Issue 133
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor: Justin F. Gabrie; Assistant Editor: Mike Pellerito.
Hmm… you’d think with so many editors there wouldn’t be so many mistakes! I guess it’s true what they say, too many cooks spoil the broth…
(Incidentally, one of my favorite series, TMNT Adventures, went several years with one guy—Dean Clarrain—handling both writing and editing… and I’ve yet to notice any mistakes in that run…)
Penciled by Patrick Spaziante, inked by Nelson Ribeiro, colored by Jason Jensen.
Hmm… not too much to say about this cover—it’s your basic montage cover… I could mention, however, that I don’t like the look of Bunnie in this picture—entirely too grim for my tastes…
By J. Axer.
"IT ENDS HERE!" …Yes, it does. Well, it would have, anyway, except I already sent in my subscription renewal…
"Home" Part 4: "Finale"
Written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Steven Butler, inked by Jim Amash, colored by Jason Jensen, lettered by Jeff Powell.
"There’s more to Mecha than meets the eye." That’s right—she’s an android: a robot in disguise. (Lame, guys, lame.)
Mecha blasts at Sonic, as his loved ones watch over Eggman’s spy-eye. Meanwhile, Shadow confronts Eggman. He’s got a nice attitude going, too. "I’m going to snap you like a twig, then use you for kindling." I like it. Robotnik is taken aback by this—good guys don’t kill, right? But Shadow reveals that Archie has grown up enough to be willing to portray "Anti-heroes"…
Shadow fans must be screaming to see how he’s colored though—his chest fur’s golden again!
Overhead, Tails and ADAM continue to play their guessing game…
And in the Badlands, the heroes go all out against the remains of Eggman’s army. First though, Knux and J-Su have a chat, wherein Knux mentions the fact that he still can’t glide. That’s rather odd, considering that he can in the games… Then Rouge gives him a lift, to J-Su’s disapproval. Could this have anything to do with the potential romantic interest between Knux and Rouge that some fans see? I have no idea.
Back in Old Megaopolis, Mecha blasts Sonic, causing Sally to run out of the room in Knothole. Man, is she in a fragile state! Reminds me of the countdown to Endgame, actually…
Luckily, Bunnie comes to the rescue! (My heroine!) She smashes Mecha into a building, then Geof adds a grenade, for good measure.
…Funny, I didn’t notice in the past couple of issues that Bunnie’s grown her hair long, too. Cool. Oh, and Ant’s sporting two swords and a bad attitude.
Sonic tells Bun and Ant to go beat Eggman… and is dumbfounded by their hostility toward each other. Showing off that he’s still as slow on the uptake as he is fast on the acceleration, he mentions in his confusion how Bun and Ant are "going steady". He-lo, Sonic? A lot can happen in a year—as Fiona points out. It’s been six months since they broke up…
Man, that’s a bummer. I thought they made a cute couple. But I guess probably Ant’s change in attitude turned her off. Their relationship only worked so long as she was the strong one, and he the weak one…
Well, we have bigger concerns—suddenly, out of the rubble rises… the Terminatrix! Oh, wait, wrong series. It’s actually Mecha, in the metallic nude.
Back in the air, ADAM has so much fun in his riddle game with Tails, that in the Badlands, he forgets to tell the Bots to fight back!
And back in Old Megaopolis harbor (man, we do a lot of jumping around in this issue!) Bun and Ant arrive just as Eggman decides to run away from Shadow.
Wanting to play Heroine again, Bun tells Shadow to grab Ant and scat. Ant ain’t too happy about this, but Shadow just grabs him and runs (on the water, no less! Yeah, Sonic can do that too, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen him do it.).
Now, Bunnie decides to put her angst to good use, and does a kamikaze attack on Eggman’s ship. Or maybe she knows she can do it… At any rate, she makes Sonic look wimpy when she tears into and out of the ship again and again, taking it out all by her lonesome.
And back in Old Megaopolis, the special forces are having no luck against Mecha, until Sonic does a variation on one of his oldest attacks—he runs around M again and again, cutting into the ground, until… the street collapses, sending M into the sewers.
Hasta la vista, mecha-baby!
The bad guys have been beaten again… but our heroes are all worn out, Sally’s breaking down, Shadow’s silently cursing Eggman’s escape, and as for the Eggman…
He blames it all on ADAM’s playing around with Tails. "Well, I hope it was satisfying!"
"No. It was… fun."
Children! (* rolls eyes *)
Whew! What a ride! Art was good again, so that was nice, but the story… Well, for me Sonic’s always been an escapist fantasy. I guess it’s just getting a bit too real for my tastes…
"Mobius: 25 Year Later—Midnight in the Garden"
Written and inked by Ken Penders, penciled by Steven Butler, lettered by Vickie Williams, colored by Jason Jensen.
Lord Rotor and Techno-Knux meet, and exchange some pleasantries, before getting down to business. Long story short: the world’s going to end. There’s only a slim chance… are you in, Knuckles? Of course he is.
Meanwhile, the conversation is overheard by two lovebirds in the bush: Salma the Chameleon, and Rutan the Echidna. Espio’s girl, I wonder? If so, she’s certainly fallen in with the wrong crowd!
And back over at the Su residence (I call it that because, A: Knux has his Chaos Cave, and B: Echidna family names are passed down through the mother’s side.), Lara and Julie are having a mother-daughter chat. The verdict: Julie-Su’s a strict, but loving parent.
…And that’s a wrap for now.
Sonic Grams
Off Panel by "MG & DM". Sonic’s back from outer space/ So why’s Gorelick still using Sonic’s parking space?
This Just in by JG:
"The Future is not set. There is no fate but what we make." First Star Wars, now Terminator! I love these movies, JG, but really…!
Freddy says what I knew all along: M25L could be the real future, or it could just be an alternate universe. We won’t know until we get there! This will hopefully be that last word on this topic, which, from what I heard on Mobius Forum, has been a major disagreement between Karl Bollers and Ken Penders.
Next month: Time to do some catching up… "Home: Epilogue—Say You Will". Say you will what? And why’s Sal look so downcast on the cover? I don’t like where this seems to be heading… On the bright side, next ish will be the triumphant debut of Jon "WB" Gray—another member of the fan community to get into the comic.
Alright, this proves it—if you really want to work on the comic, it can happen. So, fellow fan-fic writers and armchair critics, now is the time to speak up or shut up. If you don’t at least try to get in, you will very soon have no right to criticize the comic. …Gee, I’m one to talk… * blushes *
*cough, cough * Right, to the letters. Let’s see. Letters from Thurman Puckett, Aaron Main, Nina_21, Cara H., T.J. Libby, and tons more. (No way I’m gonna copy down the "Find Your Name in Print" section!) Mike Pellerito answers letters again—producing the most type and the least answers I’ve seen from a letter columnist yet.
And, finally, Fan Art: Sonic with an "s" on his forehead, by Karim Mahmoud, a golden Knuckles by Ellery Guest, Lara-Su by Connie Stanton, and Sonic with huge shoes and tiny eyes by A.J. Langley.
Final Thoughts:
I never thought I’d say this, but I almost wish I hadn’t renewed. Not that this issue was all that bad—actually it was quite good. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the quality level continues to vary wildly from issue to issue, or that I’m not too happy with the direction things are going in. But then, I haven’t been ever since Mobotropolis was lost again, in ish 75. Perhaps I’ve just outgrown this comic…I hear that sort of thing happens to some people!

At first when I read this issue, I thought it was too rushed. I was wrong when reading a second time. This issue is not as good as I was expecting. Now here's the review of Sonic #133.

The cover looks SPLENDID! All of the characters look fantastic in their poses and don't fail once. Shadow's fur is white on the cover, but in the actual issue, the fur is still golden. Just when you thought they were making progress. Then again, they do draw the characters according to will at times. Bunnie's eyes don't look right here they are small, and out of place. Sonic looks TIGHT on the front with that pose! Overall, 9/10 score for Bunnie's wrong eyes.

Just as I thought, M's shooting Light Amplification by Similated Emmision of Radiation from those peepers. Yeah! >=) The heat is on now! Master E. uses a golf cam to record all of Sonic's actions and send the footage live back to Knothole.
~OLD MEGAOPOLIS HARBOR~ McEggy is still shocked to see Shadow(probably because he still has golden fur^_^), who then threatens to kill him because he can. Tails is still telling ADAM jokes in the plane. *sigh* When will ADAM ever learn...
~THE MOBIAN BADLANDS~ Knuckles, Amy, Julie-Su, Rouge, Mighty, Vector, Gen. DC, and the commandoes are the only force standing between the Robot Horde and Robotropolis. Julie is still woried that Knux could get hurt without his Chaos abilities. That includes gliding. He still has his strength. Rouge then comes in to offer Knuckles a flight. Why does she have 4 fingers? With that done, they charge in and attack the Horde. We're talking SWATbots, E-102s, Combots, E-1000s, Shadowbots, and more!
~Back to Sonic and M~ M sets the whole place on fire as Sonic dodges every shot. M decides to use her brain(or in this case, chip) and fire as where Sonic's going instead of where he is. She chips him arm with one shot! Like I said, the heat is on! Sally hopelessly watches as Sonic suffers. Ever since Sonic has returned, Sally's never been able to help him out anymore. What's becoming of the acor? Bunnie comes in and knocks the life half out of M. Sonic's arm then starts to bleed! WHAT THE FREAK? The crew says turbulence delayed their flight here. Fiona wraps Sonic's arm in a bandage and a cast. Sonic tells Bunnie to take Antoine and help stop Robotnik's missles. Bunnie suggests taking someone else. Sonic is confused since they are, as some of you out it, an "item". Fiona tells him that they broke up 6 months ago. I was so shocked to hear this! I wonder why. Just then, M comes up under the rubble and reveals her naked form of machinery.
~MEANWHILE~ M is still answering Tails' riddle and after doing so, suddenly shuts down.
~THE MOBIAN BADLANDS~ While battling the Horde, they suddenly come to a stop. This is their chance to attack while the Horde is down.
~OLD MEGAOPOLIS HARBOR~ The countdown stops thanks to ADAM. Shadow chops Egghead, who then escapes to an undersea sub in the ship as Bunnie and Antoine arrive. Shadow tries to catch up with Eggy but can't open the escape door. Tails gains control of the Tornado again as ADAM resumes missle fire. Shadow takes Ant accros the sea as Bunnie destroys the ship using flight alone.
~OLD MEGAOPOLIS~THe place is on fire as Espio decides to take on M using his tongue. M graps in and swings him on the ground. Hershey decides to scratch M's machinery open but gets chopped. After Fiona finishes casting Sonic's arm up, he circles M enough times to make her platform sink as she falls into the water and dies from it. People, the reason whe didn't do so last issue is because she had skin on. With the Horde defeated, M taken down, the missle threat stopped, and the ship destroyed, Sonic can finally finish what he came to do and let the plabet knoe that he still lives. Shadow is still searching for Eggman. ADAM says he was having fun with Tails' jokes and couldn't attack because it was "fun". The end at last.
The art is at best here thanks to Butler and Amash. I finally get to see that Bunnie still has a robotic left arm and the full one in 130 was an error. The deatil to the characters return with the exception to Rouge. SHE HAS 4 FREAKIN' FINGERS! Not a biggie, though. This story turned out to be a little to short and rushed but turned out alright after reading it again. I give it 8 rings for a little rushing. Now it's time for more Mobius: 25 Years Later.
Knuckles meets up with Rotor after the Unveiling is done to discuss their problem wih the sky. In case you remember, it's all electrified. Rotor says this could be the beginning of the end. I wonder what that means. Hopefully not the end of the comic! Meanwhile, Lara-Su discusses with Julie-Su how she and Knuckles are treating Lara like a kid. Everyone other girl got to go out on dates when they got their unveilings and Lara feels left out because Julie doesn't seem take her that seriously. But Julie only says she wants the best out of Lara, enen if it means hating boys because Julie says when Lara gets to be a mother, she will understand. Lara also mentions something about Knux and Julie not being something. Wonder what that is. Back to Rotor and Knuckles. Knux doesn't believe Rotor just because there happens to be lightning in the sky. They both hope that Rotor is not. Meanwhile, Rutan and Salma hear them and Rutan decides he should tell his mother about this. In the letters section, Justin Gabrie mentions how Jon Gray(WB) will become an artist. I've heard from many how his art is dazzling! Can't wait to see it myself! It's only a matter of time. Come on, 134. I'm waiiiting!

Cover: Spaz/Ribiero/Jensen. Heroes, Villains, Anti-Heroes blah blah blah. The artwork is pretty nice, although there's something weird about the way Bunnie's eyes are drawn, like she's possessed or something... >__< But what really lowers the score is that fact that for the second issue in a row, there's a coloring mistake on the cover (Eggman's nose). On the other hand, this is the only place in the issue where you'll see Shadow colored propably, so I guess it evens out. Meh. 8 out of 10.
Frontispiece: Axer. What can I say, this pic rocks. Axer is one of their better artists (IMO) and he conveys the feeling of an epic struggle here really well. 10 out of 10.
Main Story: Home Part 4- Finale. This marks the official end of a story arc (though we'll be treated to an epilogue drawn by Dub next month, hooray) and a lot of questions are answered and some are left up in the air. Nurse Fiona tells us that Antoine & Bunnie have broken up (why it happened or if they'll get back together remains a mystery for now), Eggman's nuclear threat is stopped by Bunnie, the purpose of Tails' riddle game is explained (big surprise, it was meant as a stall technique so A.D.A.M. would get distracted). Mecha's true appearance is also revealed- she's a fugly robot who was defeated by water... or was she, as the ominous metal hand is seen drifting off to sea (the plot twists just keep on coming). We also get a glimpse of how much the past year's affected Sally, she seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Finally, I should probably mention that vary little of Knux and co is seen, but we do learn that Knuckles can't glide anymore and that Julie ain't too fond of Rouge. I give the story 7 out of 10. It was good, but not great, and the loose ends are driving me crazy. It earned an extra point for having someone besides Sonic save the day, because I honestly like it when sidekicks/lesser characters get a chance to shine. As for the artwork the score once again suffers from multiple coloring errors (and the fact that Rouge still looks like a gargoyle). 7 out of 10.
M25YL: I'll cut this review short. Rotor and Knux discuss the end of the world and Rutan (Lien-Da's son) and Salma (his girlfriend) overhear them. Meanwhile Lara and Julie argue about how strict a parent should be, and Julie ends up the winner. The story is short but okay, 8 out of 10. The artwork is quite good and the colors are better than the main story. 10 out of 10.

Hello, welcome to my first review of 133. My issues come imported, and are delayed all the time. X________X Help. Anyway...

COVER: HEROES!VILLIANS! ANTI-HEROES! THIS ONE HAS IT ALL! Yeah, but it doesn't have talking cream-cakes, does it? No, it doesn't.
Hmmm, the poses are nice on this, and I have to say I think this is a improvment from 132. BUT Bunnie's eyes ARE very...should we say... small. And Shadow's chest hair IS coloured right. Sheesh, on the cover, but not throughout the issue. You'd think they'd catch on.


Frontpeice: IT ENDS HERE! Yes, thank you for that. Yet again more recaps from Archie. Hmm, it's looks like they like the style of the last two frontpeices. So much they've done it like that AGAIN, just with the poses changed, and more Swat-bots thrown in. I mean, I liked it the first time, but it would be nice for some vierity. 6/10

Home-Part 4-Finale: We start off in Old Megapolis with Sonic dodging lasers shots from M. Nice art here from the exellent Steven Butler. Anyway, the Golf cam is still sending a live broadcast of all the works to Knothole's tree thing, with is a MUCH more entertaining broadcast than any daytime TV I've seen. Anyway, Mr Egg has some problems with Mr Gold-chest-fur,(when will they colour him RIGHT?) which shadow wants him DEAD. Eggman thinks he'd be a bit more friendly as a hero. Mr Egg, look at the cover. It said it has anti-heroes. It does. It just happens to be Shadow. ANYWAY, onwards to Tails, who is still playing his guessing game with A.D.A.M. Of course, one of them iss: What's black and white and "red" all over. A.D.A.M answers "Shadow the hedgehog" Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but he ain't in this issue. How about black and gold? Oh well. Cut to the Badlands. A great big bad robo-army right on course to Robotropolis. Can anyone stop them? Of course, Knuckles and his gang can, as seen last issue. And he wants to keep it that way. No duh, Knux. Of course, his girl, Julie-su, is just a TAD worried. He still doesn't have his powers, and he still can't glide. Knuckles, of course, doesn't care. Rouge can give him a lift instead. I sense another love triangle. Anyway, battle commences, which takes us back to...
Cut to M trashing up a bus with lasers. Not only is she a deadly peice of hard-ware, she's also a vandal. What kind of influence does this have on children? Anyway, M starts using her hard drive suddenly catches on, and aims for where Sonic will BE, not IS. Of course, she clips him on the shoulder(ouch), and of course, Knothole having a live broadcast, Sally witnesses the scene and runs out the room, crying. Sheesh, she IS fragile at the moment. Of course, M wants to here our hero beg for mercy. Well, that ain't gonna happen, as BUNNIE arrives on the scene and whacks her one into a building. Geffory throws a grenade in the building, so...


Fiona gets started on Sonic's shoulder while Sonic tell's Bunnie to take Antonie and trash Egg-face's plans. Bunnie seems reluctent, but she's goes with him anyway. Sonic asks why, since he thought they were going steady. Of course, Fiona tells him the broke up six months ago. Anyway, there's another KABOOM, (I thought the grenade went off) which reveals...M, in her not so pretty outfit. Well, her TRUE form, which looks like something from the terminator. Woah she must have had to have used a lot of face cream to hide THAT ugly mug. Anyway, cut to Tails and A.D.A.M FINALLY get's a riddle right. Suddenly, he doesn't speak to Tails. Aw, I saw a friendship budding. Anyway, all the robots in the badlands suddenly go offline. Knuckles then states the obvious of destroying them while they're offline. The missile launch has been delayed too, and stopped at 30:00 to go.
Eggman is puzzled, and Shadow gives him a karate chop. Eggy escapes into a submarine, and shadow can't follow, as he can't open the escape hatch. Then the coundown starts again(DUN DUN DUUN) And Bunnie tells shadow to take Antonie to a safer area. Antonie's reluctunt, but there's no time for complaints as Shadow grabs him and escapes by running on water.
Bunnie then destroys the battleship by flying through it again and again until it sinks. The missiles have been stopped. PHEW!
ANYWAY, back to M, who is beating up everyone (and bragging) Of course, Sonic(now patched up and ready to go) performs the age old trick of running around her in circles until she falls through the floor and dies in the sewers(except she probably didn't) So they all head home. Shadow looks out to a sunset and Eggman is annoyed at A.D.A.M, claiming it's his fault. HE claims it Typical.

Story: It's good, but too many things are happening at once for me. It was fine though. Nothing that bad to complain about. 8/10

Art: Of course, it's by Steven Butler, isn't it? some sections were a tiny bit off, (sonic looking into the hole at M) but still very good.

Now... Mobius, 25 years later:Midnight in the Garden.

Knuckles meets up with Roter, who talk about Protocol, and then onto the weather. Knux is annoyed that he was dragged out just to look at lightning, but RAotor then reveals the big daddy: It may just mean the beginning of thee end. (DUN DUN DUUN) Anyway, cut to Lara-su and Julie-su, who thought she was gonna go and spend the night out after her unveiling(which most girls do.) She then says her parents are to over-protective. She also mentions that Julie-su and Knux aren't even-well, we don't find out, 'cos Julie-Su stops her. Anyway, Julie-su say's that she just wants the best for her kid, and no, Lara-su doesn't have a say in the matter when she asks.Well, cut back to Knux, who doesn't believe Rotor just because of some lightning. Rotor gives more evidence, and Knux asks how long they've got. Of course, they can only guess. But they need recources to work this problem out. Which only the Echidna's and the king can provide. Knux say's he can help, and Rotor will have to deal with the king. And then, two unexpected love-birds in a bush hear the last snippets of conversation. Rutan and his chamelion girl-friend. Boy, is she messing with the wrong crowd. Anyway, Rutan can't wait to tell his mother about the destruction of the world. Uh-oh.

Story: Hmmm. A random seven. At least we know Rutan has a girlfriend, and Knux and Julie-su aren't something(Any bets on not married?)
Art: 8/10 Also done by Butler. Very nice artwork.

Fan art: Sonic with an S on his forehead, A yellow knuckles, a Lara-Su and a sonic adventure 2 style sonic with tiny eyes and massive soap shoes.

Sorry if it's a bit long. Bye bye! *flies away*

#133 Review...
I'm not going to bother complaining my review is late because chances are, this will be the ongoing pattern from now on unless I get some kick to write the review about at least the week after I get it in the mail.

COVER: "Heroes! Villians! Anti-Heroes! This one has it all!" In a more or less,throw away to the old 30's or so when annoucments such as these were common among movie posters and comic books of old, one cannot help but get a nostaglic feeling, even if that one wasn't even born in the 30's. The problem with this title is that we're expected to get excited by it's meaning and we expect spectacular results from them. While the hero and villians do their part in the story, the anti-hero was left to be this issue's pointless plot of the day.
The cover is generally okay, but Bunnie's eyes and shadows were badly made and makes me thing she lost her pupils or something. And Mecha reminds me GREATLY of Paine from FFX-2 (not that that is a bad thing).I also see no point in putting in Shadow when he does anything but be useful. Guess it's just to lure in the Shadow fans who might be disappointed when he does nothing, unless they just love seeing the mere sight of him.

FRONTIPIECE: Another frontipiece, another Axer art. It's good, but I'm bored of watching the same thing. Luckily, #134 doesn't do that, but review on that another time.


So, we get Mecha has eye beams, I expected that to occur. Sonic easily dodges it...sorta and what's this about a "golf cam"? Since when is a cam like that called "golf"? I'd expect maybe "Orb Cam", but "Golf" Cam? Can anyone explain that one to me because I don't get it. Whatever it's suppose to be called, it sends the entire fight to Castle Acorn where the rest all watch in horror and shock and other related emotions.
Switch To Shadow who threatens Eggman pointlessly for one FULL page which could have been better devoted to the Acorn family and Sonic's family to say something instead.

Tails continued the Riddle game for another one full page.

The rest are all fighting the Swatbots/Shadowbots/whatever bots. We get a nice two page panel of them fighting to do so and we can see a small hint of a possible love triangle centering on Knuckles/Rouge/Julie-Su. Why, Karl, why? The last one lasted for years (in our time), how long do you plan to torture us and help create World War Four?!

Sonic and M continue their battle and he ends up getting his shoulder scarred from her eye beams which is all she seems to be using instead of her two fists she has. I would have liked to see a combination of her physical skills alongside with her eye beams. Atleast that would have a better affect.
And of course, seeing Sonic's shoulder hurt, Sally can't take it anymore and storms out of the techno freak-O tree like he just died again. Oh, Lord.
M is gonna do away with Sonic until Bunnie comes and delievers the good with a punch which sends her flying. Now THIS had me in confusion. WHY, WHY does Bunnie have pistols? From what I heard, it was a mistake. Ya better HOPE it's a mistake. Having guns when she's already a powerhouse with her robotic abilities is just plain the MAX, and DEFINITLY not her style AT ALL.
Anywho, Fiona tends to Sonic's shoulder and seems to be missing her jacket despite Butler drawing her with the jacket before in, if I remember, way back in #130. Sonic tells Bunnie and Antoine to work together to stop the missiles, but they end up giving each other the death glare before following his plan. Fiona answers Sonic's question of why they're acting that well. They broke up 6 months ago. Now, THIS is something I NEVER expected. I'll speak more on later, let's continue before I go on my full rant mode.
Sonic and Fiona's chat is interuppted by the return of M, her skin peeled off to reveal her robot shell and my goodness, what a freaky one indeed. Very...well, Terminator-ish.

We cut to Tails and ADAM with another joke and riddles.

Then the Badlands where the fight occurs and seeing Tails' riddles must have somehow complicated ADAM out, for it stops the robots and gives the heroes the upper hand.

Cut to Eggman who's surprised that his countdown to the missiles has stopped at 30 seconds, oh, and Shadow punches him before he escapes into his submarine. Well, that's about as useful as he can get. Then he runs off like the pointless character Karl has made for him with Antoine in toll. Bunnie then goes super and destroys the fleet and prompty causes a Titanic.

Back to Mecha where Espio uses his tongue, which I have never seen him use, so it was a refreshing change of pace, but M gets the better of him by clutching onto it and tossing him to Geofrery. Hershey then steps up with Fiona asking if Sonic needs more help on his arm. Hershey fails to stop Mecha, so Sonic does it in the end by rip sawing a hole around Mecha, causing her to fall in the sewers. Despite building at least 1 billion robots a day, Eggman STILL has not properly learn how to make them waterproof. And only after 4 issues, Mecha is gone. This, I really do NOT want to believe. 4 issues of another great potential villian and we get to see her die. If Karl brings her back by, I don't know, Eggman finds and rebuilds her or something, that'll be swell, though let's pray she won't end up being some sort of villian who keeps dying, only to come back over and over. We already have that problem...I'm looking at you, Mammoth Mogul!

We get a scene with the heroes as the narrator narrates with Eggman getting pissed at ADAM who had "fun" and Alicia comforting Sally.

STORY: Whoo-Boy, WHERE do I start from HERE!? The story left the same feeling as it did last issue. A mere "eh." It was all action and no character development, if little at all. When it comes to how I like my stories, it's got to have some sort of balance of action and development in it which I think Mr. Bollers was trying to go for, but utterly failed in the end. If the comic is purely action with no emotions, then that comic has to be purely action for me to enjoy. If the comic is purely emotional and non action, then they have to make it that way, with a few exceptions here and there,I suppose. There ARE several things I MUST point out on this story:
Bunnie/Antoine...GONE!? I mean, we're talking about the MOST stable and most STRONGEST relationship EVER since at least #46, up until before Sonic's trip to Space at #125. That's MORE then half the issue of the entire Sonic comic lifespan. And in about 3 panels, Mr. Bollers announces their break-up. What the heck? A relationship that lasted since at least 1997 and nearly 7 years later (in our time), it all goes away. I feel so...disappointed. If there was one couple I had absolutely confident that they would end up together, it would be Bunnie and Antoine. At the same time, I can undnerstand them breaking up. I can except some changes here and there, but not when this is rumored for the Antoine/Sally thing to play up. The fact Sally and Sonic JUST got together is pointless. Pure, UTTERLY pointless. Something I shake my head at. I better see what future developments step aside for these love matter.
I'm feelin' Black: Another matter is Shadow's pointless appearance. If he was going to come, make him at least do SOMETHING. He did NOTHING at all in the story other then to waste space, making empty threats. Either you make a use for him or just don't put him in!
There goes the leaky faucet:Sally's emotions are another matter. I KNOW she's hurt because she lost Sonic once. I KNOW she's in pain. I KNOW she has every right to be emotional. I consider myself a rather tough girl on the outside, but inside, I'm an emotional mess, but for Sally to cry just because Sonic wounded his shoulder when he suffered MUCH worse had me sighing in disgust. I KNOW this emotion leads to #134, and like I said, she was EVERY right to be upset, but it makes what Sally believed that Sonic would be alright and would return way back in #130 to be UTTERLY meaningless and those were some powerful words I accepted.
Although, seeing the preview of #137 and having Sally assume the throne in #134 (which I'll review later), one can only wait and see if Sally manages to be her "old" self again.
So many problems lurking in this issue, it's enough to give one such a headache.

ART: Yes, Butler once again does the goods this time, but I still don't like his style of Rouge. It's too...human-ish, but then again, when it comes to the majority of the female cast, ALL of them are all human-ish. But if Mr. Butler can draw Amy Rose the right Anthro way, why can't he for Rouge who IS Anthro-ish in official looks. Oh, and WHERE the heck is Fiona's jacket. Is his memory bad or something when he drew that jacket on Fiona only a couple of issues ago? And those guns...don't ever draw it on Bunnie again. It's redundant and out of Bunnie's characters.


How come I get such a mystic feel whenever I read that title? Knuckles (back in his old clothes) meets up with Rotor and they talk about the possibilities of the Apolocalypse.
The next scene involves Julie and her daughter, Lara, having a nice mother/daughter chat, one I found most fun to read and exceptionally well done for only 6 pages.
We cut to Knuckles and Rotor again talking and then we switch to another scene with Rutan having some SERIOUS make out session with Salma, a chameleon, in a pose I NEVER would have expected in a kid's comic book. Hurrah for taking a risk, Archie. Rutan overhears the convo of his uncle Knuckles, puts on his most evilest face, and threatens to tell his mommy.

STORY: Despite what most people said about Mobius: 25 years later, I truly enjoy reading this. Perhaps it's my obsession with future based stories (thanks to Sailor Moon and Back to the Future), but I love to read what could potentially happen to the characters. It wouldn't matter if the future was alternative or not, I'd read it. I can see it's "dragging" down, but slowly, it IS gradually moving the plot and some people fail to see that. But this could be more or less a result on how I view things, as opposed to somehow doesn't enjoy M:25YL. To me, the slow pace not only gives it the story development, but times to fit in character development. The conversation with Julie and Lara was an excellent and small character development. You can clearly see Julie's parenting skills (and it's certainly a lot more calmer then Knuckles') and for only 6 pages, nicely done. The pause Julie makes when Lara asked if she had anything to say in the matter...brilliant. Nicely done, overall.

ART: I couldn't think of anything more adorable then Lara in a cute position with bunny slippers. Though Julie-Su looks AWFULLY good for a woman at least in her 40's...Holy Water, I assume?

I'll say one thing, I don't EVER remember #106 to #109 being part of the current future issues we're reading and I HIGHLY doubt Mr. Penders changed his mind and judging from all the past arguments and countless debates that's been happening, I stick by that belief.
Oh, and the new guy who answers the letter...blah...he souns very unprofessional and even a bit stuck up. For goodness sake, simple questions these people don't know and this guy makes an attitude towards them. Yeesh.