Ah yes! Very nice. And it does justice to ALL of Rouge's assets.... :p

OVERALL: 10/10 (because Rouge just looks awesome!)

Operation Off Switch

Yes, yes, a somewhat generic story....Station Square deploys Sonic and Bunnie to stop Robo from making himself a new body. They get there, find the body, and destroy it.

Now, despite the fact that this is a so-so story, what was shocking is that Lim did a GOOD job on Bunnie! O___O Not so good a job on most of the other characters - with the exception of the President.....whom, I might add, might be starting to reveal his hidden agenda with Sonic.....what exactly does he want with him? You know he's not pleading for forgiveness for calling the two FF here (Sonic cut him off), and we know that he's interested in the way Sonic operates......a shade of things to come?


Bat Fight

Ok, I know I'll get fried for saying this........VERY fried.........but I HATED HOW AXER DREW ROUGE.

That said, the fighting was still pretty good......but I just hated how Axer drew the bat. It just didn't click. And the ending? Uh, no.


UP: Midlogue

We go, once again, to Knuckles uncontrollable powers taking him to the a time he doesn't remember. One day, his father actually used the power of the Emerald against three intruders, presumably sent by Robotnik. Knuckles sees that he doesn't remember because he was knocked out by the robots! But he does realize the lesson taught to him that day: with power comes resonsibility.

Anyways, Ron shows that he can differentiate between Sonic and Knuckles (unlike the jokes that has been said - "Lim makes Sonic look like Knuckles!!") And does another decent job....though its obvious he doesn't do Knuckles much.



ISSUE OVERALL: 32/40 = 8/10

The cover saved it, Lim improved and Axer just did a not so great job on Rouge. What can I say? :p

Sonick13's #116 Review

Sonick13 : Hey everyone. I could review this issue by saying "It was so bad I enjoyed the ads more than the comic" (which is REALLY saying something) but here's something a little funner. We're going to Archie HQ to see what the "talents" behind this issue have brought us!

At Archie HQ...

Benny Lee, Karl Bollers, Ken Penders, and Ron Lim are sitting at a little beat-up table discussing what they're going to do for Sonic the Hedgehog #116.

Benny : Hahaha! Let's have a funny pointless story for the main story! We want the kiddies to laugh at the silly stories! Let's not have ANY character development or clever plot points! We don't want to confuse new readers, like SOME people here want to do!
Ken : At least I think about my stories, you second-grader!
Karl : Shuddup both of ya. Sega wants us to have Roguoe or however you spell it to be in the comic.
Benny : Oh! Oh! Rouge the Bat!
Karl : Shuddup. Make a story with EggRobotnik Robo 2Man in a new body I want Lim to design in the next few minutes. Speaking of which, have you practiced drawing Rouge, Lim?
Lim : No.
Karl : You have been taking Sonic drawing lessons though, right?
Lim : I dun need lessons. I'm a pro picture maker.
Karl : ... Right.
Lim : I wanna draw Knuckles.
Karl : Done.
Ken : But I've got Best drawing the Knux stories.
Karl : She can't draw fast enough. We need people who can crank out 30 pages a day so we can make the next 75 issues in the next few months.
Ken : What if we get the Knux comic back?
Karl : Shuddup. Now, Ken, is Knux going to be red next issue? Fred's getting impatient.
Ken : No... he'll be red again in issue #143 if all goes well. But he'd be red again three years ago if I had the Knux comic back.
Karl : Shuddup.
Lee : Ohh! Knuckles and Angel Island! Let's have Eggman attack Angel Island and Knuckles and Tikal save the day!!! I got some more great puns too! Just lose all that Dark Legion and echidna junk so that new readers can understand the comic!
Karl and Ken : (in head) What am I doing here?
Lim : I need to get back to drawing.
Ken : You need to finish going through your mail first!
Lim : I couldn't find any that commented on my art being good.
Ken : Ugh... I'll write one for ya. Just a second (grabs paper and writes...) "Dear Amazing, Wonderful Ken Penders and Lim, I love Sonic comics. The stories are cool! Lim's art is so great - I wish I could draw so well! I love it when Sonic almost got shot by that robot! That's edge-of-my-seat thriller there! Lee should get a Pulitzer Prize for his awesome stories! And I love it when Sonic says 'Hasta-la-vista-mistah EVERY FREAKING ISSUE, and how FREAKING CORNY LEE'S GARBAGE IS! AND I THINK LIM IS OF THE DEVIL! AND I WANT MY KNUCKLES COMIC BACK NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! Sincerely, Sonic's biggest fan, Bobby." (Ken runs out crying)
Karl : Not again...
Benny : Can I write Knuckles comics now?
Karl : NO!
Lim : Roguoe is a mouse, right?
Karl : Shuddup!

Later that day, each 'talent' is busy on their work.
In Benny Lee's room...

Benny : Oh boy another thrilling Sonic the Hedgehog story by me! Let's have... "The story begins with the President I won't take the time to name acting like those cartoon shows! That'll be funny! Ooh, let's have Eggman be a spider robot without arms! And it's all mysterious and intriguing. Let's have him be at Megapolis, which is actually New York City! That's cool! It'll be just like Planet of the Apes! That's funny! The kiddies will love it! Let's have Sonic say APPLE for no apparent reason, because it's a hilarious pun! I crack myself up just thinking about it! HAHAHA! Let's see... how do you spell Rouge? Well, Sonic then says 'But where's Rogue?' That'll show my way-past cool writing powers! OOH! Then missiles come! And BOOM! YEAH! Sonic makes it! The kids won't believe it - it'll be the greatest action scene ever! Then Sonic fights Eggman, and - get this - this is the big-time conclusion : Sonic defeats him! Isn't that cool? And it caught everyone by surprise! HAHAHA!

At Ron Lim's shack...

Lim : (mumbling) Stupid comic I have to draw for 5 bucks an hour... Okay... draw Roguoe. (draws the most hideous depiction of Rouge on the face of this planet in two minutes) Got that over with. I don't have time to draw Bunnie's jets from her shoes, so I'll just have her fly like she's Superman. Let's see... Sonic has gigantic eyes, 6-foot spikes and a two-inch stomach, and millimeter-wide legs and arms. Got it.
A half hour later...
Lim : Done. Next issue.

At Karl Boller's place...

Karl : Let's have Rouge and Bunnie fight. (faxes story to J.Axer)

At J.Axer's dorm...

J.Axer : Okay, I only have seven finals to study for. (fax beeps) What's this? (Reads it) "Have Rouge and Bunnie fight" (A Post-it note says) "You have 3 days" (J.Axer spends the next 72 hours drawing as well as he can, and forgets Bunnie has a robotic arm in one panel. The colorists go color blind and we get this middle story)

At Ken Pender's place...

Ken : I want my Knuckles comic back. Great... I gotta make a story for LIM to draw?!? I'll make up a flashback so that he doesn't have to draw the real story I'm having Best draw (Benny : Since she's the best! Hahahaha, get it?).

The Colorists, as I said, went color blind so half the comic was colored incorrectly.

Sonick13 : Now you know how this issue happened. Well... that's two poor issues in a row, Archie. And strangely, future issues don't sound that much better...
- Sonick13

(On a serious note, I really wouldn't know how comic-making goes, but I used this to make a point that they need to try to do a little better. And J.Axer, I heard you were in college - I'm not sure on that - so make fun of me if you're not, okay? But you did say you were in a rush and that you have other projects, so I went off that. Lastly, I don't really hate these guys... I only want the Sonic comic to be a little better than it has been lately. That's what MBs are for, right?)

Sonic #116

The cover is REALLY cool. I dunno why, but I just like it.

First story~The scene with the president,I just didn't seem to like. Something didn't seem good there. Once they left,it all seemed good.I like how they split up, Sonic taking on Eggman, and Bunnie going to find Rouge.

Sonic and Eggman fighting was pretty cool. It, in my opinion, was an ok fight. The whole dynamite thing was corny, in my opinion.

Second Story~I LOVED IT.

The way Rouge was drawn was cool. It had a ton of detail, which made for a good entrance. The fight sequences were some of the better ones I've seen in awhile. I also liked at the end, when Sonic showed up, and the whole "My bad" thing. It was kinda funny.

Knuckles:Personally, whoever is drawing Knuckles now should keep drawing him. IMO, Knuckles looks better in the anime style than sonic.

Anywho, the story was cool. Seems Knux's power is getting strong.

Just got the comic today, and I must say I'm impressed, not with the whole thing mind you but please allow me to talk trash about Ron Lim's Artwork over the course of this review while I wipe tears out of my eyes at such a tragety.

Cover Art: 100% Spaz and co never fail to give dazzling Eye Candy. The only critique I can make about it is that Rouge uses her feet not her hands.

Inside Splash Page: 100% I give Axer much kudos for being able to draw a huge junk pile of separate parts rather than just some lump of things. Representations of Rouge and Bunnie are enough to make a Marvel Super Hero look all wet.

Main Story: Opperation Off Switch

Hit the off switch somebody, please? Lim' bad artwork strikes again. And what are they trying to do? The Sonic Anime? With a rundown New York Setting I feel like they've been watching too much Spider Man, my Spider sense is tingling with ill omens at this. The new robotnik is the only decent piece of art and the president, who is a complete sniveling moron, can we say Snively's new body someone? The one panel shot of Rouge makes me want to force this issue into the shredder and Sonic's attitude goes to new heights - the top of skyscrapers. I know this is a comic, but Egg Man is not going to sit still for 5 minutes with a stick of Dynamite in his mouth that levels a decrepid [The Ancient Relics in the Sonic Anime] city [New York]. And he never rondezvoued with Bunnie and Rouge to get the heck outta dodge at the end either. 20% satisfaction.

Secondary Story: BAT FIGHT!

Ahh Jeff Axer to save the day ^_^ Using minimal words, a plasuable encounter comes into play where two girls just beat the snot out of each other. (by the way "Beating the snot" out of someone is a line in Astal) And Sonic eventually breaks it up. Sonic could too, Rouge knows Sonic's on the up and up so he says settle down, you settle down. 95% satisfied, I would have like to see this story extended a bit to distract from the horridness of the rest of this comic.

Final Story: Ultimate Power: Mid Logue ???? What is this? A completely out of place, random, poorly illustrated, does not make sense piece drawn (I use the term losely) by Ron Lim.I could point out many problems with this story but at the risk of sounding like a Lamer I'll say "This Sucks" end of story. But saddly, that's not the worst of it. I fear they are watching the Spider Man DVD too much as on the last Page recides words of wisdom told to him by his dad (in what issue? try never) where he says "With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility". *cough* Hello? I mean, I know the green suit gives that impression but phrase it some other WAY man! ...Please? Like "I can't abuse my powers.." or something. Come on people... Satisfaction 0%

Overall rating: 63%

Moral of this Story: A great story needs not great artwork to support it. Niether will a terrible story stand with great artwork. Bat Fight is an expressive minimal dialogue story which stands tall and proud. The rest of this is niether a great story nor great Artwork. aka. Bat Fight saves it from falling into the shredder, but be not deceived - the rest of this issue sucks.

E=MC2 (Echidnas = Much Chaos Squared)

ah yes, i guess i should give my 3.7 1/2 cents about this.

well, i gota agree with sonic rose for the most part, first story was bad, the art was ..passable and at least it connects into the middle ( main) story of this issue, bat fight. great stuff. goes up with mechamaddness and upgrade as one of my fave bits of this comic ( ge.. im not a bunie fan or anything ) ^^

the last story.... ick -

i could go into a lengthy rant and say harsh things about ppl that would never read this almost meningless post on a ( to them ) probably complelty unkown board of fans.... but na.. got to much homework to do ^^

* thinks about tearing the first and last stories out of the comic and just having the cover and middle story ^^ *

oh and worst parts of teh comic :

1. ron lim's rouge
2.the use of the famous spidey line
3. ron lim's echidnas

Well, at least it was better than 115. That's about all you can say for it though. For review:

MAIN STORY: Very disappointing. I thought it had promise with Robotnik's new body, but they had to ruin it with stupid puns and dumb cartoon humor.

MAIN ART: Two words: FIRE LIM!!!!

Middle story: The only redeeming factor of the whole book. (but only because of art.) Story was kind of lacking in dialogue.

Middle art: Very well done for the most part.

Knuckles story: Rather disjointed. The plaigerism of Knuckles saying the classic Spidey line is outrageous. Can't they think of their own lines for crying out loud??!???!? Also disappointing. Leaves you hanging at the exact spot the last issue did. Unforgivable.

Knux art: See Main art.

After a couple good issues, we slip back into the abyss...

I was always calling her by the former, anyway...

I don't know why, but images of Neelix from Star Trek pop into my head when I see those tufts of fur jetting out from the sides of Bunnie's for Sonic, he may need to watch where he's running, because with legs like those, one trip and they'll snap like a twig...Rouge is very well drawn.

Not one of Spaz's best covers, but it's far better than most of the art you'll see when you start flippin the pages. SCORE: 7

SPLASH: Another Axer masterpiece. Don't you wish everything looked this good? Yeah, it hasn't paid to dream much, has it? SCORE: 10

MAIN STORY: "Operation: Off Switch"
Written by Benny Lee, Penciled by Ron Lim. Nobody should WANT to claim responsibility for this one, but oh well...

Sonic and Bunnie (With another unexplained, unmentioned restyling) are sent to the ruins of New York City (Oh, I'm sorry...Old Megaopolis) to destroy the ugly, pathetic excuse of a new body that is Dr. Robotnik's. I'd also like to mention the fact the the President's pleading was...well...dumb. What kind of President gets down on his hands and knees to beg small animals for help destroying a giant hunk of metal capable of nothing but self-defense? Doesn't he have his own military forces? Where's Commander Brass? Where're the N'Sync rejects? Bleah...Might as well nuke em again, and get a little more of the "FWOOMF" action on (Worst nuclear explosion sound effect EVER).
Also, notice the concern in the President's eyes as he says he "fears the worst" for his missing agent, Rouge. No wonder Sonic's giving him the puzzled eye in the following panel (I think it's a puzzled eye...I see no other hint of emotion to back that, unfortunately).

PLOT: With Robotnik coming back through the next two, this was a pointless story. I can't begin to describe its pointlessness in detail. I need to eat and sleep sometime... SCORE: 5

ART: I'll give Lim sympathy points for drawing TWO comics in this issue, but I would've settled for one decently drawn comic rather than two sloppy ones. Better luck next time, Lim. At least you're improving! SCORE: 4

Written by Karl Bollers, Penciled by J. Axer

Another pointless story, though watching Rouge and Bunnie duke it out was entertaining...I think. How did Bunnie forget Rouge was on her side? Dang, having a writer's mind can make one so nit-picky...

PLOT: Plot? What plot? SCORE: 1

ART: Axer admitted it wasn't his best work, and it isn't (Not that that says much). I think we can let it slip this time SCORE: 9

Written by Ken Penders, Penciled by Ron Lim

Another story which serves no obvious purpose to the story at hand. I really hope they expand on this in the next issue (Not for the entire issue, mind you), because right now this story did nothing for anyone, especially Lim, who could've used the time for something better, like practicing his Sonic models.

PLOT: Stand-alone, there's nothing really wrong with this. It looks to have been thought out start to finish...however, this ISN'T considered stand-alone, as the title indicates. They've got some 'splainin' to do. SCORE: 6

ART: It's...okay. But why couldn't Ron draw his own Dimitri? SCORE: 5

OVERALL: Not one of the comic's finer moments...maybe not even a decent one. I look to #117 with high hopes, Tommy Turtle be darned. SCORE: 4

SONICK13: Good call on the Bunnie arm. Lessee, how to cover that up...GOT IT! We're watching the action through a mirror...yeah, that's it...a big ol' mirror...