I just want to comment on the art quickly...

Cover- Totally Spaz, awesome as always

Splash- Mogul vs. Knux by Axer, one word: Spectacular.

Lead Story- Butler, nice as always

Middle- Art Mawhinny is really getting Sonic's new model down pat.

Last- Dawn Best is the Knuckles Queen. Ken Pender, however, is not.

The art for this issue is fantastic...every great artist for the book shows up somewhere. And no Ron Lim in sight. Art Score: 10.

AS for everything else, I'll leave that up to the other reviewers.



I thought this cover was.....ok......yes, just ok. I didn't like the background. The #116 cover it was not.



Knuckles. Mogul. Fighting. Now.....I must ask...WHY WAS THIS NOT THE COVER?!?!?!?!?!? This is gorgeous. VERY much improved from the work in #116. There are no words to describe its beauty....

OVERALL: 11/10 (Iago - "on a scale of 1-10, you are an eleven.")


Snively and Robotnik plot their return to normal bodies once more, but Snively gets back first, getting a beautiful body.....at least until Robotnik returns and turns his body back.

This was a good story, no denying. And Butler does a pretty good job. But I have one question....Karl, did you really have to make that "highway - exit" joke? I didn't like it that much, and it sort of ruined it for me.....



I'm not going to spoil it by blatently telling you the plot. No, to do that would ruin the surprise for you. The Aesop moral is shown in an unusual new light, however. And in a VERY GOOD WAY. :)

And dare I forget.....Drago. Sleuth. The Fearsome Foursome. All here. For one last hurrah (except for Sleuth, whom I think is much smarter than people might think, even if he is roboticiized and possibly dead). And let's not forget that boy named "Juice the Rabbit"........

OVERALL: 10/10


Well, its all come down to the wire. Knuckles' next action will do something very incredible........and I anticipate it greatly.


(Don't go down if you don't wish to know)


We just don't know how yet. :p

OVERALL: 10/10


Bravo! Near perfect. *smacks Spaz and Boller for being screw-ups!*

sonic #117

just picked it up today, good stuff!

wow - the sonic rtacing the turtle bit was corney but - to be expected. i sooo wanted sniv to keep the new body lol.

the first story - decent , wow someone actually dies!

second story - also good stuff.

Cover Art - A bit disappointing compared to some of the others but it serves its purpose, so on a scale of 1-10 it gets a 5. It is an interesting piece of art with Sonic pulling off a bunnysuit.

Inside Splash Page - 10 out of 10, way to go Axer. Although a little out of place, since the Knux storiy is last in this issue. Stunning job still, on Knuckles and Mammoth.

First Story: Cyber Race! - Art by Steve Butler gets a major score that yes, rivals Axer, the god of Furre art. Brief, perfect image of SA style Sonic and Tails escaping an explosion mixed into a story starring... Robotnik and Snively!? This story comically explains how Robotnik and Sniv' keep coming back to haunt, with Snively briefly getting ahead in the game until EggMan knocks him back down to size. Story and artwork both get a big 10 for this one I will have to revise my best/worst list now.

Second Story: The Tortoise and the Hedgehog - Very unusual start, with a no-named hare showing up on a factory doorstep of a foreboding factory. Apparently this 'hare' is a friend of a newly introduced for the first and last time - Tommy Turtle. As well as meeting many of the old little used baddies Archie seemed to have no place for. As teh Story progresses, we hear the old familiar tale of the Tortoise and the Hare... but somethin isn't right here...? In the end, one of Sonic's less shining moments is revealed as he strips off the 'uniform' and tells of how he used to pick on Tommy when they were kids... Hmm.. Now to make amends for his 'bad' past, Sonic has become the way past cool hero he is...

However EggMan shows up to deal with the scumbuckets that were at "Tommy"s place (I guess) and winds up Roboticizing our old foes. To top things off, just as Sonic and Tommy think they're safe, the Turtle butts Sonic out a window as a grenade goes off... thus ushering in the most likely running gag of EggMan and Snively getting blown up every other issue. Not a bad gag if you ask me, since we do that all the time in the games. Huh? Maybe Archie just explained the truth 10- out of 10 for story, 8 out of 10 for art. I like Art Mawhinny's style, but I think if they ever do another SatAM adaption he should draw it. Still decent artwork tops Lim's recent work. Kudos.

Third Story: Ultimate Power part Three - Beautiful artwork by Dawn best, she gets a big 10 too And the storyline also gets a 10, as things heat up.... Harry the Dingoe is in critical condition, and so is Dimitri - with Mammoth leaving us on the edge, threatening to cut the old Legionnaire's life support! Lien-Da in the background is showing more restraint than I thought she would humm...

This is the best Issue of the year and the best I've seen in a long time no doubt whatsoever