The review for #124, like I warned before on other issues, SPOILERS abound, so turn back if you don't wanna be spoiled...

Okay, I'm no fan of the magazine look, but wow! I like this one! The last time I loved a magazine cover was waaaaay back in #121 of "The Prince and the Revolution" featuring Elias. This one is even better. Maybe it's the sparkles on the title or the black lining, but everything seems in here...I love it, depsite it being bland.

STORY: Sonic ADventure 2.5 Alpha
No frontipiece this time, but J.Axer does the first 5 pages of art. The title is...well, quite an interesting one. Anywho, on with the show. We see Shadow (full decked out in Super gear) as he is ready to approach a spaceship (he's in space...of course). Another spaceship (which I'm guessing are the Bems who saved Shadow's life which is explained further in the story). Anywho, Shadow reminisces about the past where he talks about how he was made by Gerald and lived with Maria (who has a face that remains me of Rikku from FFX), how she was killed, and how Shadow was freed by Eggy. Of course, he sacrificed himself and all. Shadow is about to plummet to Mobius until he was transported in the usual "alien-beams-people-up-in-the-spaceship" routine. There, the Bems (the aliens from #118 ) restored Shadow until he was Super again. Now we get back to the action to where Shadow wishes to make shish ka-bob with the spaceship. He loses, of course and starts to fall down again, this time, no one to help him. Ouch.
We cut to Knothole where Sonic wakes up and Tails ask like the kid he is, 'Are we going on an adventure, Huh, Sonic, huh, Sonic, huh, Sonic?" Wow...I haven't Tails act this youthful since the ending of the first story in #119. It's real cute. Sonic saids he can't cuz' he's got busy, so while Tails is chowing down with Sonic's family, Sonic is off on his "royal" date. For some reason, Bernie looks still like her robot form, but without the metallic details...maybe it's just me, even if she is furry again.
There, Sonic gives another pucker up to Sally. Now, they are ready to pop the question...hmmm...
Cut to Station Square where Corbain (a security guy) drives No-name President to...somewhere. Eggman is talking with him (live from )and ask for an alliance. Of coruse, we all know that's a "No way, hose." So, Eggy counterattacks by making the limo steer in auto drive, almost hitting a semi-truck, but heading straight for the ocean (since they're on a bridge). Luckily, who should come but Rouge who manages to save the Prez's butt. At least she did something other then fight like in #116. Things turn worse when the fake sky breaks loose and the glass shatters and aims for both Rouge and President Square. We cut to Acorn castle where...get this...this one shocked me...Sally asks Sonic to be her royal consort so they can marry, that ain't the most surprising part...the most surprising is that...King Max ACTUALLY agrees to let them be consorts! yes, that is right! Not like in #60 when he wanted Sal to be with Antione. I was DEEPLY shocked. King Max must've finally realized Sally's love for Sonic and the fact that Sonic did a lot of good, why wouldn't he be a perfect choice for his little daughter. Well, I was...still, am in deep shock. Wow...what a change.
Anywho, before they can celebrate any longer, they hear a huge noise and goes out to check it out. What do they find? Why, Shadow, of course, who somehow managed to survive a huge fall instead of burning in the atompshere. I'm assuming his Super form saved his hides...Well, he's black in here...and his fur chest is colored wrong, but I'll work over that later. Anywho, Sonic goes over to see the unconscious Shadow, who regains consciousness and gives a fistful to Sonic. Before war can break out, Shadow realizes what he did and apologizes. Heh, such a nice guy. Sonic is less forgiving and is ready to bust him up until Sally steps in SOMEHOW despite the fact Sonic was going in top speed. Geez, maybe Sal gal is used to Sonic's speed.
Sal stops the fight before it begins and recieves a message of Nicole who said there's an urgent signal in Castle Acorn. So, they march over there where Eggy explains how this flying vessels destroyed his city of Megaopolis which I'm assuming is Eggman's new base. Whether it's on where Mobotropolis used to be is beyond me, but dang, did he built that city fast! Heh, I liked it when Eggy mentions about "Poor Snively." Awww, he cares for his little nephew. Anywhom King Max isn't all that much of a believer, but Shadow is. Sal also gets another message, this time from Rouge (a hologram message) from Nicole saying that Station Square was also attacked and the Prez is injured...possibly from the fake sky. Heh, cue 50's movie title, "Argh! The Fake Sky is attacking me!"
Then things turn evern more shocking when every single people of Mobius (they show Rob and his wife and child, The Chaotix, The Downunda FFs that also include Wombat Stu, I guess with the Secret Service down, he should return home, and the Wolf Pack). Man, they're REALLY trying to add all the characters. The aliens in the vessel calls the planet "Earth." Then we see these pink and violet squid-like creatures with one eye called the Xorda. They explain how 3,000 years ago, their kind came to Earth to form an alliance. Instead, they were captured and studied which pissed them off so much that they used a gene-bomb to destroy all life there. Great, I can relax now that I know squid aliens are gonna come here and bomb all life in which our planet will be inhabited by talking animals...thank God this is just a comic. Either way, I guess I should build a bomb shelter. Anywho, since there's still plenty of lives in, the Xorda came to finish what they started. Eggy declares an alliance with Max who cuts him off, taking it as advantage since Eggy is afraid since he's no longer a robot.
Anywho...Max askes Rotor to try to commuicate with the aliens which he's already on. Sonic is pissed, saying this is Mobius and not "Urf." Cute. Soon, Max meets up with the Brotherhoods (still in funeral clothes) through cable TV. They explain the situations and Sonic ask for Knux's help which brings Locke to confess the lost of his only child. NOW, the FFs know and needless to say, they ain't happy and awfully shocked...exept Shadow who has no clue what's going on. Max tells them to grieve later and Sally goes to search the truth of Mobius, the Brotherhood doing the same. The also find out Floating Island is Angel Island. Sonic asks the question of WHY it took them 3,000 year for them to realize, is full of living creatures and why they didn't blast them earlier...Cue Hope! Yep, she's here and she's got the answer! The vessel of the Xorda spotted the Overlander ships while she was still on it as they headed for Mobius, so they followed them. And YES, Shadow sees Hope looks like Maria. Yes, he does. Sal comes and delievers the bad new...Mobius IS Earth. Cue dramatic music. DUH DU DUUUUUUUUUU!!!

STORY SCORE: Well, needless to say, I AM in shock. I really am! I mean, I didn't know Sonic and Sally would be consorts right after the issue where they kissed (#123), I thought it might be a while. Well, I was even MORE shocked when Max ACTUALLY agreed to it, which he didn't do in #60. I guess Kingy got used to Sonic now. Heh. I really loved how the story played out. Some parts look rush, but I don't care. I loved it and it kept me shocked, surprised, etc. It's very ncie to see Rouge and Hope doing something then being backrounds. I also loved that Amy is there, even though she had no speaking role. I just love this story and I await for #125.

DANG!!! J.Axer does the five page justice! Everything is freakin' good. The way he drawn the Bems are good, increadilbly cute aliens, especially the smiling one.
Steven Butler ALSO does good! Although he does make Bernie look like a metal-less robot...but still. Oh, and out of all the Sally art he has done, this one is his best! I loved her look in panel 2 on page 7. I loved her reaction to Knux's death, and her look in the very last panel. I loved hi Amy Rose drawing, too. Especially when she had tears when hearing of Knux's death. The only complaint I have is Shadow's chest fur is wrongly colored and I'm pretty sure his eyelids were black instead of red...but I haven't played SA2 in a long time, so I don't remember. but still very good.

Knuckles: Afterlife, Part 4
Knuckles askes what's up with the past story reruns. She explains it is himself who determines that. Knux explains he couldn't let Dimiti die. We go to another past reference as we see Knux dumping the Bikers (Knux #14), warping to his mother's apartment (Knux#16), got examined by the D.L (Knux#24), and blowing up Hunter (Knux#32). Seems his powers react when he's life is threaten. Anywho, we see when he turned green (Sonic#92, I think), but for some reason, he's red here.
Aurora explains handling God-like power(and you know it's God like when she compares Knux's powers to the Ancient Walkers) is no easy task. Knux asks why he died if he was so freakin' powerful. she compares him to a supernova explosion which makes sense. Now, she gets to the real deal and forces Knux into the Chaos Force and live out in the Cosmos. Knux ain't too happy since he doesn't have a choice.
"Don't I get to grow up? Go steady with Julie-Su? Any of that Jazz?!!" Jazz? Sounds like something Vector would say. Aurora explains no one gets a second turn, so it's off to the force he goes. Of course, he turns himself red again (FINALLY) before entering.
After that, Aurora has a chat with Althair (decked in white). He asks why Knux couldn't be given a second chance since he was more then worthy enough. Aurora explains how Knuckles has finally found his path. To where and when, I don't know and hopefully, they'll tell next issue.

STORY: I liked it better then last issue. I'm more then curious about where in the world he's going. So...yea, much better then last issue which I couldn't tolerate much.

ARt: Art still does good on the doodle! Although Ken Penders helps in some spots. The only mistake I found were the bunny with no nose (I'm assuming she's Bunnie) in panel 1 of page 3. Not to mention Gala-Na's wrong dress AND fur color and some spots where Knuckles is SUPPOSE to be green. But no big lose. I still love the whole shiny, light colors of Aurora and Knux since he be dead and all. Very good though.

Yes after months of torture I struglled my lifeless body to the store and managed to buy it and read it while I'm typing just kidding . lol

ok ...anyways ...
cover: I found the cover looking as sweet as ever especillay considering since Shadow is in it and Sonic looking sweet!
ok on with the story...
Sonic adventure 2.5 alpha: Ok the story takes place in outer space and Shadow in his super form wondering where he's at and why was a ship was leaving. Untill it came back to him evrything cue the flash back..We're we see shadow remebering old memories like who was his creater,memmories of maria and her death and of course eggman, oh and Sonioc showing him the error of is ways when it was amy lol
and soon his so thought demise ...Than next page they show what happens after when he fell to the earth. Well after he fell he was transported and was saved from doom. By thesame aliens that appeared in 118 called the bems whose ship was in orbit. They healed him and restored him to health though he did not y. Heh how did I know this would happen.. I knew the bems had healed Shadow or something like that! Well anyways..When there computer detected a vessel they woke up SHadow and was in his super form so he could battle a other ship.
Shadow first dobted his abliies and than went off to attack the ship but was than attacked by a beam and was sent back to earth. NExt page we see Sonic just waking up and tails ask if they were going on an adventure today but Sonic had other things planed. Sonic heads off to the breakfast table and they all say goodbai to Sonic and heads off to his royal date. Soon we see Sonic and Sally kissing and Sally ask Sonic if he was going to ask the big question. MAN I cna't belive it's been one issue and there already planning on getting married. Well in the comic it has been like one month or two but oh well.
Next scene we Mr.president talking to eggman and eggman ask if he would make an alliance with him and told hom the possiblities of the alliance.But u knew he would say know. Of course eggman is not too happy with it and tris to kill him but than Rouge comes in and saves his butt. Just before they can say a thing the fale sky breaks.
BAck at the castle Sally and sonic go off and tell her parents and they actullay agree that sonic would make aperfect choice. But that's not much of a shocker though. Than suddelny they hear a noise or something and Sonc goes off to see what it is as well as the other freedom fightersand see a crater and evryone is in disblief that it's Shadow. SOnic gets closer and Shadow wakes up and punches out Sonic. Hsadow sees what he did and appoligizs but Sonic thinks it's a fake and attacks but before he can Sal stops him. And says that it is indeed the real Shadow and that they have better things to do or whatever.
BAck at Castle Acorn Eggman is talking about some kind of Ufo attaking him and all of his shadow bts were quiclly destroyed. It's funny to see Eggman caring fro his nefhew lol. ANd King Acorn does't belive him at all. Of course Shadow says that he might be telling the truth becuase he had encountered them before. ANd then suddenly they get a message from rouge that the president was injured becuase of the fake sky.
Suddenly out of nowhere the whole planet mobius gets a telapathic message to everywhere on planet mobius. Than we see the Exorda. Wierd though they look like quid or whatever. ANyways they tell there story how they were mistreated and tried ending the human race. But it seems that they were wrong and have come back to earth and have come back to finish the job. Eggman is waypast scared and tries to talk to king acorn but it ends the tranmission,and tries to figure out a way to get a hold of the Exorda. Everyone is confused aboutwhy the Exorda called Mobius earth and why it took them so long to come back. That's when King acorn talks to Locke aboyu everything has happened. And find out a lot of things has happened since last time they spoke. Esecially how everyone was shocked to find out That Knucks is dead but King Acorn tells them they have other things to worry about.Boy do they have a lot to cacth up on!
Well anyways Sally goes off and reasearches to prove the Exorda wrong. Everyone has a lot of questons on there mind when hope comes in and does what she can to anwser ther questions how they find them. Though I couldn't help but luagh when Shadow though Hope was MAria, and MAria was wondering why he kept on starring at her.That's when Sal comes in with some bad news It turns out Mobius is earth and that there the same planet. Que the music....dun dun dun...
Ok now that was one way past cool story. Altough I didn't get it . How can it be the same planet lol oh well. It's funny how we all thought the bems were the bad guys but were really the good guys and vice versa. Lol I can't wait to see how this plays out. Well I'm much too tired to review the other story so I'll do it later on gotta juice!

I just got my comic today. I have to say it was a great issue anyway on with the review:

Cover: I liked the cover at least next issue the covers will be back to the normal style. 9/10

Main Story: I loved this story. Yay! Shadow. I also liked the apperenace of Rouge and the president. It doesn't look to good for the limo driver though. I can't believe Sonic and Sally are going to Marry. The king actully gave them consent, thats the wierd part. Mobious is Urf! (You just had to love how Sonic said that.) Probably most of use already suspected this but still it must have been a big shocker to them.
Once again Bernie is colored wrong and Shadows's chest fur just creeped me out. This was a great story. 10/10

Knuckles back up story: Lets just say the knuckles stories are getting better. Finally he's red again. Maybe next issue we will see him alive. 7/10

All together this was a great issue. There will be no reboot. Thats a big no no.

Sonic #124 has by far the best developed storyline since the post SA series by Archie I've seen!

The art was great, and I'm glad to see the return of Spaz and J. Axer. The aliens seem well enough developed to escape that cheesey sci-fi cliches most comics run into (Just think about the movie Mars Attacks!)

The Mobius = Earth thing wasn't a real shocker, I saw that coming ever since I took a close look at that centerfold map of Mobius in Sonic Super Special Brave New World. But Max actually allowing Sonic and Sal to finally hook up, and so quickly like no real thought was put into it, that was unexpected so soon in the story!

Any theorys as to where the Mobians/furries came from and the mutation of the humans into the Overlanders? It's gotta be the jeans...erm, the Genetic-Bombs employed by the Xorda. Must've accelerated the evolution process in the surviving little animals until they became bipedal sentients like us people. And made a few little adjustments to the surviving human race.

Also, if you take a close look at one of the panels telling about the Xorda retribution on the people of Earth, you can see the capital building or White House being pulverized by some sort of explosion cause by the genetic weapons of mass destruction. (Thank god the Iraqi's never did genetic researce, we'd all be screwed) And, not that anyone would really pick this out to begin with, the special forces troops that capture the Xorda Emmissary appear to have USAF pilots' uniforms with flight helmets as opposed to any infantry uniform I've ever seen. Just give 'em rifles and ruck sacks and there you go I guess.

Hey, Hey, Hey, all you Sonic fans out there. It's me hellblazer16 and im giving you what you call a "review" but im sure you all know what a review is or you wouldn't be reading this right now, would you? Anyway this time im writing a review on Sonic the Hedgehog #124. It's a pretty good issue since it has Shadow in it and it has a new villain called... well you'll to read on if you want to find out. And now I shall start my review. Hope ya like it!(I'll be doing this review in a step-by-step kind of thing)

Title-Page:I like this Title-Page since it shows Shadow and Sonic in it like there about to fight or something. And look at Shadow's shoes, there pretty awsome looking compared to Sonics. Oh I must say I like the shining Sonic the Hedgehog logo. Oh, and I must say that this is the last time a title page will be in Magazine style. Boo-hoo for some people and Yes! for me since i pretty much hate the magazine style. 6/10 rings

Sonic Adventure 2.5: Alpha: This story starts off with Super Shadow in space near a flying vessel. He starts to remember who he is and starts talking about his life.(You may have to have played Sonic Adventure 2 to understand) I'll say it exaclly like it was in the comic. Okay here I go " -- The Ultimate Life Form. " Bio- Engineered nearly a century ago by Professor Gerlad as a weapon for the Station Square Goverment. " The only friend I made during my brief time aboard his sophisticated space lab, The Ark-- " -- was his granddaughter Maria. She was kind, but then " Tragedy. " I was locked away in Stasis-- "-- Until Gerald's descendant the evil Doctor Robotnik, freed me and I became his ally. " I wanted the world to pay for Maria-- "-- But Sonic the Hedgehog made me see the light-- "-- and I made the ultimate sacrifice to save planet Mobius." " I remember falling toward her surface. " Blacking out. " I was transported. " Saved from doom-- "-- By a group of alien scientists called the Bem whose ship was in orbit. " They restored me to health. I do not know why. " When the Bem detected the approaching vessel-- "-- they awakened me, imbuning me with enough energy to attain Super Shadow form-- -- to battle this new threat while they made their escape.

Okay... I can't believe I wrote all of that. Let me catch my breath for a sec. Okay so tecnicly what happened was Shadow got saved by an alien group called the "Bem" (Remember the aliens from issue 118?)and they restored his health until he became Super Shadow. The "Bem" did this because they wanted Shadow to fight there enemy for them. Anyway back to the story, Shadow is getting shot at by the enimie vessel. He then thinks that with the power of "Chaos Control" he can break through the vessels defences ,but instead he gets shot at and falls toward Mobius. Then the story goes to Sonic's home. Tails starts to ask if him and Sonic are going on an adventure.Sonic says no but they'll be goinng on one tommorow. Anyway Uncle Chuck then asks Sonic if he would like to have breakfest but Sonic's mother says he dosn't have time to eat since he's going on a royal date. Then Sonic's mom kisses Sonic goodbye and Sonic goes off. Then a scene of Sonic and Sally kisses appeared. And Sally then asks is Sonic is ready to pop the question,and the question is... well. you'll find out later. Then the story goes to the President's limo. Robotnick is asking the president is he would like to join forces with him. The president declines. Robotnick then says "Wrong Answer" and the limo goes in the path of a truck, then goes out of the way of the truck. Robotnick says that he's controlling the limo. Rougue the Bat than comes to the rescue and saves the president from falling into the water and getting killed. Then(well you should know that the Station Square is surronded by a glass dome. Well, it shatters. Then the story goes back to Sonic and Sally. Sally asks her Mom and Dad if Sonic could be her royal consort and someday have her hand in marriage.Marriage! What would Mina the Mongoose say! Anyway Sally's parents say they couldn't see anyone else she'd rather be with. Then they hear a bang outside. They go to investigate and find Shadow lying in a crater. Remember he got shot in space and fell towards Mobius? Anyway Shadow wakes up and hits Sonic by accident because he thought he was still being attacked. Sonic doesn't know this and comes to strike back, until Sally says he didn't know what he was doing. Then Sally's computer, Nicole, says theres an urgent signal coming from Castle Acorn. The team goes there and sees Doctor Robotnick on a big screen. He starts to talk about the flying vessel and how it came down to his city and destroyed it. King Max( Sally's father) asks why he should believe him. Shadow then says that he encountered the same vessel earlier. Then Sally's Computer "Nicole" a holo-transmit of Rougue the Bat pops up. She says that Station Square is being attacked. Then a telepathic message goes out to all the minds of Mobius. Everyone. The message is coming from an alien race called the "Xorda" The Xorda talk about how they came to Earth (Mobius) a very long time ago to offer peace. They sent one of there spaceships to Earth, and it was captured and the Xorda inside were imprisoned, and dissected. The Xorda got mad and used there gene-bombs to kill all life on Earth. They thought they did but they were wrong, and thats why they have come back. Robotnick then asks King Max again that they need to talk about this. But King Max shuts him off. King Max then asks Rotor to find a way to communicate with the Xorda. Sonic then says that this is the planet Mobius not Earth. King Max then gets Locke (Knuckles Father) on the screen to discuss the topic about the Xorda. Sonic says they need all the help they can get and asks Locke, "Wheres Knux?" Locke replies, "Sonic... Knuckles is dead.(He got killed by using the Chaos Emerald to self- descruct himself to kill Mammoth Monguol and save Dimitri) Sonic asks how he got killed. King Max says theres no time right now to answer the question. Sally then goes out to do some historical research on the Xorda topic. Locke said they'll do the same. Sonic asks why it takes the Xorda 3 thousand years to figure out they didn't kill everyone on Earth (Mobius). Then the girl "Hope" says she knows. She says that while she and her family were travelling through space they were attacked by the same alien vessel. They thought they escaped but the Xorda must have found them. Then she sees Shadow starring at her. Shadow thinks that Hope reminds her of Maria. Then Sally comes back and says that the Xorda are right. That Mobius and Earth are the same planet. This story contiunues into Sonic #125.

8/10 rings

Afterlife: Part Four: Okay this story starts off from the last Knuckles story in issue 123. Anyway the story truly starts off with Knuckles talking to Aurora. He's saying that he already lived his life once. SO whats with the little re-run of his life. Aurora then tells Knuckles that he could only determine that. Knuckles then says that he had to do what he had to do to save Dimitri. Then Aurora starts showing him the biological changes that happened to him in his life and how he could wistand ALOT. Then Aurora shows Knuckles a portal to the Chaos Force. Knuckles asks if theres a second life, if he can go back and live on Earth. Aurora says no Knuckles, one life is all one has. So he has no choice but to go into the portal to the chaos force. Then Knuckles asks if he could become his red self again. Aurora says he can do that by himself. So Knuckles then turns himself red again and enters the choas force. Then Athair comes out of no where and says to Aurora that she lives twice. Aurora says that not everyone is worthy of a second chance. Athair says that they knew Knuckles was worthy of a second chance since the start. Aurora then says that Knuckles now finally knows his path.

7/10 rings

Sonic-Grams: NO letters. There was just a letter from JG telling about Sonic #125.

3/5 rings

So I hoped you liked(mabey even loved my review). Well this is hellblazer16 signing off.

Sonic 124!

As Sonic The Hedgehog approaches yet another milestone, Archie launches the story an issue early. Does the setup provide the proper punch? Yes indeedy!

Cover: If you actually enjoy the magazine covers, savor this one, cause it's the last. The image of Sonic and Shadow doesn't provide any insight into what the story is about (But since when has it?), but it's nice to see the two going at it again, with Shadow supposedly being dead and all...SCORE: 9

Frontpiece: No frontpiece. No need for a frontpiece. It's ALL story here, man.

MAIN STORY: Sonic Adventure 2.5: Alpha
Written By Karl Bollers, Penciled By J. Axer and Steve Butler

I'm sure a lot of people were groaning at the thought of trying to readapt Sonic Adventure to the Archie comics, but worry not, because this time Archie's in total control this time. We start right off with Super Shadow floating in space, about to engage an enemy ship. He gives a quick (And actually reasonable) explanation to why he's not dead. Back to the engagement, Shadow quickly finds himself overwhelmed, and he's sent plummeting to the planet below. You'll also notice the ARK in the background...this helps prove a point later in the story.

Next we go to Knothole Village, where Sonic is just waking up, and Tails is all over him like a puppy on a caffiene high. (If you don't mind my saying, Tails has turned into quite an airhead the past couple years...). Sonic tells his little buddy that they'll have plenty of time to go adventuring later, after which they enter the kitchen, where the Hedgehog family's eating breakfast. Tails sits down to eat, but Sonic's got a royal date, and he's out the door in no time flat. Soon, he's in the royal palace sucking face with Princess Sally (Looks like he's really forcing it on there), and the two go to "pop the question."

Now it's off to Station Square, where the ship Shadow met up with is now positioned above the Mountain Entrance, and the President is speaking with Robotnik about an alliance (For who knows what reason). The President obviously rejects the offer, after which Robotnik reveals he's in control of the President's limo. Before the limo is sent over the side of the bridge, Rouge swoops in to save the President. Rouge drops the Prez off on a nearby building, but before she can go get the driver, an explosion destroys the Sky-Dome, sending a hail of glass crashing down on the President, Rouge, and the rest of Station Square.

Back at Castle Acorn. Sally and Sonic (Who look ditzy and stoned respectively), finally make it official; She wants him as her consort. Without any debate whatsoever, the King and Queen accept (Apparently forgeting at one point the former nearly disowned her for not taking the Source's pick, Antoine. But since that doesn't exist anymore, who cares?) No sooner has fate been sealed that the ground shakes beneath them, and Sonic is out the door to investigate (Hey, he got the girl, why bother sticking around to celebrate?) Joined by Bunnie and Tails, the three speed off to find the source of the quake. Sure enough, it's our old pal, Shadow the Hedgehog. As Sonic goes down to check on him, the stunned Shadow comes up swinging. After clocking Sonic, he suddenly realizes what's happened, and before Sonic can pay him back, Sally intervenes to tell them they've gotten an emergency call from Castle Acorn.

We're soon treated to one of the more unlikely scenarios of recent Sonic events...Robotnik's called for help. Seems Megaopolis has taken a severe beating from that ship that was over Station Square, and the Doc's army has been wiped out (Snively's vanished too...not that we've seen him in six months anyway). After the King expresses his distrust, Shadow confirms the Eggman's story, as does Rouge the Bat, who has survived the glass shower. Just as Sonic asks who's responsible then, the answer is given: A telepathic message is sent out to every mind on Mobius and Angel Island. It is the Xorda...and they're pissed. Seems they tried to form an alliance with a little mud-planet called Earth (Or as Sonic calls it, "Urf"), but those humans, the curious little daemons that they are, captured, imprisoned, and killed the Xordan emissary. In response, the Xorda committed genocide (They're really protective of their people), then ran off. However, it turns out that not everybody was destroyed, and when the Xorda find out, they come back to finish the job. Robotnik is about to request some form of alliance when Max cuts him off. They then talk to the Brotherhood on Angel Island (And get Island Current Events in a nutshell), and after getting the same answers there (We're all screwed), Sally goes off to prove that Earth and Mobius are two different planets, while Hope (Making her first appearance in a year), informs everyone that her ship also engaged the Xorda a while back, which may have lured them back to the planet. She also notices that Shadow has taken an interest in her (Looking like Maria and all). Afterwards, Sally comes back from what must have been the shortest research study in history, informing everyone that Earth and Mobius are indeed the same planet. And that's where part one ends!

Story: For once, the story has no holes. We have an explanation for everything (Except why Robotnik wanted to ally with Station Square, but that's not really important), and the love triangle, that awful, awful love triangle has put to rest (Sure to rise up again eventually). It's nice to see Bollers covering the main stories nowadays, with Benny Lee struggling to make things work. As of right now, Adventure 2.5 looks good. With any luck, it will end just as well as it started. SCORE: 10

Art: Axer leads off with perfection, and Butler continues with his own excellent but somewhat-distorted artwork (Bernie especially looks messed-up). Jensen's coloring, which has had its ups and downs as of late, doesn't falter here. I hope the next one holds up as well, with Lim being added to the fold. SCORE: 10

BACKUP STORY: Afterlife Part Four
Written By Ken Penders, Penciled By Art Mawhinney

Rather than go into a huge summary about this one, I'll give you the nutshell version (Cause I'm sure we're all getting tired of the flashbacks). Aurora continues to explain Knux's power to him, after which she tells him that he must go into the Chaos Force. After FINALLY returning to his red self, he steps through.

HOWEVER, while Knux isn't aware of what he is truly about to undertake, Athair enters the scene, and gives us some clarity on Knux's future. Looks like Rad Red will be coming back to life...but how?

STORY: With the background check over with, we finally move on to the next phase of Knux's evolution. We're left to guess what he's going to go onto, which is, to say the least, the perfect setup for whatever role he might have in the 125 stories. SCORE: 9

ART: Mawhinney's art is great as usual. Jensen has some minor coloring mistakes, plus one major one (When Knux says he feels like he's burning up, he's still red rather than green, which makes it rather hard to figure out what he's talking about if you don't know the history). This concludes three-consecutive issues of near-perfect art. SCORE: 10

CLOSING THOUGHTS: The Archie series has really heated up in preparation for the 125 blowout, with three straight stellar issues. Hopefully, the series will keep its integrity straight through, but we'll have to wait and see. For now, we're happy. OVERALL SCORE: 10