I was lucky to find this when i got Zelda Master Quest, so here goes:
Cover: Theese covers are an excuse to be lazy sonic has a weird look on his face...
1st Story: I havent read enough archie comics to know about mina, but its a cute story about how mina tries to get sonics attention, but sonic just runs of to stop eggman and wee never find out what happens? her mom gets concerend for her saftey and mina relizes she wasnt ready to be a freedom fighter and just wanted to be with sonic, then sonic hears her singing and seems to have a crush on her now...
cool story, but i wonder what happend to Amy? she out of the picture for sonic's affection?
2nd Story: Very nice and touching, i still cant belive knuckles is gone, but his story of the past is fun and touching, i like how they are drawn too
3rd Story: I didnt really understand this, but it was also pretty tocuhing, and Sally looks younger in the first few panels
great comic, i definatly need to subscribe and get some back issues! 15/20

Sonic the Hedgehog #120

Cover: The now much-discussed Sonic-Mina cover. Yep, Sonic looks a bit odd. People have been talking about whether the look is sadistic or annoyed or PO-ed and now that I have the full-blown cover before me I can conclude—I have no idea what the hell he’s doing. He seems to be hitting his forehead but the action lines suggest he’s pulling his hand away and his fingers are in such a position that he could be snapping them. Whatever, odd. His hands are also getting way to big for my taste and his chest is protruding over his chin like his head was behind it. On the positive note, his spines are back to a normal size and his ears have lost that annoying “floppy” look they had for most of the 100+ issues. Mina looks adorable, especially the shorts. I agree with a previous comment through that the wrist guard things are getting a tad too big. Circle on bottom left is Sally who looks miffed and has an oddly-placed dimple. Julie-Su in circle right looks fine but a bit angry too. I really don’t mind the new covers except for the annoying phrases all over. “Now with MORE Freedom Fighter goodness”. Meh…

Frontispiece: Axer again but not as phenomenal as usual. No, seriously, the guy is an amazing artist and the detail is incredible. It’s Mina in a spotlight sporting a full-length red dress with a rather nifty looking dragon on the front and chopsticks in her hair. But…her hair is about twice the length as on the cover, she now has four earrings and her eyes just look odd. That’s because they’re too big and they’re true mono-eyes. I think I like Mina better with separate eyes as on the cover.

“She’s Gotta Have Him”, written by Karl Bollers, penciled by Steven Butler. The story where Mina tries to join the Freedom Fighters…try being the operative word here. Mina admires Sonic from her window, longingly imagining the day they tie the knot. *shiver* scary. NO…please don’t kill me Mina fans it’s not that I don’t like her but ANY time Sonic is depicted marrying someone a chill runs down my spine. Suddenly Mina’s daydreaming is interrupted by her roboticized mom. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the first time we’ve seen Mina’s parents? WHERE did they come from!?! Mina asks her mom how she got her father’s attention and them decides to try to impress Sonic with the dress depicted on the frontispiece. Just as the hedgehog’s about to compliment her, duty calls and Mina is left behind. That’s when she decides to become a freedom fighter to get close to Sonic. Now I really don’t understand if Sonic’s reaction of YOU? is supposed to be excited or incredulous but Mina begins training regardless. What I didn’t know is that to become a freedom fighter you have to master everyone’s skill—Antoine’s swordplay, Rotor’s computer skills, Tails’ flying. Does this mean every freedom fighter can do everything? What makes them unique then??? Mina’s mom though is concerned that her daughter is rushing into the Freedom Fighter biz just for Sonic and not realizing the inherent dangers. She decides to bring it up to our hero. I like this because it shows she has true concern for her daughter’s well being unlike other parents in this book. Suddenly the proverbial giant robot comes crashing through the forest and the Freedom Fighters (corny phrases flying) ride to battle—leaving a befuddled Mina behind. She tries to herd some kids to safety and then—blanks out. We get what happened during her nap in flashback. Didn’t like that part at all. Anyways, Mina believes she isn’t cut out to be a freedom fighter (a bit drastic considering it was her first mission) and takes a hot shower to feel better. She starts singing in the shower, Sonic hears her and, well, we just set up next issue’s story J OK, first off Archie succeeded in that they gave me a surprise with Mina NOT ending up in the Freedom Fighters—I thought it was a given. The story overall is not too bad though I wish they could’ve come up with something more creative than the giant robot and Mina blanking out. Also, Mina is portrayed as too much of a love-struck puppy. I mean, I know she is, but its bordering on Amy Rose behavior. And Butler’s Sally and Bunnie are still too dern fuzzy! And Sal’s belly button is a little, er huge. Regardless, it was surprising and we get some insight into the character’s mind. Also, I like the lead into next week’s main story. Continuity’s been lacking in the lead story for awhile now. Overall not bad.

“Those Were the Days” , written by Ken Penders and penciled by Dawn Best. We find Julie-Su joined by Mighty at the end of the pier she first kissed Knux on. She insists Mighty tell her the story of how he met Knux. We see a brief recap of the Mighty and Sonic escape, after which hedgehog-boy leaves Mighty all alone. Moments later a big fist comes crashing through the brush. Oh my lord, it’s Knuckles and he’s RED!!! WHEEEEEE! Ahem, sorry got a bit excited there. Just a flashback but still… Knux and Mighty trek through the forest for three pages and the ensuing conversation is not exactly what I’d call coherent. In contrast to the normally overly-compressed stories in this book lately, this section could’ve fit into a page. They tell each other how lonely they are without their families and Knux and Mighty ride with Espio in a gyrocopter back to the Floating Island. And we end with Julie-su and Mighty trying to move on. The art by Dawn is first-rate but the “muscles” on Knux are distinctly Penders-like. Hmm, I wonder if he “helped”? Coloring is fabulous. Overall, though, I really didn’t gain much from the story.

Fanart: Robyn Garbacz turned in five very nice pictures, particularly of Muttski, Walt Wallaby and the Genie from #115. Her Geoffrey looks downright satanic and is that the Rosetta Stone he’s standing next to?

“The Royal Signet”, written by Romy Chacon, pencils by Art Mawhinney. Romy is the master of tearjerkers, here (thankfully) dredging up one of this series most remembered characters, even though she’s been gone for over 100 issues. Sally and her mom, for once, are spending some quality time together. Sally offers her mom her vest when she gets cold (and for the next page it gets hard to tell who’s who) and her mom finds a ring, the royal signet, in the pocket, a gift to Sally she had given Julayla a long time ago. That’s when Sally remembers today is Julayla’s birthday. She meets up with Rosie and the trio have a genuinely touching moment. OK folks, I REALLY want Romy to start writing more stories for this book. It’s nice to have a break from the smashing and bashing once in a while. And for once Sally’s mom isn’t just a cardboard cutout but a real person. The three trek out to Julayla’s grave and we get some tearful flashbacks from Sally, thanking her old mentor, gratitude shared by Queen Alicia as well. Nice story, the best in the issue. Classic Mawhinney, great coloring. One tiny criticism—why do the gals look as if they’re wearing too much eyeliner? Ah, well, nearly flawless.

Sonic Grams: News regarding #125. They’re doing what they did with #50, you know, with all the artists contributing? *SCREAMS*

Hey Guys,its Hellblazer16 here again giving you what you want and when you want it,and in this case,its a Sonic the Hedgehog Comic review,and here it is!(oh yeah by the way i'll be doing a step-by step review as i have done for the last couple reviews I have done,enjoy!)

Cover:Nice Cover,but i still think the other cover style was much better since it had more detail and a backround!But the style there using now still is okay.Oh yeah did you notice that on the cover Mina has a colorful banana,I think thats how you spell.Im talking about the thing on her head.Anyway in the comic she has a black bandana.And on the cover page has anyone noticed how big Mina's tail is!It is small in the comic.

First colour page:AWSOME COULOUR PAGE!Mina looks really well hot on this page.(I think she at least looks hotter than any of the other girls in Sonic,well mabey not Julie-Su,Lien-da,or Lara-Su(Knuckles Daughter))Acually all the first pages in each of the comics looks awsome!

She's Gotta Have Him:This is a nice little love story starring Mini the Mongoose.I really do think Mini is the girl for Sonic.She adores him way more than Sally or any other girl.Really Sally doesn't have the looks or the,well let's say adoreration,if that is even a word.Anyway Mini wants Sonic to notice her more,so she joins the Freedom fighters,but that doesn't go to well,and Mini realises she shouldn't join the freedom fighters just to get closer to Sonic.Then leter on Sonic hears Mini signing from inside her house and Sonic thinks she sings like dynamite,well thats what he said.Anyway Im preety sure this comic continues into the next comic.

Those were the days:I said i love the Knuckles Storys,and when i say something i mean it!This was quite a good story staring Julie-Su and Mighty the Armadillo.Its shows how Mighty the Armadillo met up with Knuckles.He acually kind of met up with Knuckles through Sonic,since Sonic helped Mighty get out of the Prison Compound.Anyway Mighty tells Julie-Su about how he met up with Knuckles.

Sonic Fan Art:The two top picture's wern't all that good but the bottom drawings by Robyn Garbacz were the bomb.Quite a drawer there isn't he?

The Royal Signet:This was a sad story featuring Princess Sally.Its tells about her mentor Julayla and how she died but also told about how she was a great person too.Heart warming isn't it?

Sonic-Grams:Wow,these two pages were just incredible,they were really jam-packed with some of the longest letters i have ever read.I haven't even read all of it yet.

Well thanks for reading my review.Hoped you like it.See you in 30.Thats what the Sonic crew says.Well Cya!

Sonic #120

Cover: These covers just don't make my day. Spaz does his best with the new setup, but what exactly is Sonic doing? SCORE: 7

Splash: There's really never a time you can look at the splash and not love it. Now with Jensen adding his elite coloring skills to Axer's elite artwork, the splash is the greatest eye candy you could ask for in a Sonic comic! SCORE: 10!

"She's Gotta Have Him!" Written by Karl Bollers, Penciled by Stephen Butler

PLOT: The love triangle seems to be restoring itself in preparation for the next few issues as this story is all about Mina making her biggest run at Sonic yet. Believe it or not, this is an impressive story. We finally see Mina's mother (Gotta wonder where all these Robians have been), and after just missing an opportunity to catch Sonic's attention with a very nice getup, she decideds to join the Freedom Fighters. She just wants to be near Sonic, of course, but in the end she proves that she's not such an lovestruck airhead after all when she realizes she's not cut out to be a Freedom Fighter and quits. The story ends with Sonic and Tails passing Mina's hut and hearing her singing, which Sonic hears and decides to chill (Indicating he may have feelings for Mina after all?) All in all, it was very well done, though its funny that Robotnik is launching all these giant robots on Knothole lately. I wonder what inspired this latest creation... SCORE: 10

ART: Stephen Butler's art is some of the best to grace the comic's pages, though there are quite a few problems. First of all, there's Sally. What's up with the naval and long hair, neither of which have ever been a part of her model? I suppose it can be excused, but if you'll notice, Bunnie's left arm is organic TWICE, though the second time isn't quite as apparent (Bottom of page 6). Other than that, the art is great...though poor Amy is reduced to an old pose in the background as her only appearance (Why bother?) SCORE: 8

"Those Were the Days" Written by Ken Penders, Penciled by Dawn Best (Assisted by Penders)

PLOT: A Knux story to tide us over until Rad Red himself returns to the fold, we're given a blast to the past as Mighty tells Julie-Su of how he and Knux first met. Nothing incredibly exciting, though it's always nice to know how characters find each other and become what we all know and love (or hate) them as. No incredible significance otherwise. SCORE: 7

ART: Best is great, but Penders' work doesn't sit well with me. Something about the physique and facial features he give the characters that I don't really like all that much. Despite some bad spots, the art overall is very nice, and there is far worse out there. SCORE: 7

"The Royal Signet" Written by Romy Chacon, Penciled by Art Mawhinney

PLOT: Just brushing up on some old plotpoints. Sally and her mother the Queen are out picking tulips when Sally gives her mother her vest to avoid catching a cold (Makes you wonder how our scantily clad heroine handles temperature extremes). The Queen finds the Royal Signet in the vest pocket, and when she asks Sally about it (In a rather rude manner, if I do say so), she remembers it's the birthday of her late teacher, Julayla. They then go to see Rosie, after which they all go to visit Julayla's grave. Sally remembers back to Julayla's final days, how she managed to gather the strength to become the leader of the Freedom Fighters, and finally offers her thanks and best wishes. The Queen follows up with her own praise, after which they all leave, with the outline of Julayla looking down from the heavens. All in all, it was a very touching piece, and it got its point across effecitvely. Romy Chacon strikes again. SCORE: 9

ART: Mawhinney brings his usual performance to the issue's final story, and there's no complaining about it. Very nice, and even nicer with Jensen's coloring (As with the other two stories as well). SCORE: 10

FAN ART: Only one thing to say about this; Robyn Garbacz has some mad skill, man.

OFF PANEL: Yeah, a lot of people are getting roboticized lately, aren't they?

OVERALL: Very nice issue, with the first story setting up for the next few issues, and the other two providing decent entertainment as backup. Could the comics be on the right track again?