive on Angel Island and see Locke coming out of a cavern. Evil Sonic says that's the Chaos Chamber (and according to the editor's note it's supposed to be the same one from Sonic #44 ;p) and where the chaos emerald is hid. Rouge tells Evil Sonic to stay put and wait for her signal as she goes to approach Locke.

Antoine and the Anti-FFs are busy watching the river and wondering what happened to "Evil Sonic" since he hasn't come up yet. "Evil Sonic" surprises them by coming from behind. The tone of voice used by "Evil Sonic" makes Antoine wonder if that's Sonic--but pushes the thought out of his mind before he can finish it. Antoine tries to take out "Evil Sonic," but a spin to the mid-section and Antoine is down. Sonic then throws the evil Sally & Bunnie into the river. Sonic gets smacked by evil Tails' namesakes, but Sonic returns the favor by making him dizzy. Sonic then pounces Evil Rotor and tells him that he wants to "go home"--and that's when Evil Rotor realizes that Sonic isn't Evil Sonic.

Evil Sonic is watching the scene with Locke & Rouge, who's complaining about needing someone to love her. Evil Sonic takes that as his cue to sneak off with the emerald. Just as he's about to reach it, he finds that Sonic is also in the Chaos Chamber courtesy of Evil Rotor. Evil Sonic has no intention of going back home so the two start fighting. When Sonic manages to take his sneakers back after punching Evil Sonic, Evil Sonic grabs a rock and throws it at Sonic, who gets hit in the head. At this moment, Locke, who must've been enjoying his kiss with Rouge, senses something wrong in the chamber (maybe the chaos emerald can send a S.O.S. on Sonic's behalf because no one had touched the emerald--at least on screen) and abruptly leaves Rouge through a trap hole in the ground. Locke notices that the chaos emerald is fine but is surprised to see two Sonics. The one with the rock Locke figures is not the "real" Sonic so he uses his chaos powers to send Evil Sonic out of the chamber and tends to Sonic.

Rouge is upset and thinks about checking out Downunda when Evil Sonic asks her to wait. She wants to know why since they aren't friends, and Evil Sonic shows her the small little gem he got. Rouge likes it and decides that he has "potential." Much to Evil Sonic's delight, the two go off to discuss things privately.

Sonic ends up in Knothole, courtesy of Locke, over a hour later. Sonic thinks to himself that he never found out what his evil version had been doing as he meets Amy. Amy wonders what happened to him as she kisses him and offers some "TLC." After Sonic walks Amy home, Sonic wonders why Amy was showing so much interest in him when he finds Bunnie wanting his attention, too, and Sonic thinks, "What's next?!"

Rating: Rings

Those that wanted to see an evil version of Bunnie should hopefully be pleased. I learned that Locke is a fool. Since presumably Antoine would think that his Sonic is "dead," I bet he'll really kick himself when he finds out that it was his Sonic. I guess Evil Rotor doesn't care about revenge on Evil Sonic as much. I would've thought that he'd want payback, which would mean keeping a portal open so that Evil Sonic could be returned or something, particularly considering how much fun the Anti-FFs were having beating up Sonic. Now let's see how long the plot goes with all the girls thinking Sonic likes them while Sonic doesn't have a clue why they're all trying to get a piece of him.

Writer & Penciler: Tania del Rio
Inker: Jim Amash
It's night and Sally is sleeping in her pjs when Nicole, who's on a table in the bedroom makes a sound. Sally wakes up to see a shadow near Nicole. She rubs her eyes thinking that she's imagining things because the shadow isn't there when she looks again. Sal asks Nicole if she detected anything, but Nicole doesn't answer. However, Sally then sees that the door to her room is slightly open and gets suspicious.

Moments later, she's outside in her trademark boots & vest looking around. Seeing a bright light above the trees, Sally heads toward the light (really the only difficult to swallow part of the story--but forgivable). When she gets to the source, she sees a teenage female mobian (not sure what animal is the basis) standing near a lake. The mobian turns around and tells Sally that she startled her. Sally wants to know how she knows her name (wait, who wouldn't know the name of the princess of the Kingdom of Acorn and current acting ruler ;p) and why does she sound like Nicole (a better question/comment--the prior one is forgiven). The mobian says that she is Nicole and Sally is amazed, especially when Nicole feels solid when Sal touches her arm. Nicole explains that this is just a "simulation" program that she's been doing ever since they temporarily switched bodies. Nicole realized how she'd love to live the life the way Sally does. Sally wants her to stay this way too, particularly since Nicole would "still be a genius" and be able to do more things. Nicole explains that she can't because her files aren't secure in this form and the program exhausts her energy. Nicole comments on how she notices "how beautiful" the stars are, which she'd never known before though she could plot their movement. Sally stayed with Nicole until Nicole "faded away" and thought about what Nicole had been saying until she noticed that she "was seeing the stars for the first time" as well.

Rating: 1/2 Rings

Killer combination that Archie has seemingly forgotten was present in this story: good story/characterization AND good art. Tania del Rio is a self-proclaimed Sonic reader from its beginnings in 1993 and her handle on Sally and Nicole definitely showed she knows them well. I loved her continuation on Sonic #146's "Circuit Me" story. While del Rio's art style is different, it was still awesome and much better than all the other new artists that have debuted lately. Nicole in particular looked great as a Mobian and thankfully very different from Sally. Story or art-wise, I'd definitely love to see her try her hand again if she ever took a break from Archie's Sabrina or can squeeze a story in.