Sonic The Hedgehog #121 Review by Neo
I guess I'm the one to make the first review of #121 of Sonic the hedgehog here. Ahem...let's begin.

COVER: Well, I have to admit, as I live and breathe, out of all the magazine covers I saw thus far, this one is my fave, why? Because it looks like Jenson colored it (I feel he did), because the cover shows massive shadings, shadows on the characters, shining hair, etc. It's absolutely stunning...for a magazine cover. Mina in the bottom corner is just adorable there. She is one of the best ones in the cover due to the colorist making her look so alive in that cover. It's like they took a screenshot out of an anime because that is what Mina looks like right there.

Score: 9/10 (Would have gotten a full 10 if not for the bland cover)

Frontipiece: J.Axer delievers another batch of goodies as he drew a pic of Elias sitting on a cliff, looking like he's disgusted at something or someone (coughgeoffreycough). Very nicely done. The sky is beautiful with it's mix of blue, orange,red, and yellow.
Score: 10/10 (No duh)

"The Prince & the Revolution"
Writer: Benny Lee
Penciler: Ron Lim
Inkers: Jim Amash and Pam Eklund
Okay, the King and Queen are impatient that Elias still hasn't come home (since #102) that the King sends Sonic and Sally after him. He also explains how Geoffrey and his new mate, Hershey left eariler (#119). So, Sonic (carrying Sally), speeds off. The scene changes to see Geoffrey and Hershey on a red bi-plane (have no clue if it's Tails, but I doubt it is) as Robotnik's missiles are after them. Of course, the missiles hit the plane and they make an emereancy landing. Oh, and they mispelled Miles calling him, "Myles". Anywho, we see a small village where some mouse dude ask a neighbor how his daughter is doing and her unborn child. The father, Joss is explaining his daughter, but the rest of the villagers of Feral Forest (geez, wonder where that is on the map) runs off to see the plane crash. Joss also goes with his daughter, Meg staying behind (hey's she pregnant, of course). Meg sounds worried cuz of the plane crash and decides to tell her husband who is busy cutting woods. We find out that her dear husband is none other then Elias himself, going by Eli. Possibly to the fact he's a prince, that of Meg calls that as his nickname instead of Elias.

The Prince and the Revolution Part 2
Okaie Dokie, part 2...the chapters still unnessacary. Geoffrey and Hershey (still in the James Bond suit and cat suit respectively), have a talk with the citizens atop a tree stump. While it's not a speech to start a strike or protest, Geoffrey informs them of Robotnik coming to invade Feral Forest. He ask if they (the residents) are ready to fight. Elias, needless to say, is none to happy as a result of him appearing. The people are ready to fight, but not Elias. he starts heading back home, pondering along the way of how Geoffrey makes stink-o ideas. Meg grows curious and Elias explains how he wants the politics and wars to stop which gets Meg to think of how Elias knew of such things and thinks about the past of Elias, which was never revealed to her. Elias thinks back to when he ran away, also knowing that his duty as prince would come back to haunt him and unfortunately, it came in the form of a skunk and his kitty friend. Does this couple remind you of Pep Lepew and that kitty (forgot her name) he always mistaken for another skunk? Anywho, Meg comes in, as those the two agents (hey, you two should knock next time) and they are surprised to see Elias and bow down before him.

The Prince and the Revolution Part 3
Elias starts to pack up so he and Meg can leave. Geoffrey tries to get Elias to listen to him, but he gets a faceful of Elias as the squirrel formly knows as prince gets ready to beat the living crap outta Geoffrey. But before we have WWF, the E-105 robots and Robotnik come bustling through their doors (geez, these people don't knock at all) and take them out to the forest where Eggman -er-Robotnik is quite happy with his latest catch, namely Elias, Meg, and the unborn child. Of course, his happiness is cut short when something gets the E-105's. Sonic and Sally, duh. Eggman...Robotnik...he tells Sonic he's outnumbered, Geoffrey agreeing. Sonic, however, has the village people and they fight...which isn't shown at all due to space constraint. Remains me of one comic in Hsu and Chan in EGM where Hsu an E-sak fough a wrestler (the umm...devil himself, who looked like some dude in a cheap red costume, literally), but didn't show thw actually fight, but Hsu won anyways. Anywho, the robots are ruined and Ol' Eggy runs off again with his infamous catchphrase of "I hate that hedgehog", just add "really" in the sentence. Sally is overjoyed to be an aunt and is excited for Elias' return. Elias, however, doesn't wish to return and wants to stay as a simple woodcutter in Feral Forest. Meg invites them for dinner and Sonic's request: Chili Dogs. Sally gives a "You're so pathetic" face, though she looks more like she's either drunk or hit over a head with a bat and is now dazed. The End.

Hmmm, well, I gotta admit. When I read this, I first had mixed feelings, but it was pretty good. This is just prove that Archie doesn't just kill off characters that some of you feel they do. Elias was handled in non-death way as he decides to live life as a peasant. I was quite surprised when Elias had a wife (and pregnant to boot). The coloring by Jenson is fab as usual, but Ron Lim's art also had m in mix. It isn't as good as #119 when his art was at his best. Elias still has "Sally" hair, but a mistake I don't really care about. I did like how he drew Sally on the first panel on the first page, she didn't look so messy as she does in the other pages. But in all seriousness, Lim's getting better and this art is passable enough.

Story: 8/10 (Well, I'm more mixed, but this is the score for now, I guess).
Art: 7/10 (the coloring kept it higher, but some drawings of Lim, like Sally in page 1 was pretty good).

"Afterlife, Part One"
Writer & Inker: Ken Penders
Penciler: Art Mawhinney
We see Knuckles' body on some mantle, flowers and all (didn't know guys held flowers like that as well). Anywho Mitre Kali-Ca (who looks like she's part of the Dark Legion or at least one of KISS' grandmother) gives out the eulogy as Knux's closest friends and families mourn. Vector start choking up while looking weird at the same time. The next page, we see how the others deal with it, Julie-Su looks nice in that second page, Remington (with Komi-Ko who hasn't appeared since SSS#14), keeps blaming himself for Knux's death, Lara-Le cries as Wyn tries to comfor her, and Espio explains how the Chaotix wouldn't be the same without him. Now, Knux's soul (who is still green even though his body is red) is quite freaked out at seeing his own funeral. His other ancestors (nicely drawn) explain they have evolved into a higher plane. They are all connected to the Chaos Force which binds them together, as explained by Harlan who has a green robe then his usual light blue. Knux ask why he can't make his grandpa Sabre see him, then Hawking (hatless) explains that Sabre is in a different plane (the living one, obviously) and explains who are in The Force itself, which is Athair and the Ancient Walkers. Tobor (with the hat) explains that Aurora is in the center of The Force and sends her heralds to claim a final reward. Knux seems a little weary from all info he just received, saying this might be something his father would have taught him. Janelle-Li comes out to speak that Knux's father was one to not explain thses things since he felt best that knux should find out for himself. Knux then ask why his pop's is listening to Miter Kali-Ca and not hanging here with the rest of the deceased. Janelle-Li explains how Locke wasn't prepared for the evolution. Now, a blinding light comes to Knuckles (I can see that phrases now, "Knuckles, don't run into the light!!!!!!"), ahem..anywho two red Chao creatures (wow, haven't seen these guys since the SA Arc) comes down from the light by order of Aurora herself to choose who is chosen t go to the Chaos Force. The hao have picke Knuckles (no surprise)and Knux is more then surprised. The funeral is completed and as the light shines down on Knux's body, the people leave. I see Snow White remake, just different gender and species. The story...okay, I was surprised and amazed. I was expecting differently in the the AFterlife arc, but it doesn't matter, it was handled well. There's so much I wish to know about the Chaos Force and to see if they will show us what Aurora looks like. The artwork is wonderful. The coloring is also also well done as always, but Jenso still makes Julie-Su with blue eyes and Remmy isn't brown, they made him red...well, something close to it. Brown, it ain't. Anywho, I seriously loved this story. Upon seeing Knuckles body on the mantle, lifeless, sound pathetic, but I was in tears. Double the fact that I was listening to Aerith's theme while reading this that made the story more emotional to me. I couldn't help it, even if I know he'll return, I just cried.

Story and Art: 10/10 (I'm glad Ken didn't interfer in this artwork as much as last issue, not that I'm saying he sucks which he doesn't).

Writer: Romy Chacon
Penciler: Steven Butler
Inker: Jim Amash
Mina is nervous as she is on stage (thanks to Sonic), but she tried to gain courage as the band behind her "The Knothole Knuts" get ready to perform for her. So, basically, we got a concert, complete with people, especially Sonic and Tails who's way in the back. Sonic encourages her and Mina starts to sing really good, everyone's cheering. Tails (looking really cute on page 3, panel 3) comments with Sonic following. In the distance, Sally can hear Mina singing and is amazed at her talent. In fact, she likes it so much, she sits right through it while Nicole keeps telling her it's overrated. Mina is finish singing and Sonic, Tails, they all clapped for her. Her mother is also in the audience, proud of her daughter. We also find out Arthur is Mina's father's name. Mina runs to Sonic and gives him a hug. Sonic looks like he's ready to kiss her and poor Sally sees this and takes Nicoles's advice of the song being too overrated. Ahh, jealously.

The artwork and story works brillantly together. This is possibly a foreshadow of #122 and #123 as this story was from the #120. The art is fabolous as usual with Jenson bringing Butler's art to life. Honestly, I fell in love with Butler's art when Jenson started coloring it because it feels more fluid and lush. Sally's jealousy is quite interesting as she always knew of Mina's crush for Sonic and it seemed okay to her. Perhaps it's the fact that Sonic might be returning that love back as seen in panel 5 on the last page. I can't wait to see how the next issue turns out.

Story and Art: 10/10 (Dang, Romy Chacon is an excellent writer).

Off Panel, Sally is pissed at Sonic because of Mina and beats him up with Mina closely following behind. Funny.

I mus say, never has a Sonic issue gotten me to want the next issue so badly as this one, especially the Knuckles story which had me excited. Hopefully, 4 weeks will go by faster then I hope.



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