Issue 142

Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor: Mike Pellerito.


Foreground by Patrick Spaziante; background drawn by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, and colored by Josh D. Ray.

"Freedom Fighters Forever?!" Hope takes notes as sonic tells of the "original Freedom Fighters".


By J. Axer & J.D. Ray

A shot of the classic Freedom Fighters, in their current incarnations.
(My score: 9/10)

"The Original Freedom Fighters" Part 1

Written by Romy Chacon, penciled by Art Mawhinney, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by Jeff Powell, colored by Josh D. Ray.

Story: Researching for a report in the Knothole Library, Hope finds records of the first Freedom Fighters. When she then meets up with Sonic, she asks him what he knows about them. And so, Sonic launches into a tale about their origin. It turns out the group led the retreat to Knothole, and helped get the community up and running, before beginning a insurgency against Robotnik. (My score: 6.5/10. Satisfactory, but nothing special.)

Art: It's interesting to see Art Mawhinney back on the job -- he's great with humans and furries alike, but his work lacks the pizazz of Axer & Butler, or the extra style of Best & WB. I was impressed with his work this issue: he seems to be working with more detail, and after the emotionless work of Ron Lim and the exaggerated work of WB, it's refreshing to see the subtle play of emotions on the the characters faces -- there ain't nothing artificial here! If only he could put a little more work into his backgrounds... (Score: 8/10)


Not exactly enchanted by the designs of the new characters... (Snakes and Giraffes make strange looking furries!) ...And what sort of name is "Tig"?!

...At first I thought it strange the soldiers didn't recognize the Swat-bots -- it's hard to remember that in Archie, the coup was the first time they were seen. (Unlike SatAM, in which they were re-programmed "Peace-Bots"...)

I also don't get why Julayla was drawn in her "pseudo-Queen Alicia" form, rather than her original pink Cat form. I thought the "pseudo-Queen" form had been abandoned...? Apparently not.

"I Wanna Be a Freedom Fighter!"

Written by Romy Chacon, penciled by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by John Workman, colored by Jason Jensen.

Story: Sally tells of how Amy has wanted to be a Freedom Fighter for a while, and has now earned the right. Amy officially joins the Freedom Fighters.

...Apparently, someone forgot to tell Romy that the Freedom Fighters aren't, anymore... and Sally's description of the second wave of robot forces being deadlier than the one Amy destroyed seemed odd -- I thought she was supposed to be praising Amy?

Still, I give the story an 8.5/10.

Art: A pleasure to behold. The only quibble? I thought Geoffrey and Hershey were supposed to be on their honeymoon. My score: 9/10

Comments: I know the Tommy Trilogy was written before "Tossed in Space"... I wonder about this one? It seems like it would have fit better earlier on; and that would also allow us to blame Sally's poorly chosen words, and the fact that we're still talking about "Freedom Fighter", on the Editors...

Mobius 25 Years Later: "Moment of Truth"

Written and inked by Ken Penders, penciled by Steven Butler, lettered by John E. Workman, colored by Jason Jensen.

Story: Lara-Su bugs Knux about being a guardian, again, while Rotor and Cobor realize they don't have the time to figure out a solution to the oncoming destruction. If they could only start gathering data earlier...

Sonic complains to Sally that he's not fit to be King (again), as he doesn't want to be making command decisions Sally is better qualified to make.

Then Sonic and Knuckles get a call from Rotor and Cobor, asking for access to Robotnik's "Tachyon Displacement Chamber", so they send someone back in time to collect the needed data. Sonic makes a command decision Sally would be better qualified to make, and agrees to the scientists' request. (Now, my only question is, does this Tachyon chamber have anything to do with the time-machine the FF stole from Robotnik in issue 12 or the one used by M20YL Rotor to send Nicole back in time in "In Your Face"? And if not, why not?)

Sonic assumes he and Knux will be the ones to go (even though there's no assurance the travelers will be able to get back), but as Knux is walking down a corridor, he overhears Sonia complaining that she'll never be Queen, and Lara-Su complaining she'll never be Guardian. Knux suddenly looks thoughtfully.

My rating -- 6.4/10. The repetitiveness of the story is mitigated somewhat by the fact that something is finally actually happening.

Art: Same odd style Butler's been doing throughout M25YL -- somehow soft and rigid at the same time. Everything looks like it should look great, but it still manages to be almost lifeless, in an almost disturbing way. 7.6/10, perhaps?

Comments: Let me guess -- Lara-Su's going back in time! Yay! Just what we needed -- another cool character. ...Wait a second...

And we're still waiting for an explanation of the relevance of the first Lara-Su we saw; not to mention the giant Robotnik Robot seen in "Sonic Live" and Locke's vision in "Knuckles 25"...


Start: Mike warns us that Shadow's returning soon, to help Sonic re-enact the battles between Sonic and Knuckles in Sonic 13 through Sonic 50... Or maybe it'll be even more pointless, like in "Dust Bunnies"? Who knows? Who cares? I sure don't.

Next Issue: The blurb for "The Original Freedom Fighters" Part 2 implies there may be a traitor in Knothole, present day. WTF?!

Off-Panel (written by Mike Gallageher, drawn by Dave Manak, colored by "Vincent Van Gopher."

Sonic admires Mike's collection of Monkey stuff... Does this mean we'll be seeing more Monkey Khan? And why no issue of Sonic 17?

Letters from Calvin Monteros, Tristan Flumerfelt, Rachel Cox, and Edward Kaj (Sonic's 253rd fan). Also, Find Your Name In Print.

Fan-Art: a group shot of playable characters, by Chelsea Hopkins; an add for the Sonic comics by Kristin Ferra; Sonic and shadow, by Shawn Richardson; Sonic by Marcus Adamson; Tails on a flying broomstick (huh?) by Amanda Yanez (I give this picture a "Cool Fan Art Award".); Sonic by Beth Hershey, and the Chaotix by Nicole Monyoya.

Final Thoughts:

I'm still not particularly impressed, but that was a lot better than I'd feared.

Archie decided to do something different this time. Is it a filler for a much bigger event? Apparently. They could finally be going back to doing random stories. Judging by the preview cover for 145, I'd say it's just a filler.

"The Original Freedom Fighters Part 1"
~KNOTHOLE LIBRARY, CORNERSTONE OF KNOWLEDGE~ Hope is at the library doing a history report for her school and during a search, accidentally comes across a list of the original Freedom Fighters, FF's she never heard about, and prints it. According to it, the original FF's were lead by Colonel Tig Stripe, now retired from the Great War. Sonic zips by Hope, accidentally blowing her papers away but manages to recollect them. Before he leaves, hope asks him if he knows about the original FF's. Definetely! He remembers it way back in the day. Sonic has time to do it. Stripe planned the escape to Knothole the day Robitnik took over and he also started the first group of Freedom Fighters. They were as follows: Col. Tig Stripe, Spot Long, Sir Peckers, Private Trey Scales, and MP Bull Bones. At their tome, Sonic was 5 and it was the very day Robotnik and his wrath were born. Robo-new was raiding the castle while the SWATbots were rounding er'bodeh up to be roboticized. Col. Stripe successfully got into routine and tried to get everyone to safety. It didn't matter if he was retired or not. Peckers reported in that the bots've taken over the city. Bones discovers that the now-extinct Julian's captured the King. It don't surprise Stripe, who knows Julian can't be trusted. After Bones and Scales take down a bot in a giant walker, the FF's head back to the city. Young Sonic arrives not knowing what to do. Stripe gives him orders to find Jukayla, Sally, and as many other kids as he can and tell them to go into Knothole's secret access as Old Man Gallagher(, Michael?!!)'s house. The FF's priority is to save all the other Mobians and reclaim Mobotropolis. Stripe, abandoning his homeplace, succeeded in getting the Mobians to safetey. He led the construction of Knothole, turning it into a residable village. Everyone cooperated like a family to get the job done.
Then one night, Sonic and Sally overheard the FF's conversating. Sonic was admiring Col. Stripe, while the FF's were planning their attack on Robotnik. Attacking without any plan or knowledge is foolish, but in Stripe's eyes, it's a sin to allow such an attack to take place with no atempt to stop it. The FF's have each other as their army to use Robotnik's resources against him. The Col. plans to form hit-and-run operatives to attack Robo's "infra-structure"(whatever that is) until they find a way to defeat him. In a group agreement, Col. Stripe thus forms the first group of Freedom Fighters! This is how Sonic and Sally got their inspiration to follow in their footsteps. The FF's traveled to Robotnik's land and damaged his plans in all possible ways. They raided factories of their supplies and shut the facs down and even bothered to rescue Sonic 2 years later. Sonic met them in person for the "2nd" time. Seeing his heroes in action upped his inspiration. Sir Peckers could spread warnings and commands to eyeryone so they could also form future Freedom Fighters worldwide. They'd fight together to gefeat Robotnik once and for all! They'd 'a succeeded if not for 2 certain betrayals... TO BE CONTINUED!

This, like most other issues I've read is very enjoyable. It took me 2 times to read it to like it better than the first time. I believe this was a useful filler some fans might enjoy. I enjoyed Sonic's story(even though it's halfway done) alot and will treasure it for furute use but something in my mind says this might have created a plothole in the series. Then again, the Sonic comic has a HUGE story! A Very good one, but HUGE! Since I have a headache, my brain ain't workin' so I can't think that far back right now!

I'll continue this review soon.