4/5 (3.8). This was a good issue. One of the better ones recentley but Super Sonic was drawn far to wierd possibly the only bad part of this issue.

4/5 (4.8). I loved this issue, along with the rest of the adaptation (beginning with Sonic #82).

4/5 (3.8). Not bad, actually the best of the adaption so far.

3/5 (2.6). I really didn't like how Super Sonic was drawn, and a lot of the panel seperations were just too messy.

(4). I thought this was a very good issue. They just need to make the story longer like they did with "Endgame."

(3). Not too bad. But this issue was just plain rushed.Let's hope Sonic 84 isn't the same.

3/5 (2.6). Not the greatest issue ever. They put it the exact same text as in the game. Laaaaaaaaaame.

1/5 (2.2). This story was rushed. I didn't get too much if anything out of this book. I'm sad to see the comic continue to freefall like this...

1/5 (4.2) Man, they really know their stories! Incredible art, story, and it was pretty clear. Dialog was sorta average, and they misspelled Tik's name. All in all, cool! -_^

3/5 (3.6) It was OKAY. The dialog was below average, the art was the best feature, and of course they spelled TIKAL wrong again!

2/5 (4.4) This was a realy good comic I realy liked where sonic met that echidna girl tical

4/5 (3.8) This was my first Sonic comic, and it was pretty good.