Issue 132

Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater; Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick; Editor/Art Director: Justin Freddy Gabrie; Assistant Editor: Mike Pellerito.

Penciled by Patrick Spaziante, inked by Nelson Ribeiro, colored by Jason Jensen.
Knuckles, Mighty, Vector, Amy Rose and a pink Chao are Team Red, and Sonic, Fiona, and Tails are Team Blue, in: Home Part 3 of 4. Only problem is, it’s not quite true… (Fiona is actually in the team with J-Su, Geoffrey, Hershey, and Antoine, after all).
I was amazed to see Jensen color one of Knux’ arms tan/peach ("skin color" if you’re Caucasian), and on the cover, no less…
And I still think Fiona’s head looks too much like Sally’s these days…

Penciled by J. Axer, inked by Michael Higgens.
I must say, judging by the level of quality of this frontispiece, compared to the normal level of quality of Axer’s art, Higgins’ inking stinks.
On another note, the writer of the text for the page apparently couldn’t resist the urge to as a pointless dramatic question. "Will they succeed?" he asks, referring to the Mobian Heroes… Hmm, I wonder… I mean, good guys so rarely defeat the bad guys…

"Home" Part 3: "A.D.A.M. & Evil"
Written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Dave Manak, inked and lettered by Michael Higgins, and colored by Jason Jensen.
Continuing from where we left off last time, Tails fires the Tornado’s guns at Eggman (through the propeller—must have one of those things they had on WW1 fighter-planes to time the bullets to go between the propeller blades).
Eggman can’t understand how Sonic and Tails got there so fast, until M, who knew nothing of Sonic in 130, reminds him about Power Rings. Sonic says she’s got it right… and nobody mentions that Tails got there just as fast using the Tornado, or that Sonic was riding the Tornado at the end. (Why couldn’t he have done it all the way?)
Tails and Rotor, working together (coolness!) hack into Eggman’s computer systems, totally unaware that for the last nine months, all of Eggman’s computers and robots have been infected with the sentient computer virus, ADAM. Too bad, ‘cause Eggman’s "son" infects their computers, and takes control of the Tornado. (Incidentally, Eggman says ADAM was created by accident… guess he should have been using birth control! …Also, just gotta wonder, what happens if ADAM and EVE ever meet up?)
Meanwhile, Knux is feeling down ‘cause he ain’t got his chaos powers no more, while J-Su is still just happy to have him back. Luckily, they have a few new secret weapons. The first of them is Amy, who is meditating in a nearby room, charging up her "piko-piko" hammer… The second is Vector, who has taken his music’s destructive powers to the extreme, amplifying it with a killer (literally!) sound-system.
What Shadowbots Vector’s music doesn’t destroy, Amy’s hammer does. Back at Castle Acorn, the Royals watch on the Technolo-Tree as Sonic and Tails loose control of the situation (and Tails looses control of the Tornado). Tails begins to regain control of the Tornado by distracting ADAM by teaching him jokes (clever!), but M gets the better of Sonic, and tosses him into the ocean.
Sally is distraught—Sonic, she reminds everyone, can’t swim. (Now, that’s true in the games, and in Sonic Underground, but he’s swum before in the comic. For example, Mini-Series issue #1, reprinted in Sonic: The Beginning…) Sally prepares to head to Sonic’s rescue, but her parents won’t let her. To quote King Maxamilion, "You’re a royal princess, and simply can’t charge into battle alongside Sonic the way you used to." Party-pooper. * hmph *
Still, things are about to start looking up. Station Square’s GUN commandos arrive to help out Knuckle’s team, accompanied by a Rouge that looks more like a sexy female gargoyle than a "Furry" bat. And, in Old Megalopolis harbor, the fan favorite, Shadow confronts Eggman, while Sonic pulls himself out of the water and onto a dock, proving that weather or not he can swim, he can certainly handle himself in the water.
Just then, M shows up, her eyes start glowing, and Sonic thinks, "Uh-Oh". To Be Continued!

I must say, I was very disappointed by this story’s art. When Manak is at his best, his work is just as good as Art Mawhinney, putting him in the list of "rather good" Sonic Artists (though not, in my opinion, among the "Great" Sonic Artists). But when he does a sloppy job, man is it sloppy—and this is an example of his lesser works. Of course, given the treatment Higgens gave Axer’s work in the frontispiece, it may not be entirely Manak’s fault. For that matter, given the fact that Higgens did double-duty as both inker and lettered, he probably could have done better, too… Still, however it came about, it’s a disappointment.
As for the story it’s classic Bollers—tons of potential, tons of mistakes. What more can I say?

"Mobius 25 Years Later": "The Unveiling"
Written and inked by Ken Penders, penciled by Steven Butler, colored by Jason Jensen, lettered by Vickie Williams.
As Lara-Su’s unveiling gets underway, we meet Knuckle’s half brother, Mace, who apparently "has an eye for the ladies".
As they dance, Lara-Su tells her father she hates her dress, and he replies she should be happy if that’s her biggest problem in life. Then Mace cuts in, and Knux and J-Su head out on the balcony to reminisce.
Elsewhere, Cobar and Rotor discuss the fact that centuries of Zone travel, plus the Zone-hopping of one True-Blue hedgehog, have brought the time-space continuum to the verge of collapse. (How odd Zonic never dealt with the matter…) Obviously, a solution has to be found. However, it’ll have to wait—Rotor has a prior commitment.
Back at the party, Vector arrives with his son, Argyle, who, shall we say, sweeps Lara-Su off her feet.
Then Harry shows up with a message from "R" (Rotor, I assume), requesting a private meeting with Knuckles.

Gee, Ken’s sure taking his time getting into this story. I must say, I like it that way—I just hope he has time to tell it all…

This Just In by JG, letters answered by Pellerito, designed by Joe Pep. JG points out the change in e-mail address for the comic (as of last issue it’s and that the new Assistant Editor, Mike Pellerito, has taken over from Ken the letter column.
Pellerito starts with a "find-your-name-in-print" paragraph, then launches into the letters—strange letters, to which he gives even stranger answers.

Sonic Fan Art
Sonic, Tails, and Amy by Tyler Goldner, Shadow by Sarah Birch, Knuckles by Vanessa Plazola, and, winning my "Cool Fan Art" award for the month, Sonic, Super Sonic, and Super Sonic "level 3" (DBZ style) by Craig Strout.

Final Thoughts:
A further drop in quality from last issue. I guess the quality of 130 was a fluke. Oh, well, such is the way of Archie-Sonic…

Review Time!

Sonic #132
A review by ZoneZ The Hedgehog(NOT Zone Z)

Cover :
By Spaz, Ribeiro and Jensen.
Not what I hoped for. It features people from "Team Red" and "Team Blue". Complaints : Knux looks like he rolled up his sleeves. His arms should be red, but they aren't here.
Questions : Is that Fiona on team blue....?
What's with all this Team Red and Team Blue stuff?
Why Is Amy holding a chao with no dot?
Overall : Spaz was tired when he drew this. Really.

Frontpiece :
By J. Axer
Better than the last issue's. Sonic is in the center with a background made up of charecters.
Questions : None.
Complaints : None.
Overall : I like it! ^o^

I'm sleepy....I'm finish later.

Starting with this issue, I have a subscription. Now on to the review of Sonic 132.
The story picks up with Sonic and Tails at Eggman's Old Megaopilis Harbor even though his calculatoins were supposedly correct. The reason is because Sonic used a Power Ring to increase his speed. Sonic takes Eggman down and attempts to cuff him up O.O Then Tails hacks into Robo-tardid's computuh system and tries to find the launch program. Robotnerd then FINALLY explains to us all what ADAM stands for: Autonomous Digital Assult Microbe. He says ADAM's a sentinent computer virus accidentally made 9 months ago. It controls his main computer as well as the whole Robot Horde. When Sonic's allies' link to it, their OWN systems will also be infected as well! Since Tails attempted to find the launch program, the Tornado/Winged Victory/Whatever is now infected.
ROBOTROPOLIS-FORT ACORN. Knux is determined to help stop Eggman but Julie-Su doesn't want him to because 1)doesn't have the ME's power anymore and 2) because of it, he could be seriously injured. Knux says they already have back-up. Amy ends up "warming up" in a nearby room. The Genral says it's finally time to start their part of the war since the robot horde has reached them. ACTION TIME! Vector the Crocodile then places a record into a record playa' attached to some big-@$$ speakers. The rest then wear earmuffs as Vec carnks it up and scratches the record like a DJ, destroying most of the Horde. I love this guy!
CASTLE ACORN. Sally informs the others that ADAM is in control of the atomic missles, the Tornado, and his Robot Horde. So THIS is what he meant by Triple Threat! There are 3 different parts ADAM has taken control of! OLD ROBOTROPILIS HARBOR. The Tornado is out of control again *coughsonicadventurecoughcough* as Tails helplessly becomes a sitting duck. ADAM is unalbe to stop after being activated and is trying to take Tails into the big drink with him. Tails then pulls off something. "Why...did...the...chicken...cross...the ROAD?" "To GET to the other SIDE!" Meanwhile, Sonic is getting knocked the freak out by M.
ROBOTROPOLIS-FORT ACORN. The remainder of the Robot Horde destroy the speakers. When they seem to be down and out, in the background is Amy Rose. Amy whacks almost half of the Horde to pieces with one swing. WOW!
OLD ROBOTROPOLIS HARBOR. Tails, "Say ADAM, when's a good TIME to strike a MATCH?" What's going on?! Anyway, Antoine and the crew fly by Tails and ADAM and wonder why the Tornado is flying wonkily. Meanwhile, Eggman explains what the M stands for. Red was right, it DOES stand for "Mecha". She turns out to be ADAM's sister and is far more reliable. She knocks Sonic out cold and then commits the biggest, BADDEST sin ever!; tosses him out in the big-bad drink, AKA the OCEAN! Sally and the crew watch as they know he can't swim. It looks he's going to die for REAL this time. Sally is forced to stay at Castle Acorn as her duties as a princess.
THE BADLANDS. The part of the Horde not wiped out is regrouping on the horizon. Amy is ready fo ranother round when a giant shadow appears over their heads. It turns out to be the government and GUN.
OLD ROBOTROPOLIS HAROBR. M dives in to bring Sonic back up from the water. If she's a Mecha, how cans she work underwater?! Anyway, seing as how she was ordered to do so, a certain someone realizes that Eggman could never to work by himself. Eggman turns around as I turn the page to find... Shadow the Hedgehog! not far... Sonic rises from the water and climbs back onto the ship to find M waiting for him as the story ends TO BE CONTINUED! the pic on this page is creepy as ****!
Well, I see Dave Manak has returned. Good thing. For a "bad" artist, he really does a good job in this issue, especially with M. I can't wait until the next issue! Things will REALLY start to heat up! Now onto the other cliffhanger I've been wanting to see: Mobius: 25 Years Later- The Unveiling!

It starts out with an Echidna named Mace who comes to see Lara-Su's inveiling and watch his brother party. It turns out that the majority of Echidnas get married at an unveiing. It reminds me of my 8th Grade Prom, except people don't get married at proms thank God. Lara and Mace's bro (I'll call him "MB") seem to be nervous. Just then, another guy asks to have the next dance with Lara-Su. It seems like MB has bad luck as the other day, he was bouncing on Lara's knee but it seems to be very temproary. A shot outside shows what looks like Megaopolis. Cobor predicts that this means it's only the beginning but Rotor say there is always a possibility that is a glitch. Due to hundreds of years of Zone jumping, the time-space continuom is about to collapse! Also, further instances od crossover will hasten the end of existance exponentally! Lastly, while Dimitri and his deciples contributed mightily to the problem, it was King Sonic's adventures years ago that toppled the dominoes! During the next scene, Vector and Argyle join Knux at the Unveiling. Vector seems to be nervous because his son may embarass himself infront of Lara-Su. It turns out Argy knew more than Vector thought as he starts to prove Vec wrong. Just then, Harry gives the Knux an important message. The message reads, "Urgent and private meeting requested where and when?" -R. Knux then tells the emmisoinary to meet him at Locke's Park in 2 hours. TO BE CONTINUED!
Cliffhangers return as this story ends up in one. The art in this story looks really good, and better than Manak's I love the way the characters are drawn, especially that one female echidna on the story's first page. This unveiling reminds me of when I went to the prom in 8th grade. Overall, a decent story that leaves many questions to be answered. I'll find out next issue. My art and letters are STILL not being accepted, but wait...OH MY LORD! My name appeared in the list of those who wrote!!! YAHOO!!!!! AT LAST! I am listed as "William Myles". That is my real name. Anyway, see you in my next review!
wonderful issue I am going to like for quite a while! See you next month!

#132 review...

Another issue, another delay, let's get started...

The cover of #132 has seriously composed me in a range of feelings and emotions as I stared at this cover. When I saw the preview for this, it had everyone except Amy, and I think Tails wasn't there, too, I don't remember, but when I saw it, it looked very cool. Adding in Characters like Mighty and Vector surprised me, so I was glad they might be able to do something. The same goes for Fiona which I assume is her on the cover.
Now, with my #132 issue in hand, I've been in mixed feeling. Firstly, I thought it looked beautiful, then I moved onto cringed: Amy's faced looked too fat and pudgy, she looked downright weird, then confusion: WHY is Fiona (I assume it's her) AND Mighty on the cover when they make NOTHING but a one panel appearance doing nothing but looked shocked, WHY is Vector wearing a big "V" necklace gold chain like"ghetto" person for lack of wording, and WHY, WHY, WHY is Knuckles' arm colored the same as his peachy cheek/mouth?
After THAT reaction, I started to like Amy Rose's looks better. The slightly "pudgy" appearance (as well as that random Chao Doll, which I would like), made her look quite adorable. The vibrant orange/yellow and purple background fit exceptionally well with the action of the characters leaping out to battle. And most of the poses are exceptionally brilliantly done, especially Amy who looks absolutely cute.
The entire cover is covered with errors that I can't help but cringe upon it. I really do not see why they even bother putting in people who doesn't contribute in this issue at all? I know they ain't going for that manga cover look (when covers are usually random and don't really relate to the story). And even if this is a nitpick, how can they pass Knuckles' arm color? Even Archie couldn't be that blind. I'm just exceptionally shocked. I really don't remember ever seeing a color error on the covers.
I just...if it wasn't for the vibrant covers and cool poses and such, then this would be higher.

The frontispiece is the same as last issue, with the checkered background and character pages in the middle. The characters are drawn differently from last issue and in many ways, this one is better. The red in the characters are very vibrant and I especially love Sonic's pose. It's so...Sonic. I also enjoy that little exclamation mark on Knuckles and Vector's Boom Box (why does he have a chain necklace, unless he drew his new Sonic Heroes look). Overall, good stuff. But nothing too great.

HOME: Part 3 of 4: ADAM and EVIL:
The last time someone used the phrase "Adam and Evil" was that horrid movie: Batman and Robin (HOW my little sister liked it was beyond me). A 1 1/2 panel of Tails' bi-plane (with Sonic on top) randomly shoots their lasers to Eggman who complains on how they got here fast. M just stands there, watching her pops get pulverized which kinda makes me laugh, especially when she starts beating up Sonic later on this issue, but more when we get there.
Sonic leaps out of the bi-plane and starts debating up Eggman, a scene we haven't seen since #50 when they actually both physically fought. So far, Sonic has said the best phrase for 2004: "Hope that "hover-cam" of yours is still sending a LIVE broadcast back to Castle Acorn, cause my great grandkids are gonna want to see this someday."
Eggman pulls the "You're too late, I already sent in the missiles" routine many villians commonly said, but Sonic isn't worried with genius like Tails who just hacked into Robotnik's system.
Eggman wonders if Tails actually did what he did, while leaping out of Sonic's grasp. Where he got this handcuff, I'll never know.
Eggman grins and goes on and on about ADAM (Autonomous Digital Assault Microbe), something Eggman accidentally created (ya sure about that, tubby?), ADAM was designed to control his main computer as well as his robot minions, making Eggman take that month long vacation to Disneyland without any worries. Now, with Tails hacked into ADAM's system, ADAM starts making Tails' plane go in loops, literally, as it seems ADAM is as annoying as a virus. I often wonder if he was a mistake, would ADAM start dissing his father and wrote gothic poetry on his "crappy family" and run away. Heh heh, okay, enough of that.

In Fort Acorn, we get a small character development (Say it ain't so!), with Julie and Knuckles. Point taken, Julie is concerned of Knux fighting since he just got back from the dead (a full year, to be exact), few arguments, Julie hitting her lover (Good ol' Julie), before Knuckles moved to another subject. His secret weapon.
Opening the door, we see Amy Rose, meditating with mystical auras surrounding her. And with that, my mouth was on the floors for a good few seconds. Never have I seen Archie use magic on Amy Rose. Commonly has Amy has been referred to as a magical being with tarot card abilities and some other mystical doo-dads. The only time I remember Amy even using magic is WAY back in the Sonic Adventure adaptation when she summoned (unknowly) for her Piko Piko Hammer, a least, I assume she was "calling" it. And now, we get Amy, full of magical energy surrounding her, which leads me to think Archie might actually play more on Amy's magic. If that is the case, it's more then a welcome addition in my book and I definitely would love to see it more. I just kinda wish the others would acknowledge this, particularly the Sonic X seris, though the video game might often some hints of Amy magic, or ummm.."special attacks." Whatever it is, I was shocked, but pleased.
General D' Coolete (give him a name already) comes in, telling everyone the swatbots are back.
Outside, Vector has giant boom boxes set up. Everyone in fur gets a set of Vector headphones (now available in Toys R 'Us), despite them coming COMPLETELY outta nowhere.
Then we see a bird's eye view of the entire place. Fort Acorn is awfully close to Robotropolis, I wonder what'll have happened if the Swatbots cracked that baby open.
Anywho, Vector starts DJ-ing and the large boom boxes literally pushes the robots away. It's a small homage way back to Knuckles #3 when Vector used his headphones to stop a fire. Gosh, I can only imagine what MORE he can do, especially now that he is stopping an entire fleet of robots.

In Castle Acorn, Sally is in distress over Sonic and Tails' situation and Max thinks it's best to act fast. Chuck explains that ADAM is split in three minds, so I guess he'll be better distracted or something.

Back to Sonic who is beating up Tails as M just watches, letting her pops get pummeled while Tails is occupied with the bi-plane which has a mind of it's own, thanks to ADAM. ADAM is trying to kill Tails (well, duh), so Tails retaliate...with a joke. Yea, a joke.
Sonic sees a shadow and we see M kicking Sonic in the chin/chest area. Tails' jokes is surprisely answered when ADAM makes a complicated answer to a simple question.
Then we see another shot of Sonic getting his butt kicked by M. How are you gonna tell your Great Grandkids you were being beaten by a girl, Sonic?

Back in Fort Acorn, Vector complains about his Boom Box lost, but his actions bough them time...namely, Knuckles¡¯ secret weapon: Amy Rose, in which we get to see a panel of her in shadows, ready to dish out a world of hurt.
Now, starting from here, the art takes a huge leap and things looked rush, at least on the furries side. Anywho, Amy beats the shizz out of the robots with "love" while we gets this badly drawn scene of it.

Meanwhile (it even saids it in the comic, eh?), Tails tells MORE jokes and almost hits the FFs-Mark 2 where the other comrades are, who are all wondering what's up with Tails' bi-plane. Of course, Antoine developed PMS and gets pissy. Don't worry, I've had those days.
Back to Sonic who's still getting his butt kicked by M. While he is, Eggman tells him the stories of old of what M is and how she came to be. Namely, she is Mecha for full, but she wasn't an accident like ADAM was, and he makes a joke about how ADAM is a "software" and M is a "hardware" and you can tell she definitely suits the bill right.
M then lifts Sonic up after enough pummeling done to him and tosses him in the water, where, we all know, he can't swim.

Sally sees all this, gets all teary eyed, and starts to leave to help him, but his family gets her to stay, and THAT'S when I got annoyed. Sonic is drowning and Sally, who obviously loves him is just STAYING on her parent's wishes!? This is NOT what Sally would do! Not at all. She would more then likely disobey to save the one she loves, but no, she stays! This is...this is NOT what I wanted to see. This is the BIGGEST disappointment on this story. I'm so annoyed at this and I just can', I can't. *sighs* Let's just continue...

In the Badlands, the robots are seen all smashed and Amy, exhausted. Knuckles praises him and Amy is ready for round 2. Of course, not before they see a giant GUN helicopter thing landing on their territory with Rouge on board, who, by the way has oversized wings and a very human figure. Not to mention she even LOOKS human sized. Rouge comes in and tells Knuckles they're here to help.

Back in the harbor, M is sent to retrieve Sonic and so she does. Eggman then hears a voice he hasn't heard of in some time, Shadow, looking as though he went to the same barber as Yugi does in the YuGiOh show.

Not far off, Sonic somehow, despite his inability to swim, manage to reach the surface, but is face to face with M, who takes off her 80's sunglasses. We see scary blue eyes on her, which freaks me out. I can only imagine what she'll do with those!

REVIEW: Well, I will say this. This issue was not good at ALL. I'll point out the good parts. First off, small character development. It's not just action in this story. Karl is smart enough that he actually added in character development in this story. The most obvious one is definitely where Julie worries over Knuckles. Sure, nagging isn't her thing, but it does feel nice to see her worry about the love of her life. And I especially loved it when Julie punches him on the head, showing she is still the Julie-Su we know and love. This is an exceptionally small, but WONDERFUL development, though one wonders WHY Julie is obsessing over Knuckles' life when he died ONE YEAR ago. I personally was also happy to see Amy Rose playing, surprisely, a large role in this comic. Though it is hard to imagine them relying on a 12 year old against an ENTIRE swarm of SwatBots. She must be friggin' powerful. And Tails playing riddles on ADAM? Genius. I loved that plan. It's a lot better then just fight, fight, fight. This shows the intellect side to Tails that we all know and love.
NOW comes the bad.The one thing that got me from giving it a good score was Sally's role in the story. In short, all she did was whine and cry over Sonic. Now, I can honestly understand her reasons to do so. After all, she did loose Sonic and never saw him again for one full year, but seriously, the fact that Sonic has been fighting his entire life and nearly to his death, she starts bawling? I was about to forgive when Sally would go out to help, but she stayed because her parents told her. What the-I thought lovers help each other out, especially Sally, who would go out and fight. I mean, it's like she's showing signs of weakness. Sally is much better then that. Not to mention it destroys the whole point of Sally's belief that Sonic will one day return. I guess Karl is only doing this because of #134 which deals with the love triangle or so I heard. Something I wished didn't happen and they just moved on, but I guess when #134 comes around, I'll see for myself. I forgive Sally a bit since it HAS been a year, even though it doesn't come out the way I like, but hey, I can't like everything now, can I? Better luck next time. But in honestly, as much as I like it better then last issue, the whole thing, in general, feels rushed and messy. One scene switch to another, it confuzzles me. I wish they handled it better, instead they switch it around like a movie. A comic book ain't a movie, Karl. Sheesh.

ART: Okay...okay. Dave Manak is an artist I LIKE. I love his art. It's unique, it's different. It's got a cutesy appearance, but not overdone like Art (not that Art' is bad, which by the way, rocks). Anywho, I was more then happy to see Dave's artwork and for a while, was happy. Then...about halfway through, particularly, when they showed Amy fighting the Swatbots, he got freakin' lazy. It's not just the characters who look so out of proportional (especially Rouge who is WAY too human-ish in this issue), but the backgrounds were lazy as well. It looked so messed up and out of place and so...simple. Simple can be a good thing, but I saw artwork from nearly all artists, even Ron Lim, making exceptionally good backgrounds. What happen, Manak? At least you did more then a decent work on M, but still...

Basically, it's Lara's unveiling party where we see Knuckles' brother, Mace for the first time, and some of the Chaotix's kids. Oh, and something about the end of the world and Knuckles must meet with Rotor.

REVIEW: Seriously, what more can I say about this story? All I know is that it's not as good as last month's, but you can't expect much on the second story and only 6 pages. I can easily forgive that, but I don't like how the Unveiling is nothing but a party. I was expecting something more traditional and ritual or something, not a ballroom dance. I find this lacking. The sad part is that this isn't the first time Mr. Penders did this to me. When he came on with the AfterLife stuff and Aurora, I was more then happy to see how he would show us an echidna version of Heaven. We get Aurora retelling Knuckles' past. And the same is done here. I'm so disappointed as a result. And what's up with the name, "Mace?"

ART: It's Steven Butler, he does good, despite Lara's fugly dress. I like how Vector's son was designed. Those funky headgears on him really impress me. And yes, I like Knuckles in that tux, thought it i weird for me to see him with pants. And Cobar looks like the teacher from #131 except with more hair. Otherwords, it's overally fine.

Calypso's #132 review!


This is a greatly dynamic piece, with bright and ludid colour, and nice composition. But there's one major flaw to it - how does the comic actually relate to what happens in the comic? Basically, you have seven people on it ... nice for a pin-up, but what it comes to showing what the comic inside is about, it's really nothing but eye-candy. Why not have Robotnik and Sonic struggling on the ship deck with the seconds ticking down, or Sonic being beaten on by M?

Oh, and the fact that so many people on the cover have huge gaping mouths freaks me out.

Rating: 5 out of 10


A.D.A.M and Evil - I oughta shoot who came up with that pun. AUGH.

Well, it seems like Eggman made the typical Evil Overlord mistake - underestimating the enemy, especially when you have three warheads pointed their direction. M, who is pretty interesting being so nonchalant, points out the use of a power ring. I can understand this - Sonic hasn't used a power ring against Eggman to date, if I remember right, and being the now-flawed human he is, he probably didn't expect that. Probably why he made A.D.A.M. and M.

Anyway, Sonic lands and starts kicking the stuffing out of the now-human Eggman, easily taking him out and preparing to imprision him. The three nukes are being taken care of by Tails and Rotor, who are trying to hack into Eggman's computer to stop the launch. However, there's a problem - A.D.A.M isn't just a funny-looking SWATbot, but a sentient computer virus, who promptly starts making the tornado go haywire. Uh oh.

Off to Fort Acorn ... hey wait ... are those GUNS I see on those indentical soldiers? I thought Mobians hated the use of guns! But hey, 'stuff changes' in a year, eh? And I'm getting annoyed at seeing ALL the guards as chipmunks, though I am glad they're not wearing pink anymore.

Anyway, Julie-Su starts nagging Knuckles on the 'please don't fight' plea ... based on the fact he lost his chaos powers over A WHOLE YEAR AGO. Knux had fought plently of hard battles before his chaos powers, girl! This scene could have worked if it happened right after Knux came back, not a whole year. Now it's pointless, and Julie seems annoyingly clingy.

And really, since when does Amy have a battle aura? Oh, wait, let me guess ... something ELSE that changed during that one year?

Vec blasts the robots with huge speakers. ... No comment.

Sally points out the worsening situation due to A.D.A.M. controlling the robots, nukes, and Tail's biplane. However, as Chuck points out, this is a disadvantage on Eggman's part - multitasking on this scale would really slow a computer down. Let's hope for the Blue Screen of Death!

A question for Tails - why don't you just JUMP OUT OF THE PLANE!? You can fly, for pete's sake! But Tails comes up with a move that confuses yet amuses me at the same time - he befuddles A.D.A.M. with a riddle. I can see how this works, because how else to stop a computer by making it compute such an illogical question? I dunno why A.D.A.M. would even bother to answer it, but he IS a machine, and might just answer any question given - that's what computers DO.

M on the other hand, starts kicking Sonic around for daring to hurt 'Father'. Is it me, or this the feminine version of Packbell?

In other news - GO AMY!

Tails continues to confuse A.D.A.M. with more questions - like I said, massive multitasking would cause a computer to go a little nuts, which could be said for the Tornado. And Antione bites off Bunnie's head, just like in "The Map" - I would REALLY wanna see why Ant's acting this way.

Robotnik explains about his two 'children' - considering he is no longer a computer himself, and he's vunerable, it makes sense he make two robotic helpers. And M helps by throwing Sonic into the sea.

Sally gasps in horror, tearing up as she knows Sonic can't swim. Just as she prepares to charge out the door to help him, her parents convince her otherwise. Sally, girl, this is a prime time to tell your parents to either stick it - or pull an Elias and sneak out. Please don't stand there looking defeated.

Amy rests up after turning thousands of robots to mush, and Rouge shows up with the helicopter of GUN commandoes. Good timing, because the remaining forces are starting to regroup.

Sonic drags himself out of the water. Um, how? He can't swim. Unless he just happened to be swept across to that ladder. But Sonic has bigger problems - a very ticked off M. She looks so much like Agent Smith here it's not funny!


To sum up, this comic is ... okay.

Archie introduced some very interesting elements when it comes to Eggman and his two helpers, demonstrating what they can do and what the FF are up against. And it's not going to be easy - I very much look forward to future skirmishes. And it's pretty interesting to see Sonic get his butt kicked.

The fortess part, though ... let's be honest. Who here REALLY thought the fort was in danger? This is child's play, not an actual threat. I'm glad some minior members got to shine here, but a pico hammer? A DJ station? Give me a BREAK! I wasn't concerned for one second. Now if they had everyone fighting at once, right in the thick of it, metal bits flying everywhere and people getting injured, THEN I could see it as a battle. Right now, it's people taking turns on a punching bag.

Now Sally. I am very glad she wanted to march right out there and help, but then she submitted to her parents! She did have this defeated look on her face, but geez Sally! When push came to shove, you told your father to stick it! Do it now! Or at least do what you and Elias have done before and sneak out! AUGH.

As for the story telling, it was sporadic. It was like - "This happened, then this, then that, then this, then that, cue the cliffhanger!" It increased the cheapness of the fort battle, like above, because it DID seem they were taking turns. It would have been best to focus on one thing at a time:

Sonic and Tails start attacking Eggman.

Fort Knothole fight off the robots until Rouge arrives with re-enforcements.

Back to Sonic and Tails, who deal with their own respective battles.

Sally sees Sonic and wishes to help, and slapped down.

Sonic gets out of the water and meets psycho M.

There, that's IMHO a more flowing story-line. This story could have been done much, much better.

Story: 6 out of 10