1/5 (4.2) It was pretty good IMO. A little complaint, it took knuckles to defeat PC. Not that it's a bad thing (since he's my fave char and all), but I wanted SS to defeat PC like in the game. And they spelt Tikal's name wrong again. tsk tsk! ;)

3/5 (3.6) Okay, everything was good except for one thing.... the story. It just wasn't as cool when Knuckles helped out. It should have followed the game and has Super Sonic finish it off. It also didn't explain enough when Tikal came in.

(5) Beautiful, simply beautiful. ^_^

1/5 (4.2) This was one of the best issues in the Sonic Adventure adaptation. They actually made up their own lines, instead of copying it straight from the game, which is cool.

(4) Sonic#84 is a good conclusion because it featured a kick-ass fight between Super Sonic and Perfect Chaos. It may have been re- duced a few pages because of the Kunckles backup(which I give 5 rings)but it was a good issue anyways.

4/5 (3.8) It was okay, but they didn't show when Super Sonic turned back to regular Sonic.

4/5 (3.8) Hmmm, sorta a let down but not TOO bad. Steven Butler's artwork was fantastic in this but Ken's writing seemed a little rushed. Oh well, I guess they had to make room for Knuckles' story as well. :)