again i seemed to have gotten my issue before most other people.

funky cover by spaz, and a funky front page by j.axer as uaual..^^

first comic starts off with somic spending some 'quality time' with his pet dog, muttski. he accidently throws a stick into a pond. muttski jumps in after it and promtly sinks (well, he is a robot after all..^^; ) sonic jumps in after him and sinks too (sticking to the games here i see, good!) spotting a shining bottle at the bottom sonic grabs it and gets magically dragged up to the surface. he opens it, releasing a genie.
sonic demands 3 wishes, but the genie simply zaps him and gives muttski his super-speed..^^; (neh?)

doctor quack somehow asesses the problem by listening to sonic's stomach..oo; i don't want to know what they were thinking of doing to sonic with that tray of medical insruments ^^;

time passes, and sonic seems to cope without his super speed pretty well..not even grudging muttski for being the faster.
makes me wonder what'd happen if the story had had more pages, sonics supposed to be the fastest thing alive! i'd think he'd go alittle crazy if he couldn't move as fast as usual.
but thats just my opinion..c.c;

eventually they see the geinie floating past, muttski eats him and he promises sonic 3 wishes if they let him free. sonic then wastes the 3 wishes by asking for his powers back, muttski to loose his and the genie to go back into his bottle. if i'd been sonic i'd have used one of the wishes to wish for world peace, or to defeat robotnik forever..or something useful..oo;

and next, spaz's sketchbook!...waaaah! spaz's artwork is great! ;.; all..those..tiny..details! oo; i especially like the designs for the echidnas ^^

*pokes all the caution: spolier info' signs plastered infrount of some of the info* no faiir..

*kaff* his designs for a more manga-like sonic and co are pretty cute ^^, and from the looks of it..sonic and tails may have new robotik versions of themselves, or they get robotosized some time in the future. also that fast cat-like guy, the hawk-like guy and that froggy..*forgets the names, knows they're criminals* also have robotik versions of themselves.

*sighs..gets out one of her many sketchbooks..practises* o.x;

uh, going back to the comic,
*points at the first panel of the knuckles comic* lien-da has no tail! o_o;

hm, to put the comic shortly..mammoth morgal (sporting some lovly sunglasses!) kidnaps the dieing dimitri, while knux and co watch vector dace around in the park. knuckles shows off his new poers by making flowers for julie-su apear out of nowhere (they then vanish without a trace after she sniff them) knux seems to be worried about this so he drags the others off to find his dad. meanwhile a troop of red furred and haired DLers set up some kind of secret base..

hm, not a bad story, but lacking in..oomph..oo;

through-out this issue there was good artwork, and the coloring wasn't bad either..^^

no reader's artwork and only one long letter were in this month's issue.

My fan review of the Spaz sketchbook

I loved the sketchbook and I think it was amazing.

Page one: Seeing the Knuckles cover blurb cut from 116 made me feel great that it was placed here. The old Mecha Knuckles was great. Rob, I thought was better as is now. The wolfpack as they are currently that was the unused issue 113 cover I thought looked better than the 113 cover we got, just for the fact I thought Sonic looked strange. I thought he had less of a classic look and more of the new taking a re-draw. I was right, but I'm glad to see this to.

Page 2: The combots looked aweinspiring. That mass produced Egg Walker looks cool, especialy more knowing it was based off of something unused in the comic but mentioned as something they couldn't fit in. It would have been better if the adaption was extended into a few more specials so the story wouldn't seem as compressed. I thought the story in the Sonic issues were great. I thought the SSS was good, but knowing how many issues more would be devoted to it originaly (mentioned before the Knuckles comic was canned) made me wish I had played the game to get the stuff they couldn't fit in. Bad I don't have dreamcast. Now I have movies of the Egg Hornet and seen one image of the Egg Viper and I wish they could be fit them in as well in a future issue. Even like the Walker was used Can't wait untill the game is out on Gamecube so I can play both adventures. Robolactus looks so much like the game form of the Eggman. Have to love the appearance though of what is the coolest Eggman design yet.

Page 3: The Knuckles comic art was great. There seems to be a train with segments here. It is what I think is Caterkiller I had read about in the spoilers of upcoming issue 119. The Bunnie upgrade images were definately nice to have been thrown in.

Page 4: More Knuckles stuff looked great again. Seing Knuckles 20 Years Later art made me feel this segment was needed in this issue.

Page 5: The spoof of Battle of the Planets looked quite good. The Sonic disguise of issue 97 I think looked cool. Never thought Ray was drawn by Spaz yet, but I think it was great to see. I so want to play Sega Sonic Arcade.

Page 6: The anime Sonic was looked great. The new Swat Bots were the best thing besides Knuckles 20 Years Later imo. I want to see the Heavy Artillery version. I think this would be great to see be seen in comic form soon. The Sonic, Bunnie and Sonic looked impressive. I think Snively looked great for a little short sickiningly thing looking guy with that visor and "Stealth Suit". I sure wanted to see the Robotnik design. I have to wonder if we would see the game or Archie version though. Both in one issue would be cool, but hard to work in. Combining both into one would be a new one though. Something similar happened in the English Sonic comic, and it worked out good. Want to see the other FFs as well. I wonder what Robotropolis or any other locations would be like.

I sure like this version of the "manga" look than current Spaz. The earlier issues prior to 101 (excluding 99 I think, but wasn't that a quick redraw with the new style?)looked better. Now the art seems so much.....thiner. Kinda like the redesign of Snively. That and more angular. The older look seemed more fit to this comic to me. I think that when Spaz first started doing art for the comic, it was great and has evolved over time and the rest of the comic art seemed to follow the Spaz trend. Sonic has seemed to lack that old look recently.

Page 7: Wow, looks like Robotnik has gone on a Robotisizing spree!!! In apearance, it is easy to guess who everyone is. LoL. Top row, starting on the left. It apears Drago seems to have gotten this treatment. Flying Frog next, followed by the new Mecha Sonic. The bottom row has Lightning Lynx and Tails. All look good. Though old Spaz I think was great for living animals, he still does great with Robots, which I think have the more angular quality anyways. Wonder where Srg. Simian went though. Space restrictions maybe?? Thinks, with the soon return of Robotnik, where will his home base be? So many possibilities. Had to have had somewhere to stick a robotisizer, right.

Sow my first Sonic comic ever today in a store on Nantucket - #115. Flipped through it, and it looked like total junk.
Characters: Sonic, robot dog, and genie. Other characters make cameo appearences.
I didn't have time to look at the Knuckles comic. Please tell me they aren't all like this.
The only good thing is that Sonic has lost the rectangular eye thing. He has the little dip now again, which really makes a big difference, I think.

Okay... #115. We've got a silly cover. We've got a silly splash page. Time for a silly main story.
The main story in a nutshell : Sonic finds a bottle. There happens to be a genie in it of all things. As the title suggests, the genie isn't very friendly (but can quote MLK Jr.) and gives Sonic's mutt his speed. It takes a page for the Doc to figure out Sonic's lost his speed. We get about one page showing the effects of this occurence. Then the genie is flying by for NO apparent reason and has forgotten all about Sonic for some reason. I see he's got plenty of great power. Anyways, Sonic suprisingly gets his speed back. The end. Well, this had to be the most pointless story this year. At least the back-story for #114 (Tails and Amy in school) had some character development, but this story was 100% pointless, except to give the kiddies some laughs. I mean, if Sonic lost his speed, wouldn't you think he'd go mad? Or at least be sad that everyone likes his dog now instead of him? Wouldn't he get a little angry when Antoine out-runs him (as the spoilers suggested...)? The story was all about HOW Sonic lost his speed and HOW he re-gained them. A very "Benny Lee" story. The art was okay, but it really doesn't fit anymore, seeing the little chubby Sonic. Sonic seemed to have 15 spikes at time as well.
Rating : 2
Next we got some really awesome sketches Spaz has made. I really thought this was a great idea and found it intriguing to see all of his unused character designs, early conceptions of characters, and characters to come. It was great to see the chars of the unseen Knux : 20 Yrs Later and Sonic Manga, not to mention the #116 cover inset that wont be used. And those robots on the seventh page are really cool as well. Some of the pics were a bit odd (Snively manga-version, Mecha Lightning Lynx) but everything was drawn awesomely. I\d love to have one of these Spaz Sketchbooks every year.
Rating : 9
Finally we get the Knuckles back-story. Best draws again, and it\s great once more. We have some more background than last time, and the characters are still drawn well. The story begins by showing us that M. Mogul has come to the hospital Dimitri\s at. Then we cut to the Chaotix and Co. where the question finally dawns on Espio after all this time. Knux dude, why are you green? Gee, Espio. I never noticed - thanks for bringing that up. Anyways we finally got another one of Vector\s rhymes (Look at this move! Vector is definitely in the groove!) and the gang heads off to find Locke. Cut to the battle cruiser where we meet a new Dark Legionnaire. Time for the New DL Theme Song! You\re a new DL! You\re a Dark Legionnaire! You\re names Gae-Na and after three stories you\ll never be seen again! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! You\re a new DL and you ain\t bein\ seen again!!! Anyways, Kommissar gets onboard. Cut to Chaotix and Co. and they get to Locke and Co.\s new hideout, where Locke says how he\s received a transmission on his Sega screen and Star Trek panels. (They are VERY Star Trek-like panels) For some reason Locke says from someone who calls himself Mammoth Mogul. What, he thinks he\s an imposter or something? You\d think Locke would remember who MM is, having put him in the Master Emerald! Anyways, we\re left in a bit of suspense because MM\s holding Dimitri hostage and now wants Knux. A good cliff-hanger I suppose, and we got some more char development. Good story.
Rating : 7
- Sonick13

The first story in issue 115 was rather stupid. The second story leaves off at a good place. I enjoyed the Knux story a lot, but the sketchbook was the best part of the whole thing. (that's really bad.)

You would think that they would keep the main stories much more interesting than a stupid "genie in a bottle" story. Let's hope they are building up to something REALLY big in upcoming issues to make up for the slacking off.

Artwork overall is decent. Cover and inside pages awesome as usual.

Main story - Kinds ailly but remember people IT IS A COMIC! The best thiog Sonic could have done though is Wished 1 - Reverse the spell so Miutts n' Sonic have their old speeds back. 2 - Deroboticize everyone who was roboticized. 3 - Back to the bottle with you! Wouldn't that have been awesome? I mean it was a clever story and kinda cool in its own way but a bit too short.

Side story - Okay now things are heating up in the Sonic Timeline... Will Lien-Da be a good witch or a bad witch? Will Dimitri resign himself to death? Will Mammoth maintain that expansive vocabulary?

Overall I like this issue, it's worth owning but not so hoot. I'd say it deserves a 6 on the 1-10 scale.

After two years of being out of the loop.....guess who's back!!! :D

Its my turn.... >:)


ALL RIGHT!! This is a great little cover. Sonic is sturggling more than he ever has. And the little Knuckles/ Julie-Su pic on the right an't so bad either. OVERALL: 8/10

Meanie in a Bottle

Sonic and Muttski play fetch. Sonic and Muttski fall into water to get stick. Sonic finds bottle. Sonic opens bottle. Genie comes out. Whee!

But genie switches everything around on Mutt and Sonic, giving Muttski Sonic's speed. Boo! It isn't so bad, but Sonic and Muttski aren't exactly too keen on it. But fortunately they find the freed genie again and trap him! Woo! Then they wish him back in the bottle. Right-o!

PROS: This story was somewhat good; it doesn't use fifty million puns like Mike Gallagher does, and Art is a generally decent artist. Not only that, but Muttski gets some air time, something that doesn't happen too often, and he's actually doing good things! The fact, also, that it appears that Muttski doesn't want his speed (or otherwise he probably would have not trapped the genie for Sonic), and the fact that he stops the thief shows that Muttski is a bit more than the lovable dog with no brain.

CONS: A little short. And....since when does a genie do that? Its a new spin on the genie, but they way it was pulled off - as the genie didn't get much air time - was a little off.


Spaz Skethbook

This is the sketchbook edition we were all waiting for. Knuckles: 20 Years Later, Alternate Storyline pics for both Giant Robotno and the never seen "Manga" (which could have been the "big project" Ken wanted to use to prove his loyalty to the series - the Manga Snively is quite frightening), Combots, Mecha Knuckles, Caterkiller (I'm guessing!) and Julie-Su's family.

And then there's three of the Fearsome Foursome, Sonic and Tails, as well as a mysterious group of beings.......MECHANIZED!!!!! I don't know about you guys, but what do you think the chances are that there's a new, multi-issue "Mecha-plot" on the horizon starting in the next several issues and cumulates in Sonic #125?! It makes perfect sense, and its possible!

This sketchbook has whetted my appetite, and I want more, man, more!!!!

OVERALL: 10/10

Ultimate Power, Pt. 2

Then we go to Martian Man, written by the Ken Pen!, I mean Knuckles. Mogul has captured Dimitri, and is eyeing Knuckles as a new source to replenish his power (as he lost Tails last isssue).

PROS: I found the little dialogue between the Chaotix and Knuckles to be a refresher from all the isolation hes had the past twenty issues; of course, you can tell that the wedge placed between them with this whole mess is still there. Not only that, but it appears as if Knuckles is clamoring for some answers - answers he might not get, or maybe he will get them in next issue's "Mid-prologue", or whatever it is called. :p Anyways, its a good set-up, and Dawn Best does a good job with the art. Let's hope that we are not let down in later issues!

CONS: Too short.....



It's gooooooooooooooood to be back!!!!!! :D

Well, if I recall, Sonic COULDN'T swim. He sank like a brick. But when he grabbed the bottle, it somehow launched him to the surface.

Anyways, I really liked how that one turned out. I especially liked the Knuckles story.

Vector: Check out this move! Vector is definitely in the GROOVE!
Mighty: Vector is definitely SOMETHING!
Espio: We just don't know WHAT!

I cracked up when I read that. I can't wait to see 116.

Heys Guys its Hellblazer16 here telling you that I think issue 115 of sonic comics was,was well lets just say i think i could read it again and again!The Menanie in a bottle story was awsome!But what i don't understand is i thought Sonic couldn't swim at all,but mabey im wrong.Anyway Spaz's Scetchbook was awsome!All those behind the scences pictures where sweet and im dying to figure out who those charecters that say CAUTION:SPOLIER INFO!Also the continuing Knuckles story is awsome, and Mammoth Monguel capturing Dimitri!Im bouncing off the wall waiting for issue 116 to come out so i can see what happens next!

Well till issue 116 its time its Hellblazer16 to sign out!