1/2 Rings. At last Ixis Nagus. In this issue it explains that Nagus cantransform into the eliments: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire ect. ('Total Turbulance'Come in to mind?)And More on that mysterious Satalite. My theory on it being...to put it bluntly...Sonic #22 ring a bell? Nate Morgan is introduced as well as"Eddie the Snowbot." Nate has an intruiging line when he fist sees Sonic"Jules the Hedgehog? Is this what you look like after all these years?" Wait a minute! hold the phone! Could Nate be an old friend or foe of Nate? The truthis out there....actually it's in #65 with the story of Nate's past that shouldanswer the Question "Who IS Nate Morgan?!?"

Rings. "In Search Of..." was good, but it only got REALLY interesting toward the end. I'm looking forward to learning who Nate Morgan is and how he knows Jules. I'm still wondering exactly whose side the Abominable Snow-Borg was on in that fight. (I'm guessing he just suspected Sonic and Tails were up to no good at first.) And finally, "On His Majesty's Secret Service" got somewhere! After reading Knuckles #17 (and some possible spoilers on the Net) I think I have a good idea of where Queen Alicia wound up. Now what happened to "the boy"? I'm certainly looking forward to learning THAT! "