Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 136

Editor-in-chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor: Justin Freddy Gabrie; Assistant Editor: Mike Pellerito.

By Patrick Spaziante, Nelson Ribeiro, and Jason Jensen

Sonic holds the limp form of his father, while Bernie and Uncle Chuck look on in sorrow. Powerful picture (and I love the detail on Jules' mechanical form...)

By J. Axer, colored by "the Art Department".

A review of the first Tommy story and last issue, with a detailed (and oddly posed) pic of Sonic.

"The Tommy Trilogy" Part two: "The Infiltrator"
Written by Romy Chacon, penciled by Art Mawhinney, inked by Andrew Pepoy, lettered by Jeff Powell, colored by Jason Jensen. Special thanks to Robert Leffler and Takuma Hatori at SEGA Licensing (uh-oh!).

We start with a cheerful morning in the Hedgehog household. Sonic arrives back from an unspecified mission, dead tired and heads straight to bed, causing his father to criticize his rudeness.

Tails heads for school (he has finals today-nice detail), while Tommy heads for Sonic's room.

Jules is suspicious, and follows him. A good thing, too-this ain't Tommy, it's an android duplicate! (Told ya'!)

Jules intercepts Tommy, and gets a drill in the chest for his troubles. Sonic, having woken up during the short fight, goes into spin mode, and cuts the android to pieces. He then races to Uncle Chuck's, with Jules... but it's too late. Jules is dead.

(This part moved a little fast for my tastes, but this might just be me-I'm a fast reader.)

Not willing to accept his father's death, Sonic races to the Power Ring pool, grabs a ring, races back, and wishes with all of his might for his father to be healed.

...Next page, it's another day, and Sonic and Uncle Chuck are discussing the previously chronicled events, feeling relief that Jules is okay. But, when Uncle Chuck comments on the android's recent construction, Sonic leaps to the conclusion that the real Tommy is really still alive...

It was all good, until the last page. I mean, if Jules really was saved, why don't we see it? My guess is that SEGA said they didn't want Sonic's dad to die, thus forcing the final page to be redone. Hence, the "special thanks" at the beginning.

A more minor detail-"Robo-Dyne Systems"... Come on! As if the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Transformers references weren't enough, now we have Terminator references!

"Mobius 25 Years Later"-"Girl Talk"
Written by Ken Penders, penciled by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, colored by Jason Jensen, lettered by Vickie Williams.

Sally and Julie-Su are chatting about Sally's upcoming visit (with J-Su's chef, a Koala named Abby, adding her own commentary), when Lein-Da calls. It turns out that not only are J-Su and Lein-Da on speaking terms (J-Su even calls her "sister"), but Lein-Da and Sally are friends! (My, how things have changed!). The three chat about various matters, until Lara-Su shows up. When Sally mentions that Prince Manik has a crush on Lara-Su, Lara complains that he's too young-and begs "Aunt Lein-Da" not to tell Rutan. (Interesting. Very interesting.)

Lein-Da declines an invitation to join in the visit, and hangs up. Finally, we end with Abby announcing her plans for the upcoming meal-"Escargot soufflé with Clam pie." As Lara-Su comments, "Eewww... Gross!"

On a side note, Sally mentions that she and Sonic were married 19 years ago, and Sonic became king 17 years ago. That means, we have about six years (Mobian time) until Sonic and Sally's marriage. This makes it unlikely Sonic and Sally will get back together right away, but it also means that their marriage will likely be the first marriage either of them has. (Some had suggested Sally might marry Antoine first, seeing as how they're both currently available, and the King had implied it was their destiny.)

And on an artistic note, I notice that Sally is dressing a lot more like her mother these days (as opposed to in "In Your Face", where she wore the same boots and vest she did as a teen, along with a simple tiara.). It looks good... but it does make it hard to remember this is Sally we're looking at...

Written by Romy Chacon, penciled by Ron Lim, inked by Nelson Ribeiro, lettered by Vickie Willaims, colored by Jason Jensen.

Knuckles is sorely tempted to disobey the King and head to Angel Island, but he finally resists the temptation.

Yeah, that's it.

Oh, and the Lim/Ribeiro team comes through once again, with art that's actually somewhat impressive (though Knux is out of proportion on the first page).

Off Panel
by Manak and Gallagher.
JG can't get enough Sonic X.

"This Just Out!"
JG is leaving the comic, at long last. (I don't think I'm the only one who felt he overstayed his welcome.) So, who will be taking up the reigns, to lead the comic to never-before-seen heights? Why, none other than Assistant Editor, Mike Pellerito! (Oh, man. We're doomed!)

Letters by Ryan Annis, Dione Kitane, Jeremy Corren, ShadowFan24, and Shray. Also, Find Your Name In Print.

Sonic Fan Art

Sally by Matt Colvin; Sonic, Knuckles, and a Chao by Ruman Randhawa; Tails and... um, I think it's that fan-created sister of Tails... by Chole Schneider; and Shadow by Joshua Lawrence.

Final Thoughts:
I hope, I really, desperately hope, that Mike Pellerito is better at editing (and managing the story-flow) than he is at answering letters. If not, then the comic is on the road to a disaster of epic proportions. (And they probably might as well kiss my money goodbye-I have too many other things to do with it to waste it on a comic that is drifting further and further away from its potential.) ...

EDIT: WB says we shouldn't worry just because of the way Mike P. answers letters. That's a releif! Well, then, Mike, let's see what you can do!

Now that I have issue 136, let's get on with the review. Nothing else to be said.

The cover looks alot better than in 135. Another beautiful cover by Spaz and crew. It's always the detail that does the cover right. All I can say is no flaws here. 9/10


It's morning in Knothole Village(what happened to Knothole City?!?!?!) At the Hedgehog hut Sonic' out on a mission for the King but Tails couldn't come with due to studying of the school finals. Sonic enters the hut, exausted, gulps down 2 chili dogs, and hits the hay. Tails heads off to school, being called by my last name(Oh, gosh, not this again!), Myles. Meanwhile, in some jungle-ish area, Retardnik recieves a message from ADAM that Infiltrator # 127 is inplace. ADAM then precedes with Operation Deadhog. Bernie gives Jukes a plate, but he can't taste it due to his reboticization. Tommy sneaks away from the table in search of Sonic. It seems like there really is a plus to roboticization as Jules ends up noticing Tommy is going to kill Sonic with his drill-hand. It seems like they made a robo-version of Tommy. Jules comes in to stop Tommy as Sonic wakes up. Tommy attacks Jules as he gets cut in the stomach. Bernie and Sonic are shocked as Sonic immediately attacks Tommy, asking if he's one of Egghead's minions. Sonic prays that Jules can be fixed as he heads out to find Uncle Chuck. Chuck can fix his exerior, but not his interior. The crew are heartbroken by thism especially Sonic. He can't bear to accept this, especially since he's just getting to know his father. Sonic heads to the Lake of Rings at the right time as a ring pops out and Sonic dashes by someone else who wanted it and swipes it. Sonic uses the ring out on Jules and uses the Power Ring on Jules while praying like mad to bring him back to life. The death scene was handled quite well, but local forumers are calling it a "cheap death" as Jules is repaired. Next morning, Sonic and Chuck find out that Jules was able to live by Sonic's determination to not give up. Due to all of Chuck years of serving Robotnik when he was roboticized, he knows which chip imprints the manufacturing information. It says " Robo-Dyne Systems: Imprint Tommy Tortoise(Season 17) Model 101--Megaopolis." This ship is the neccesary proof needed to show King Acorn. As Chuck starts to explain why, Sonic cuts him off by realizing that Season 17 means Tommy is still avile. Sonic needs to save him having known that he's still alive.

This story was not very good. The part where Jules was killed was handled well but coming back to life ruined the meaning of it. It happened all too quickly. The art was well this time, but not perfect. There are also some typos like Myles instead of Miles. I'll give it 2 1/2 rings. I hope next issue's story doesn't get this bad.

MOBIUS: 25 Years Later- Girl Talk

It starts with Julie-Su and a koala named Abby recieving a phone call from Queen Sally saying there is a problem at hers. There also seems to be one at the Echidna residence. Knuckles and the King can't seem to be dragged into sociallism as Julie plans a get-together. Plus Sonic doesn't like toffetti so Abby has trouble deciding what to cook. Manic is not accepting most of what he's getting and Lara-Su is finicky about her diet. Going on a diet at this age? Yeah right! . Anyway, The queen reveals that she was married to Sonic for 17 years. Since the former king didn't pass his role until 2 years after the wedding. It turns out Sonic regrets being a king as Knuckles does being a guardian. It turns out Lara can be a guardian due to her age. Thought she already was. Manik has no interest in being a prince but Sonia sometimes loves being princess. Julie recieves another call from none other thank Lain-Da. Sally hasn't spoken to her in a month so they make it a 3-way call. Julie lets Lien in on how she was planning on getting away from the kingdom for the weekend. Abby wants them all to go out, but Lara, who's just stepped in, isn't interested in hanging out with Manik. It's because he's too young for her and it'll be heard everywhere if it happens. Lein promisses not to tell. After being asked why, Lara says she'd home because the lightning shorted out the power supply at school. Lara was told it was nothing to worry about, but Rotor and Jonas say it won't affect anyone's trip to Angel Island. Lein can't join. Dimitri signals Lein-Da so she hangs up and says to be in touch. Abby jas finished the food and if anyone dissagrees, there is always(more like NEVER) escargot souffle and clam pie.

I don't know what to give this story! I honestly as heck can't decide if it's good or bad! It may necause there are too many questions to be answered like why don't Julie and Lein seem to hate each other? I dunno, I don't have the issues to tell why? Abby has been called stereotypical and I don't know what that means. Until furute issues, I'll leave my final choice for this story out. The art on the other hand was just as good and flawless as always.


Knuckles's at the spot where the Angel Island is every year. It's been almost ONE since Robotnik took over. Knuckles plans to change it for good, but the King needs him to be patient but can't since it's 20 miles and lives on the Island and is the guardian. Knuckles is ofrced to make a long jump to the isnald since he won't gain another chance. He decides to wait until next the sun sets. He wants to impres his mom and make her proud as the guardian. He has to stop thinking as the isnald is about to go and if he doesn't make it, he'll have to go via transportation, which won't happen until King Max says so. Knuckles decides to wait and be patient at the time. Good thing, or he'd have been obliterated by a bunch of Shadow-Bots! Robotnik is furious as he is forced to wait until another time.

A decent story that leaves me anxious to find out what'c coming up next. I can't see any flaws so I'll give it a 5 rings. Ron Lim keeps on iproving in his artwork. Keep it up and he might be better than Spaz one day. Incredible deatails is given to the visuas, especially Knuckles fists! Way to go, Ron! You're finally improving! Justin Freddie Gabrie has left the comic at last, which is good for some of you. I never hated him at all to say the truth. Anyway, Ths issue recieves 3 rings overall. I hope the main story improves in the next issue.

136 Review

In my review of 135, I said I'd wait for the conclusion before passing judgement on the "Tommy Trilogy". Now it's time for Part 2 and it's all downhill from here. Literally.

Cover: Spaz/Ribeiro/Jensen. A somber scene featuring Sonic, Jules, Bernadette, and Uncle Chuck. The sunset makes for a poignant backdrop, but the foreground has a few problems. Bernie's shoes are large and unweildy, Sonic's tail has disappeared, and Uncle Chuck's glasses and sweater-vest are missing. 8 out of 10.

Main Story- Tommy Trilogy, Part 2. The Infiltrator: Bernie and Jules are having breakfast, Tails is studying, and Tommy is being his annoying self. Sonic walks in and is too tired to be polite, he just goes to bed. Tails heads off to school, cut to ADAM and Robotnik chatting in a secret lair, then back to Bernie crying over uneaten chili dogs. Tommy tries to sneak into Sonic's room, but Jules is suspicious. Good thing, because Tommy turns out to be a *gasp* robot bent on killing Sonic with a drill. Jules overhears Tommy and leaps to his son's rescue. Sonic wakes up just in time to see Jules get sliced. He then displays his grasp of the obvious by stating "You're not Tommy!" before taking out the bad guy. Sonic then turns his attention to his ailing father. He carries him to Uncle Chuck, who can rebuild him but can't fix his memory so, Jules is dead. For about two pages anyway. A convient plot device, the Lake of Rings, is revived after God-knows-how-many-issues. Sonic races over there, and arrives just in time to grab the ring, and wishes for his father to be healed. It must have worked because the next day Chuck is telling Sonic how he saved Jules' life by not giving up. Sonic pledges to be a better son and to hang out with his family- which he promptly forgets when he realizes that the real Tommy Turtle must still be out there (probably being help prisoner). Man. This story could have been a great tale about the importance of family, and the love between a father and son. Unfortunately, it has too much going against it. First, as several people have pointed out, there are the many editorial blunders: Miles' name, ADAM's attitude, Tommy TORTOISE, etc. Then, there's the matter of Bernie and Chuck's reactions to Jules' "death". Bernie is too dramatic, even for a spouse, (see page 9, panel 4) whereas Chuck hardly seems fazed at all. Third, wishing on power rings is something I remember from days long gone by, but newbies will likely be left scratching their heads at Jules' miraculous recovery. Finally, Sonic's abruptly switching from wanting to spend time with his dad to rescuing Tommy proves that not only is Sonic easily distracted but Jules STILL is isn't a good subject for an emotional story (remember "The Last Mobian") Story: 3 out of 10. Art: 6 out of 10.

This is my first review of a comic, so please don't stone me.

"The Infiltrator"
p.1-3 -I like the bit about Tails having finals (mostly because I can relate!), and Sonic is mucho funny when he's sleepy. "Miles" is spelled wrong in the last panel on p.3

- "undisclosed location"=heh. Cheney.

- Aha! I knew it! And I love how robots only have red eyes once they are reavealed to be 'bots.

- I don't really have much to say here.

- Does is bother anyone else that Uncle Chuck seems completely unfazed by his brother's death? He doesn't seem sad, or show even the least bit of emotion
- I love they way Sonic's ears droop a little on the bottom of p.8


- Worst page in the story. The transition is poor, at best.
- Uncle Chuck has Robian style speech bubbles in two of the panels.
- Sonic suddenly shrinks in the last panel.
- Worst of all - Tommy *really* is still alive.

"M25YL: Girl Talk"
- The problem that Sally mentions in the first line is never addressed.
- Julie-Su's domesticity didn't bother me at first, but the apron is too much.
- I love Abby. Stereotypical foreign housekeeper.

- All the dialogue on this page is completely forced, for the sole purpose of filling in the reader on the past 25 years. It's gotta be done, but it's just so blank.
- With the one exception of Abby's line about fiber - (heh, Knux is anal retentive...)

- A conference call between Julie-Su, Princess, er, Queen Sally, and Lien-Da? Never thought I'd see that.

- Then again, I didn't think Lien-Da would ever say the word "lovely"
- I'm undecided on the bit about Lara-Su and Manik. We'll see if that goes anywhere.

- *Phew* Lien-Da has something up her sleeve. She plays dumb to the strange weather, but she could have been a bit more antagonistic about it.
- The way Sally and Julie-Su describe the weather is just...I can't even think of a word. It is just so so forced.
- 9 to one that they'll get stranded on Angel Island.

- Lien-Da has a prior commitment, eh? Wonder what that could be. *wink wink nudge nudge*
- The middle panel of Abby chopping the lemon is quite bizarre. I don't know why it's there.
- They eat clams?! Isn't one of the Forty Leagues Freedom Fighters a clam?

p.1 - Downunda? Uncorrupted by Robotnik? Is this the same Downunda that we all know and love?

- The flash-back panel could use some blurry edges, or off-color, or something.
- Knux's bit about just wanting to resuce his mom was just a tad too anticlimactic for his long to-do about what he's not doing it for.

- Knux runs?

- Ah! His eyeball is talking!

- For one reason or the other, the panel with Knux's hand touching the bottom of the Island touched me. (No pun intended.)
- The attempt at ending with a joke failed miserably.

"Letter From The Editor"
- Gabrie is leaving? Huh. Well whaddya know.

- I comment on this page for one reason: "Keep an 'eye' out for our next big story arc, 'Return to Angel Island" In response to a comment about Knuckles. Could Knux be acquiring his bionic eye sooner than we thought?

Overall: It was okay. Nothing special.


I hadn't really intended to do any reviews of the Sonic comic, figuring on keeping my elitist SegaSonic-attitude to myself. But I've started picking it up again, and in the wake of the excellent Sonic 134, the following two issues are so fantastically terrible that I've been stirred into action. 135 and 136 both following the same story, kind of, and they share some qualities (ie, they suck), and of course, we've got 137 to look forward to before we can even hope to see any quality again. My interest in the book was renewed (after approximately a 120 issue hiatus) by the radical new directions presented by Jon Gray and Karl Bollers in 134, but look at what we have to endure before we get to see it again!


The main story for Sonic #136 couldn't grace us today without the backup of 135, so let's talk about that for just a second. Tommy the Turtle is apparently an old friend of Sonic's who sacrificed himself to save him. Suddenly, he turns up in a moronic scenario that returns him as good as new, but of course, anyone who doesn't think he's a robot (or a living zombie slave or something) made by Eggman was either born yesterday (and therefore unable to READ) or totally in denial. So here we are, Sonic's home in Knothole Forest, where we are supposed to assume that Tommy has been chillin' for a while...

The first thing that leaps off the page is the retarded expression on Sonic's mom's face. She looks awful. I can't really effectively describe it, but there's something about the mouth, and her whole "chin area" being slightly wider than it ought to be--whatever it is, it makes me angry just to look at it. The art quality aside, she is the very epitome of what not to do with this sort of character. Does anyone remember the movie "Space Jam?" Regardless of that one's dubious origins (Nike TV commercials), we learned one thing from the "Behind the Scenes Featurette:" when designing a female "version" of an existing male character (Bugs Bunny in this case), do NOT just draw the same character but wearing a dress!! And those bangs don't help (I wonder if she dyes them blond?)! Even Amy Rose walks the line, but she was shorter, proportioned slightly differently, and freakin' PINK; and of course the other changes made to her over the years I feel have significantly differentiated her from the other important hedgehog in the Sonic universe. And what the hell kind of name for Sonic's mom is Bernie? Was she named after Bernie Stolar? The infamous former president of Sega of America notorious for being the one who "killed the Saturn?" Regardless of the correctness of his decision in that regard, is this really someone who ought to be sharing the name of Sonic's mother? Sure, maybe it's short for "Bernetta" or something, but you'd think there'd be somebody who'd have caught this. Ok, back to the comic.

The second thing to leap off the page is that Tails appears to be stoned. If you read the dialog, you'll learn that Sonic insisted he study for "Finals" (I wasn't aware that he even went to school! Isn't he supposed to be some kind of a genius?) and the reader can then assume that perhaps he was up all night studying (when of course everyone ought to know that last-minute-late-night cramming is often times the worst kind of studying you can do), but the fact of the matter is that he looks totally baked. Add in the looming, Shaggy-like figure of Tommy the Turtle and it's a rather hard image to shake. BUT WAIT, it gets better! In comes Sonic, exhausted and in a "Crash" state according to his father, from another hard night of binge drinking. Just kidding. He was actually out on an all night mission for some reason or other, and he heads straight to bed after ingesting a mouthful of chilidogs and eggs. Chilidogs. Some things never change eh...

So let's talk about Tommy for a bit. In the last issue, Tommy was drawn by Ron Lim, an artist who, contrary to what I've read in other reviews, actually seems to get worse with each passing issue, and I can always come up with something about his art that seriously bugs me. Last time, Tommy was portrayed as a penis-shaped green head poking out of a cloak that may have been crafted from a plastic garbage bag. In this issue, he's runnin' round fully naked and you can plainly see that he's all turtle, baby. His face is completely different, and rather than the totally upright posture he had before, now his neck is totally crooked, and he's the most boring and unimaginative turtle character you could ever hope to see. His shell patterning is drawn inconsistently (but simplistically!) and his front half, rather than being assembled from "plates" like a real turtle, resembles a cartoon beehive.

Our story is interrupted briefly to show (for those of us who didn't figure it out last issue) that Dr. Robotnik is of course planning to kill Sonic by using Tommy as a weapon. Back at home, Tommy intrudes upon the slumbering Sonic, and suddenly there are metal claw things where his hands used to be, forming a kind of drill. Now, it has only just occurred to me that we are probably supposed to be seeing his "skin" pull back, to reveal a metal skeleton underneath, and if that's the case then it's a blow to the art, because it totally failed to convey that on my previous readthrus. I had just assumed he'd magically turned his hands into drill/claw-thingies, which is fine by me. Robots can do that kind of thing. (I guess this means he's not a living zombie slave.) He turns the drill to Sonic, and suddenly, it's dad to the rescue! Jules busts in, having heard everything with his superior robot hearing, and with a cry of "Get your stinking drill away from my son!" gets run through himself. Then, totally unnecessarily, Tommy (whose hands have turned back to normal somehow) picks him up and throws him to the floor like a pro wrestler. By this time, Sonic has awakened, and the next thing you know there's an angry Sonic face ripping Tommy in half. It might just be me, but I expected the shell to offer more resistance. (I guess it's on account of being made out of a cartoon beehive.) The more important matter is that Sonic's dad seems to be dead, so Sonic takes him to Uncle Chuck, who we recognize as Sonic but with giant bushy white eyebrows that are even bigger than his bushy white mustache.

"Now," he says, "when I put these two pieces together, it should--"

Do what, Uncle Chuck? STICK TOGETHER? The piece in his right hand appears to be a can of spray paint. This scene would have been better off without any dialog at all. I mean, it just comes off as stupid in a way that I can't even express. If he were actually working on something significant, I wouldn't have a problem, as it is, it's just a waste of dialog, a lead-in to absolutely nothing. Anyway, Sonic barges in and they try to fix up the daddy. Uncle Chuck, wearing an outrageous set of goggles, pronounces Jules good and dead, which gets a ridiculous "NO!" out of Sonic. Bernie is broken up about it too, and looking equally ridiculous/pathetically drawn. Now I know some people have not responded ideally to the art style for the dramatic scene at the end of #134, but look at this, this can't possibly be what you'd want instead! It's just ridiculous to look at, like the rest of the story, poorly layed out and just looking pretty stupid all around. This whole "emotional" scene, practically on the heels of the Sally breakup (which we excitingly left on a cliffhanger-like moment at the end of 134), just falls totally flat, it's hard to even care. This is weak art (look at Bernie) and terrible scripting, and you just have to wonder what they were thinking.

Suddenly, Sonic is at the "Lake of Rings" snatching the power ring from an unsuspecting doggish creature who seems to only be there to explain a bit of background to those of us who've forgotten what the "Lake of Rings" actually is. Sonic dashes back home and dad is magically fixed. It's as if the story had no point at all. I guess there might be some kind of character development in here, Sonic wanting to "know the father [he] never had growing up," or something equally cheesy.

Not to worry, Uncle Chuck to the rescue with something to link into the next story: Days later (meaning, on the next page), he reveals to Sonic what he found inside Robo-Tommy's body--it's some kinda chip-thingie that can be traced back to Dr. Robotnik! That's right, that nefarious old codger was behind it the whole time! "This is the evidence we need to show the king so he can--"

Can what, Uncle Chuck? Make an attack on Dr. Robotnik? Wasn't he the guy who's been tormenting the furry population of the entire planet for a whole year in Sonic's absence? Wasn't he the guy who tried to blow everyone up with nuclear missiles just four issues ago? Isn't he the mainstay villain of the video game series? Do you need some reason to go after him? Or even pin the blame on him? It's like we're being alluded to the idea that there's some kind of delicate political situation going on here, which is absolutely not the case. This isn't like making up stories about nuclear weapons in Iraq so you can make sure the oil industry stays healthy under the guise of "liberating" the country (end of political commentary), it's a freaking kids comic! You don't need to convince ANYBODY that Robotnik needs a whuppin'!

Now maybe, if it hadn't been made so obvious in the first place, or perhaps there actually was some other possible suspect, this could have been interesting, or if Dr. Robotnik had, in some moment of weakness, created some kind of truce with the Knothole Kingdom. If we had any reason at all to think it wasn't Dr. Robotnik, this might come off as sort of interesting. As it is, you just have to wonder, "what were they thinking?"

Well, we don't have to wonder what Sonic's thinking. Jumping to rather sudden conclusions, he assumes that Tommy is still alive for NO REASON AT ALL, and if he is, he's GOTTA save him! To be continued! Oh, what drama!

What a piece of rubbish.

I have little to say regarding the Mobius 25 Years Later story. A part of me really wants to hate it, being not that big a fan of the Archie continuity in the first place, and I certainly don't see much reason to be excited to see a "possible" 25-years-later version. It's also slow, and nothing seems to be happening. I do like the idea that Ken is taking the time to really flesh it out, and give us all this character interaction, but with only 8 (or less) pages an issue it really feels as if something is missing, the stories need more focus, more punch, more something. There's a possibility that taken as a whole, this sequence might amount to something pretty entertaining, but I think it's really hindered by the format it's in now. And that's assuming I like the focus on these new characters that I don't care about, which would be the wrong assumption. And look at the previews right here on Sonic HQ... Sonic 139 will reveal "more hints of the approaching danger!" OH BOY! I can't wait for some more foreshadowing! As I say, I think taking a more leisurely approach to the story is a nice idea, but these pages could easily be better used to give the writers of other stories (stories where things actually happen) a bit more elbow room. Not that I want any more space devoted to this Tommy thing.

Up next, we have (yes) the most pointless story yet:

Knuckles: "I will go fight Robotnik on Angel Island."
Disembodied voice of King Acorn: "You should wait on that a bit."
Knuckles: "I have changed my mind."
Robotnik: "Curses! Now I cannot blast him to smithereens!"

This could have been quite comical had it only taken up, say, a single page, but stretched out over five of them and I feel like I wasted my time on it. The "surprise" at the ending doesn't really do anything for me. I can imagine something like "wow, it's a good thing Knuckles was patient," and I can only assume this is the reaction the writer was going for. He didn't get it from me. The art is not actually bad at all (though I don't like the style--too much black, and pretty blah coloring for a sunset), especially considering what I said about Ron Lim earlier, but there are still spots that sort of make me cringe.

So, to wrap up...

This kind of garbage is exactly the reason why I stopped reading the comic a long time ago and never really picked it up again. It's not just the affront to my decidedly games-based Sonic sensibilities, it just plain sucks. And yet people have supported this monster for over ten years, and it seems to be doing pretty decently for itself, a mystery that's boggled my mind ever since the first issue rolled off the presses. When I saw 134, I really thought things might be changing for the better, but it seems like there's still a long way to go yet. I can only hope the upcoming 4-part story from Karl and Jon, will be good enough to open up enough eyes to the garbage they've been reading and demand that the book keep up that level of quality. But let's face it, it's a book for kids, and one of the few comics I can still find at my local grocery store, which probably means parents keep buying it regardless of what the kids think, assuming the kids think anything at all. If Archie doesn't get the message that people are unhappy with this crap, then there's little chance that we'll ever see anything worthwhile come out of it again.

I have also provided a little selection of the art that I found to be the most cringe-worthy, plus a Tommy comparison.

The amazingly stupid-looking Bernie. She doesn't look so bad on the cover despite a hopelessly bad character design. God, I just want to punch her teeth out.

Miles "Baked Potato" Prower

A few other choice scenes.

Right. Review number 2!


Nice. Not mind boggiling, just nice. Although Sonic looks a bit werid, very nicely done. UNLIKE 134.



"prepare for the 'shell'-shock of your life!
Sorry bud. Not in this shoddy issue.

A picture of Sonic TRYING to look cool (and about half way there). A review of what's happened, and we go on with...


It's another fine morning in knothole VILLAGE (ahem) and we cut to the hedgehog residence. Tails is studying for as test at school, whilst Tommy wonders where Sonic is. Jules just mentiones Sonic was out all night on a mission for the king, when he walks in. He's dead tired, and leaves as quickly as he came in (breakfast included). Tails leaves for school, and Tommy follows Sonic. Jules, being suspicious, follows. Turns out Tommy isn't as he seems. Eyes red, a drill pops out of his hand. It's closing in on Sonic when...
JULES comes to the rescue!
...onnly to get a drill in his chest. Wise move, Jules.
Sonic destroys Tommy, and picks up his dad,who has a sliver of spittle coming from his mouth. WHAT THE?- How can THAT be? He's a ROBOT.
Anyway, Sonic is wondering if his dad could be fixed, and goes to Uncle chuck. Uncle C says he can fix him, but not bring back his personality. Sonic then goes NOOOOOOOOOOOO and then thinks there's still time and runs off. Bernie then starts to cry, which is portrayed TERRIBLY. What is she, a water fountain?
Meanwhile, cut to the lake of rings. Guard mumbles about it being the end of his shift, when Sonic rushes past and grabs a power ring. He gets back, wishes that Jules would come back, there's a flash of light...
Oh please.
How cheesy.
Cut back to knothole VILLAGE (sigh, it's now a CITY, remember?) and Jules is takinng apart the tommy robot. He finds what he was looking for: the robo-dyne manufacturing chip. One peice of infomation mentions 'season 17' which SOMEHOW makes Sonic think that Tommy is still alive. Meh.

STORY: Poor. Very poor. The dialouge was bad, they called Miles "Myles" (EEK) and COMPLETELY forgot Knothole (as I know of) is now a city. And how on earth does Sonic know Tommys alive because of season 17? We're not mind-readers. The story seemed rushed and cheesy, and just bad in almost every way. Not good at all.


ART: The art didn't help either. The characters seemed a Bernie is NOT a water fountain, and tails had hardly any expression in his face at all. Same with bernie and Uncle chuck.



Julie-su and Sally are chatting over some sort of communications screen, while a grumpy koala-cook named abbey adds commentary. They talk about girl stuff and Sally shows a wedding picture between her and Sonic. He hasn't changed a bit. Sally mentiones that Sonic also didn't really want to be king (which we all kneww in the first place). Lien-Da then joins the conversation, and Manik's crush on Lara-su is mentioned just as Lara-su enters the room. Lara-su is very embarrased, and begs Lien-Da to not tell Rutan. She says she'll keep her lips sealed. Abby announces what will be for dinner when Sally's family come over and Lara-su makes a face, which I love.

STORY: At the moment, this story is moving slower than the time it takes for my sister to tidy her room.I think it NEEDS to go a bit faster. Or it's going to die before we get to the adventure parts. BUT I loved abbys commentary. Quite funny, I must admit.

ART: Well, it's Steven butler. He's always quite good. Even though he draws girls/ladies like they're anorexic, it's fine. But I LOVE Lara-Su's face in the end panel. Great.


Knuckles is about to try and save Angel island by himself, but remembers what King Max said to him to wait, he waits, and Robotnik is cursing that he dcouldn't blast Knuckles to bits with his swat-bots at the side of the island.
STORY: To make it short: what was the point in this? Because I don't see any.
ART: Better than Ron Lim's usual. Although Knuckles looks a bit like an alien in some panels, but JUST look at the second page of the story, bottom panel. With robo and the island. Very nice there. Although I think that was partly to do with the inker.

OVERALL: Hmm. Rubbish, in my opinion. Mobius:25 years later I didn't mind, but the main story let it down for me.


Fizzycat, out.

i thought the issue had some issues. not only was all the art in the entire issue horrible.(aside from Steven Butlers. his art rocks)the comics storys also needed fixin up. for one thing why is three issues being dedicated about some freakin turtle who hasnt been seen since 2002 and shouldnt be seen after that issue either. i think Archies is runnin outta ideas. but why is someone else doing the story for Knuckles? i much prefer Ken over that Nickolodeon reject Chacon. i just hope he doesnt do the next Knuckles story. he makes Knuckles go outta his character too much. the Knuckles we know wouldve went on Angel Island but Chacon made him wimper out. WTF?!? oh and why was the cover so over dramatic when obvisouly in the same freakin issue Sonic revives his dad with a Ring of Acorns.