Sonic The Hedgehog #148 Review by Chronos Cat
Issue 148

Editor in chief: Richard Goldwater (the guy who gets payed the most for the least work). Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick (the guy who's probably done the actual editing, since issue #4). Editor: Mike Pellerito (the series true villain!)

Special thanks to Robert Leffler and Dyna Lopez at Sega Licensing.

By Patrick Spaziante

Very sketchy looking... reminds me of a not-too-skilled online artist...

4 out of 10

“The Good, The Bad & The Unknown” Part 3: “Genesis”

Written by Ken Penders with technical advice from Robert “BobR” Repas Jr., penciled by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by John Workman, colored by Jason Jensen.

Story: Tommy rescues Bunnie, Rotor, and Fiona, while Tails listens in on a history lesson courtesy of Isaac & BobR. Meanwhile, Sonic rides a train, then fights Shadow some more. Oh, and they find a big rocket about to launch.

Basically, more of the same. Entertaining, but not something to show all your friends.

6 out of 10

Art: More of what we got in M25YL. It looks great compared to a lot of the old Sonic artists, and a few of the new, but it seems somewhat lifeless, somehow.

7 out of 10

“Playing Around”

Written and drawn by Nelson Rebeiro, colored by Jason Jenson.

Rebeiro has a unique art style. It doesn't work too well with a lot of stories, but it does occasionally work. In this case, it serves the story well. Unfortunately, the story didn't need any help to do it's job – suck.

3 out of 10

“Destiny's Child”

Written by Ken Penders, penciled by Tim Smith 3, inked and lettered by Michael Higgins, colored by Jason Jensen.

Tails is suddenly upset about his parents being stuck with the Bem. Then Athair (who has inexplicably grown whiskers) shows up to taunt Tails about how Tails is being left in the dark. This give Tails the opportunity to fill the new readers in on all the hints over the years about his role as Chosen One... but while Tails is rambling, Athair heads back to the Walkers.

If this was supposed to be a stand-alone story, I'd be annoyed. Obviously, though, the intent was to recap things, for the newer readers. I'll be lenient and give it a 6 out of 10.

Art: Aside from Athair's whiskers, the penciling is pretty good. Unfortunately, the inking and coloring don't fit with it. 7 out of 10.


Not here. Not even a note from the editor about the next issue. The first time this has ever happened, to my knowledge. The only issue that comes close is issue 15, in which there was no letters page or “next issue” ad – but even that had a brief statement about the upcoming issue, and “Sonic in Your Face”, written across the bottom of the final pages of the final story.

Final Thoughts

I wanted to like Mike P, I really did. But this... I'm starting to wonder if the lame stories prior to Justin's departure were Mike's fault, rather than the lame ones after it being Justin's fault...

I mean, out of the stories since the switch, the only good ones have been “Say You Will” and “Return to Angel Island”. I mean, he can't still be working his way through the stories paid for under Justin, can he?! And if he is, couldn't he space them out even more? – I'm getting tired of this constant barrage of lame stories! At any rate, although there's been a mood-shift since he took over, it seems like much of what was ruining the series for me under JG is still there...

Then again, it's not like the writers have changed! Perhaps that's the real problem here – both Ken and Karl seem to have told their best Sonic stories a while back... Maybe, they just don't have anything more to say... In which case, we've really gotta get a fan writer on the book!

Final Score: 5.5 out of 10