OK, from now on, I'm not going to write anymore reviews. I'm going to let the people at Mobius Forum rate the comic, that means you could review future issues, too. Of course I'm going to rate it too, here it goes: Issue 57 is a BORING issue. They need to stop letting Karl Bollers write, he can't handle emotions. The only good thing about this issue is the Spaziante cover and Art Mawhenney's penciling. I give it .

I really think this deserved . This is because it was just a review, which in one point of view (the new reader) is a good thing, Knowing what's happened in the past, and possible stories they may wish to purchase. But, in another point of view ( a reader who has been along for the first comic, like me) it was rather pointless and, well, boring. They should've just made a special that reviews the older issues. So, basically the 'older readers' are just paying for the ending, in which Sonic+Tails leave the Freedom fighters. (which I may add, was terribly portrayed) So why am I jabbering about how bad it was, and still giving it a 2? Well, 1 for Spaz' art, and another for Mawhinny's art. (Phew) And that's my two cents.

I give it . Because It's boring and because it's just flashbacks, but not boring because most of those flashbacks I never heard of because i don't have the Comics.

I rate it too, because I didn't like the breakup.

While the retrospective part was good for people like me who don't have all of the back issues, it was repetetive for those who have them already, and the breakup was singlehandely the most throwaway plot device next to the entire "Let's Get Small" storyline, which was conveniently averted. Overall .

I give because it was mostly flashbacks and it was kinda boring.