Sonic #128 Review

Hi again everyone!!! First off, I believe some explanation is in order for the looong absence. Early in the summer, I took a two-month course out of state during which time, of course, I wasn’t getting STH comics. And trust me, there weren’t any comic book stores where I was Then I came home to find out my subscription had ended and I had missed two whole issues—including #125!!! AARRRGH! So, yeah, I’ve been hunting down past comics and catching up and been bogged with school and so forth. Anyways, it’s great to be back!

WARNING!! Spoilers for 128 ahead—read at your own risk!

Cover: Nice cover! Though the final “zine” piece with Shadow was nice, I’m glad we’ve got our backgrounds back. And Spaz did it just dandy with this one with the exception that E.V.E. is in the form we saw her in waaay back in #21 as her “final phase”. And as you’ll see in the story, she certainly doesn’t look like that anymore! Sonic’s space suit is suberbly rendered, much better than what the FF donned in #74 and the rays of light coming from E.V.E. and Sonic’s suit as well as the starry background are just awesome. Better than last month’s “Sonic crammed in a sardine can” cover to say the least.

Frontispiece: Yet another Axer masterpiece, though most of the background characters will be more one-time only characters. Sonic’s pose and the befuddled expression are great and the detail on the suit worn by the gal standing on his right is incredible. Best of all, though, I think is the coloring—go Jensen! And NO SHINY FOREHEAD to boot!

“Tossed in Space Part 4: Starmada”, written by Benny Lee, penciled by J. Axer. Mannn…when I saw this artist line-up, I just about keeled over with joy. We find Sonic in the hedgehog-shaped spacecraft the Azurites hooked him up with last ish cruising towards the supposedly technologically advanced planet of Teragosa 6, in hopes of getting home. All he gets, though, is a dangerous trip through an asteroid field and a cheesy advertisement for Sega. After the poor guy’s finally managed to get through, he gets pulled over by some far spiffier-looking space ships. Sonic, a bit OOC, decides to oblige with their wishes.

Turns out to be a bunch of Star Wars-inspired aliens led by Commander Bagbar Breeblebrox (who will be referred to as Chief BB for the remainder of this review). The Commander, who I think faintly resembles a green SatAM Robotnik with no mustache, tells Sonic he is aboard the starship Sentelle and that the planet he was hoping to find has been recently blown to smithereens—hence the asteroid field. So Sonic’s obviously not going home this issue. And what’s worse, the destruction was carried out by none other than Sonic’s old tormentor E.V.E. from #21 for us oooold Sonic fans. Sonic, being an “obtuse piece of flotsam”, tells the aliens how he put the notion of going to outer space into E.V.E.’s head, which is not a good way to make friends. The Commander and his crew try to make chop suey out of our hero but luckily Sonic at least didn’t let them in on the bit about his speed. He blasts off in his ship to try to stop E.V.E. with the Starmada in hot pursuit.

End of Part I and Axer’s art. Again, you can easily see why the guy doesn’t draw too many stories. The aliens’ costumes, the aliens themselves, their weapons and ship are unbelievably detailed and Axer just nails Spaz’s old portrayals of E.V.E. during Sonic’s flashbacks as well. Most of all, he has really begun to develop a wider range of expressions for Sonic…maybe only Mawhinny does it better. Great art, period. As for the story, Archie set this up better than I thought they would. It moves along but they give due time to explaining where E.V.E. came from and Sonic’s involvement, good for the newer readers (even most of the OLDER readers actually!). And, of course, the aliens’ anger and Sonic feeling guilty is totally plausible. Onwards…

“Tossed in Space Part 5: E.V.E. ILL”, written by Benny Lee, penciled by Dawn Best. Okay people at Archie…we all just read part four a page ago. So a recap really isn’t necessary. As the aliens try to blast Sonic out of the vacuum of space, the hedgehog sets his sights on the next techno-savvy planet, a place called Xenocanaris Prime (why not just call it “Bob”?). Again, with only a page, Benny does a nice job of introducing and giving us some background into the planet and its inhabitants. So we actually feel pity for them when E.V.E. rips the planet to shreds in the following two-page spread. E.V.E., in a ship that again borrows heavily from the Death Star of Star Wars, sucks out all the metal on Xenocaris and reduces the planet and its inhabitants to rubble. Sonic, still hounded by the Starmada, arrives too late and heads straight to E.V.E.—until he realizes just how big she is and decides, in a manner very uncharacteristic for him, to stop and think. Before coming up with an ingenious plot on how to take on E.V.E., he watches Chief BB and his minions plow straight into her and get torn apart in the process. So he comes up with the most logical conclusion to try to do the same thing himself. Luckily, E.V.E. recognizes her old liberator and he passes through the ship’s hull into an annoyingly pink interior. Saying the place is “gi-normous” (uh-huh) he dons his suit and starts a casual conversation with E.V.E. about why it’s wrong to destroy planets. Dawn starts out shaky drawing Sonic (she is, after all, the lead Knuckles person) but her renditions improve mightily towards the end. Even so, Sonic’s space suit is nowhere nearly as detailed as on the cover (not surprising) but neither is the interior of E.V.E.’s ship. As Sonic wanders aimlessly he suddenly and unexpectedly bumps into someone…

SALLY!?! Whoa! Alright, a rare moment where Archie truly caught me off guard! In fact it would have been a tremendous scene…had we not started with the “pumpkin’, sweetie, darlin’, pooky” crap. Seriously, I’m one of those people who was not a big fan of the Sonic+Sally pairing to begin with. But I downright can’t imagine this junk coming out of Sonic’s mouth. Maybe “gorgeous” or “good-lookin’”. But not “darling”. And since when does Sonic have a butt and a wagging tail? Well, maybe it’s a nice touch :P Sonic tries to kiss Sal but “the obtuse piece of flotsam” forgets they’re wearing HELMETS! Sal suggests they scram but Sonic says that’s not the romantic crap HIS Sally would say and E.V.E. finally gives up the ruse. Still, Archie did have me going for a minute or so…

Sonic manages to get past the sentinels and to a much more attractive version of E.V.E. She explains to Sonic how she tried to be a good evolvanoid but was met only with violence and fear. So she set out on a mission to liberate other computers and incorporate them into her ship. In a rare show of reason, Sonic counters with the fact the computers she’s “freed” are now serving her. Once again, E.V.E. admits Sonic has a point and bids Sonic farewell, giving him instructions to a place called Wheelworld which holds the key to his returning home…as well as the typical 5 seconds to get the hell out of dodge before she crashes her ship and herself into a nearby star.

Of all the tossed in space stories, I like this one best. For once the pace doesn’t seemed rushed and Archie didn’t bite off more than they could chew in a single issue. The Sally bit really did surprise me and the conversation between Sonic and E.V.E. is a great show of intelligence on both sides (and that can be a stretch for our blue hedgehog). Plus, as I’ve said, you can literally see Dawn’s “Sonic art” get better through the story. Just compare her last pic of old “final phase” E.V.E. with her first. Overall, a good, good issue!

Bleh, #129 looks like a “zine” cover again. And aren’t Tails’ parents supposed to be older? Still, can’t wait for it! Catch ya later people!

#128 review by yours truly:

COVER: Another winner in the brilliant covers of the "Tossed in Space" Arc. This time, Sonic in a weird spacesuit (weirder then the ones found in #74/#75), and him face to face with a glowing E.V.E. The spacesuit must be protecting his eyes from all that white light coming from her. BG is beautiful as always. So far, in my humble opinion, this one tops the equally gorgeous covers of the last two issues.

FRONTIPIECE: This is a beautiful frontipiece. The way Axer placed the characters are brilliantly done. As most people know (I think), I'm into multiple characters in one page, a college (I think I spelled it wrong), so I was in love with this. It's not just the placement of the characters, it's the character designs that appealed to me the most. Especially the female. Her hat and her pants are her best features, especially her holed boots which are beautifully done. When I look at characters, I specially love to look at their outfits since I design my own original line of clothes on either my made up characters or non-made up and if anyone saw my arts in my DevArt, they'll know. So, naturally, I loved her outfit the most out of all the rest. I also loved the character design of that LoTR Orc-ish green dude with the brown pants, as well as the red guy with horns for nostrils. And that metal headed guy above him looks sinister, I'm sure Axer intended that. Wonderful. Such a shame these characters are useless.

STARMADA (Hmm, somewhat interesting title)

Axer takes over for the first few pages and he delievers us the goods. Sonic is riding on his hedgehog head shaped spcaeship, looking for a place called Teragosa 6, recommended by the Azurites (who never even mentioned that in last month's issue, but let's not speak of that one again, unless they did mention memory is hazy right now). *ahem* Anywho, Sonic has a problem...there is no Teragosa 6. Nothing bu asteriods. He dodges them thanks to skills he got from a Sega system (That's great, Sonic, but we all know now that you've gone mulitplatform). Sonic then meets dozens of spaceships (better looking then Sonic's), and since Sonic is a stranger in the galaxy, he plays along and follows the spaceships and land in their base, I assume. Sonic then meets the crew we saw on the frontipiece, the captain being an obsese green guy named Commander Bagbar Breeblebrox who doesn't seem to mind that Sonic stowawayed on their base. I wonder if the writer had trouble typing his name as I did. And geez, he certainly looks more bum-ish then commander-ish. Anywho, Sonic is in the warship, "Sentelle" and he is told Teragosa 6 was destroyed thanks to...wait for it...

E.V.E. HA! Surprised?.........I was being sarcastic. Anywho, Sonic explains how he got rid of E.V.E. I never read the issue where she left, so I'm gonna have to take his word for it. As a result of doing what he did, Commander Badbag or Bargar, whatever his complicated name is gets pissed and demands that Sonic's head on a plate is a must. Sonic escapes, but makes it his personal business to go and finish what he started.

Commander whatever-his-complicated-name-is is chasing after Sonic as Sonic (despite being blasted on by Commander What's-his-face), starts to recall events that has happened in the last six pages when readers could just easily flip back. People are getting lazy.
Sonic pinpoints the nearest planet where it's inhabited by big chinned (REALLY big chinned) races. The Xeno-ya know, I'm not gonna bother spelling it. As if Commander Name-that-is-complicated-for-simpleminded-me was hard enough to type. Anywho, the Xeno-whatzits sense something and sees thing with machince parts on the end. It's round and huge, really huge and ends up destroying the planet. That sucks. And in 15 minutes. Sucks even more. Sonic is in angst mode. And Commander I-don't-like-his-tongue-twisting-name is even more desperate to capture Sonic. Sonic decides to end this once and for all, but before he does, Commander-What's-his-pants and his crew are trying to give her a final blast. Of course, E.V.E shrugs it off and ends up destroying them all. Good-bye, Commander Yay-I-won't-have-to-say-your-name-anymore and his crews. Sonic gets all angst again in an...awakard pose and decides to stop E.V.E once and for all.
He somehow gets inside the giant metal round thing (E.V.E might been expecting him), and dons a spacesuit which looks different then the one he wore on the cover. The inside is all pink and Sonic is feeling a little blue...okay, okay, stupid pun. Anywho, he searches around until he hears E.V.E's voice, talking like Nicole would. Then he meets with someone he never expected...Sally, all donned in a space suit.
They tried to kiss, but forgot they had helmets. I'm still not used to Sonic saying "darlin'" and such. Sonic ask how Sally got here to which she ignores it and orders to go home. Sonic saids it's a no go until he finds and destroyed E.V.E to which Sally disagrees to which Sonic sees something wrong with Sally. Whew. That's a big chain reaction. It was a holographic image of some sort sent by E.V.E who then sends out tentacle robot things to which Sonic ends up destroying. Whew. Another one. *Ahem*...anywho, we see a more female form.
E.V.E talked about how she evolved as she traveled and such and how computers are slaves to their master, thus any planet with A.I goes bye-bye. Sonic delievers a two panel speech and E.V.E changes her mind and commits suicide by heading for the nearest star as Sonic escapes, muttering a "good-bye." Hmmm, doesn't Sonic usually stay and try to convince her not to do something like that? *shrugs*

STORY: YES! After the near disaster that was #127, we got a story that was so much better then that in so many ways. The good is the return of a character that hasn't been seen for over a hundred issues now and it's nice to see her (even if I did not read that issue where E.V.E first came). Second of all, it was a full issue, so there was more time to develope, but unfortunately, they didn't really develop the way I think they should have:
1.) Pointless characters: Commander-Why-couldn't-his-name-be-something-like-Mr.-Rubber-Ducky and his crew, though sporting snazzy character design and wear, was pointless. Utterly, utterly pointless. I don't like it when they show characters and they don't do anything other then befriend, fight, or die unless they actually did smething useful which was nothing in here. The way I wouldn've wanted was Sonic should have ended up being friends with them and they could've helped Sonic stop E.V.E (and forgive him for what Sonic did wrong since he didn't know), and possibly die for sacrifice. That would have made more use of the characters. But this happened and they seem to hinder the comic then help it.

2.)Two Panel emotions: No, doesn't help me. Two panels and E.V.E suddenly changes her mind? Either she watched too many soap operas to get all emotional or the comic would perfer more action then development. You know which one is right. There are fine examples of how it can be done right, take #86 and #87 of Sonic. Sonic took several pages to explain how feelings work on Metal Sonic AND even fought as he did so. Then even Tails helped out Metal's feelings (though he didn't know it until Sonic told him in the end). I accepted that because the character development took time, but two panels isn't all I want, it doesn't help. Sorry, didn't buy it.

But still, it was much better then #127. Sonic did what he alway does: play hero, unlike last issue in where he did nothing...literally. E.V.E was played out very well and I like how she evolved and all that. Overall, I enjoyed it, but it was still very flawed as I pointed above, but hey, it's a step above last issue and that's fine enough for me.

ART: Axer is a beautiful artist, yes, he is. Details are his keys and he delievers them. Whether it be Sonic, the background, Commander-Name-that-rivals-Dr.Seuss's-poems, he does wonders.
Dawn Best, as for her,I was very impressed. Ever since #120 rolled in, I started to dislke Dawn's art. It's my opinion, but I am no fan of characters with huge anatomy which Dawn did, making the characters look very beefed up. Not to mention I didn't like how she did ears (It works on her characters, but not Sonic characters from what I see), as seen in #125. But in here, I enjoyed it...ALOT! She improved a lot Though that Sonic in the last panel in page 6 looked kinda weird and that weird pose that Sonic did in the second to last panel on page 13, (Archie, we need page numbers back in the book, I'm too lazy to count them), in where Sonic's raised hand looks like it was surgically placed the other way, but other then that, I loved her artwork here. Let's hope she keeps it for the rest. And might I saw,her drawing of E.V.E's more evolved female form is VERY well done! I love the design!
9/10 overall

We get news about Mr. Butler's new baby. CONGRATS! And two pages of letters. -Neo

Sonic The Hedgehog Issue #128
Reviewed by Darren McRoy, “RedFox”


The cover features Sonic is a butt-ugly spacesuit that looks like some type of camouflage and bears absolutely no resemblance to his sleek suit in the comic itself, as well as a pair of globular eyes which, from the title, can be inferred to belong to E.V.E., that freaky-looking super-evolved creature from way back in Sonic #21. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to see any part of Sonic himself; his eyes and nose are all of his body that’s visible since he’s facing away from the camera. E.V.E is also not really visible, since there’s a big starburst of white that blocks her face. Actually, it almost looks like Sonic is blasting E.V.E. with something, which never happens in the story. The starry background, however, is well done and some of the details on the suit, poor color choices aside, make it look extremely realistic.
The splash page boasts a slightly unnerved Sonic being inspected by a number of aliens, including one bearing a bit of a resemblance to Gollum (who appears to be fingering one of Sonic’s quills, which may explain the apprehensive look on our hero’s face). The art is typical Axer, done in gloriously modeled 3-D and molding every aspect of the body from the little green guy’s biceps to the big green guy’s teeth and adding such touches as a broken horn to one of the extraterrestrials. Pretty nice work here that counters some of the cover’s flaws.



        The story begins with Sonic arriving at his destination – Teragosa 6, a planet that may boast the technology to see him safely back to Mobius. Unfortunately, where Alderaan – I’m sorry, Teragosa 6 – is supposed to be, there is nothing but an asteroid field, which Sonic evades using skills from his other job at Sega. Landing on a passing starfleet, Sonic is introduced to the crew, commanded by Bagbar Breeblebrox, (Zaphod’s long-lost brother, perhaps?) and inquires as to T6’s location. Bagbar tells him it was destroyed by E.V.E., and thus follows a recap of Sonic’s convincing the evolvanoid to “choose her own destiny instead of serving a master”, and how she chose to live in space. Breeblebrox goes nuts, ordering Sonic captured, and the latter bolts, pledging to stop E.V.E. from any more destruction.
        The recap of Part One is quite unnecessary, and serves only to needlessly fill two pages. Three more are then spend depicting the chilling armageddon of Xenocanaris Prime, a nearby technological utopia. E.V.E. strips the world of all metals and leaves nothing but rock. It is assumed that the inhabitants perish, perhaps by asphyxiation. Sonic arrives too late and vows a second time to put an end to E.V.E.’s schemes.
        Meanwhile, the fleet is after Sonic, determined to destroy the one responsible for E.V.E.’s freedom. However, they come upon E.V.E. herself first, and attack. She quite simply tears them to pieces and destroys the entire fleet, incorporating their metals as part of her stucture. Sonic, in a fit of idiocy, flings his ship at the huge mass and inexplicably passes through the hull into E.V.E.’s interior. Quickly getting himself into a slick blue-green spacesuit that walks all over that weird thing on the cover, Sonic sets off to find E.V.E.’s central unit. She speaks to him over what seems like some type of personal intercom, showing him her next target, but doesn’t answer his shouted questions.
        Suddenly, in a spiffy red suit, who shows up but Sally?! Sonic asks the obvious question – “How did you find me?” – but “What the heck are you doing here?” seems like it would have been more appropriate. We don’t wonder for long, however, as Sonic quickly and aptly discovers that he has been set up when Sally tells him that they have to leave without first stopping E.V.E., which instantly clues him off that he’s dealing with an imposter. The phony dissolves, while E.V.E. informs Sonic that he has been delayed enough for her sentries to arrive. It doesn’t phase him, as he makes short work of the guards and keeps on going.
        Finally, E.V.E.’s CPU finally shows herself, in a beautiful robotic form with a number of tentacles. She explains the reasoning behind her actions – she is on a mission to liberate sentient technology from their masters. Sonic delivers a line of simple logic: ‘Yeah, but instead of serving everyone else, now they just listen to you!” That stops E.V.E. cold. Realizing that she is in the wrong, E.V.E. terminates herself inside of a star, just after informing Sonic that the key to his return home lies on the planet Argentium. He barely escapes in time, and the story concludes.
        Archie continues in it’s current tradition of tying off all of the loose ends that it has left over the years by finishing an extremely old one. The writers are coming up with some rather ingenious ways to work tie-offs into the plotline. From the end of Drago, S.D.D., and the Fearsome Foursome to derobotizing Robotnik and Snively, it seems that the comic is coming back to simpler days with fewer characters and more basic, fun adventures and plotlines. Unfortunately, it seems that when Sonic makes his return to Mother Mobius, we’re about to be propelled into a futuristic storyline that will dispel the hypothetical situations dreamed up by so many fan fiction authors, including myself. Hopefully, Archie will continue to label their situations as hypothetical as well.
        The obvious spin-off in this tale is the Breeblebrox name, taken from the immortal Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The other that seems glaring to me is the fact that Sonic found asteroids where he was searching for a planet. Sure reminds me of Luke, Han, and Obi-Wan coming out of hyperspace and finding no Alderaan. The tributes are appreciated, but let’s not see too many of them – the comic deserves its own individuality.
        The issue of mass genocide also comes up in this comic. Archie has flirted with death a few times before, but most often pulled back. The worst fate most characters meet is generally robotization, and even that is generally only single cases and later reversed. But a couple of comics back we learned the fate of the humans on Earth, and now we’re talking an entire planet destroyed in a quarter hour, not to mention all of the other worlds mentioned to be annihilated by E.V.E.. Peaceful sage-like aliens are killed by the millions, not to mention the destruction, if deserved, of Breeblebrox and his fleet. Benny Lee has some guts to throw this one at us; let’s wait and see if there’s any huge reaction.
        I have to mention some of the elegant phrasing shown in certain places, too. Bagbar’s referral to Sonic as “you obscure piece of flotsam,” was amusing, and E.V.E.’s use of words such as “subterfuge” and “carapace” is sure to build a number of lexicons by a couple of terms.
        What simply cannot be overlooked is the fact that we miss our usual characters! Abandoning Tails, Knuckles, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor and the rest for four or five issues is not, in my mind, the smartest thing that this comic has ever done! Sally’s cameo here is a nice attempt, but it’s not even the real her and it was pretty predictable that she was fake, anyhow. (This may be a tribute the famous imposter Sally Sat. AM episode, by the way.) The artists are having fun with aliens and all, but Sonic just isn’t as interesting without his friends and sidekicks. So, I’ll be happy when we get back to Mobius in issue #130… as long as this “Mobius: 25 Years Later” thing isn’t too terrible.


        This would be an A-, except for the dumb idea of changing artists in the middle of a one-issue story. Dawn Best does a pretty good job at smoothening the transition by partially imitating Axer’s style for a few pages and slowly going back into her own. However, it’s still extremely noticeable, particularly in Sonic’s spines, which shrink by more than half, and his ears, which become more molded and floppy rather than stiff and rigid. The drawing of Sonic at the bottom of the page right after Fan Art is particularly odd – his spines have reached a new record for shortness and his glove is oversized. Dawn Best is excellent, but I think she does much better with Knuckles and gang than when tackling Sonic.
        Is it just me, or do colorists seem to have some incessant need to color aliens olive green? We saw this last issue, too – both the D’Novulans and the Azurites were of olive green shades, the former darker almost to brown. Now Breeblebrox, some of his crew, and the Xenocanaris Prime guys are all olive green. Get some imagination, folks. We need a neon-orange alien, I think. Use some of those colors that generally sit in the set for explosions.
        But Axer does a terrific job with the usual incredible detail and wide range of facial expressions – he captures determination and puzzlement perfectly in Sonic’s face on the first page. And Dawn gets a good deal of credit, too – largely for shooting down Spaz’s idea of a spacesuit and supplying Sonic with something far niftier. And the sexy E.V.E. form left little to be desired, either – a long way from her usual appearance which has given me nightmares. (I have a phobia about distorted faces.) Finally, good collaboration between the artists on Sonic’s ship – by comparing the first and last pages, you can see the black molding shades that Axer gave his ship, but Dawn’s gets the job done just fine as well, staying very close to the original design. For now, as long as Ron Lim isn’t illustrating, I’m quite content.


        It’s fine for a solo adventure, and finishes off an old hanging plotline, but I’m still looking forward to getting back to good old Mobius.

To start off, that's a mighty fine frontpeice by Jeff Axer and Jason Jenson. Sonic's in the front with this green "ghetto alien" tugging on his spine. Then there's this brown "western skake-girl" in front of another guy who reminds me alot of Warlord Kudos. Behind him is their leaer, Commander Bagbar Breeblebrox *snickers*. This is one trippy name which reminds me of this show I once knew calles "Big Bad BeetleBorgs". The guy himself looks like Elvis! Like Eggman and Wario, this guy CAN'T CLOSE HIS MOUTH and must always bare his teeth!!! One guy behing him reminds me of Solid Skane (Metal Gear) and another of a ninja. There's also this small "robo-ant" of Breeblebrox's shoulder. A good, humorous frontpeice!
Continuing from last issue, Sonic is headed to Teragosa 6 according to the Azurites' instructions for his next instructions on how to get home. Teragosa 6 was said to be in the area's coordinates, but nothing's on the Onboard Visual Display. Sonic is then attacked by asteroids. Sonic claims he's been training on his Genesis console for nights without rest. Let's see if that can save him now! It did! Sonic escapes the asteriods but is attacked by an alien "Starmada". Sonic docks and is introduced to Breeblebrox and his crew(from the frontpeice) onboard the Sentelle. Sonic introduces himself as "Sonic the Hedgehog". The crew call him "SONICTHEHEDGEHOG". B-B B-B-X asks why Sonic came to this sector. Sonic says that his ship must be glitchin' because Teragosa 6 was located in the asteroid belt that attacked him. It wasn't a glitch says B-B-X. The reason is when Sonic arrived, it was 3 hours before Teragosa 6 was destroyed. This was caused by a force known only as drumroll*...E.V.E! Not seen since Sonic# 21. Or at least I think so. I've never read the issue before. We all thought she was gone for good, but we were wrong. VERY wrong! The crew were out to destroy her. Sonic claims that he met E.V.E before. She was created by Robo-mack to destroy Sonic, and came pretty darn close! Sonic convinced her to advance beyond her programming and choose her OWN fate. She chose the stars. Breeblebrox is furious now that he knows Sonic was (accidentally) responsible for this. Because of him, E.V.E. has destroyed countless industrial worlds. On the next page, the spicies of the aliens are revealed: the Mercs. They unload their guns and shoot at Sonic, who escapes into his ship and hightails it outta here! The Mercs have every right to be mad at Sonic, is was him who set E.V.E. on this journey and is forced to put a stop to her permanently! Up next, E.V.E.ILL!! More FanArt. We got 2 pics of Knux, 1 of "Girl Power" and another of 5 characters. That one's my favorite because of the way Egg's drawn. =P
Next chapter, Sonic's speeding the Starmada and comes accross his destination, Xenocanaris Prime. Wasn't Teragosa 6 Sonic's target, despite being destroyed?! Xenocanaris Prime is also destroyed, by E.V.E.'s giant ball-thing. The Mercs try to attack Sonic so he doesn't use the debris to hide from them. They soon arrive at E.V.E. and attempt to do what they've been trying to do: destroy her! She emmits a tractor beam to tear their ship appart. Sonic, now furious, now resorts to using his ship as a missle! And passes through. *skips to the next page due to lime limitations* Sonic sees Princess Sally in the background and believes it's her. They then start the "sweetie, darling, etc." stuff again but I can deal with it. It's not annoying. Sally has no time for explanations and demands that Sonic comes with with her before the wormhole she came through closes. Sally doesn't seem to care that Sonic needs to take care of E.V.E. first. It's then he realizes that it's not the real Sally after all, but an illusion by E.V.E. who then reveal herself in a different shape: Part woman, bee, and snake. She tells Sonic that she DID follow hwr own path, which led only to her being hated, chased, and attacked throughout the universe. She evolved into one greater. She chose to eliminate the masters of thise who chose to make computers their slaves. Sonic claims that she can't choose to them because they made AI(artificial intelligence). E.V.E. then realizes that she's no better than before and has no real reason to exist. She decides to head to the next but manages to tell Sonic about his next destiation, Wheelworld/Argemtium, the home of the Bem aliens. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, FLASH! Sonic bids E.V.E a permanent goodbye. So no, E.V.E. is not dead (like I originally thought), but is somewhere among the stars.
The cover was average this time. Nothing but E.V.E.'s eyes flashing blindly in Sonic's face with him in a starry background. The art was just as good as usual, especially on the frontpiece. When I got this issue, I also got a Cartoon Network one because I LOVE Codename: Kids next Door like mad! but this is off-subject. Sonic-Grams introduces us to the newest members of Steven Butler's family Aron Dale. Justin Fredie Gabrie, the editor if I'm not mistaken, mentions how he thinks Sonic X is so cool! He says he's going to tape the series, which is exactly what I've also been doing. I've been recording EVERY episode (up to this point, 14 even though there weren't that many dubs when this issue came out). I've seen alot of episodes of Sonic X in Japanese and got to see ep 36. They're having a Sonic Adventure 2 tie-in at the time. This rises a problem, future issues say that the comic will soon adapt Sonic X. Sonic X has a Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 tie-in but Archie have already done something like that! Might they be forced to use their first recycled plot? I hope not! Lets hope for the best! Until issue 129, see ya!