I read this issue several times, and I have to say: Wow! This is the best issue since "Rage Against The Machine" way back in issue #39. The cover was great, the inside art was perfect, and the coloring was way past cool credit to Ken Penders (Not Bollers). In the main story, we get to meet Rob, the cousin of Amy Rose, and Antoine's father. The backup story was also great, we learn how the Acorn kings kept their power and the connection to THE force. After reading this issue, I thought: hey, maybe the Freedom Fighter breakup wasn't so bad after all. In the end I give this issue .

I give it because the climax of the story was when Sonic & Tails find out that the sub boss is Antoine's father, General De'Coolette. Which lead to 2 1/2 questions. The first is a heartbreaking one, who is going to tell Antoine about it and how he/she is going to do it? Second, Will Antoine have to fight his own father in order to save Mobius? This sounds like The Empire Strikes Back when Luke found out that Dark Vader is his father.

I Give it Because: 1: I love the Robin Hood Parallel. Rob O'The Hedge (Robber Of The Hedge)is a great cool new character. AND HE KNOWS AMY!!!! 2. More Plot twists were opened, which is HIGHLY needed for the Sonic Comic. 3. Mawhinney Shows That When He has time to his art, he improves MORE And MORE.(See Back To Basics #57) and Compare. 4. The Antoine thing. Ken turned what was a totally deplorable character and now have us caring for him. Hopefully he won't do the same with St. John. (YUCK) 5. Bridging The Gap of "Return Of The King" and now when Bollers, like an idiot, had the crown appear out of clear bue sky. 6. The Beginning Of The Tales Of The Freedom Fighters Storyline which will bring us into #69, THE RETURN OF ROBUTTNIK...hopefully...

I also give it , because, the plot was excellent, The villain was excellant , the art was excellant.....The whole story was excellant. I also liked the new character, Rob O'The Hedge.

I give it too.