Issue 138
Editor-in-chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor & swimsuit model: Mike Pellerito

Mike P.'s in the editor's seat, Ron Lim ain't penciling, and all's right with Mobius (or would be if it weren't for Eggman...)

By Patrick Spaziante

Sonic, Saffron, a Chao, and the Chaotix, in front of Angel Island. Captures the lighthearted feel a kid-friendly furry book ought to have. Also, wonderful coloring on the background.

Drawn by J. Axer, colored by Jason Jensen

Locke and the extended Chaotix team stare at the reader in shock. Below them, some introductory text fills things in for new readers, and is much more readable than the introductory texts during Freddy's reign...

"Return to Angel Island: Part One- The Message"
Written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Jon "WB" Gray, lettered and inked by Michael Higgins, colored by Jason Jensen.

As we begin our tale, Sally is getting chewed out by the King for her recklessness in going on the mission in the previous issue. (Sonic tries to cover for her by suggesting he kidnapped her, but nobody's buying it. Lol)

Soon after, Sonic and Sally have another fight, along the lines of the one in 134, though not quite as intense. If anything, though, the two's more rational state serves to increase the punch of their disagreement...

And now, back to our originally scheduled programming, as the King, Queen, Uncle Chuck, and Antoine take off on their world tour.

We then head over to "Uncle Chuck's Diner" (currently run by Jules and Bernie), where Sonic is discussing his Sally troubles with Knuckles and Julie-Su. Julie-Su tries to explain to Sonic Sally's point of view, but before he can really get it, they're interrupted by the arrival of Charmy and Saffron.

As it turns out, Eggman recently attacked Goldenhive Colony... and destroyed everything. Charmy and Saffron are the only ones left-and Charmy's itchin' for revenge.

But first, the kingdom receives a message from Angel Island. It's gabled, but it seems to say that Locke's been taken prisoner. Knuckles decides to go, and Charmy, Saffron, Vector, Espio, Mighty, Ray, Julie-Su, and Sonic all decide to go with him.

Soon, the attack party arrives at the island, and quickly discovers an Eggman prison camp, run by "Teched-Out Dingoes".

The Chaotix-Plus beat the dingoes, and the echidnas begin chanting praise to Knuckles... "the Avatar"?!

A worse-for-wear Remington tells about how the Dingoes sold them out, then Julie-Su tells Knux about the prophesy of the "Avatar". It seems the Ancient Walkers once told that one would come who would return from the dead and deliver the world from it's suffering... Why Julie-Su knew about it when Knux didn't, I don't know.

Meanwhile, we cut to Echidnaopolis, know known as Dingo City, where a cybernetic dingo by the name of General Kage is interrogating Locke. (It seems Eggman still can't find the new Chaos Chamber.)

(I wonder what happened to General Stryker?)

We now cut over to the Lava Reef Zone, where the Chaotix-Plus, Remington, and a couple other Echidnas are searching for the source of the transmission Knothole received. Just then, the Dark Legion appears!

Story: Very interesting, good characterization, and excellent job of acknowledging the Tommy Trilogy while getting us back to what we were doing beforehand. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Art: The return to WB's art also helps reestablish the mood of 134, and it's versatile enough to capture both the goofy moments and the serious ones perfectly. It's also amazing all the stuff he packs into the background. Not just "Easter Eggs", but little stuff showing what the other characters are doing, even when the "camera" isn't focused on them. Makes for a story with a ton of "re-read" value. I give it an 8.9.

"Mobius 25 Years Later: My Dinner With Sonic"
Written by Ken Penders, penciled by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, lettered by John E. Workman, colored by Jason Jensen.

Sally and Julie-Su are lounging out by the pool, in floral one-piece bathing-suits. (Julie I understand, but Sally? I guess all those years of wearing dresses have given her a sense of modesty.) Meanwhile, Sonic and the kids play water-volleyball.

In a flashback scene, we see future Tails for the first time as he heads off to Downunda with his son... and Mina and her daughter...?! (Is this supposed to mean that in the end, Tails and Mina get together?! Weird!)

Knuckles finally shows up, and the adults head off for dinner, leaving the kids to their own devices. (Well, Lara-Su is an older teen, after all. Guess she's babysitting...)

We get our first good look at Sonia-she wears a purple vest and boots (both more embellished than her mother wore); a lighter colored one-piece item (I'm not quite sure what to call it...) over her torso; and numerous bracelets and such. Interestingly, she seems taller and more mature than Manik. Maybe they're not twins, after all...

Switching back to the adults, they chatter a bit, then finally get down to discussing the End of the World. Knux tells them the planet is making to explode (just like the planet Krypton), and if they can't stop it, they'll need to come up with a way to evacuate the entire planet!

Story: Well written, but continues in the tradition of having next-to-nothing happen. A 6.8, I guess...

Art: Butler does a great job, as usual. Not so impressed with Jensen, though--the characters are just a bit too shiny. Also, the mis-communication (or lack of communication) between the penciler and the colorist continues... Lara-Su is colored black from her neck-ring to her belt, then red the rest of the way down. This would be fine, except the belt's higher on one hip than the other! ...And I still think it's silly that Sally can go topless but Echidnas can't. ...I give the art a 7.


Mike warns us there's more Tommy on the way, but says to give it a chance.

"Off-Panel" Written by Mike Gallagher, drawn by Dave Manak, colored by the Art Department.

Mike P. and Sonic discuss Tails' spikey hairdo.

William "Miles-Per-Hour" Myles corrects the record regarding his previous letter (incorrectly attributed to his mother, Jasmine Dixon), and Mike warns us not to let this happen to us. (How, he doesn't say.)

Also, letters from Nick Schlueter, Candice Macdonald, and Ulrik Narcisse; and a "Find your name in Print" section.

Sonic Fan Art
An envelope featuring an old-school Sonic and Tails, by Michael Stearns; Sonic Vs Metal Sonic, with others in the background, by Ryan Lennox; Shadow, by Jamal Morrison; Super Sonic and Super Shadow by Ralph Creer; and Knux and J-Su by Julie Siervo.

Final Thoughts:
It's certainly not the old, pre-"Adventure" Sonic comic I loved so much, but I liked it. * shrug *

got #138 yesterday and let's just say "It ain't over between Sally and Sonic" That I know for a fact, I mean how many times have we heard "It's over bewteen us" in a comic book, I'd say half a million times, and what happens, the couple always gets back together. Julie-Su said "It was a little unsletting", after Knuckles came back from dead, but she got over it. I'd say it's all this pressure bringing brought down/on Sally by her parents, mostly her father with ruling in their place while their gone. I think Sally will turn around, and be as Sonic said last issiue (#137), "The Ol' Sal" again, and very soon. Sooner then somepeople think, but that's just my opoion, I mean they have to get back together to be married in M25YLS don't they.

As far as M25yl goes, it was another enteraining story/chapter, and I think it will just get better. Hey, What'd you think of Tails and Mina in M25YL, surprising huh It was to me, and what's more suprising is at least the kids have more sense right now than their Dads, but then again you've got Manik, who seems that he just can't keep his hands off Lara-Su, even though she's theaten to slap him silly if he doesn't, Overall it was pretty good, especailly with Knuckles saying they may have to evacate everyone off the planet.

God Bless!

SONIC #138 - What Does the Potto Think?

S#138 will forever be a mark in the Sonic fandom. It was the issue that, by page two, finally broke the ill-patience of legendary Dan Drazen. Drazen, who had once been a paragon of in-depth analytical assessments of the Sonic comic, had quickly spiraled into what might be described as madness. Unable to see the forest for the trees, Mr. Drazen thankfully went through with his ďthreatĒ and has sworn off the comic. May the comic now progress in peace.

Sonic, Saffron, Knuckles and what we should acknowledge now-a-days as Team Chaotix strike a pose before Angel Island. Iím really digging the ďSA-StyledĒ cover art. Letís hope itís here to stay.

A Sonic-less Axer strip heads the catch-up paragraphs. Itís a shame we donít see more of Axer doing the regular comic art.

Part One - The Message

The Good - Where to begin? First and foremost might be the first page in which Karl, by his own volition or by editorial edict, manages to wedge the Tommy Trilogy into place within the continuity. This ends up segueing nicely into the Plot Point Heard ĎRound the World that eclipsed the otherwise brilliant S#134 - the Sonic / Sally split.

For those who fired foul over Sallyís ďweaknessĒ in S#134, Karl provides the sharp, distinctive Sally we know and love. With a country to run and a heart to ( try ) to keep from breaking, she makes the split from Sonic clear with no uncertain terms. As a ďSonSalĒ supporter, it pains me to see them apart, but it still works for me on a number of levels - particularly that introduced by page seven. The locking of horns between these two unconquerable spirits is harsh now, but I can see it smoothing ( after enough friction ) into some delightful tension.

Furthermore, we get some insight into Sonicís perception of the entire ordeal. His attitude about the whole thing is precisely the kind I want in this book - a simply sense of right and wrong with just enough egotism to make him delightfully cocky. Thank you, Karl.

Iíve dwelled too much on this one point, though. The real center for this story is the fate of those close to Knuckles. Charmy and Saffron, left marooned in story limbo by Ken Penders in S#93-94, finally return to the fold. Unfortunately, the toll was losing their kingdom. I really wish there had been more time for Sally - who has lost and regained her kingdom a number of times - to interact with the far more inexperienced ex-Prince Charmy.

One thing I enjoyed so much about the old Knuckles series was the interaction with the game levels. Knuckles visited the actual Lava Reef and such. Karl picks that up again with our heroes landing in Marble Gardens, meeting the Dark Legion in Lava Reef, having Knucklesís tomb in the Sky Sanctuary, and even going so far as to give Sir Charles a new chili-dog venue. How can you not love that?

Then thereís the characterization. Sonicís befuddlement over his relationship with Sally aside, Sonic is written the way I want him to be. Heís constantly in motion, full of energy, and simply fun to read. Knucklesís hot temper, which has been absent for so long, shows some signs of return as Sonic talks trash in the diner. Vector even seems to be leaning towards his Sonic Heroes detective ways, which is a far cry from his weak jive-talking. And then thereís Mighty using his super-ďhumanĒ strength to jump from the plane - delightful!

Jon ďWBĒ Gray, another fan-talent to have made it into the book, doesnít fail to deliver on Karlís script, either. For every in-joke and hidden reference, there is subtle gesture and vivid imagery. If I may toot my own horn for a moment: Jon, knowing my Latin studies, asked me one night for a phrase to use in what he had described as a ďmine run by slaves.Ē He hinted vaguely at the Dingos having gained the upper hand, so I rooted through my dictionary and gave him ďPoena Inferos,Ē which is horribly Latin for ďPunishment to the Inferior.Ē It was my great surprise - and honor - to find he used it in the nightmarish scene at the top of page ten. So I am pleased.

The Bad - Thereís really not much that detracts from this issue. What I did find rather lacking was the coloring. Jason Jensen is capable of doing a marvellous job, and does do it when he colors individual characters, but he seems to grow lazy on the backgrounds. He uses a Yellow-Orange-Purple radial gradient sixteen times. Itís the same flood-fill gradient! Anyone with Photoshop can replicate that, which is disappointing.

That, and Sonicís last lines at the very end were awkward.

The Ugly - Karl is officially entering what used to be Ken Pendersís playground before he jumped a quarter-century into the future. Karl keeps things moving, giving us enough background to keep us moving in the present, but it also appears some of the out-of-theme elements of Kenís writing are creeping in.

Page fourteen, panel five has been reported by Jon Gray as being a snafu; Julie-Suís monologue was meant to be for Remington. Regardless, his conversion from the dutiful and effective head of the E.S.T. into a broken believer in the Avatar is a shocking one. Itís not unbelievable, and I suppose my hesitation on embracing it fully - in part - is because his fall is so touching.

What does get my potto-senses tingly is this fixation on Knuckles returning from the grave. The disastrous ďGreen KnucklesĒ story took twenty-seven issues to finish, ultimately relying on Karlís S#125 to drag Knuckles back into the normal swing of things. Perhaps Iím paranoid, but the dwelling on Knucklesís over-powering and flitering with godliness seems almost to set up the return of Green Knuckles. And that, ladies and gentlemen, would be a crime to the book.

Excellent material with only a bit of faltering in the presentation.

Part Eight - My Dinner with Sonic

The Good - Steven Butler presents another story at is easy on the eyes. His female characters seem to be increasingly anthropomorphic rather than the all-around cartoon animals of Jon Gray. That isnít a knock so much as an observation.

Whatís also nice is the baby-step of plot progression. King Sonic and Queen Sally now know theyíre all in very real danger and something must be done to either fix it or make it moot by avoiding it. The scene between Lara-Su and Sonia, promising to be unlike their parents and remain friends, is touching and harkens back to the old Freedom Fighter days - at least in part.

The Bad - Kenís notorious bad dialogue is held mostly in check, but it does peek through when something is getting done, namely Knucklesís lapse into using a string of cliches to explain how bad things are becoming.

Whatís worse than any weak dialogue is the unlikable characterizations. Knuckles and Sonic, now in their forties, are horribly immature and more adolescent in their behavior than when they were teenagers. The shrill harping from Julie-Su and Sally make them equally unlikable and, in Sallyís case, fit with Karlís ill-tempered present-day Sally perfectly.

The Ugly - First off, Iíd like to know who was in charage of M:25YL character design. It almost appears to be that Tails got the last ounce of creative thought. Was Steven Butler pressed for time? Did Ken Penders have the final say-so? Or was it Justin Gabrie, in his final hours, who cleared these without a second look?

I ask because the children, Lara-Su excluded, are painfully unoriginal. Sonia sports a neat lavender outfit, but she otherwise looks identical to her mother twenty-six years prior. Manik has a little more trimming to his shoes and a gap to his teeth, but heís identical to Sonic. The children of Tails and Mina are just as bad.

As for that pairing, it does not warrant discussion: itís ridiculous and can almost be conceived as a jab at the Mina / Ash pairing of Karl Bollarsís.

Finally, the step forward we get is transformed into a stumble by a combination of shoddy writing and an unobservant editorial. Let us review:

S#132 - Rotor: ďDue to centuries of Zone Jumping, the Time / Space Continuum is on the verge of collapse!Ē

S#138 - Knuckles: ďAs yet, no one understands the cause or exact nature of these forces, but Cobar has been able to detect pressure building at the core of Mobius.Ē

So which is it? Reality is unraveling due to Zone-hopping, or Mobius is inexplicably on the verge of explosion? Part of the blame lies with Ken Penders for not being able to keep up with the key plot point to the pet project heís been working on for years. Thereís no editorial credit, so the blame is a toss up between ex-editor Justin Gabrie or new-editor Mike Pellerito as to who let this go through.

Plodding plot and a diminishing cohesiveness is made readable only by Steven Butlerís consistent art.

The REVIEW of 138

Been a while since I've done one of these.

Cover: Spaz
Wow, Spaz actually did this one all by himself?! Now that's a first. I like how they do it all in Sonic Adventure style. It's more familiar with the Game Sonic Fandom. Not only is it smart business, it's beautiful.

Frontpiece: J.Axer
Always dark and full of eye popping detail, it's nice to look at. But it looks like Julie-Su's head got chopped out of this picture. Maybe it was an error when they were putting the whole thing together?


"Return to Angel Island"
Writen: Karl Bollers
Colors:Jason Jensen

I got so overly excited by waiting months to get this issue, that when I started reading I actually skipped over the first 2 pages by accident. Which, in the end, wasn't a bad thing. Within' these two pages fandoms have torn themselves apart with romantic issues with Sonic and Sally...Companionship was something as a younger kid I enjoyed, but after all that useless arguing over who Sonic should belong with; I've just about don't give a care anymore who they date. So I won't annoy you with my own opinion about all this. ^__~
Relationships are something about give and take, and its no wonder they're so mad at each other. They're both tell one another that they need to give up the thing they love the most! Sonic,his freedom; and Sally....well she's got a lot of problems on her own to deal with as it is.

Now to the real story!!! *throws confetti* Ooo...lot of inside joke panels by WB. I especially liked the one that said "PRESS AREA, abandon all hope ye who enter!" This lead me to believe that most of the things I loved about this issue weren't by the writer, but our friendly neighberhood forumer! Way to Go! One of my favorite scenes was with them all sitting at Uncle Chuck's Diner. It's nice to see that at least Julie-Su and Knux are still getting along. Expecially when he has his arm around her on the table!!! *giggle fits* The next panel Sonic starts to press Knuckles buttons. It was quite funny seeing Sonic say Knuckles is a good-for-nothing, and I get more of a grasp of why Sally doesn't want Sonic to go into battle after all.

Next thing ya know Charmy and Saffrom walk into the room and faint! I'm so happy to see my favorite little bee back, not in beaten up shape though! o___o To bad its for a sad reason. *sniffles* We find out his entire home has been destroyed by Eggman, and that they are the last left of them standing.

NOW the reason I've looked for this issue for 6 months, a REAL good excuse to go back to Angel Island!!! *dances the dance of happyness* Locke has been captured. *gasp* So all the Chaotix, and Sonic go to the rescue! Sonic and Sally have another bicker, but it actually seems that Sally has given into the demand of him going on an adventure.

Another one of my favorite things about this issue is when they're on the plane, and Mighty fell asleep and almost drools all over Espio! We also see a lot of Sonic Heroes Adaption with Chaotix action, and Knuckles duked out in SA2 style. I'm lovin' this!!! Tigsie wants more! WB gave...with more of his vast Knowledge of Zones it lead me back to the old days of playing Sonic 3. I miss that game.

I'm not suprised that the Dingos are taking out they're anger in a halocaust like way. If anything I think the citizens of Echidnapolis (now know as Dingo City) got what they deserved! They promised them houses, and never got it. I still think the dingos are gonna get duped by they're co-war partner Robotnik. Those echindas needed to be taken down a knoch, too. So OF COURSE Sonic and the gang save all of them, and kick a little Techy Dingo butt. Those were the funiest battle scenes I've ever seen in this comic in its entire history of running! ^___~

Next, thing you know all of the echidnas are worshiping Knuckles, and calling him "AVATAR!!!" I know Neo was glad to see Remmington again, and in a way his crazyness reminds me of her own little version. I can understand why they're all going psyco about it! They've been tortured for a whole blasted year! That's a good enough excuse to praise anybody who saved you. The thing I didn't get was why Julie-Su explained the prophecy to Knuckles. Isn't the Dark Legion kinda against Religion? Where'd she pick this stuff up from?

OMG, Locke's being tortured, no less by a new character called General Kage! Now HE looks INTERESTING!!! Still makes me wonder what happened to General Styker. Thank to WB though we find out that Kage is actually his son. So the answer should come into the open soon.

Next location: Lava Reef Zone
It appears the Legion had to hide out where nobody else would want to go to avoid this war. They ambush Sonic and Company with some super cool high power weaponry! DL!? FINALLY! Maybe Karl will actually make them do something evil for a change. I hoped to see Dimitri in the series, but with an explanation of WB he won't be able to make an appearance either. Oh well, a girl can dream.

Art: 10/10
When you laugh every ten seconds in a public place you know something good is happening. He knows his characterization well! Not once did I feel that anyone was out of character through his art. I'm looking forward to his next issue!

Story: 10/10
I've looked forward to this issue for months. It's a breather to have somehting that isn't filler trash. The Julie-Su error is the only thing that bothered me, but I think it's the people who put in the bubbles that are the cause of that. I'm not a really hardcore 'Sonic' fan, but this issue made me like him a lot more. To me this reminded me of the reason I feel in love with this book. I felt like everyone was in character the whole time I read it. The Chaotix themselves throughout seemed like the truer versions of the earlier days of Knuckles comics, probably even better! I also liked the use of the zones more, reminded me a lot of my childhood days playing Genesis. ^_~

Colors: 9/10
Well, I liked the coloring, even if it was a bit lazy here and there. Given that, or consider the colors of issues 90-100! Anything is better than that.

Over All Score: 10/10
*marks this into her favorite top ten issue slot*


M25YL: My Dinner With Sonic
Writer: Ken Penders
Art: Steven Bulter
Colors: Jason Jensen

Story: 3/10
You know what...I've been looking forward to the 25YL saga since the seventh grade! Count that it's like 5 years ago, and look what happens? To get a dinner story...I want some ACTION! ; ; I get interested into something like Lien-Da going to talk to Julie-Su about Rutan, and they drop it like a rock to go onto something else like a DINNER converstaion. ROAR!!! I'm fed up with it! 25YL was good at the start, but I'm sick and tired of Ken dropping one story to go into something less important. Not only that, but his bad memory. I remember in his chat room that he even said he forgets what he wrote in the past sometimes. He obviously forgot that he was talking about the zone being destroyed, NOT the PLANET. That ISN'T going to help if they have to evacuate all of Mobius, if the zone gets destroy. *big long sigh* I hate seeing everyone argue throughout this story. I get this enough at home, it's not fun to read.

Art: 9/10
If anything at least the artwork made it more enjoyable. *hugs Steven for making her life easier* I really enjoy how he draws future Knux.

Colors: 9/10
I like how Jesen colors his characters, just not his backgrounds.

Over All Score: 4/10
Come on Ken...I've seen you do better than this.


Sonic-Grams Notes

The scope is in. Mike says that the opinion rating on Tommy is divided right down the middle. Is he sure??? I thought it was lower than that. He even wants to put Tommy Turtle in another story?! Don't even get me started on that....>____< Not only does he say that, but also suggests to the people who hate him WILL change their minds into liking him. This guy is officially scaring me now.

Mini-Comic: I just don't get this one. ~_~

The guy who is doing the letters pages is also getting on my nerves. It's rather annoying seeing the letters picked about being Sonic's #1 Fan. (OMG!1111!) At least pick something that will at least answer some people's questions.

My SPECIAL #138 Review!

Because of my overexcitement for this issue, I decided to do a special review-by letting Knuckles and Remington review. Donít worry, Iím there to add in the fangirlism and general insanity. Oh, and expect other random characters to pop up out of nowhere. Oh, and just incase:

Knuckles = Intelligent, optimistic echidna
Remington = The sulky, sarcastic echidna
Sonic = The butt of all of Remís insults
Me, Neo Yi = Idiot Fangirl

Itís how I portrayed them majority of the time. Now, enjoyÖ


*Soft, classical music plays as we see the forms of Knuckles and Remington, sitting opposite each other, both with a copy of #138. Neo Yi is in the middle with her own copy, grinning like some idiot from the idiot box.*

NEO: Hello, I am Neo Yi and welcome to ďSonic Comic ReviewthĒ with ME, your lovable host, and my two fave echidnas, Knuckles and Remington (Remington more so). Because Iím so delighted to see the return of my fave brown echidna and being super excited over #138, I decided a special review was in order instead of my usual boring crap I punch in. Besides, who reads whatever I write, anyways? Any who, Iíll merely be watching as the spotlight goes over to Knuckles and Rem...sorta. Take it away, boys.
KNUX: Thanks, Neo. Okay, we can start with the cover. And WHAT a lovely cover it is. Iím all SA-ified. Loving that punch I made. The chaotic looks awesome as well and I will say that itís great to have Charmy back.
REM: Ugh, and look at Sonic, making his stupid, ďwhat th-Ē pose, I call it ďwhat th-Ē because heís poses are anything BUT confusing. Heís even blocking you, Knux.
SONIC: HEY! Itís MY comic!
NEO: Ahh, Sonic, how did you get past security?
SONIC: Please, Iím Sonic the hedgehog! I can get past anything!
REM: Oh, please, speak louder when you talk like that, I think your ego has gotten much bigger-or is that even physically possible?
SONIC: Youíre just jealous that you arenít even in the cover. Have you EVER been on a cover of MY comic?!
REM: #125.
SONIC: Let me see *searches* Well, Iíll be damned...okay, letís continue to review. *grabs his copy of #138*
REM: Oh, LordÖ
KNUX: Anyone else want to comment on the cover?
NEO: Iíd like to say that I personally enjoy SPAZís approach of making it all SA-ified. Itís quite nice and clean.
KNUX: Iíll admit, Angel Island looks quite beautiful, though the entire landscape is SO light. The grass is light, the water is light, itís like he took watercolor for this.
SONIC: On the plus side, I look awesome.
REM: Iím going to the next page. We see a frontispiece done by Axer.
SONIC: HA! You ainít in here either, Remmy!
REM: Neither are you, you dumb waste of blue fur.
SONIC:...Hey. Iím not. Upsetting.
KNUX: Well, this IS mainly my story.
NEO: I like the character group. The black BG works fine in here. I never knew lavender and black could match SO well.
SONIC: Neo, you think ANY color with black matches well with other colors!
NEO: Not true! Brown and black, NOT good combination. Ugh.

WRITER: Karl Bollers
COLORIST: Jason Jenson

KNUX: *turns page* Well, look at that, King Max is blowing a fuse with Sally while Queen Alicia is more concerned on her husbandís blood pressure.
REM: Itís like that with me and my great grandfather, Moritori Rex. The idiot gets pissed whenever any ONE of us interrupts his Soap Opera time. Although, unlike Max, he chucks furnitures or fire weapons...or both.
SONIC: Your family scares me, Remington. Ooh, ooh, hereís me making an excuse to help out Sally.
NEO: And Max throws a fit, which comes to Priceless Expression #1. FUN!
KNUX: I personally enjoy Sallyís sarcasm in the next panel. Thatís So-well, Neo or Rem.
REM: I like the girlís personality more then I do Sonic in this one page alone.
NEO: The two lovers exit the castle, slowly arguing before Sally rips out a giant one.
SONIC: Iím kidding!
REM: Well, itís a terrible one.
SONIC: ANY WHO, Sally rips a big one by nearly having her head exploded by yelling at me (and I was trying to help defend her!) And she YELLS at me!
KNUX: The next scene shows that Sonic and Sally are no more and her hair is covering her face-umm-why?
REM: Countless anime have those things where the characterís eyes are covered by their hair to emphasize sadness.
KNUX: Looks like her hair is trying to kill half her face.
REM: Apparently, her grudge problems are long past as she isnít angry when Max and Alicia leave the very same day of the argument. Though she does hug her Oka-san instead of her Otou-san.
SONIC: Oka-what!?
REM: Oka-san = Japanese for ďmotherĒ, Otou-san = Japanese for ďfatherĒ
KNUX: Any who, the royal parents say their good-bye, along with Chuck and Antoine.
SONIC: *sniff* Iíll miss Uncle Chuck. Luckily, I have his diner to remain me, currently being watched by my parents.
NEO: Darn, Bernie is STILL blue. I prefer the lavender one.
KNUX: Now, Amy I can understand, but I really didnít expect Hope to support a brawl between those two knuckleheads ( no pun intended) , Espio and Vector.
SONIC: You would think my parents would stop a fight from happening.
REM: In all honestly, I thought the same, but then I keep saying to myself, this is SONICís parents.
SONIC: Iím going to spin dash your head off.
REM: Please-
NEO: Everyone is super happy here. I wouldnít mind going there. Oh, and look, that Teckno bird makes another appearance. Is that kangaroo guy cleaning an octopus?
REM: Any who, we got the stupid hedgehog complaining about Sally and insulting Knuckles-
KNUX: YES, Sonic, what is THIS about me being ďweak as a KITTEN?!Ē SONIC: *snickers*
KNUX: Thankfully, Sonicís insults stopped when Charmy walks in, holding his fiancťe Safron, both injured. They desperately need help and end up collapsing on the middle of the floor.
NEO: Look like they is dead.
SONIC: Maybe they are *sees next panel* Oh, never mind.
KNUX: Next scene shows them a-okay thanks to a trip to, I assume, Doctor Quackís clinic. The two bees are now chatting with Princess Sally.
NEO: The birds and the bees...
REM: Neo, please.
SONIC: She looks great with that tiara and rod.
NEO: same here, she has a real commanding personality by her physical appearance. Nice. Now, if only she cut off that thing she calls ďhairĒ or at least tie it back. I STILL do not like her with long hair. How can she SEE in those things?!
REM: Next scene shows Charmy in a dark, dramatic pose. And he details all the attack while Jenson was too lazy to color the entire massacre of GoldenHive Colony.
KNUX: I feel for Charmy right now. Angel Island, my beloved home, taken over-*sniff*-I hate Eggman.
SONIC: Same here. Same here.
NEO: We can have emotions some other time, we got a comic to review.
SONIC and KNUX: Okay.
NEO: Soldier Acorn Bear #456 comes and gives a message to Knuckles in that freaky technology tree of freakiness.
REM: I swear, that tree is evil. Someoneís fixing to loose a finger on that thing!
SONIC: Isnít that a quote from HomeStar Runner?
KNUX: Who? Any who, Locke, my father is mentioned and I get pissy. Yea, about time. HOW DARE THEY TAKE MY FATHER FOR A PRISONER!?
REM: Calm down, Pissy McAnger.
SONIC: Heh, thatís what Sal is trying to do, calm Knuckles down and tell him itís all a trap.
KNUX: It doesnít work, Iím still pissed.
NEO: Which comes to Priceless expression #2. You look so damn funny.
KNUX: *ahem* I volunteered myself and the Chaotix to go and kick butt.
REM: And Sally makes sure you only get your father and not do anything stupid like trying to restore the entire island. Luckily for you, I believe you have enough common sense. Sonic, on the other handÖ
SONIC: Urge to kill...RISING!
REM: I especially enjoy the part where Sally yells at you.
SONIC: Man, look at the vein on his head! Well, with a large head like that, a vein can be quite clear to see. How freaky is THAT!? But then again, I always though echidna head were huge melons-
NEO: We now see a real pretty scene of the jet plane, FF-Mark-whatever itís called, flying to Angel Island in a starry night. I live in a suburban place where lights are on at night, so I canít see the stars so well. Shame.
KNUX: WB must REALLY love to draw Mighty napping in some way, shape, or form as the next panel shows.
SONIC: Charmy wants to put in the hurt over Eggman. My kinda guy!
REM: Yes, the brawny, brainless kind.
SONIC: Why do I put up with you?
REM: I ask that myself.
NEO: Knuckles looks SO cute when heís all concerned. I could just give him a hug.
REM: And Bunnie complains about not coming. Seriously, WHEN did she become an expert pilot all of a sudden? Itís always been either Tails, Antoine, and Rotor.
NEO: Maybe she learned over the year?
REM: Perhaps.
SONIC: And now, we (two of us) parachute down. Vector loves to chew his bubblegum as WB makes a direct reference to Sonic Heroes.
KNUX: I know that in SH, Charmy carries Espio and Vector, but itís hard to imagine a bee carrying so much weight. Ants, I understand.
NEO: You question a comic starring a speedy blue hedgehog?
REM: -With limited intelligence.
SONIC: Seriously, what is your problem with me?
REM: Everything.
SONIC: WHAT kind of answer is THAT!? I mean, Neo always state a good reason and THAT is not a good reason, so cough up the dirt or Iíll spin-
NEO: I donít get WHY Knuckles has to use a parachute. I thought he lost his FLIGHT, NOT his GLIDE. Yet, in the comic, it mentions he lost his glide!? I thought he could still glide. In the games, he could. Good Lord, I hope Bollers remedies this problem. Any who, the team land in Marble Garden Zone. Nice to see something from the games. Oh, yea, and Knuckles looks AWESOME with goggles and that necklace thingy. And them black gloves.
KNUX: Isnít that what I used in SA2 so I can swim underwater for a long time?
NEO: I think so. I think you look great in goggles. I need to draw a picture of you like that, oh, and the new Locke.
KNUX: Great! I canít wait to see it!
NEO: Ray also looks cute in that jacket (I gave him a light green vest-like outfit), but WB said heíll get rid of it. Shame, I like it.
SONIC: Hereís the cool part. Knuckles ask me to find anything and I do before he finishes the questions? Am I fast or am I fast?!
REM: If only your brain could match your speed...
SONIC: Okay, thatís it-
NEO: Ooh, look at the next page, red evil, dictatorship goodness!
SONIC: Youíre evil, Neo. You AND Rem.
NEO: Oh, donít I know it!
KNUX: It turns out that this is a camp of echidnas run by dingoes. How upsetting. For a species with vast technologies, we couldnít even stop Eggman who probably has the same technology level we do.
NEO: Well, itís how the comics and TV works, always some evil dude taking over something so easily, no matter what.
SONIC: Here comes my phrase, ďLetís do it to it!Ē
NEO: and Priceless Expression #4 on Sonic when the others donít get it! LOL.
REM: Ya know, that IS funny. HA!
SONIC:...I HATE you, Remington, and I EMPHASIZE that.
REM: *GASP* Sonic used a BIG word!? You get a treat!
SONIC: ENOUGH with the sarcasm and insults!
KNUX: Next, we see a nice action scene. WB was nice enough to make sure the fighting fit the characters. We got Mightyís strength, Espioís ninja blade shurikens, etc.
NEO: Julie-Su looks quite big headed in panel 2.
KNUX: I like the last panel.
SONIC: Oh, yea, we kickiní butt-wait, where am I!? Iím missing ALL the action!
NEO: Priceless Expression #5 on that dingo being choked by Espio! WHOO! Oh, and Iíll count that dingo Julie-Su is BBQ-ing in the same Priceless Expression section.
KNUX: OUCH! Iím getting pummeled here!
SONIC: And here comes ME! I get all butt kicketh here! Thanks to me, you live, Rad Red.
KNUX: Like the comic said, I could have handled them.
NEO: awww, Knuxie is all hurtiní. Kinda cute. WB, I must steal you and make you draw for ME!
REM: There goes that fangirlism. (Background, Neo is laughing insanely)
NEO: *Ahem* I love that Vector has a victory flag, that Julie is an ďangelĒ and how Mightyís strength is emphasized as he flicks a dingo away. Oh, and Priceless Expression #6 on Espioís look towards Mighty. My Gosh, WB is outdoing himself!
SONIC: Now, we got a goggle of echidnas worshipping Knuckles and calling him ďavator.Ē Tell me, isnít ďavatorĒ those icon things you put on in internets?
NEO: Once again, Jenson is lazy to color in each echidna. In #123, he colored each of the individuals that shows there, why canít he color here? Just make them mostly red and color their outfits tan and green and Iíll be happy, not this psycho orange/purple thing.
SONIC: Ugh, they REALLY like him enough to touch him!
NEO: AND hereís the reason WHY #138 is the BESTEST comic book EVER: REMINGTON!
SONIC: Wow, heís seen better days!
REM: OH, LORD! LOOK WHAT BOLLERS REDUCE ME TO!!! Iím a worshipping, crazy, jailed echidna!
NEO: The crazy part is correct on the way I portray you.
REM: But Iím soÖso...pathetic!
SONIC: LOOK at you bowing before Knuckles! Your face! HAHAHHA!!! That calls for ANOTHER Priceless Expression! BWAHAHAHAHA!
REM: *smacks Sonic* Shut YOUR trap, you pathetic blue annoyance!
SONIC: Aww, come off it! Look at you, while Iím big time hero, you got wasted!
KNUX: UmmÖany who, we got Remington explaining how he came to be, namely, by showing how Remington didnít believe I was alive until he visited my tomb-
NEO: While holding what looks like futuristic candlesticks.
KNUX: -and then explaining how Angel Island is taken over-how horrible-oh, this scene is SO-unbearable!
REM: Stop it! Youíre scaring him away!
NEO: SHIRTLESS REM!!! YAHHHHHHHH!!! But heís ALL sad. *sniff* My poor REMMY!
REM: Would you people PLEASE not call me that?
REM: You foolish little-
KNUX: Next we see Remington bowing to Knuckles again and...Julie-Su spouting the prophecy? Wait, I thought Remington was suppose to do that!
NEO: Here, WB has the answer:

"Panel 4:
5 REM: Still, we knew you would return to free us, avatar! We had faith!
6 KNU Faith in what?

Panel 5:
7 REM In the Prophecy of the Ancient Walkers. It states that, ďA champion will bypass the Afterlife and return hence to deliver the world from its sufferingÖĒ
8 KNU RemingtonÖ
9 JSU (SMALL) Oh, Knuckles....

Panel 6:
9 KNU ...I think you guys have got the wrong echidna."

NEO: THAT'S how you read it, thanks to WB's info.
KNUX: Okay.
SONIC: Man, Remington, you got what you deserved!
SONIC: HA! Iím still big time hero and youíre completely trashed like yesterdayís garbage!
REM: Excuse me, hedgehog, Iíve been tortured and jailed for months, sent to work my ass off in some prison camp where dingoes probably whip me to death FOR A WHOLE YEAR while YOU goof off in outer space with aliens weíll NEVER EVER see again in the damn comic! If I didnít know better, I can survive a MUCH harsher ordeal then you EVER will!
SONIC:..Well, I died-somewhat.
KNUX: You didnít die at all. That was me and trust me, Aurora, for a Goddess or whatever she is, wasnít exactly capably of good decisions. Why our planet is still standing to this day boggles my mind.
SONIC: Iím not done talking to Remin-
NEO: NOT a good idea right now. Letís move on. We got general Kage torturing Locke-
NEO: -*ahem* Yea, all the while with Eggman being ruthless with veins popping out of HIS head. Next, we see Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix talking off the transmission here, making me wonder if one of the echidnas sent it. Ray looks SO cute clutching his wittle tail.
SONIC: Trust me, Neo, that tail AINíT ďwittleĒ.
NEO: Any who, smoke comes and who do we see!?
SONIC: Remingtonís familyís entire army of caped goons!
KNUX: Notice me grinning. I can take them on!
SONIC: And notice Remington looking scared out of his wits. Whereís your courage NOW!?
REM: Iím THIS close to shoving your own fist up your mouth!
NEO: NOOO! Itís to be continuedÖ*sniff* Well, letís review the art and story, eh?
KNUX: I loved it! Mr. Bollers is a GENIOUS with character personalities. Sonic was cocky as ever-
SONIC: -Knuckles was angry and impatience-
NEO: And donít forget the character developments, like with you, Remington.
REM: Got to admit, the plot is very intriguing. Bollers-san manage to make quite the story.
KNUX: I give it a 10!
SONIC: Same!
REM: Sure, why not?
NEO: 10 it is! I loved it SO much. The character personalities are wonderful, the interaction is great, and the plot has me hungry for more! As for that SonSally thing, PLEASE deal with the relationship some other time. Concerning romance, move on to someone who we want to see. I personally wanna see Bunnie and Antoine!
KNUX: Artwise, I enjoyed WBís artwork, he just needs to watch them ear missings.
SONIC: Same.
REM: Well, his art is all very sugoi and all.
NEO: Of course I LOVE it. Itís all CUTE, different, expressive, and not to mention it makes me laugh on some of the character expressions! I give it a 10!
KNUX and SONIC: Same here! 10 all the way!
REM: Oh, lord, unison speakingÖ
NEO: Well, Rem?
REM: What do you think!?
NEO: 10 is is! Now, the next storyÖM25YL!
REM: Oh, of ALL the BAKA storiesÖ

WRITER: Ken Penders
PENCILER: Steven Butler
COLORIST: Jason Jenson

NEO: Well, seeing this story is all but pointless, Rem, take it away.
REM: Sally and Julie-Su in bikinis (I bet they would have been in two piece wears if not for the editor-ugh-)
SONIC: Hey, whatís wrong with a little skin?
NEO: No offense, but if I saw my mom wear a two piece, Iíd freak out.
REM: They chat about the hatred between Sonic and Knuckles and how Sonic hates even Tails which makes me question the hedgehogís ability with friends-
SONIC: You donít even have friends because ALL you do I sulk and insult!
REM: Please, if I didnít, Iíd end up being YOU and that is an insult.
KNUX: Besides, Iím his friend...right?
REM: I can tolerate you enough to have a conversation with you.
KNUX: See?
NEO: Am I the only one who sees the pairing of Mina and Tails random!? I donít care if the guys at Archie said it was a joke, I canít accept it without a GOOD reason and Tails and Mina had BETTER come with a good one. ďI married her because her speed remains me of SonicĒ is NOT a good excuse. Why donít they just create a yaoi between Sonic and Tails!?
REM: That is a random pairing. Did you also see how little imagination Butler placed on the kids? Mina is basically a mini-Mina, same for Tails. The same goes for Manik and Sonia. Have these people have NO imagination?! Couldnít they even try hybrids?! Put Sally in Soniaís clothes and you get the same person. How uninspiring.
NEO: Yea, only Lara is brimming with originality. At least she was incorporated with BOTH her parentís looks and personality then looking like just plain Julie-Su.
REM: Any who, the kids and the big baby, Sonic is playing water volley ball or something. Sonic shows bad parenting skills by trying to drown his own son.
SONIC: I wasnít trying to drown him! He kept hogging the ball! No pun intended. And I am no big baby. Itís called ďSpending time with your kidsĒ.
REM: Ugh-Knuckles, the MATURE one, comes and settles it all down, then we cut to them settling for dinner while talking off their hatred for each other.
KNUX: Goodness, all we do is talk about how we hate each other!
NEO: Didnít Sally wear her dress sleeveless? And now, she has them ugly puffy shoulders?
KNUX: Maybe she packed another outfit?
NEO: Maybe.
REM: Abby comes and asks questions on desserts and Sonic teases Knuckles. Now HERE is my favorite quote: ďGourmand? Where did you learn that 24-karat word?Ē
SONIC: *irritated* RemmyÖ
REM: We got more arguing between the adults while the kids leave to have some fun. Manic is being a pervert by trying to touch Lara who threatens her. I like that kid. As for Manik, GOOD LORD, heís a mini-Sonic. The world is ending.
SONIC: Shut up.
REM: NOW, they talk of the world ending. Either they fix the problem and think of some way to get every citizens out. What an impossible task. Well, that was a waste of reading.
NEO: Story?
SONIC: Boring. Whereís the action!? Iím playing ball with my son and arguing with Knuckles and-*looks*-burping contests!? Man, if it wasnít for me arguing with Knuckles, this would been a snooze fest! I give it a 6.
KNUX: Itís already a snooze fest. I also give it a 6, maybe a 5.
REM: 4.
NEO: I give it a 6 as well, so itís an overall of 6. Artwise, itís all good, but DANG IT, those kids lack imaginations! Iím so irked by it all! 8! 8 I giveth!
KNUX: I admit, I kinda like how I look when Iím older, but what IS with the skin tight outfit? I hate it. I give it 8 as well.
REM: Argh-Iím getting sick and tired of reviewing, so whatever!
NEO: 8 it is! The Sonic-grams are next.
REM: I swear, the new editor is annoying and his letters he puts in are equally annoying with a bunch of newbies ages 11 and below. The aside, letís end this before I scream.
SONIC: Hey, scream all you want, Iím not the one who ended up crazy.
KNUX: Uhh-thatís all, folks!
NEO: Yes, comeback next time-provided, there is a next time!
NEO: Uhh-bai.

*Classical music is played as Knuckles and I tried to stop Remington from killing Sonic.*


~CASTLE ACORN-Morning~ Due to a 2-month delay, I forgot how ticked off King Max would be at Sally for dissobeying his command. Sally is damaged to know that she can't be trusted like this and needs a companion and not a hero. Things need to change around here.I hoped this wouldn't happen, but it's the end of Sonic and Sally's bf/gf-ness. Sally is taking role as leade of the kingdom while th King and Queen are touring Mobius. Uncle Chuck comes with them them as a science advisor.

~UNCLE CHUCK's DINER~ Sonic wonders how he's gonna defear Egghead by sitting out on the action. Julie-Su says it was unsettling after Knux returned from the afterlife. But unlike her, Sally has issues with with Sonic going into a battle. Everyone hears a "Krash" and sees Charmy carrying Safron and in need of a doctor.

~CASTLE ACORN~ After medical assistance, Charmy explains it all, which is exactly what him and Safron lost. Robotnik sent his Egg Pawns onto Golden Hive Colony with Charmy and Safron as the only survivuhs. They are left with no home or family but just themselves. Sally makes a vow to avenge their loss, but is cut by a gaurd with an urgent message for Knuckles. IT turns out his pop's being held prisoner on Angel Island. Knuckles, as eager and gullible as ever wants to rush into it sunaware that it might be a trap. Knuckles and the Chaotix decide to tag along but only as under instructions to save Locke. Sonic is surprised to see Sally allow Sonic to tag along on this mission (so am I). He thought she'd day no. Knux is in a rush and rushes Sonic as well.

~ANGEL ISLAND-NIGHT~ Charmy is determined to get his revenge on Eggman. Sonic tells Bunnie that she can't come because the kingdom need someone with strength like hers. When landing, Everyone but Sonic and Knuckles stand watch. Before Knuckles can finish what he's saying, Sonic zips off and finds an echidna prison camp. It's being run by techno-dingoes. As Sonic begins to charge, he shouts the remembered Let's "do it to it!" Everyone seems to have no idea what he's talking about.=P So he "Charge!!"s instead. Finally! It's action time!!! Espio's got darts and suirrikens(can't spell it). Sonic spins by and steal the dingoes' weapons and gauntlets. Ray's "foolin' around" with the enemy, Charmy amd Safron're stinging one(yes, one), Vec's tail whuppin' another, and Julie-Su's frying one. Sonic was right about Knux being as weak as a kitten, he's almost completely vulnerable. Sonic comes to the rescue with Knuckles saying he coulda done it himsleff. At once, the echidna crowd cheers Knuckles on as the "AVATAR." As you might guess, he's speechless. Everyone, including Remmington. He states that the prophecy came true about Knuckles not being an imposter. Remmy here and his EST visited the Sky Sanctuary to look into his coffin. Since he wasn't in it[which finally answers my question of why Knuckles didn't end up in a coffin alive(how cruel if he did!)], the EST saw the truth. Too late, as the dingoes already attacked the echidnas and sold them in exchange for the echidna's freedom. Echidnaopolis was doomed by Robotnik. Remmington as imprisoned for months before ending up in his current spot in front of Knux. Knix is still confused after Remmy says he still has faith. Julie states that The Prophecy of the Ancient Walkers says "A champion will bypass the afterlife and return hence to deliver the world from its suffering. Knux is still reluctant to believe ol' Remmy and crew.

~DINGO CITY(Formerly Echidnaopilis)~ Robotnik contacts General Kage to know if Ksge's prisoner speaks up yet. No such luck. The echidna prisoner knows how to find it. Robo-McBald orders Kage to make the prisoner fess up. It turns out the prisoner really is Locke! Knuckles and the rest are in the area the technolo-tree pointed out. Ray is scared of the layout ¨.¨ Then all of a sudden it gets smoky in the area as some figures approach. The Dark Legion! TO BE CONTINUED!

It's kinda hard ot keep up since I've missed out onna month. From what I see, it's going to be very good later on! WB's done it again with his zany art and such! I see it's finally the official end of Sonic and Sally. I need to see how this turns out before I make m judgement but I don't think it will go well. Just look at how the others handle the "Let's do it to it!". Aw well. I'll just have to see. Overall a very goo dstory that's going to get very interesting. And it's about time they tried to save the island anyway.


King Sonic and his family are visiting to Angel Island to visit it's Gaurdian, Knuckles. Sonic, Manik, are challenging Lara-Su and Sonia to a volleyball game. Queen Sally and Julie-Su are having a conversation about Sonic and Knux saying how they don't like to leave the house. Sally tells Julie-Su that Sonic rarely talks to those he needs to deal with. It's been almost 3 years since he spoke to Tails. He's gone to Downunda, without the farewell of Sonic. Sonic doesn't seem to match that description Julie-Su has in mind. Some time in the game, Sonic pushes Manik in the water in order to get a crack at the ball. Makin's been hoggin' it infront of the King's face. Just then Knuckles steps in, eye and all, saying that Manik's helpless for being pushed in the water. Sonic cuts Manik again to do a greeting of sorts. The Grown-ups are having the dinner mentioned earlier now. Knuckles mentions that it wasn't like he expected- a usual get-together-ness where the kids have fun and the grown-ups have fits. Sonic seems to agree. Just then Abby comes in. Asking if anyone will have chono for desert. Knuckles oorders. Julie-Su and Knuckles will have the usual, the Queen with mintiness, and the King's straight. Knuckles and Sonic start to argue about things like since when Knux ebcame a "gourmand" and why Knuckles doesn't protect the island throughout. The kids overhear and decide not to take the same wrong turn of arguing saying they don't wanna lose their friendship and act like dorks. Manik agrees, but Lara-Su doesn't do with Manik touching her. Knuckles and Sonic are being rude at the table, unacceptable for a king! They both coolit and "appologize" before the get "throttled". Abby comes in with the ordered food. The Queen's is chono-raisinberry flavored. The Queen welcomes Abby to live in the kingdom, but she refuses saying that this is home to her. Knuckles says that's all and Julie-Su saks what happened to his manners. He says there's no time for 'em since time's runnin' out. The weather in the sky is his main concern. It cleard up earlier, but maybe for the last time. Rotor and Cobor didn't trust Sonic to believe them so they(at least Rotor) told Knux that there are "forces at work" tearing this planet up. Nobody knows how it came to be or what it's for but Cobar's been able to detect pressure in the center of Mobius building up. After many discussions it comes down to do or die! The combined strength of the kindgoms and the echidnas can make it possible. If they can't win, they'll need another planet to live on! TO BE CONTINUED!

It's been almost 3 months but I finally get to review this issue. The second story isn't much at the beginning but it gets a little better. The art is just as good as always without a flaw and the story is slow in this one. It's the ammount of pages for sure. I dunno why, but Sonic doesn't know how to behave at a royal dinner. As the King, he's supposed to set an example for all. If this is his example, then... Aw who cares?! I'll still love Sonic!^_^ As for the letters section, it seems everyone's always trying to pick on me with everything I do! I still don't get what the letterer's trying to say to me. What problem is (s)he trying imply: Not knowing how to switch mailing accounts, or something else. If I don't know, then I just plain lack sense. If so, that must be why people always make fun of me where ever I am. It's a good issue here, I'm sad with myself for mt lack of sense.<=~(