first thing, WAII! they killed tails! ;_; thats no way to resolve the 'thats not the real tails' issue!


anyhow, after the recent attack of the 'wonders' of many hand's artwork, ron lim's dosn't look so bad. although i still disagree with the way he draw sonic's eyes. (it always reminds me of a comic axer once drew about sonic's singular eyeball..^^; )
everyone in the comic stayed roughly on model for a change, tho' sonics quills did mystically grow a couple of times.

on the story, benny seems to have picked up ken pender's habit of using long words that dyslexics like me don't always know the meaning of ^^;.

tails has a scary dream, wakes up as sonic & family pounce him to see whats wrong..everyone then goes back to sleep and tails flies off in his plane to find out the cave in his dream (eh? oO) sonic catches up with him..they enter the cave aaand (dundunduuun!) they find another tails..turbo tails! (you can tell coz hes wearing a cloak..*nod* oo )

mammoth morgul appears and to help the readers he quickly recaps how he stoles tails, made a double of him and kept the 'real' tails trapped. sonic attacks morgal..tails stands around in shock..fight happens and the 'real' tails is freed.

morgal then vanishes (eh?..i thought he was giving energy to real tails..not the other way around)phoney tails says some touching lasts words and poofs as well.

the real tails, who now seemed to have powered down to normal gets pounced by sonic.

okaay..half of that story made sence, but i'd have liked it if the two tails had murdged..or if morgal had taken the other tails with him. the fake tails poofing into a cloud of smoke just didn't seem right somehow.

*sniff* ;.;

*turns over the page* aiee! adverts!

*turns over again* hurrah! dawn is back! ^-^ on the art again..i can tell where ken has changed the artwork alittle..julie-su in the 3rd penel of the first page had more his style of face then in any of the other pages in this issue.
knux moves julie and her parents into a nice looking flat with a veiw of the city..they don't even have to pay the rent! (its good to be the g/f of the gardian of the floating island, you get freebies!)
old dimi appears to be on his deathbed, so he gets lien-da to promise to lead after him if he dies..

meanwhile..mammoth morgal (uh, wasn't he just defeated? o_o decides to go and pay a visit on the DL while julie-su beats up vector. fun ^^;

*bats another page of adverts* whee, art by jeff as well! ^^

sonic and co all go off to school..yayfun. this either happens before the story on the first page..or else tails has caught up with events remarkably fast in a couple of days ^^;
tails and amy spending nearly the entire day pulling faces at each other is cute! ^-^ glad to see tails still draws comics in his spare time too. *points at the blackboard at the end* noticed a few others have gotten detentions too..;p *L*

overall, the story is short and cute, along with the artwork. my only bug-bear is that tails and amy both look kinda weird without any necks.

i liked this was much better compared to the last few ones..^^ *pokes her review* gyeek, i write too much c.c;


well, here goes my first review....

cover: really kick butt artwork (whattaya expect, it's spaz!! ). shows sonic and sally together once again, tails looking a little ticked that mogul's in his way, dimitri shooting a laser (didn't know he could do that), knux doing his #101 act, and just standing in the back, smiling like a goof....okaayyy. title showing "when a mammoth returns"
(cue star wars music)

anyway, on to the story...
after a splash of t.tails in a bubble (cool looking, btw), we see what turns out to be one of tails recurring nightmares, in which he is looking for shelter from an oncoming storm. he sees a pair of creepy red eyes and promptly wakes up, most likely wetting his bed in the process. this wakes up the entire hedgehog family. sonic reassures tails that he has his back while bernie suggests a doctor's visit, which freaks tails out, cause he fears needles (who doesn't, eh?). jules tells them to go back to sleep. tails wonders the meaning of his dreams, while sonic crashes. minutes later (10 to be precise) sonic reawakens to find tails has vamoosed. he notices tails in the tornado and decides to follow, with relative ease. tails discovers the cave from his dream when sonic catches up. both enter the cave to find turbo tails (when did he get red gloves?) in a wierd enery sphere. needless to say, sonic and tails are freaked, when guess who shows up...
ol'chunky butt (mogul, not eggman) who then does the usual "how i got here" speech, in which he reveals that the current tails is a duplicate created by himself, while he imprisoned the real tails. what i wanna know is, how did he survive for this long?!!
after a brief exchange of words, sonic decides to lay a smackdown on mogul, while duplicate tails questions his existance. mogul flashes sonic (okay, maybe not really, but it sure looks like it) and then prepares to finish him off. duplicate tails sucker head butts him, and the two of them let mogul have it. t.tails is released from his confines, unconcious, and mogul vanishes.
unfortunately, this causes duplicate tails to fade out of existance in a somewhat heartwarming scene. the real tails finally wakes up and once again is reunited with sonic. (awwwwwww....).
whew... i'll have to get the other two reviews written another time. until next time....


You may have noticed I did not review Issue #113. I think nothing more needs to be sad about it, instead lets move on to #114.

Ok, here goes

Cover: I think we all had judged the cover as a praiseworthy work of art from the second we saw it. Very nice, even if it is influenced a bit by Star Wars.

9 outta 10 Chaos Emeralds

First Story: "Twice Told Tails"

Art: You may have heard the expression "Out of the Frying Pan and into the fire." Well with 113 outta the way, we're thankfully out of the fire, problem is with the return of Ron Lim, we're right back in that frying pan. Same issues as always with Lim, makes Tails look like a bear, makes Sonic look like a supermodel Echidna, complete lack of detail, and thank goodness this wasn't an issue with Sally, he always murders her.

Story: Tails has dreams in which he's at a cave and sees eyes staring out at him. He wakes up in terror to be comforted by Sonic and Family. however that does nothing to salve him and he takes off in the tornado. he flies until he comes accross a cave, exactly like the one in his dream. Sonic catches up and they go in the cave together. In the cave they find Mammoth Mogul and Turbo Tails who is caught in some sort of stasis bubble. Mogul explains how he created a sentient copy of Tails when Athair took him off to fight Knuckles. Since then Mogul has been feeding off of Turbo Tails's chaos energy to stay alive. Sonic and Mogul begin to duke it out, while Dopppel Tails stares at Real Tails. He has some profound thoughts on whether he's real or not. Finally he joins in the battle. Together they beat Mogul senseless, Mogul loses his concentration and dissipates into thin air, releasing the real Tails, and causing the doppel Tails to dissipate as well. Sonic and Real Tails walk off, best buds.

Now, let me tell you why this story rocked and stunk at the same time. It was an excellent answer to the whole "Fake Tails" thingey. Nicely done. Especially the thoughts the fake Tails has when he sees the real Tails. Those are priceless. Benny Lee puts together his best job as a writer yet in the dialogue, not just in the thoughts Tails is having, but the banter between Mogul and Sonic, "What's with the big words? Are ya tryin to get into College or somethin?"

But the way they handled the finale....Star Trek Voyager syndrome again. They just poofed out the fake Tails, and woke up the Real Tails and Sonid did not react in the least. He never considered that the person he had been living with for the last few months was dead possibly. They just tottally messed up Sonic's reaction and I'm a bit miffed at that. Otherwise, excellent story!

Story #2: Ultimate Power Part 1.

YES, the new Knuckles series is finally here!

Art: Best returns for the first time since the previous Knuckles series. She does an alright job, my only beef is that her backgrounds aren't very good. There are too many scenes where the only background is just a solid color. This gets a bet boring after a while. Voni-Ca is never done in full color, but for some reason she looks like Lara-Su in every scene I see her in.
BUT I'd take her any day over Lim and Hands.

Story: We open up as Knuckles is helping Julie-Su move into a new apartment along with her stepparents. Voni-Ca and Simon. They comment on Dmitri's health. We then go to Dmitri and Lien-Da. Lien-Da tells Dmitri that he doesn't have long to live. Dmitri makes Lien-Da promise that if he dies, she'll take the Dark Legion along the path he's mapped out. Harry the Dingo picks up a strange character who pays with a pearl(Mogul).Julie-Su and Knuckles comeout of the aparmtent to run into the Chaotix. Julie-Su flips Vectory over...and the end.

Interesting story Penders has set up, although the ending was rather blah. I also noticed just when it was starting to taper off, Penders decides to re-inflame the Julie-Su-Vecter animosity again. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

8 outta 10 Chaos Emeralds
Story #3: Young at Heart

Art: Axer seems to be rapidly becoming the fan favorite artist. While I love the backgrounds and attention to detail, the uber-cute anime style is starting to get on my nerves. Especially the face Tails and Amy make at eachother. Who pulls on the bottom of their eyelid when making a face? No one in this country, that's for sure.

Story: Schools back in at Knothole High School, but only Amy and Tails have to go back in. Amy is mad at having to be with the younger kids. She and Tails make faces at each other. Only Amy gets in trouble, but then the Teacher makes Tails come back and help too. the end

Wow, now frankly this story was a big waste of time. Nothing important happens. No character developement, no plot, nothing! Amy and Tails go to school, get in trouble, the end! While I'm sure everyone loved seeing Axer draw, I would've taken extra pages on the Sonic and Knuckles story over this horrible piece

2 outta 10 Chaos Emeralds

Overall Issue:

7 outta 10 Chaos Emeralds.


HI guys I've read Sonic 114 and i say its was good,not bad not amazing,but just good to read.But somehow i expected more from the issue.In Issue 109 they said they would come back with knuckles in issue 114.Anyway after i read that i got really excited to get issue 114 when it came out but when i finally got it i was well disapointed,nothing really interesting happened and they always say we'll be in the next issue with some exicted issue,or you don't want to miss this exciting issue!Well for now that never happens.I really think the best story in the issue is "Young at heart"It has amazing artwork and a nice storyline.I love Sonic Comics and just because 1 issue dosen't go well for me dosen't mean i'll stop collecting.

Well untill issue 115 so long!


First off, I must say that the cover is awesome, thanks to Spaz, in Star Wars form. Exceptional Work.
Twice Told Tails by Benny Lee and Ron Lim
Starts off with Tails trying to find shelter from the oncoming rain. But, when he peers into the cave, he sees some red glowing eyes. Tails wakes up with a scream. This dream has been reaccuring for a week. Tails takes off in the Tornado, closely followed by Sonic. Tails lands at the cave in his dreams. Seems he just...flew there. Sonic and Tails walk into the cave, to find... Tails with a red cape, inside a green ball of energy? Things start to get bad, when Mammoth Mogul appears. Seems he had intercepted Tails and made a duplicate. This duplicate is supposedly the 'chosen one' and by feeding it small amounts of chaos energy from his embedded emerald, has plans of evil things... Tails doubts himself. If Mogul is telling the truth...then he's a fake. Beating up on Mogul causes the energy around the duplicate to disappear, and it fall to the ground. Mammoth Mogul disappears...and so does Tails. Tails assimilates (becomes one with) the duplicate. hmmmm....
Good story, but it seems it needed something more...Ron draws a good Sonic, but as for Tails... I give it a 3.
Ultimate Power part one by Ken Penders and Dawn Best
Knuckles is off showing Julie-Su and her step-parents their new apartment. Elsewhere, Dimitri is in rough shape. And who comes to visit but Lien-Da. They don't know how much longer Dimitri may hold out. They talk about how they need Knuckles to save him, but if that should fail, Lien-Da is to take Dimitri's place. Then, a familiar mammoth shows up asking for a taxi ride to find a group of echidnas with some state-of-the-art bio-technology...and outside of the apartments are none other than the Chaotix! After Julie-Su giving the K.O to Vector, they hope for the best. If Lien-Da was to take command of the Dark Legion, things could go from bad to worse!
I liked the story. Plenty of action, without all the fighting. Art was awesome. I enjoyed it, ready to build up the action! I give it a 4.
Young at Heart. by Karl Bollers and J. Axer
Now with Robotnik disposed of, things can start to become semi-normal. Some lovable Freedom Fighters are off to school! Namely, Amy Rose and Tails Prower! But...with Amy Rose sitting next to Tails, things start to get hairy. Show off after show off, leads to an all out war! After plenty of funny faces, it's detention time!
Awesome story! It was a break from freedom fighting, which I enjoyed. Awesome art, what else from J. Axer? Story line was great. Only problem...I want more! I give it a 5.
Overall I give Sonic #114 a 4/5!