Sonic The Hedgehog #149 Review by Miss Puar

Mainstory- The Good, The Bad, & The Unknown Part 4: Armageddon
Story by Penders, Art by Butler/Amash

Once again, no frontispiece as the story opens with Uncle Chuck waiting for Jules' shuttle to arrive. Chuck is a bit reluctant to leave his tour duties with the Acorns, but Jules assures him that he really needs his help to rescue Sonic and friends. They blast off (but not before buckling up!) and we cut to Sonic "in a world of deep-doo" as he stares down Isaac, Shadow, and Metal. Sonic attempts to reason with his enemies and Isaac demonstrates his phenomenal math skills by saying that there's a 93% chance that Sonic is telling the truth and a 74% chance that he's not. Riiight. Sonic then decides to play to his strength by batling. He spindashes into Isaac, then races alongside the walls with Metal and his rocket-feet in hot pursuit. They zigzag past a nuclear missile (called the Titan X) and the ever-observant Isaac remarks that Sonic outperforms the average "sentient life form". Shadow agrees and they continue to watch as Sonic bodyslams Metal. Shadow starts to tell Isaac his analysis of Sonic's abilities when Metal crashes into him.

Meanwhile, Tails is showing the control room to the other Freedom Fighters. He points out the missile in the background and Rotor decides that they had better find Sonic and leave before it detonates. As the run through the corridor, Fiona spies a futuristic gun and starts talking about putting it to use blasting robots.

Cut to Shadow grabbing a hold of Sonic's ankles. Sonic asks him what his problem is, and Shadow responds that he senses Sonic is an enemy, but isn't sure why. He swings at Sonic and misses, Sonic puts him in a choke hold, makes a flippant remark, and is elbowed in the stomach.

Back to the FFs, where Fiona is informed that using guns is taboo. (Anyone who remembers Sally's ancestor Emerson will know why) Cut to Isaac. He notices that the FFs are inside the armory and activates some laser cannons to prevent their escape. Cut to Shad and Sonic. Sonic has fallen to his knes and Shadow seems very proud of himself. His victory party is cut short however, because the room is filling up with steam. Sonic notices that Isaac has disappeared and Shadow wonders where he went. Sonic says that he probably left to avoid the missiles that the hedgehog has only just not realized are a threat. He and Shadow call a (temporary?) truce and decide to look for a way out together. Back to FFs. Tails has dowloaded a copy of the floorplans some how and printed them out. For some reason, they're using this map instead of the monitors to locate Sonic.

Cut to the hedgehogs. Sonic has been eating a few too many chili dogs lately and has gotten short of breath. Shadow hasn't even broken a sweat. Cut to the shuttle. Jules stay onboard while Chuck enter the base and immediately zeroes in on the FFs. Chuck tells the teens to get onboard the shuttle NOW but Tails is worried about Sonic. Cut to Shad and Sonic. They've found an exit. Sonic can see the shuttle in the distance, but isn't sure he can make it in time because suddenly his ankle is hurting (guess Shadow gripped it a little too hard...) Shadow tells him to go into ball mode and expertly tosses him towards the shuttle. (Why he didn't use Chaos Control here is beyond me) Everyone but Shadow climbs into the shuttle. Rotor comments on how he wishes they could have brought Isaac back for study. And where is the gold-plated Gamma knock-off. Inside the bunker, staring at someone who's being held in a statis chamber. Isaac says that "The bunker still stands, all systems are go, and I await your next orders, doctors."

Backstory- The Chosen One, Part 1
Story by Romy Chacon, Art by Mawhinney/Pepoy

Hard to tell when this story takes place, so I'm not even gonna try. In one of the alternate Mobiuses (Mobius-17 to be precise) a superhero Sonic is ready to square off against Professor Egg, when a giant hand blots out first the sun and then the entire galaxy. Meanwhile, on Mobius Prime (the zone where Sonic & co. live) Tails is playing hide-and-seek with Sonic. Despite the fact that Sonic's blue fur is clearly visible in the branches, Tails is unable to locate him. There's a bright flast of light- enter Zonic, the Zone Cop. And even though he's got a genius IQ, in Chacon's story, Tails can't even remember Zonic's name or pronounce "perpendicular". Zonic isn't faring any better with the English language, he has "no time to stay and chop it up" because he's on a big mission and needs help... from TAILS! The little fox is all excited and asks where they're going. Zonic hands Sonic and Tails special wristwratches that will keep them perpindicular while they visit the Perpindicular Zone (and to make the artwork easier to follow). Zonic shows off his HQ where he monitors all the Zones. Sonic asks why some of the screens are black out and Zonic informs him that those Zones no longer exist. Sonic asks how that's possible, and once again we see the huge hand crush a Zone. Sonic and Tails wonder how they can stop a creature so powerful. Zonic zooms the camera in for a closer look and reveals that the enemy is someone we're all too familair with- Mammoth Mogul. But in case you're a newbie, Zonic summarizes MM's history with the comic- MM has a chaos emerald embedded in his chest that make him almost immortal, he wants to absorb more power from emeralds to take over the world, he would have it done it if that meddling Turbo Tails hadn't trapped him in the Master Emerald, the Emerald broke and MM was free to attack Knux and add Knux's chaos powers to his own thereby making him strong enough to destroy a zone with his bare hands. Once all the Zones are gone, Zonic guesses that MM will create his own world in which he reigns supreme. Unfortunately, it took a while for Zonic to explain all that, and now only Sonic's Zone and the Perpindicular Zone are left. Zonic says they've got to act now if they want to stop him and sends his Zone Cops to battle MM. Sonic asks what happens if the cops aren't up to the task and Zonic says that's where Tails comes in. Mammoth Mogul is afraid of the Chosen One- and the prophecies stated the Chosen One is Tails (possibly because Tails in Turbo form nearly defeated MM once before?). Zonic's only problem is he's not sure which Tails is the one for the job so he's brought one from every zone and stored them in a room for safe keeping.

This Issue's Overall Grade: C-