Got Sonic 131 today on 12-30-03. Sonic Heroes came out today in Japan, but this is off-subject. It's finally time to review the cliffhanger I've been waiting to read forever!
Again, no frontpiece/pin-up/pro-art/whatever-it's-called. Just an informer of what happened last issue. Sonic's homecomming has been ruined thanks to Egghead. Sonic and Taiks plan on stopping him. They meet back at Castle Acorn to plan it. Sonic decides that no matter how fasr he goes, he'll never reach Megaopolis before Robo-trick launches the nuclear warheads on SS and Knothole. Sally suggests that Sonic uses a Power Ring. Appearently, he hasn't done so for quite a while(a year). Queen Alicia sends Tails to accompany Sonic for his mechanical guiniesses. As for the Robot Horde, King Max assembles 1 team to handle them and another to rondezvous(whatever that means) with Sonic and Tails. Sonic rushes toward Megaopolis while the others go into space just when Sonic was RETURNING from it. Next page...I am still unable to see wether Bunnie's left arm is roboticized or not. She is in plain site, but another panel blocks her arm. Rotor and his team designed the spaceship FFS-Mark 2 to operate on a much different travel principle than Mark 1. M2 soars vertically into space into geo-synchronous orbit around "Mobiurf". Spacesuits aren't needed because Rotor's team made onboard life support systems. Switch to Robotropilis... Gen. D'Coolettes monitoring the SWATBots(what happened to Gamma?) Seems like the General and his army have been training for a decade. How could he do that if he was roboticized? Anyway, they must gaurd the Robotropolis barrier with their lives or face the dealdy radioactivity! Knuckles, Amy, Julie-Su, Vector, and Mighty join them. Knux fills the Gen. in on Sonic's life. The Gen. claims that that is enough to bump their strength up by a long shot.
Back at Castle Acorn...Uncle Chuck reports in on info on the citizens. The King then tells him to accompany his elite guard to the royal bunker immediately. Sally and Alicia refuse to go and decide to stay with the rest at the castle. The King then contacts the President, who then decides NOT to warn the people of the Tripple Threat. He says that mobians and humans have different was of thoughts; which baffles the King. The Pres is informed of King Max's 2 teams and that makes 3 because the Pres. has also prepared one of his own in the form of the government. The White House... Commander Brass suggests that Sonic and crew take care of the TT. The Pres. denies it even though the Xorda attack left the city vulnerable(and thay had a whole year to fix it. Lazy people...) G.U.N. suggests him to change his plan. Denied since they can't attack until the missles are in action. Brass assignes a apecial operative for the job, Rouge! Back at the Old Robotropolis Harbor...Sonic and Tails have arrived and are ready to kick some Eggy butt again! To be continued...
Too short if you ask me. I was expecting it to be longer, but it's better than nothing. No art complaints, no art praises, except for how they did the Pres' Compound pic. The story was too short to confirm. Oh well. 3 1/2 Rings. I've noticed that 5 of the females, Bunnie, Rouge and Amy, Fiona, and Julie-Su made only one appearance! But now's not the time to mention any sexism. Let's get on to the 4-year delayed Mobius: 25 Years Later!

It begins with an introduction by Merlin Prower and then goes to an old dude named Mr. Perriwinkle teaching his class about Angel Island. It has been like it is for over 500 years. Back then, there was only Echidnaopolis and multiple Zones. During the past 2 decades, the echidnas have seen a great development ot their self-contained biosphere. They've even had a Gateway City portal-the chief link of commerce and travel with "Mobiurf". Echidnaopolis became the government and will be Mobius' oldest democracy. I would go on with the rest, but I'm feeling a little lazy-ish and am in a hurry. I'll just skip to the important details. Knuckles has a "Kano's mask" on his right eye. Reminds me of Adult Enzo on Reboot. Rotor looks like an old man and is to some unknown business eoth Espio, Harry, and Knux. They mention something about Sonia and Manic but we will just have to see in future issues. Knux says when female echidnas turn 16, they become unveiled. Wonder what that means. It's too early to tell, so I don't know what to give this story. The art was better than the main story and a little longer as well. My art and letters still haven't come up yet. The last page is the fanart. I like the Sonic Vampire oe the most. Until next time, see ya!

Cover: Very nice. I've always liked Spaz's art, and he and Butler make a good team. I did notice that it is slightly different from the preview cover in 130, (Sally, Rotor, Merlin, Julie-SU, and Lara-Su have been added) but I think that was improvement. I give it 9 out of 10, because Lara-Su doesn't quite look the way she does in the M25YL story. (I can't tell if those are sunglasses or regular glasses she's wearing) Frontpiece: not a true frontpiece, but a summary of earlier issues, and a picture of the cast, with Sonic front and center. It looks great, although I can't seem to find Bunnie anywhere. 10 out 10 anyway, J. Axer is awesome.
Main Story: Home Part 2. The Gathering. Tails is flying a plane, while Sonic races on foot, power ring in hand. Sonic recounts how the Royals chose to deal with Eggman's atomic threat (last issue). It seems that Sonic and Tails left to meet Robotnik head on, a second group (consisting of Geoffrey, Hershey, Espio, Fiona, Antoine, and Bunnie) will take the Mach 2 to meet up with them, and a third group (Knuckles, Amy Rose, Vector, Mighty, and Julie-Su) are going to stop the possible radiation leak at Robotropolis.
Meanwhile, King Max orders his family into a fall-out shelter, but they refuse. Knowing full well who's in charge in his family, he lets the girls have their way and speaks with the Station Square mayor. The mayor has decided not to inform the public of impending doom (it's bad for P.R. and elections are coming up lol). The military dislikes this choice, but he tells them not to worry. Rouge the bat is on the case!
We now go back to Sonic and Tails who have reached Eggman at last, but what they'll do to him we won't find out until the issue. Darn! I give it 8 out of 10 for story, because I wanted it to be longer, and a 8 out of 10 for Ron Lim's artwork because it's a little inconsistent at times and the backgrounds seem drab in a few panels.
Mobius 25 Years Later Story: I waited years for the future Knuckles stories, but it was worth it. This is a very good introduction, though a tad brief. It was nice that Lara-Su actually knows her dad in this universe, I'd hate it if Knux were dead in this timeline too. Luckily, he's alive and kicking, and he's wearing that cool hat from the early Knuckles comics. He's also got a metal eye, neat. Other people didn't fare so well in the makeover department. Julie-Su has impossibly long hair, it's funky. Espio has a weird goatee. Rotor looks like he wandered out of a Star Wars convention, and poor Dimitri has been reduced to being a floating head. Sad. 7 out of 10 for the story, because it was cute but lacked action (outside of Lara-Su hitting a classmate with a book). 8 out of 10 for the artwork because Lara-Su and Knux look great, but some of the others just look freaky. Also, the echidna coloring was very bland, nothing but reds and pinks. I would have liked a bit more variety.
Anyway, that's my summary of this issue. I hope I did okay and I'll see you guys later.

Once more overdue. Actually, I made one earlier here, but due to frozen computer, all my hard earned type gone down the drain because I didn't think to save them on my wordpad or something. But it doesn't matter, I'm here to review #131, as par usual. And this time, I got a wordpad ready...

COVER: Nice. It's not as emotional, nor beautiful as last issue which could easily make the Best Sonic Cover of 2003 in my book. That saying, #131's cover is still pretty good. TThe future cast coming out of the crystal ball thing is quite a clever way of showing off our future cast. And I do like how the present cast of characters look in amazment, though I wonder why Knuckles is more interested in looking at Merlin Prower then he is at the ball. I also personally like Older Sally's look, namely her hair which is a lot more stylish then the one she currently has which I still thinks needs to be either cut or tied back. Overall, decent.

FRONTIPIECE: Nothing much. A black checkered background where they summarize the story from #130. In the middle is a group pic with Sonic in the bottom middle, the only one in color, the rest in light blue. It's exceptionally powerful. Focusing Sonic out to show him that he's the main star. Nice. Oh, and to add in, I love Hershey's expression here. And I personally like Axer's Fiona least, I'm gonna assume it's her, though she looks nothing like her. Overall, nice detailed group picture, but nothing special.

We get a 1 1/2 panel of Sonic running with that what I think it is...that's right! A power ring! After countless issues or so, they finally wonder back in the pages of this comic. Well, all I can say, it's about time. I was afraid Archie just plain forgot them. Tails is flying from his bi-plane which isn't blue, so I assume he still hasn't painted it yet or the Tornado isn't build yet, but I doubt it's far off, especially if they're planning to incorporate Sonic X in their storyline sometime in the future. My only complaint I have is the X Tornado which I still think is some rejected Gundam. Gah. Oh, great, only one panel and I'm already wasting it away with my rants. Let's move on, shall we?
~Basically, Sonic is narrating the events that got him this far, so we get a flashback to a few minutes back when he was still in Castle Acorn. Sonic volunteers to go to Old Megopolis (which, if I remember and I almost forgot, is the city where Overlanders dwelled, I assume it's empty now), but he complains on how he can't make it since it'll take him 2 hours. Okay, it's offical, Sonic knows math better then I do. How he came up with that estimated guess is anyone's guess. I'm gonna assume he's somehow been there before.
~Sally gets an idea and gives Sonic the power ring so that the power can reduce the amount of time and give Sonic the extra boost he sorely needs. Alicia also suggest Tails goes because of his electric infested hoo-ha in that little fox brain of his. With one kiss good-bye, Sonic wonders how the other problems will be handled, but Max, being the ever so good king he is, has plans. So, Sonic speeds up and we're cut to the present.
~We cut to another scene, rather, above Knothole where a jetplane shoots up like a rocket. In there lies Indiana Bunnie, Stone Cold Antoine, the two lovebirds come newlyweds, lizard soon-to-be detective and Fiona Fox, who looks like Sally by the colorings Jenson gave her. Well, at least we know that it is possibly her in the next issue where the cover shows a female who looks lik Tails with a wig.
~Espio questions on the new model of the jetplane which gives a good excuse for Rotor to explain the mechanics behind it. Aptly named FFS-MARK 2 (captalized for fun), it's travel method is different from the first one, so to speak. Like how it can go out a few atmospheres. Of course being in space, Fiona is more then worried due to lack of spacesuits. Luckily, Rotor is a smart fellow and he provided the ship with air. Rotor tells them they will "hyper-spin around the planet and cut time and reach Old Megoapolis in 30 minutes". In layman's term, spin around the whole globe super fast and reach that one destination in merely half an hour. Umm, right. How about we just let the jetplane go to the destination isntead of doing this hyper-spin whatever which, by the way, is utterly pointless. Leave it to Archie to complicated a simple solution as we see the FFS-MARK 2 fall to Mobius/Earth.
~We now cut to Robotropolis where Old General D' Coolete (ahh, he isn't dead), sees the Swat-Bots heading to the barrier-filled Robotropolis. He explains the obvious and somehow, Archie made the mistake of saying they (him and the armies) were in that secret fort or something for 10 years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty dang sure that General hasn't been there for 10 years due to being a robot in Snottingham. I can only assume they mean the post itself has been there for 10 years.
~After the General finish pointing out the obvious, Knuckles comes in with the full Chaotix set, minus Espio(and Charmy), replacing with Amy, who, by the way, is next to Knuckles. It's an Amy/Knux fan dream come true! Okay, okay, I'll shut up about that now. Basically, they're here to solve the whole Robo/Swat-Bots problem and General I-need-a-name is forever grateful and ready to fight. Who'd have thunk a bunck of teenagers, plus one preteen (unless they still assume Amy is 16), could uplift an old man up?

~We cut to the Castle where Sonic's parents explain that the citizens are safetly underground. Max is pleased and informs to his family and Sonic's to go underground as well. Being the Sally we know and love, she refuses and stays put, as well as Alicia and Sonic's parents. Knowing it's not best to argue with women, Max turns his attention to Presiden Square who doesn't take the same method as Max does, rather, he refuses to tell his citizens of the impending doom, ahhh, just like real presidents. And of course, Max is baffled, but he quickly changes the subject and says the groups are already on the go. Prez Square informs he'll also help.
~So we get a cut scene to Station Square where big, lion maned big muscles ape,General Brass (Gosh, the corniness of that name), is whining like a 6 year old on why he can't fight yet. While the secretary (I assume, unless that's the first lady) laughs on, Prez Square informs they'll attack when the missiles are airborne. Ever the risktaker, aren't you, president? Don't worry, it isn't the first time a president has done that. Prez Square has been putting on his thinking cap though as he sent a special operative to help the GUN squad he ask Brass to unlease and who might that be: Rouge.
~Cut to Old Megaoplous Harbor where Eggman and M is aboard one of them Navy battleships. There, M spots Sonic and he throws yet another hissy fit as Sonic comes, riding on tails' Bi-Plane, ready to possibly crashland onto them.

STORY: Good. It's not as good as last issue which was near brilliant, but it's good. For a story that's awfully busy, it's just...not so busy. It felt balanced and I was happy. We got the team organized and on their way to their destination and ready for next issue, which I hope will move the story with some good ol' fashion action, There's a time when I'll like to see them fight. Nevertheless, this sets up the action for next issue. Nothing more. Although, there are a few mistakes and flaws that I already pointed out above. And I do agree on what Miko did say one time in Ken Pender's board. They're overdoing Sonic/Sally. I don't mind them together, but we get their a couple, you don't have to show us every issue. I'm only letting this go since Sally hasn't seen Sonic in a year.
~After throughly reading this, I seriously do not see how Sonic turned sappy. He kissed Sally in one panel and answer to Sally, "Don't worry, Sal, I'm here to stay", then he turned his attention to Max to get serious for the mission. For only 2 panels, he was "sappy". The majority, he was getting ready to kick butt and was his usual self. Geez, people overreact a lot. And Sally being helpless. I'll just say this once. Just because she stayed in the castle in this issue doesn't mean she's helpless. It doesn't mean she's not strong as she used to be. I mean, she refuse to take shelther underground. With nuclear war possibly on their way, that's a pretty dang big brave risk. Most would just coware underground. And for the last time, just because she has long hair doesn't make her any more "damsel in distress". I don't see her kidnapped, do I? And for goodness sake, the whole "she is a rip off from Mina", geez. Trust me, Sonic is NOT the first time there has been a rip off. I can think of countless anime/cartoons/whatever that rip off from each other in physical appearance. So, making that is a rather lame excuse.
~Seriously, this issue is good and it shows the usefulness of the characters, well, some of them, since most of them mostly is getting ready. It's not my fave story, but it has me eager for next issue so I can what happens. Now, only thing, I doubt some of the questions like "what is the package for Tails" or "Who is M" will be answered next issue, but I hope it will soon. It seems Archie is finally deciding to answer questions as soon as possible then later down the road to like, 2 years or so. And they're also tying up loose ends (though they do make new ones, but what's the point of reading without a bit of mystery?) Smart move, Archie. I'm showing more respect for you.

ART: When I saw it was Lim's art, I started to cringe. He isn't my favorite artist, I admit. His drawing of Sonic composes of overly long spines and cold dead eyes. His Knuckles is given mono eyes when he has two seperate eyes. His Tails resembles more bear-like or his Tails Doll counterpart then fox-like. And his mouths on characters when they speak is compose of them slagging so low to their chin, it's like their glued to it. But I was immensely surprised on how much he vastly improved. Yes, you read right. He improved.
~Okay, his Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles and nearly most of the cast is still off figured and needs work, but his humans are still excellent and some of the characters he actually improved on. Namely, Amy Rose, who looks very cute in that panel where she appears, and the Acorn family. Notably, the one where the Acorns are chatting with the president did I mistaken his art for Butler's. I noticed it was him through the way he uses his eyes which are slightly curved. He definitly improved on them.
Now, he needs to work on the Triple Threat and Fiona (because she looks nothing like what she is suppose to be), but if these are signs of improvement, I, for one, am happy. Now if only Jenson would still learn not to miscolor Rouge.

Well, after years of eagerly waiting for the special, it finally came in the form of a backstory. But you know,it's better then nothing and I'm happy. I've always been a sucker for future based story and while it's been getting a negative reaction from many, it certainly didn't get one from me. Perhaps it's the vast amount I spent time watching all those "Back to the Future" videos and later DVD, and possibly Sailor Moon. But I just adore future stories. Even if there's something that doesn't go your way, I always have fanfic/fanart, so everybody wins in the end, at least, that's what I'm going to think. Let's start, shall we?

We get a one page of Merlin Prower basically talking to us, the readers (I assume), as he uses some orb thing where we see a slightly older Sonic/Sally, adult Knuckles/Julie-Su floating in the top right corner, and Lara-Su looking adorable in the bottom corner.
~We get to the main story where an agely teacher (complete with mechanic features) takes the good and quite clever excuse to explain how Angel Island has faired for the past 25 years. Basically, there's portals that lead down to the main continents. Echidnaopolis is also the central base of echidna government which currently right now is democracy, well, in here, anyway. After more some more explanation from the echidna students, one kid comes up with how the Guardian fares. One of the kids insults Lara-Su as a result. Her result, a good smack on the head with her textbook. So, even after all the techno changes in the city, people still uses books. I love books, but I would have liked to see them with labtops ala' the students seen in Batman Beyond. I mean, the teachers practically download the test for them. Anywho, Lara-Su gets a harsh lecture from the teacher, but she walks off clean, possibly just recieving detention at the way the teach wanted to see her after class. Funny, in 10th grade, I smacked a guy on the back of his head because he wouldn't stop insulting me (Keep in mind, I tried to use words then fight, but after several attempts, he still kept going), and he laughed it off. I was suspended for my actions which I still think is a load of blarney. Blah.

Cut to another scene with an airplane coming from an airport. Out comes Rotor, dressed as a monk or some hooded figure, and Tails (I assume it's either him or maybe Elias' son because he looks so much like him, that or Obi-Wan Kenobi, Espiode 1 version), as they chat about they visitation of the island. Tails/Elias/whoever wonders where Rotor went and we see he's on his way to a taxi where a local EST member acts like his chaffuer. Unfortunately, he's clad in FUGLY yellow outfits that look like it was made entirely out of rubber. Ugh, if this is what the EST wears now, I fear what Remington will look like, provided he still works for the EST.
~In the taxi, Rotor meets up with Harry who is still a taxi driver. Hmm, he either loves his job or he couldn't find anything better. Harry takes Rotor to his destination and ask Harry to wait (how many times have Harry done that before?). Inside, he meets with Espio who's wearing a long overcoat and sporting wrinkles and a goatee. Rotor demands to meet Knux and his family as par request from the King and Queen. Espio makes the schedule for next Sunday, so I can very much assume right now that Espio works for Knuckles as his "royal" schedule keeper. Espio ask if the royal figures will bring the children and we cut switch to him talking to Knuckles that they will. Sonia and Manik (spelled wrong or purposely added the "K" instead of "C"), is looking forward to Lara-Su, or so Espio saids.
~Knuckles isn't taking in all this since he's having problems with his own kid, namely of a boy having a crush on her. Ahhh, love. Archimedas once wisely spoke on how adults try to hide away such matters as love from their children way back in Knuckles#26. There Knuckles bothered his father immensely with the heavy dealings of romance and now, he's getting a dose of it back. Though I think Knuckles might be able to handle it better then his father did.
~Sitting on a metal chair (it certainly doesn't look comfortable), Knuckles and Espio talk about Juanita now who I naturally will assume is Espio's kids and something about royal matchmaking. Knuckles starts to question Espio's parenting skills on the dealings of dating, but unlike Knux, Espio seems to be more mellow. I bet he's one of them "cool dads". Espio then explains how Rotor wants to see Cobar. Knuckles isn't surprise, they seem to have a history together as two mad scientist. Ahhh, so Rotor does go crazy at one point. Knuckles tells Espio to keep an eye on them and who better then a chameleon? My gosh, Espio is practically Knuckles' lackey. A Snivley to his Robotnik, An Esargoon to his DeDeDe, an N.Brio to his Cortex (well, just for the first game), etc. Knuckles and Espio ends their meeting as he needs to head back home to get Lara's unveiling ready. Oh, and did anyone notice how the M.E chamber looks like a Batcave?
~Another scene takes place, namely the boy who Lara konked earlier. Rutan is his name and he's Lien's boy. Yep, Lien apparently married sometime in her life and from what Dimitri saids a litte later, she probably killed him. Yes, I have a sick, twisted mind. Speaking of Dimitri, get out your Futurama nostalgic caps, Dimitri, the once, powerful Enerjak, reduced to Toaster Echidna, is now reduced to...a floating head in a jar. Yea, that's right. A cybornatic floating head in a jar. Poor guy, reduced from all powerful guy into this. And as For Lien-Da, well, speaking that her established age is 34/35 and since 25 years have passed, she'll be ooooh, I don't know, 59/60 years old. Yes, that is right. She looks EXTREMELY good here, and I don't know what she did to herself to look this good! *coughholywatercough*
I can assume it's either that or maybe she went to the Zone of Exile, but left her son to grow in Echidnaopolis, but I can only hope this will be answered to see if that is the case or she got as much facelift as Cher and Micheal Jackson put together.
~Anywho, Lien is worried of Rutan's bump on the head, but Rutan, obviously inhabitating one of Kragok's anger (sorry, Dimi,but Kragok was an angry person), he acts like any teenager and acts like it's nothing before storming off to his room.

~We switch to Knuckles who has entered good ol' home sweet home, only to wonder where everyone is. He sees Julie from the balcony when she answers and we get a good view of the house and I must say, that's a NICE house. A friggin' mansion. They must've done something good to get that rich, wll, other then being high in status at the point they're pretty much treated like royalty. Why not just make it a monarchy while we're at it, eh? Julie is having problems with Lara who refuses to leave the bathroom and refuses to go to the Unveiling. To Knuckles, he knows that's a big no-no and we get to see 2 pages of Knuckles' parenting skills which are obviously a whole lot better then what those old geezers at the Brotherhood has done to their kids.
~Knuckles still retains his temper, however, and like him, his daughter is stubborn. She wishes to be a Guardian, but daddy dearest sees it as unnecassary and explains why.

"I wanna be a guardian!"
"...Sigh...Y'know, there's another ancient echidna custom I think needs reviving! It's called a spanking!"

Aren't you just as amused as I am?
Knuckles is about to give up and let his wife handle it, but Julie puts her foot down and gets Knux to move his lazy butt back to reason with his daughter. And it also doubled his reason to go back and talk when she gives one of the deadliest weapons wives have next to ordering their hubands to sleep on the couch, THE LOOK. So, Knuckles, obviously outnumbered goes back and chats with Lara on how important the Unveiling is and saying a Guardian is a big "no no". Lara gives and she comes out, ready. Yep, score more points, Knuckles is a much better parents then nearly half the Guardians from the past combined.

STORY: I knew I was in for a good read when I found it was extended to 11 pages. Sure, the rest will be 6 pages until God only knows, but I have a feeling this will interested me for a long time. It's off to a good start. Nice level of mystery(like Cobar), good set of comedy (bonk on the head for Rutan), and they even cleverly imput the history of what Angel Island has gone through in 25 years. Plus, you get to see Knuckles' parenting skills. And the Unveiling, well, I can only pray it'll be a good one. Mr. Penders have disappointed me before when he didn't clearly explain the system of the AfterLife when Knuckles was sent there when I really wanted to see how they dealt with it. It didn't explain enough, even if it was more of an excuse to retell Knuckles' entire story up to where it currently was. So, I hope this Unveiling will be worth it. So far, it's off to a good start. I can hope it doesn't disappoint and one note: Get to Remmy's secret, already!

ART: When I saw the first page of the 25 years special, I was in a bit of disappointment. I was never a big fan of Penders artwork, even if he is tons better then Lim. The way he draws sometimes just weirds me out, so I was more glad when Butler took over. Simply put, his drawing is beautiful and fully detailed to it's finest. My Gosh, the way he made the echidnas all unique in looks is absolutely breathtaking. And his structure of the city ain't too shabby, at all. Jenson also colored quite good here. The only noticable flaw being Knuckles' hat which is colored wrong, well, the stars and stripe around it. And he should add some more color varieties in the echidnas. So many reds and pinks, why not some lavenders or oranges for the mix? Other then that, wonderful.

Letter pages and fanart, including a rather interesting one of Sonic with a Batman style cloak.I just realize that this is possibly my longest review ever.