God, I hated #113...and it was all because of the artwork. never have I seen such laziness when it comes to the comic's art.everything looks as if it was drawn using markers. the storyline was good, as it was that cry of the wolf episode. the only thing that i have to look forward to is the cover art for the next issue. oh well, at least j. axer's art was good...

A Review for Sonic #113 (possibly the only one)

Cover: The cover was GREAT! I loved the colors and everything. It has Sonic and Sally with the Wolf Pack, with Robotnik and Snively in the background.

Frontispiece: Beautiful art by Axer, and it even has Drago on it. Too bad I can't say the rest of the art in this issue was good.

Story: I really don't feel like explaining the story. The comic does an OK job of adapting "Cry of the Wolf", but of course they had to cut a few parts and change a few words to match their continuety(sp?) and space. If you've never seen "Cry of the Wolf" then you might like this story, but try to ignore the terrible art!!!!


Overall: I'd give it a 5.5 out of 10. The art wasn't great but I thought the adaption was OK.

Thoughts on #113 Art, the Future, and etc.

I just got #113.

The cover...good!
The splash page...excellent!

Turn the page...


This is pure crap!

If they still made em, this would be SSS #16, the first S being what you wish, be it "Sucky," "Sickening", or "S***ty. Many Hands' art is lacking any hint of professionalism (Except maybe Sonic's hands) and is nothing but a considerable threat to the fan base for this comic, should he be used again (Look what he did for the Specials). Compared to this, Ron Lim is Axer. Even Lim got some things right time to time, and his Pro Art is evidence that Lim does have talent in the field (He should do the middle story, so he has more time)

The story was a bit choppy, but I suppose looking at it (The word bubbles, anyway) it works.

Story: 6/10 Art: 0/10 (No Kudos for the animated coloring, which was more of a waste then a bonus)

Here's how the comic artist setup should work, if they were to keep the regulars:

Cover: Spaz
Splash: Lim
Main Story: Axer
Middle Story: Butler or Mawhinney
Back Story: Best
Never bring back: Many Hands

Cover: That's Spaz's world. We don't mess with that.

Splash: I think Lim could work as a splash artist, because he does well if given the time. If Lim did a story, I'd choose Spaz here.

Main: I hate to think that Axer's art quality would drop considerably if he moved to the main story, but if Axer could do it, they should make the move. They can always switch with Butler or Mawhinney if Axer needs a break (And they're available).

Middle: Speaking of Butler and Mawhinney, they're long standing staples of the art in Sonic comics, and can continue doing so in the middle. If they weren't available, I'd go for Lim.

Back: Dawn Best is the Knuckles artist. Butler is always a consideration too, should the situation arise.

P.S.: I don't see Drago.

comicshop guy on #113:

worst issue ever.

Review of #113

Covert Art: 100%, I love it, five rings, trerriffic.

Inside Splash Page: Bonus. 100%, I love it, Five Rings, love it love it love it.

Main Story art: BUTCHERS!!! AHH!.... Okay, I like styled arts, but this is not styled, this is my kind of art when I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. (I am almost 21 right now). Last issue (#112), we wee treated to the best art fest and storyline I have seen in aeons, and i have fervently been looking foreward to the WolfPack adaptation my little heart a pitter pat...

Squash that notion like a bug. Hope beyond hope, I had hoped that the artwork would improve... it did have a couple redeeming frames and cell style art is neat, but that's the most complimentary thing I can say about it. The actual art itself, is cheap. I would have drawn the entire comic for free by myself, CGed it and computer styled it, made it look like the old cartoons for free. This is just... grotesque.

The story line itself? I would have felt it redeemed if it had been what I expected. *sighs* Alas, they left out the most important part of this whole shindig - how they actually got into the ol' canyon in the first place. #2, they left out my favorite lines in the whole episode, which Lupe said about how her people left no mark on the land but their feet. The issue of her father robotcized was not addressed...

If I had to be drawn like that every month I'd have sonic shoot himself.

Complete disappointment. I hope and pray #114 is somewhere close to #112 in artwork and storyline because frankly, this sucked.