Sonic The Hedgehog #147 Review by True Red
The poses on the cover are okay, but nothing special.

"The Good, The Bad, & The Unknown, Part 2: Ignition"
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Amash
Our final participant of the fighting advertised on the cover, Metal Sonic, enters the complex everyone else is in. We're told Sonic & co. arrived "16 hours ago" as the scene switches to Tommy & Tails, who finds a central monitoring system that has many screens of various places throughout the complex, including Rotor, Sonic, & Bunnie on one screen and Shadow & Isaac (who Tails notices looks like Gamma) on another. Tommy asks about Fiona, who it turns out is messing with some circuitry, and basically telling Rotor that she sets off its defense system. Sonic, Rotor (being pushed by Sonic on top of a cart), & Bunnie speed off to find Fiona. When they start going the wrong way, they're given directions by Tails, who has discovered the communication system. While Rotor asks Fiona to update them on her side of the exploration, Sonic is curious about who else is in the place. So, Tommy and Tails tell him about Shadow, "a Gamma look-alike," & Metal Sonic--who has found Shadow & Isaac.

Metal Sonic wants to know who Shadow and Isaac are while Shadow wonders if Metal Sonic is another creation of his creator (does he think Gerald is the only scientist that ever existed or something?). Because Metal recognizes some "bio-trash" similar to the Mobians, he feels he's superior to Shadow and punches Shadow, who balked at being considered inferior. In case it isn't obvious, a fight breaks out. Tails and Tommy tell the others and Sonic decides that he wants to join in on the fighting action & runs off against the wishes of Bunnie & Fiona.

Shadow and Metal have basically knocked each other around a bit so they're taking a little breather as Sonic comments that they've done a great job. Isaac is surprised that "a non-human species" can actually talk and wants to investigate by dissecting. Due to Sonic's sarcastic remark to the dissection comment, Isaac believes that Sonic might be dangerous and attacks. Shadow and Metal both join in so it becomes a three-on-one fight.

Meanwhile, Robotnik can see what's going on through Metal's eyes and is enjoying the fact that Metal has caught up to Sonic. Tails & Tommy are watching Rotor, Fiona, & Bunnie get "electrocuted" and don't know what they can do to help anyone. Tommy yells at Tails to press any of the buttons because it can't get any worse. Based on Rotor's teaching of only pressing a red button "as a last resort," Tails presses the red button, which causes the floor to open up underneath the four combatants--and that qualifies as things being made worse.

Rating: 1/2 Rings

If you want to see fights between Shadow & Metal Sonic and/or Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, & Isaac, not a bad story. Otherwise, there wasn't much to this.

"Off-Panel: This Side of Parodies"
Writer: Mike Gallagher
Penciler: Dave Manak
Inker: Rich Koslowski
Mike, the editor, is ordering Sonic to participate in this story--considering Sonic doesn't want to do this, he automatically has more sense than anyone involved in the creation of this story, but that's getting ahead of ourselves. Mike, the writer, and Dave, the penciler, appear and are happy to be in "Off-Panel." The two make themselves superheroes with Superman-like outfits with different coloring and lettering styles (they're Mighty Mike & Dynamo Dave). Since the two believe that they can handle anything & push Sonic aside, Sonic gets some badniks to attack the superheroes. The superheroes start bickering about whose fault it is that they're being attacked. They argue so much that Mike, the editor, comes out and is seemingly about to shut them down, but they say that he can join them as a superhero. So, Mike, the editor, becomes Editorius Rex with his "hawk wings" and ridiculous outfit. Finally, Victor, the managing editor, shuts the whole thing down.

Rating: 0 Rings

Best line: "Enough already!" Yes, really. Let's not see Off-Panel extended again. EVER.

"Fox and the Hound"
Writer: Romy Chacon
Penciler: Al Bigley
Inker: Ken Penders
Muttski wants to play with Sonic, but Sonic tells Muttski that they can't because Sonic has to save the world. Sonic runs off telling Muttski not to wait up, while Muttski mopes that Sonic never plays with him anymore. Tails sees Muttski looking sad and starts playing fetch. They spend the rest of the day playing games, including a game of hide-n-seek. It's during this game that Muttski finds Tails and Tails is surprised that Muttski won't let him up & looks frightening. Sonic arrives and Muttski gets off Tails to run to Sonic. Sonic notices something is wrong with Tails, who says that Muttski basically look like he wanted to hurt him. After some talking, Sonic explains that Muttski thought they were playing "Foxhunt" where you're supposed to "hide and defend from an attack" & apologized for scaring Tails. Tails says that he wasn't scared and Muttski supposedly said "in your dreams!"

Rating: Rings

Best story of the issue as it's the most character-driven. Al's art is decent, but rough on the edges.