Issue 134

Editorial team: Richard Goldwater (Editor-in-chief), Victor Gorelick (managing editor), Justin Freddy Gabrie (editor), and Mike Pellerito (assistant editor).

SONIC AND SALLY BREAK UP! NO!!! SAY IT AIN’T SO!!! * cough * -ahem-


Pencils by Patrick Spaziante (after Romita), inks by Nelson Ribeiro, colors by Jason Jensen.

"So long, Sally…" NO, NOOO!!! (This is almost as bad as when she died in issue 47!)

"Home" Epilogue: "Say You Will"

Written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Jon "WB" Gray, inked and lettered by Michael Higgins, and colored by Jason Jensen.

SONIC AND SALLY—no, wait, I’ll get to that in its proper place. First…

Doc Quack (who now sports an eye-patch, due to a… landmine?! Shouldn’t that have got his leg, not his eye…?) examines Sonic, after treating Sonic’s arm.

Quack says that the alien translator has bonded with Sonic, making it impossible to remove. (This causes Sonic to swear. Guess it really bugged him… --Oh, wait, it's his arm hurting him again that makes him swear!)

Sonic reunites with his parents, and with Sally, who clings to him for most of the rest of the issue…

The next morning, Sonic greets Muttski, only to understand the dog’s response! (The scene is hilarious, and WB’s cartoony art compliments it perfectly.)

Sonic explains to his family that Jules couldn’t be deroboticized because of his injuries prior to roboticization. (Yes! I guessed right! …Wait, was that what I guessed…? …More importantly, why couldn’t they have mentioned that back when Sonic met the Bem?! Oh well…)

Sonic heads to "Frederick Airbase" to catch up with Tails, and deliver Tails’ parents’ gift—a watch with a holographic message from them.

Later, Sonic attends a celebration of his homecoming. Mina starts things off with a song, the King Max takes the stage and announces he and Alicia are off on a world tour, and Sal will be in charge in their absence.

Sonic meets Mina's manager and possessive boyfriend, Ash.

Sally tries to talk with Sonic, but just then their friends catch up with them. (Incidentally, the Chaotix are now sporting their Sonic Heroes garb—let’s pretend they were in the past few issues, as well.)

We learn that Tails has fallen for the real Fiona (Sonic’s not too sure about the wisdom of this move, and frankly, neither am I)… We learn Rotor has retired from active missions, and now just invents things—like the holographic generator he uses to shine fireworks and pictures of Sonic and Sally making out over the city.

Geoffrey and Hershey announce that they’re heading off on their honeymoon, and Sonic learns from Bun that no one knows how Ant got his scar, except Quack. She further reveals that Ant’s attitude change was, in fact, the reason she broke up with him. (Can I call ‘em, or what?)

Sonic asks, "What about old times?" and Bun replies, "Ah guess they’re gone." …Talk about foreshadowing…

Aaannnddd, on the next page… Sally asks Sonic to rule by her side while her father’s away. She lost him once, and she doesn’t want to loose him again; thus she doesn’t want him on the front lines anymore.

She really, really should have known better. Fighting Robotnik is Sonic’s life. Unlike Sally, he knows better than to try to adapt to a life not lived on the edge.

..Not that he says all this… He simply replies, "I… can’t."

Needless to say, Sally doesn’t take that too well.

She slaps him, calls him selfish; he tops her outburst with one of his own, asking how doing everything he can to end the war is selfish. Her reply answers many questions I’ve had about the "Home" story-arc, so I’ll quote it verbatim:

"Do you know what it was like believing you were dead? It completely broke my heart. Watching Mecha hurt you brought it all back… And I refuse to have my heart broken again, Sonic.

"What’s more important to you, anyway?! Punching out Robotnik’s lights, or being with me?"

Sonic pauses, tears in his eyes. He doesn’t have a ready answer, and Sally takes that in the worst way…

"Then he can have you all to himself!" she shouts as she runs away.

Next issue, Sonic and Robotnik reveal their love for one-another, and begin planning a wedding! (They’ll have to go to San Francisco for the wedding, but Sonic has plenty of frequent-flyer miles after the Tossed in Space arc.) Of course, considering the fact that Sonic’s favorite pastime is beating up Robotnik, the marriage will doubtlessly have a heavy S&M element to it; but, hey, someone with the responsibilities of Robotnik needs to take the submissive role from time to time, right?

…What?… (Chronos looks around in confusion at people staring at him.)

…Umm… Moving right along,

"Mobius 25 Years Later: In Transit"

Written and inked by Ken Penders, pencilled by Steven Butler, colored by Jason Jensen, and lettered by Vickie Willaims.

As he flies home, Rote gives a review of last issue’s story, as well as Knux noticing Rutan and Salma run off. (Rote mentions that he and the echidna scientist Cobar share "a close personal relationship"… Either Ken’s getting really daring, or I’m too used to trying to figure out what’s being hidden in edited Manga and Anime… probably the latter…)

Knux heads to Haven 2, where he says hello to the catatonic Sabre, and chats with his father. We learn that Julie-Su has forbidden Knux from spying on the "family" (the Dark Legion), so he wants the Haven crew to do it for him. (J-Su’s not gonna like that one!)

Rotor and Cobar tap into the Haven systems, and watch along with the Brotherhood as Rutan tries to explain his being out so late (and thus is unable to share what he overheard Knux and Rote talking about).

Finally, Rotor’s transport reaches Castle Acorn, and we reach the end of this chapter.


Off Panel
by Michael Gallagher and Dave Manak

Sonic finds a magic ring… which Gandalf confiscates, for Sonic’s protection.

Coming Attractions: Sonic chases after Gandalf. (Well, the cover does show Sonic reaching for a cloaked figure…)

Mike Pellerito finally has a chance to introduce himself, then he goes on to answer the letters, butchering them as always. (Though, I must admit, he does have a humorous writing style.)

Sonic Fan Art

Sonic and Shadow (in well-shaded color) by Stefanie Dao, Shadow by Patrick Borger, Sonic by George O’Connell, and Knux and Julie-Su (mostly Julie-Su) by Nola Lacey.

Final Thoughts:

NO!!! Can I cancel my subscription? This is just too sad… * boo, hoo * …

Then again, Superman and Lois split up not long before they got married, so all is not lost. And in the mean time, we have M25YL to tide us Sonic/Sally fans over…

…Gee, got so caught up in the story, barely even noticed WB’s art! Did notice it’s very cartoony, combining the cartooniest elements of the cartooniest Japanese and American cartoons… Counter-intuitively, this actually works well with this story, as it shows off the extreme emotions at the end beautifully.

I still think Axer is the Sonic Art god, but I’ll take WB over Lim any day!

FINALLY! I was afraid I'd never get ths issue in the mail! With that done with, let's get on to the review of Sonic 134! Enter Jon(athan?) "WB" Gray!
~CASTLE ACORN'S ROYAL INFIRMARY~ Dr. Quack asks Sonic if anything got in his ear while he was in space. It was that translator thing from 127. Turns out is becomes a part of Sonic forever and is implanted into his nervous system. Oh, he seems nervous alright. But is seems to be harmless. The doc then ives Sonic a clean bill of health for all but his arm.
Sonic then steps out to greet everyone again as Sonic asks where those who fought in the war are. They're being called into the Royal Ready Room to celebrate Sonic's return. Sonc and Sally share another kiss and then the Hedgehogs leave for home when they are interupted by news reporters again. While home, Sonic's room is the same as it was before he "died". Jules and Bernie couldn't find it in their hearts to change it. Good thing because they can finally live together as a family again! There's no place like home. There is now a black panel that makes me think a scene was taken out. Who knows. Sonic is licked by Muttski while yawning. Muttski: "Hello, Sonic-Friend! Muttski is happy to have you home again!" Sonic: "!?!" That's right, folks! Muttski just spoke! It's because of the translator in his system. I never would have guessed it. Sonic tells his parents about it along with the story of Ceneca-?????. In short, if Jules is de-roboticized, he'll die. This brings up the prototype cover of Sonic #136 to my mind. Sonic then meets up with Tails outside and Tails tells him what happened after the Triplw Threat. Sonic then gives Tails the watch he recieved from The Prowers to let Tails know that his parents are alive. Thanx for the Fexus Flyer pun, WB
~GREEN HILL PARK~ Mina is busy singing on-stage while another one of Dub's puns is shown on the tree(Vote Fexus Fan). And I swear, he has a thing for ducks! Sonic arrives and is officially welcomed back by King Acorn. Sonic wouldn't inagine being anywhere else and Sally is that reason. King Acorn then makes an announcement that in order to stop Robot******, him and Alicia will have to leave Knothole and tour the planet in a few shot weeks, leaving Sally in charge just like when King Acorn was in the Zone of Silence. Mina is also glad to have Sonic back and says she was asked to aid in the war effort by singing for the troops. Mina then introduces Sonic to Ash, her manager and boyfriend. Ash looks like one of those "street punks". Meanwhile, King Max and Queen Alicia discuss if they think Sally's ready for assuming the role of leader having seen her react to Sonic being shot in the last issue. Then again, Prince Elias started his own life in an issue I didn't get to read. Just then, Bunnie and the Chaotix invite Sonic to dance with them. Sonic says he'll save the last one for Sally. Sonic asks Knux why him and the Chaotix aren't on Angel Island. It's because Eggman captured the Island while they were away. Sonic watches out for Tails, who is with Fiona because if you read Sonic 28, you'd know why. Then a rather funnily-drawn Rotor then appears to light up the sky with a fire rocket. Fireworks of Sonic and Sally appear in the sky. I can imagine how realistic it would feel if I were in the crowd. After a short dialogue between Geof and HErshey, Bunnie finally explains to Sonic what's been biting Antoine. It's a result of the war. It changed him completely and threw him and Bunnie off for good. Even the past is gone. Sally then prepaes to give SOnic a talk. Since it's a big responsibility when ruling an entire kingdom, Sally wants Sonic to rule by her side. Sonic says if he can't assist in the war against Eggman due to Sally's request, who will? Sally gets pissed and says there are many other than Sonic who can take him on, but Sonic is their best. Sally says he can't risk losing his life in battle if they're going to have a relationship together. Sally can't stand to see Sonic leave and needs him to stay. Sonic knows he can't. SMAK! Right upside Sonic's face! Sally says he's just being selfish. How can risking his life to save the ones he cares about(and even hates) be selfish when it cost him a whole year of absence. Sally says it's heartbreaking to live for that long believing someone's dead. HOLD THE PHONE! Didn't the say that she had faith in him and knew he'd return eventually 130?! Some faith she has! She thinks he's just joining the war for the fun of beating Robotnik's lisght out and runs away in tears. The end.

0o0 O.O Wow! What an endind! I'm shocked that sally would just give up on Sonic just like that! She has truly lost her faith after seeing Sonic get burned by M and can't seem to recover from it. On the other hand, it's WB's turn at last to present to us his art! As I've said before, "zany "! Cool, zany, and tricky! I like the way he does Rotor, Vector, Sonic, Sally, and the others but Tails' eyes look weird. There are also some puns refeing to Dr. FexusFan, which just reminded me: April Fools Day is coming up! Uh-Oh! It's the return of Dr. FexusFan! Anywhat, this was decent story with a shocking ending and now it's time for Mobius: 25 Years Later!

Lord Rotor and Knux have teamed up and flown from the Floating Island to Mobius to warn the world of the incoming danger that lurks in the sky. Knuckles then spots someones behind him: Rutan and Salma, who've been listening to him since last issue. Knux then attends to the Brotherhood as Haven 2 as we see Sabre in a wheelchair in silence. Sojourner enters the room and Knux asks him if the satellite monitors are still up and running. No, since Knux promised never to spy on his family. Menniker(I believe) reminds Sojourner why? Because of Lien-Da. Dunno why, though. Knux says it's her son he's concerned about. Everyone watches the screen. Lein appears pissed at Rutan and Salma for staying out all night. Rutan says he's been at the unveiling, while Salma's parents are unaware what happened to her. She told them she went to study with Lara-Su. Knux is gonna make sure by having an explanation with Lara, but first, him and Rotor are heading to King Sonic's. To be continued...

I'd have to say, that was an average story because few details were covered aa it has been cut back by 5 pages due to the main story taking them. Oh well. At least it means the comic is finally having more than 11 pages for God knows how long! The art was just as good as ever and we finally get to see what WB's is like. Before then, I've been going to his fanart section to see some of his older work. Once again, ZANY! Keep up the funny, work! Until next issue, I'm outtie.

A review for Archie's Sonic #134:

The story overall was very good and very surprising, we got to find out things that we didn't know and kept asking about and we were left newer questions.

The things that we found out about was that the implant that the aliens put in Sonic's ear is now a part of him, we also found out the reason why Jules (Sonic's Dad) couldn't be derobotized was because it would kill him because was wounded so badly in the Great War.

We also found out what a lot of us already knew, and that was , that it was this new war that caused Antione's adduitte to change (talk about 360) and caused him and Bunnie to break up, which in my opion won't be for much longer.

Now the newer questions that they left us to ask, are questions like: Who's this Ash guy, I mean we know Mina's boyfriend and stage manager, but who is he really, and does he have anything againest Sonic.

Another question was what did King Max (telling Queen Alieca) mean about Dr. Quack saying Sally was "up to it" when Max annouced she was going to rule in their place while they went on a tour of the planet.

I mean Queen Alieca pointed it out best when she told her husband how Sally reacted after seeing Mecha nearly kill Sonic (#133), and how it must have bought back the pain she felt over the past year, let's not forget when Sonic came back (#130) he found Sally at his memorial with tears in her eyes, even before she turned around and saw and embaced him.

Another question is, why does Sally want Sonic to rule by her side while her mom and Dad are away, I mean doesn't she understand Sonic has to help fight Eggman aka Robotnik, I mean Sonic said himself when he said that Robotnik has tooken his game to a whole new level, and Sally does have a point as well when she told Sonic, that there are others who can oppose Robotnik and defeat him, but as mentioned above, not when it's at a whole new level.

And the slap she gave Sonic, and telling him about the pain she's delt with over the past year trying to believe if he was dead or not, only to have it bought back with seeing Mecha nearly kill him and how she doesn't want it to happen again, makes me wounder if she is "up to it" as Dr. Quack told her parents.

And the last question is (the question Sonic asked Bunnie), I believe is the most important one, "What about old times?" I guess we'll find out very soon.

God Bless and Thank you for time in reading this.

-Brian Walmer

Neo's LATE(again) review of #134

Ahhhh, once again, my laziness and my busy, busy life has kept me from reviewing #134. Already everyone is #135 this and #135 that, but hey, I still gotta keep it in order, eh?

If only you could have seen the face I had on when I saw this cover for the first time. I was in angst mode for a good few seconds. A story dealing with something as important as Sonic and Sally and we get THIS as a cover?! When I saw the previews, I thought more was going to be add, but apparently not as you can tell with this. It's so...plain. Plain as plain can be. I'd expect a cover to one day be lacking in the details department, but it makes up for it in terms of artistic value. I mean, take a look at #52 of Sonic. The cover was simply Sonic in a 1940-ish Dick Tracey outfit, but the black and white made it artistic and powerful. This is..."eh." There isn't anything that "wowed" me whatsoever. I guess I'm so used to seeing the main character shown big and almost ghost-like while another main character walks off sad and depressed. It's a cliche I've seen very frequently. So far, I got my #1 for worst cover of 2004...


No frontipiece, we just get to the meat and juice of the matter. In short, we got Sonic in the hospital with Dr. Quack who's busy done x-raying the lights out of him. They talk of that alien chip he got in earlier issues. Ya know, the one where he can understand just about any other bazillions of other languages out there in the world?Imagine the advantage behind such a device. I'd want a piece of that, too. Quack continued the subject by speaking on how it has bonded with Sonic's overall nervous system. This triggers Sonic to go in instant panic mode as he grabs the duck's collar and ask to get rid of it, though Quake informs Sonic it's nothing at all, that and Sonic's broken arm from the fight. After Quake hands Sonic some herbal salve, Sonic questions his "shiner" (That patched eye) which he got for stepping on a land mine by accident when helping out the wounded. The questions reminds: Isn't he suppose to have a missing leg then a missing eye? Though I often wonder if the cane is what keeps Quake walking?
As Sonic leaves the nursing center, Sally and Sonic's entire family (minus Muttski) greet him happily. Sonic's family compliments their son, Queen Alicia talks off celebrations, and Sonic shares a kiss with Sal before heading home (and their parents give their comments on the couple. No offense, but if it were up to me, I'd never kiss in front of my parents...but then again, what do I know, I never dated or fell in love in my 17 years of existence).

As the family heads home, newsreporters and cameramen surround them like hounds, blinding the hedgehog family's eyes with their cameras and asking them pointless questions. Gosh, I hope I never get that famous.

Back home, Sonic revisits his room again, left unchanged. It's like he's dead...oh, wait....


Moving on. Sonic takes a nap for a good few while (notice that sling on his arm, keep note of it because he's gonna wear that thing all throughout this issue) until Muttski wakes him up by slobbering his face that would make Odie proud. Then he in English.

"Hello, Sonic friend." A sentence which greatly amuses me. He talks some more as Sonic stares and questions. Afterwards, we get to Priceless expression #1 in what has got to be Sonic's most FUNNIEST and possibly one of THE most hilarious looks I have ever witness in this comic. He runs down the stairs to his family, screaming like a blue banshee, then finally gets enough brain cells to remember it's the doings of the alien lanuage chip thing. I wonder if it works on Chaos and flickies? Oh, that also reminds Sonic, he starts explaining the whole robotiziced deal and why Jules wasn't turned back, cuz' he be dead from all his injuries he recieved. Okay, we got THAT out of the way, let's continue, shall we?

"Well, that solves that!" Amen, Muttski.

Next scene involves Tails in Frederick's Airbase which often questions me why they named it after him. All he ever was (I assume he's dead) was former ruler of Mobotropolis and raised Max. But then again, he DID help Nate Morgan from dying a while back, if anyone still cares abut Nate. Whatever, let's continue moving on.
Tails glomps Sonic again as he did a while back and we get to see the present Sonic promise Tails' parents to give to their son. Tails fans, get out the tissue. we got a wristwatch band that greatly reminds me of some lost Power Rangers communicator with Tails' "two tailed" signature. It obviously plays a hologram of Tails' parents and for once in his entire life, he actually sees his family. Whatever else that watch does, I don't know, but it'll be nifty if it did.

Next scene involves a character so beloved by one half and so hated by another: Mina, who has really made it big. Namely, she's a milder version of Britney Spears, "milder" meaning she has put on more clothes then Britney did for near her whole singing career. I rather like Mina's new duds. We get this nice group pic of characters dancing and raving to the music with the exception of Mighty who doesn't seem to be a huge fan and an angry Knuckles because of it.
Sonic joins in (family imcluded), giving the universal peace sign and him shakin' hands with King Acorn. I often wonder why the king would be pretty darn dumb to shake hands with the arm on the SLING, but I'm talking to someone who has made some pretty bad decisions in this comic. With that said, Acorn heads up the stage where Mina gracefully bows and hands him the stage. There, Acorn chats up a storm of how he plans to tour Mobius with his wife. One thing entered my mind when I read that, "WHA-!?" We're in the middle of a war and he wants to go on tour!? I understand this is further plot to bring Sally back on top (and boy, does she need it), but seriously, I'm sure King Acorn isn't that stupid to pull something like THAT! I'm gonna pretend and theorize that the so-called "tour" they're going to is actually an important mission and I pray it is, because a time for vacation is certainly OUT of the question and I know even King Max knows THAT!

With that said, we see Mina and Sonic chatting with a rather jealous looking Sally watching nearby. What is a girl to do? She just gently takes Sonic by the arm while Mina does the same with hers, though for a moment, it looked like she was grabbing his butt.
Meet Ash (which will forever leave a burn in my mouth everytime I say it for I will always remember that godawful Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon anime. I could rant about Ash with potential on what a horrible and annoying character he is and why Tracey Sketchit rocks, but this is Sonic) the mongoose, now Mina's boyfriend. He is the perfet gothic, angst ridden teenager constrast to Mina's perky, happy, sunshine world. I just LOVE opposite attracts, don't you? You can see why I paired quite a few official characters in opposite personalities. Ash makes it known he IS Mina's gal pal to Sonic who thinks twice about wanting to shake hands with him while Mina smiles cluelessly on THAT scene that is happening with her equally clueless mom.

Next stop, the royal couple talking about their daughter's condition and if she can handle this business. Well, Elias is out of the question (and with him starring googly eyed on Meg and their kid, of course he'd be out), and with Quack thinking she can do it, she can. So, I assume Quack is also the royal therapist. Jack of all trades, eh? And of course, King Max trusts his daughter which, coming from him, is a first.

Sally is about to talk to Sonic, but Knuckles and the Chaotic, Bunnie holding who I assume is Hope (she IS the only human-ish thing here), and random others interrupt.

Sonic has a chat with Knuckles (after their happy meeting with the VERY happy Chaotix, I mean, Julie-Su WITH Vector, arm to arm without any signs of wanting to pummel each other!? Here comes Pricless Expression #2) who explains about their situation on Angel Island,namely, Eggman invaded the whole dang thing with Knuckles and the others away by Max's orders. Knuckles has been off this island before and I have to wonder WHAT Eggman did to have taken over the ENTIRE island like that? This one had BETTER be answered. I'm awfully curious. That and how Constable Remington is doing. Heh. Knuckles continues, but Sonic decides to be rude and cuts him off. Why? To see Tails go love crazy for Fiona. Seriously, I'd be offended if a friend stared at something not so important instead of listening to my sad stories of woe. The whole concept behind this little scene has me wondering if Karl will bring about a Tails story over his crush on Fiona? It would certainly make a nice 6 pager.

Sonic's thoughts on Tails halts when Rotor runs in in full comical fashion, exactly what a fat tub of lard would run like. Lovin' it. He comes with another invention. Some fireworks rocket launcher which also shows a huge image of Sonic and Sally kissing each other. I'd find it kinda freaky if someone did that with me and my boyfriend (if I had one *coughdoubtfulcough*).
Geoffrey and Hershey sees this and goes off to make some lovin' of their own. OOOooooOOOoOoooh!!!! Of course, Bunnie's story is not one with cheers as she talks of how she broke up with Antoine due to him being cold from the war. Ouch. Guess personality changes really DO make a big difference. On the subject of 'Twan, it seems he's gonna be accompanying the royal couple for their tour, meaning we won't be seeing him very often in the comic for God knows how long.

Sally wants to talk with Sonic, but not before a reporter zips in wishing a pic of the couple. Good God, I could use that guy's tail for a broomstick!
Sal talks about the huge responibilties she has and wants Sonic to rule with her to which Sonic is in the "no" section of the poll. Sally debates, Sonic keeps his "no" position wide open, and..and...what's this I see...Knuckles and Amy...SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER!? First it was Knuckles who relied and praised Amy's skills a couple off issues back, now THIS!? *sniff* This is a Knuckles/Amy fan dream come true. I KNEW there would be connections and you guys shunned me! SHUNNED me like I was some...*smacked*....*ahem*...moving on....
.....AND she, Sally, does something I NEVER expected from her..

She slaps him...HARD. And Sonic's face is Priceless Expression #3.

Now Sonic gets pissed and he starts yelling back. Both all teary eyed, Sally runs off crying like she did last issue, making a comment that'll sure to make Eggman/Sonic fans VERY happy.

This ties up some loose ends with the whole Jules being the only robot and Tails finally getting his Godforsaken present. Thank goodness they didn't wait THAT long. The entire issue was an emotional, character driven plot and I couldn't ask for anything more. This would have easily gotten a perfect 10 if not for one thing, one eeny weeny tiny little thing....

Sally's slap.

The ol' infamous unexpected slap. I've seen Sally depressed for a good few issues. She literally ran out last issue! So...with that baring in mind, I NEVER expected her to do this. While I did like how she came out rather strong instead of being "weak", this is NOT Sally at all. No matter what. No matter how much she's changed, this is NOT a Sally behavior. She would NEVER EVER hurt Sonic other then for defense. This is truly unexpected and I for one, have a range of mixed feelings.
This issue also got a lot of rave on Sally's "selfish" behavior which I don't even see. In my eyes, BOTH Sonic and Sally is selfish. Sal is selfish for wanting Sonic to rule with him when she clearly knows he doesn't wish to and that he belongs out there, kicking Eggman's egg-shaped butt, while Sonic is being selfish by going out risking his neck and not helping out the one he loves and commited to, especially when there are literally thousands out there to fight for him. It's amazing that sometimes this comic depends on only Sonic when it could be solved by the thousands of umm..."soldiers" out there. Sheesh.
Whatever the case is, this issue was still a treat for me and delight to read. The ending may be a bit cliffhanger for me (after all, this crazy love between Sonic and Sally isn't gonna be solved so easily and rather, in a predictable manner), but I rather enjoyed it. And I'm also VERY happy that this is the LAST time we'll see that dreaded love triangle that launched a thousand flame wars and debates. May there NEVER be one for a VERY long time...

Aww, come on, I've already expressed my fondness for WB's art. His unique cartoon style is just what the doctor ordered. Mixed with the colorings, we get this beautiful, vibrant comic come to life. The background being entirely black also helps it out and I wish to see this in more of WB's artwork. What I love about his proportions on characters is how he makes them superdeformed. Big heads and large gorilla-ish arms that I simply love, it's a style I draw at all times, and a style I greatly enjoy. Heck, the only flaws are mainly WB's small problems with missing ears and that Sonic's arm being pretty darn movable for being in a sling. His use of shadow is AWESOME and I also enjoy his character expression. He literally brings them to life. Even if people cannot stand this issue, the art alone is worth the buy. He has also filled every nook and cranny with cameos and hidden Easter Eggs which I especially enjoy searching for. The only think I HOPE the inker does is do more of that thick outline like he did Quake and Sonic in the first page. I think it fit in rather nicely with WB's art. A welcome addition. One I am more then willing to see. Oh, and two more things: MUTTSKI is SOOO DARN CUTE, and I hate to say this, but out of guilt, that slap Sal did on Sonic had me laughing for a good few minutes...

MOBIUS: 25 YEARS LATER: doesn't say:

Rotor narrates, yadda yadda, not really all that interested. We get a flashback from that as he, Rotor talks with Knuckles while looking as though he's starring blankly in space. Knuckles interrupts his talk as he hears noises. Using his mechanic eye, he spots Salma and Rutan running away in fear. Knuckles shurgs it off and heads out while Rotor, back in the present, talks off how much of a psychic he is by saying he knew Knuckles wwas headed to Haven two. Geez, the first one not enough for ya? There, Knuckles kisses his aging grandfather Sabre, a scene which I thought was rather adorable, and talks with his other grandpappy, Sojourner, who's not all that aged. Heck, he's the same as we all knew the first time he popped up in the comic. Same goes for Spectre. He's main reason for coming to Haven Two, spying, namely, on Lien's family. Well, well, well...seems like spying IS a heritage in Knuckles' family. Congrats, Knuckles, you're now a proud member of the old geezers of Haven...or Haven 2 or whatever.

The spy camera or whatever shows Lien-Da going all soccer mom on her son's butt, as well as Salma before she changes her personality like some psycho bipolar crazy head and goes all nice on her.

And we also see Rotor witnessing the same thing as he chats with Cobor. Oh,and he mentions something about King Sonic and Knuckles having some sorta bad relationship with each other. Hmmmm....

What happen to Sabre!? Poor guy's more wrinkled then an entire sack of prune! Poor, poor Sabre. This is something I wanna know what happen! It's like the very Chaos energy inside of him has been sucked out, at least, that's the theory I set forth. I also find it interesting that Knuckles caught the Brotherhood bug and has learnt to spy on his own family. Heh, heh. Isn't dysfunctional family simply the best? Rotor's entire scene, however, was a trip to boredom. Maybe because I sincerely don't care for him, but he did nothing but bore and somewhat hinder this story with the small exception of talking of King Sonic and Knuckles' current relationship. Not enough to save Rotor's role in the story.

Steven Butler has always been a great artist and while he DOES make some characters, well, females mainly, too human-ish in design, he is still a great artist and he does wonders with details and clothes (I could learn from this guy on the cloth department). I was easily sold by his rendition of Knuckles kissing his grandpa. I do admit, Butler DOES draw character's teeth all funky and weird, but he's one of the best artists out there in the Archie Sonic world. 10/10