Here it is, my review for #123. Now, this contains spoilers, so please turn back if you wish to NOT be spoiled. Okay? Good. Now, on with it.

Another magazine. Good thing this whole thing is almost over though. I perfer the lush and colorful BG. Anywho, it's Sonic and Sally basically looking like they're striking up a conversation. Sonic looks like he just told the world's funniest jokes. The bottom hole holds Knuckles and Jules, looking real nice in that green BG. I think he's the best thing in the cover. Very nicely done. All in all, still not as good as the "magazine" cover of #121.
SCORE: 6/10

Oh, my Gosh! I love this frontipiece. To anyone who has seen my art in Deviant art or anywhere esle, this type of collage is what I usually draw like. Some characters big, some smaller then others. We see a sunset colored BG with Fang and his weasel buddies (including the one from last issue who will NOT be showing this issue), Mina looking startled (though she looks a bit scary with her hair covering most of her eyes), Sally looking kinda angry and surprised at the same time, and Sonic with huge, green eyes. Overall, a very good cover and the fact that it's a nice collage, it adds to the niceness, but this doesn't strike me as one of my faves. Still good though.
SCORE: 8/10

"Heart Held Hostage: Part 2:
Sonic enters a really old mansion. One of those mansionm you see in so many horror moves. Even include the classic full moon, the mansion being on top of the hill, etc. It's nicely details, as is Axer's case. Sonic is about to enter until he spots Mina standing like three feet apart from him, covering her face, hoping he won't see. That really didn't work. Sonic ask why she's here and Mina comes to help, duh. The rest ain't here as Mina came alone by use of her speed. Sonic accepts Mina being with him and decides both can get to work on resucing Sally 101. Mina mentions how much she and Sonic have in common during the page 2. Heh, trying all she can to win his heart.
Inside, we see Sally in a comfy chair with the other weasels close by at watch and listening to Nack playing the piano. Ahh, he has a talent other then being a bounty hunter. Does anyone like those violet eyes on him other then me? Although, I usually put ornage on Fang when I color him, now I'm thinking I should put in gray instead. Hmmm. Anyways, Sally decides to set her plan up by tricking Nack into letting her join her gang. There, she would pretend to be kidnapped while her parents keep paying her money. Nack and the gangs are stumped and shocked and Axer delievers it in such a wonderous way, complete with the sweatdrops! Sally explains how it sucks to have parents that are controlled by wealth. Before Nack could finish explaining his dealing with pain, Sally lets him have on eby knee kicking him in the umm...wacky place. Yea, you read right. Then she pushes Nack off with his gun with a pose I really like on her. The others are ready to give her a taste of their own medicine by getting their gun trady to shoot.
Cut switch to Sonic as he kicks open the door. We see a bird's eye view of Sonic in the mansion who's commenting on how big the place is. It is big and old. Nice bird's eye view. It's as good as last issue when Sally was given a worm's eye view. Anywho, Sonic and Mina split, telling her not to do anything drastic.
We cut to Sally (I like that face on her, a mixture of surprise and unsure, perfect), as she runs with Nack's gun in tow. Gunshots almost got her and both the speedy allies heard it. Sally is in a dead end and the gun she was holding is out of ammo...funny, I never saw her shoot anything.
Just when it feels like it's all doom and gloom, Sonic comes to the rescue by taking away their guns and beating them up. Sally turns up tp Sonic, with her arms open wide! Cue that love song from "Romeo and Juilet". Mina sees her running to him, literally looking like a 7 year old child sniffing her nose, looking clueless at the same time, which I think she is right now. Very cute. Sally and Sonic hug and she confesses her love for him with a teary face. She looks real beaufitul here. Sonic also sheds some tears, too, yea, you read that right. They then kiss, right smack on the lips. Mina sees it all and her world comes shattering...literally.
After all that, the resucing, the kissing, Mina STILL would do anything for Sonic, even if she's upset. Now THAT'S devotion. Sonic and Sally goes out to find Mina, but behind them is Nack, ready to shoot Sally's head. Somehow, his gun is reloaded when it wasn't before. Mina sees this and goes over and takes the shot (not on the head, but the back), geez, Nack, what your aiming for isn't what your aiming for. Sonic looks an awful lot like Crah Bandicoot with the face he's making here. Nack then makes his getaway even thouh he was aiming for Sally and not Mina. Well, I guess he felt happy just shooting someone. Sonic is not happy and Mina finally confesses her love fo Sonic while looking constipated at the same time. all seemed lost...
But Mina is well alive and in the Knothole hospital where Sonic and Sally watch her. Sally ask if she's ok, Mian's responds: "I--I'l get over it..." for Minerva Ifill, I forgot who she was. I think one of the staffs of Archie mentioned her before, but I don't remember what.

STORY: Whoo boy, when I read the first part, I was deeply amazed at how good this was. The one is no exception. I love it. Sally prentending to be in Nack's side was a sly one. This issue proves Sally is more then capable of taking care of herself as she escapes and attacks on her own. I love that aspect a lot. I also liked how Mina, depsite her sadness that she will never be with Sonic, sacrifices herself to protect them. Hmmm, makes me wonder if I should really give boys a chance and date them...nah. Some other time. Anyway, a truely excellent story. The conclusion I like. Mina has vastly matured as she is handling the whole Sonic/Sally thing in a calm matter now. I like that.

ART: it's Axer, so it's real good. Sally's sly face on page 3, panel 3, is real good. The whole weasel gang's stun face on the last panel of page 3 is also priceless. Sally's pose in page 4, panel 5, is just awesome. I like that look on her. Her look and the way she moves in the last panel of page 6 is excellently well done. I also LOVE the whole mirror affect on Mina when she's heartbroken. Beautiful. And the very last panel of Mina closing her eyes, she looks so calm and in peace, yet, she is still heartbroken inside, but it's slowly mending. I believe this is the best Axer has done concerning Sally. Other then the overly big collar on her vest, this is extrememly good.

"Afterlife: Part 3"
We see little Knuckles at about 5 years old (still looking so dang cute), along with Sally at the age of 5. They talk about what it feels like to be lonely and such. Aurora and Knux pops in and talks about tha event. They now see how Knux and his dad worked hard and played hard. Then the whole wall of fire thing. After that, we see little Knuckles crying (awwww, too cute!!!), and he sees Vector for the first time, which, the storyline is drastically different from last issue, REAL different. Perhaps Ken changed it because he didn't like last issue's story? Don't know. Then we see how Knux first met Sonic and Tails, the whole Chaotix thig with the amusement park and stuff, the first meeting of Archimedas, and Enerjak, looking more birdlike then echidna. Then after that, we see Kragok (his claw looks sorta cheap looking here), then we see the meeting of Julie-Su and Knux's mom (who, for some reason, is wearing black when she's suppose to be wearin yellow), and the ending of #8 of Knux when he was literally taken apart by Enerjak. And a small event from #12 of Knux when he was nearly burnt to death, but still alive and unharm. Whew...

STORY: Well, like I said, any newbies wishing to catch up will have some help with this issue. This storyline didn't do it for me as last issues. Maybe it's because of the changing storyline involving Vector and Knux (they still kepy Catweazle though), I just didn't like ti as much.

ART: Art still does some good art. His drawing of kid Knuckles is beyond cute. His Enerjak is slighty off model, which is ironic since he drew him real good on his first appearance. That dude looks more bird-like. Jenson is really new that this. Sure, he got Catweazle colored right, but Lara-Le's outfit wrong. Black is such a DRASTIC difference then yellow. Also on page 2, last panel, why is regular Knux talking to Aurora when he's suppose to be gasping in horror at what his father just did? I'm a bit confused on that part. I only hope it's a coloring mistake. Overall, not as good as last time.

"The Last Robian"
We start off with Sonic wondering where his family are. He sees a pic of his family and his dog's bowl. All gone. As time went by, others were all disapperaing and the FFs try to cope with all this. Sonic later gets word and finds his flesh and blood. All startling, but it true. Others are all derobotized as well and all seems like a happy time, al except Jules...who was later discovered as still a robot. No cure has been found. Sonic somehow shots up in the air for Eggman. He somehow comes up in a big TV screen (I have no clue where the heck they are), but Eggman saids he has no part of the whole derobotiziced thing. Jules feels awfulyl left out, but saids he'll do his best to keep his chin up, but Sonic still nwats to know why.

STORY: I was massively suprised. I really was. I wondered what "The Last Robians" meant, but now I know. I'll stick with the theory that it's the aliens, but why they did it is beyond me. How Jules didn't get it is beyond me, but I'm cooking up theories. I like how it started off, the whole thing being narrated for half of the stories, it was nicely done. The only plothole is where Sonic was when talking to Eggman, but overall, good.

ART: Art also does wonders on this art. Very good, too. Jenson still makes coloring mistakes on Lupe and her family and the two girls they took in. Bernie's hair is white, last I check, it was pink. The only thing Art did wrong was how he made Amy look. Granted, I don't remember him drawing Amy Rose in her SA form. He ended up drawing her in her pre-SA form. What the heck? Not to mention, Sonic's spines is long in page 6, panel 1. Real long, Ron Lim long. Luckily, those are his only mistakes, the rest are pretty fine.

Whew..The off-panel includes the Archie Sonic cast trying to suck up to Gabrie to appear in #125 special issues. Pretty funny. We see the cover for Sonic #124 and that Steven Butler has a newborn baby boy. No pics of him yet. The rest is the letters page which is just one, real long one. No fanart. Instead, it's been replaced by an Archie talent show ad...ok...? Well, whatever. I just hope they have the fanart back in the next issue. Okay, now I'm done.

I finally got Sonic #123 today, and I also had to renew my subscription, which I did. I look forward to Shadow's return.

Anyway, this comic issue was totally wonderful! The art is so good in the first story, the coloring is great, and the story is touching. I liked it with two thumbs up, way up. I was so glad to see Sonic and Sally together like that, but I could not help but to feel sorry for Mina. I really felt for her, but I also felt for Sonic and Sally. I'm just glad it turned out okay...

Overall, it was a great one and I enjoyed the ride of reading!

Sonic issue No.123-Heart held hostage part 2

This one shocked me!
In this one Sonic and Mina enter an old mansion to try to rescue Sally from Nack and his boys.Sally tricks Nack and knocks him out.The other two guys don't shoot her because she had Nack at gunpoint.Meanwhile,Sonic and Mina Split up to try and find Sally.(Back to Sally) Sally is creeping along when the the other two guys come back and fire waring shots at her to surrender. Sonic and Mina heard the shots.Sally flees whiles shooting at the other two guys. She reaches a dead end and is out of ammo. It looks like the green guy is about to take her prisoner when he and the red guy look down in surprise to find that their guns are gone.It was Sonic!He beats them up.Sally runs over to Sonic AND THEY KISS! Mina saw them do it and it breaks her heart. Well anyway,unknown to Sonic and Sally,Nack returns and picks up his gun.He takes aim and fires at Sally to cut his losses.Using her speed, Mina gets in the way and takes the bullet.Nack gets out of there before Sonic can do anything.They take her back to Knothole and she is fine.

I thought that the Green weasle looked cool in his prison outfit.I'm happier that Sonic chose Sally overMina(probally because Sally wears LESS CLOTHES!GET IT?)

Sonic 123review

Ok I finally got this issue, which I was dying to get but I was disapointed.. well anyways ..
cover: I found the cover alright but it only gave away who Sonic would choose...
Heart held hostage part 2: I found this story shocking.. well anyways the story takes off Sonic finding the mansion or whatever and Mina narrating for the begining of the story and Sonic finnlay notices her being there... Sonic ask if anyone else came with her.. and responed with no... of course Sonic isn't delighted at all that she is here and that she could get hurt... anyways Mina starts mentioning the fact.. that they have alot in common.. of course Sonic really doesn'tt care.. alotough he pointed out the fact that they didn't have any back up... which made Snic kinda cold hearted.. well anyways we swicth scenes with Sally sitting on a chair.. not tied up.. which is pretty stupid in fact well anyways...Sally kinda played as a bad guy for a while and giving them ideas what they should of... of course ther quite surprissed of course it was all in act in order for her to escape...back to sonic.. Sonic and Mina split up in order to find Sally..and basiccly Mina is still hell bent in order to impress Sonic back to Sally she's running off with a gun in her hand and is being chased by nacks goons and both Mina and sonic hear gun shots.. like always Sonic comes to the rescue and Sonic and Sally reunite and Sally and Sonic both tell eacth other how they feel and kiss while Mina is wacthing. Now that was surprissing.. I though Sonic would choose Mina after all they've been through instead of Sally.. it was Sally who caused most of the plot during the 90s but oh well! Mina is heart broken and starts to cry and well it's hard to look at that scene.. Anyways Nack sees Sally and sees a chance to get payback at saly at gets ready to shoot her.. Mina sees this and since she still cares for Sonic she would of done anything for Sonic still for Sonic to see thyat she loved him as well so she took the blow and well she tells Sonic how she felt and passes out... next scene we see Mina alright in the hospital sonc tells Mina that he was impressed what Mina did... and basiccly she gets over it.. and closes her eyes.. Now this part I didn't get In the memory of Minerva Ifill did someone die? Well whatever.. anyways this story was alright altough I wanted Soinc to end up with Mina though.. and I also admire what Mina did that takes alot of guts to take the blow... all for someone you love... quite a shocker.. but with an ending I didn't want oh well they may bring this up again I hope..The art for this story was pretty sweet as always.
Knuckles after life: this whole story was basclly another flash back of Knuckles childhood where Knuckles was in love with Sally.. what Knuckles did usully.. knuckles becoming Guardian.. Locke leaving... his encounter with Victor.. Sonic and tails..there fights as well...Archedes helping Knux.. Enerjak... Krajok.. his meeting with Julie Su.. and of course his family. Next story is one I really don't want to miss beacuse it's Judgement day for Knux and of course it will determine his fate which I think is pretty sweet than these flash backs though I don't mind knowing more about Knux's past..
the last robian: now this is a story I've dying to read ever sice I heard of the spoilors....The story begins Soic looking at a picture of his family... and is wondering what happened to his dog and family. He also finds out that the other Robians were missing as well. They suspected Eggman but he was nowhere to be found( isn't that funny he's usually in the plot and now has nothing to do with it) Sonic and his friends try to confort him and he does the same with Mina. I'm glad they added bher in the story! Eventully Sonic hears word of about Muttski being found. WHen he did find him he was shocked to see Muttski back to normal and no longer robotize. Eventully Sonic finds his familly... and soon all of the robians that were missing are back but not as robians..there was only one robians missing and that was Sonic's dad.. They soon find him but stilla as he always has been.. ANd Sonic is shocked to see him like this! Uncle Chuck does everything in his powere to try to find a cure but to no avail and Jules is feeling left out...Soinic confronts Eggman and demands to know why he did this! Of course Eggman says that he had nothing to do with it and Sonic belives him.
eventully Jules gets over it and Sonic swears that he'll find out who did this! Now I think this story should of been the main one because it leads onto 124 and 125.
Now this was way past wierd I can bet you that the aliens who did the same thing to Eggman and Sniviily did this to the other robians! What I didn't understand was why was Jules left out! Why didn't he get derobotize along with the others?! Now this is preety wierd. Now I'm dying to see what happens next moths issue where Shadow comes in to help against Exorda who I bet are the aliens who did this to the robians! Well anyways gotta juice!

Sonic the Hedgehog #123

Cover: Fifth in the zine cover series has Sonic and Sally..uh…interacting in some fashion. Really, I can’t figure out what they’re supposed to be doing. At least Sal has a cute pose although her eyes seem a little off to me and Sonic looks good by himself as well. I think Spaz has finally found a spine length that looks SA-inspired enough for the Sega crowd but not ridiculously long to the pre-SA Sonic and SatAM fans. But what they’re doing together I’m not sure. At first I thought it was a high five. Then I noticed Sal’s one hand is impossibly twisted and resting on Sonic’s chest. Sonic is either crying tears of joy or laughing hysterically at some joke. The most reasonable thing to me is that Sonic is trying to hug her and Sal is sort of pushing him off. Makes no sense, I know, but that seems most likely. Same old Knuckles in the circle at bottom with Jules Hedgehog looking better than ever in the right circle—nice touch with those speakers in his ears. And the wording is ever-so-slightly less corny. Still, I think next month’s cover is the one I’m looking forward to most…SHADOW!!!

Frontispiece: Still a nice piece of art by Axer but a little too busy for my taste. The weasel gang, with Nack extra big, are in the background. Although the gray weasel with the pink nose looks great again, his presence here is a little inappropriate since he was captured last ish. Mina looks good though it must be hard seeing past all that hair. Sonic looks OK but too shiny on the dern forehead again, which is not Axer’s fault. Sal looks a little odd—like she’s standing on a real powerful fan with her hair and vest whipping up like that. Not my favorite Axer picture but still very nice overall.

“Heart Held Hostage: Part Two”, written by Karl Bollers, penciled by J. Axer. Well, I guess if Nack’s family mansion looks like THAT it’s a little more believable. We open with a cute little narrative by Mina as Sonic approaches a very haunted-looking house only to find Mina has tagged along. Did she honestly think she was going to hide by putting her arms up in front of her face!?! I love how Sonic looks on the top panel of page two as Mina tries to get him to notice everything they “have in common” while still hesitating to get to the point and tell him how she feels—see, now Sal’s gonna beat you to the punchline. Maybe someone in the powers-that-be at Archie really did hear one of my comments last month as Sonic says the “let’s do it to it” line in a little more mature context.
         On the next page we find out Nack has a hidden musical talent of his own—he tries to serenade a rather comfortable-looking (well, except for the one weasel pointing a gun at her) Sally who has just hatched a plan.
--Hey, maybe Nack and Sonic could team up and start a band and notice everything they have in common and fall for each other thus starting another love triangle *is beaten mercilessly by rest of forum*-- Again, note the detail Axer puts into the background such as the cushion Nack’s sitting on, the books, tables, carpets…no wonder he doesn’t do that many lead stories. He doesn’t have time! As Nack spills his game plan to Sal, the princess decides to drop her own bombshell by suggesting she join Nack’s gang and share some of the wealth. Kudos to Axer for giving Sally an expression I think we’re seeing for the first time on her face, that is, a sly one. Nack looks great on panel four of this page as well. The only thing I see as awkward is the sweat drop in the last panel. Where’s that coming from, his hat? I also notice here and on the next page that I made an error last month in calling the red weasel a girl when I see now he has stubble on his chin. Anyways, Sal makes a pretty convincing argument and Nack almost falls for it—until Sally nails him in a rather sensitive spot. Woo hoo! I think that’s a first for this comic as well! She takes Nack’s pistol then temporarily takes him hostage and forces the other weasels to drop their guns before ducking out into the hallway. Meanwhile, Sonic breaks down the door and he and Mina, who is still trying to prove her love rather than just say it, split up to look for the princess. They get about two panels before shots of the pursuing weasels ring out as they chase the princess. I’d like to pause here to make note of some nice dialog in this section such as Mina’s thoughts when Sonic touches her on the arm (I know I’ve felt that way at least once in my life) and the weasels’ “don’t make us do something stupid” line as well as Sally’s response. The princess, who has an infallible sense of direction, manages to run herself into a dead end and run out of ammo at the same time, cornered by Nack’s goons (again I like the expressions on the bottom of the page). Good thing Sonic managed to make more sense of the building than she does and knocks them out. Sally then runs into Sonic’s arms and….

GASP!!! SONIC ACTUALLY SHEDS A TEAR! HOLY TOLEDO! (grabs for a paper bag and begins hyperventilating) I NEVER thought this book would get to this point, I never thought this would get past Sega. This is monumental! Stunning! The plot twist of the century! For once, Archie has really caught me off guard. I am shocked, amazed, impressed.

Oh yeah, Sally tells Sonic she loves him and they kiss and Mina breaks down. That too.
Seriously, I don’t want to play down the “importance” of this moment for Sally and Mina fans and the big kiss panel is rather well rendered. Plus, there’s plenty of ways you can argue Sonic’s shown his love for Sally in the past and that his comment is totally in character. But don’t you think it IS a bit funny that Sonic’s answer to Sally pouring her heart out to him is a simple “I know”. (The raptor goes away cackling having planted the seeds of doubt over Sonic and Sal’s relationship in reader’s minds once again.)
         While Mina ducks into the next room for some air, we find out she still does care for Sonic and will still do anything for him. Something she gets to prove a few panels later as she sees Nack about to get his revenge by taking out Sally as she and Sonic turn to walk away. I don’t want to sound sadistic but I seriously think that profile of Sally in Nack’s gunsight is the cutest picture of her in the story. It almost looks like the classic Sal from back in the day. Mina selflessly throws herself in front of Nack’s bullet and goes down for the count and Nack, apparently not caring he didn’t hit his intended target (???), runs to bounty hunt another day. Wow, for a second I thought Mina was good as gone and that for once one of my predictions was right. But it looks like Mina and Sally have something in common too—such as the amazing ability to survive traumatic injuries. Maybe that’s what turns Sonic on, eh? Anyways, Sonic tells her he thinks that was a brave thing she did (no duh) and Mina will have to get over more than just her injuries.
         I will cover the artwork in this story by saying it is fantastic and see last month’s review for more oohing and ahhing. Overall, this was probably the finest story arc since Endgame and the ending was a helluva lot more satisfying (even though, as I’ve said before, I’d rather Sonic not end up with either girl). Loved the script, loved the buildup to it, loved the fact it was not just a mindless “damsel in distress” plot but something the readers actually cared about and (just look at the messageboard) were REALLY emotionally invested in. I’ll end by saying I hope future stories are more along these lines and this is just a glimpse of good things to come.

“Afterlife: Part Three”, written by Ken Penders, penciled by Art Mawhinney. OK, now I’m officially beginning to get bored with this whole afterlife story line. We open with a flashback of Knuckles and Sally spending their childhood summers together and discussing the difficulties of being a guardian and a princess respectively. Which was already covered ad nauseam in Knuckles #29’s “My Special Friend” and SSS #9’s “My Secret Guardian”—although apparently Knux is now much more interested in Julie-Su than the princess as he tells Aurora while the two of them continue looking in on his past. We review the day Knuckles’ father vanishes into the forbidden zone, his meeting with Vector the crocodile (note that Art hasn’t endowed the juvenile Vector with the shorter, rounded snout as Dawn Best did last issue), and his meeting a certain blue hedgehog. Basically we see snippets from STH #13, Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles Special, The Chaotix Special, the Knuckles Mini-Series, the Dark Legion story arc and his initial encounters with Julie-Su and his mom. I dunno—the art is classic Mawhinney but otherwise there’s not much to say about this piece since it’s basically one big review of what we already know. They advertise next month is “judgment day” for Knuckles so I’m wondering if all this info was tossed out for new readers so they’d have some sort of context for that judgment. That’s all well and good but it’s still pretty uninteresting for those of us who have been in for the long haul. BTW, speaking of judgment, they spelled it wrong at the bottom of the page.

“The Last Robian”, written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Art Mawhinney. The Robians vanish one rainy morning and all the FF’s searching yields nothing. Man, this issue is a regular sobfest for Sonic. We’ve never seen him cry once and now three panels in one issue. Art does a good job portraying emotion though it also looks like he’s a little behind when it come to Amy Rose’s design. Then a bit later the Robians show up but as flesh and blood Mobians including Sonic’s mom and Uncle Chuck, the wolf pack, Ant’s father and Mina’s mom. Unfortunately, Sonic’s dad is nowhere to be seen until he too turns up—but still roboticized. This is a bit of a shocker for me—like everyone else, I thought the Robians would vanish until next issue, certainly not turn up deroboticized. And I was positive it would be Charles, not Jules, who would have the title of Last Robian. Speaking of Charles, Uncle Chuck does all he can to cure Sonic’s father to no avail while Sonic’s interrogation of Robotnik leads him to the realization that the good doctor is not behind this at all. Then who is?
         Dum, duh, dum, dum—SHADOW perhaps? OK, now I’m a little bit scared folks. In last month’s Sonic Grams we were told that it would be revealed how Shadow survived his apparent demise at the end of SA2. Meaning Archie may NOT try to catch up with his death in the upcoming #125. Which means Shadow may NOT be the “hero who falls”. After all, with the debut of Sonic X Archie might want to keep him around for while. Personally, I think he is a character with enormous potential and already has a huge fan following. We also know Sonic is not the hero to fall (if they’re using “fall” to mean “dies”) since he’s on the cover of #126 (which, as an aside, I think looks AWESOME!). So then who will die in #125? I began getting a feeling as I read this that it might be…Jules. I really, REALLY hope I’m wrong about that. I don’t want to see Jules go. That would just be so horrible for Sonic. But let’s not forget as Neo pointed out that Jules was fatally injured in the Great War. That’s why Chuck roboticized in the first place. So maybe Sonic’s dad will be deroboticized only to die of his old injuries in #125??? Like I said before, I really hope that’s not right. Luckily, most of my predictions turn out not to be

Sonic Grams: Do Ken’s “shadow of a doubt” and Sonic X comments mean anything?

My review of 123

Yes, I managed to not re-write it...
Severarl typos, I'm sure...


Cover: Nice drawing, lose the magazine-style (I think they really are, actually).

Title-page-thingy: Cool. Sets you up for a good story.

Main story: Not too shabby. Drawn and colored well, pull it was nice and unpredictable. Sally is victor! Yay! Acutally, I was pretty sure she would be. After all, she's been around since ISSUE ONE and she "died" and came back, and in the all-girls Sonic Super Special, her vision involved her, her husband Sonic, and their two kids. *shrug* SOnicXSally kiss! YESYESYES! Now we jsut need Knux and Julie-su to do that... And Mina did something brave. That was good of her, to be willing to die to save the girl Sonic really loves. Also: "In Memory of Minerva Ifill" Who's that? Is Mina named after her?

"Afterlife Part Three": To be honest, I haven't been too thrilled with the Afterlife series thus far. It's basically a re-cap of things that have already happened. This is good for the new readers, I guess, but this one seemed kinda sloppy. There was at least one time (Likely more) where the speech-bubble was in the wrong place, and while I don't hate Art Mawhinney's style like I do Ron Lim or Chris Allen, it's not my favorite. At least they gave a FEW new details...

"Archie Comics Riverdale Stars Talent Search Application": Teh heck? *blink* That came out of nowhere. If it had something to do with Sonic I would actually care...

"The Last Robian": Same comments about the art, now onto the story... What the heck made Archie want to do that? I mean, it's great that everyone's flesh and blood again, but WHERE does it fit in the current events? I mean, Mina is sitting on some steps looking perfectly healthy! Anyway, I think Archie was out of ideas and needed a filler, and rushed through this one. The drawings seem a little on the sloppy side (Which this guy's art usually does to me, anyway), but coloring is sloppy, too. Especially on Lupe and her wolf-pack! *gags* I mean, come on! It's not like no one would notice how mis-colored they are! Anyway, I feel bad for Sonic, but I'm glad his dad is the kind of guy that won't allow this to get him down.

Off-pannel: Well drawn for once. I'm impressed.

Next Issue: Despite the magazine-style cover, it is graced by Shadow's presence and looks cool. If Knuckles had a decent-sized pic on it, I'd be even happier. *squints* Shadow's mouth looks odd...

There, I'm done!