SONIC#111 -
"kids of the spider woman "

art is ok, ive seen him do worse lol, story wise, i liked it a cool turn around at the end, didnt see it coming ( course ive all but stopped thinking of this comic lol )

peevs - on page 7 bottom panel, sonic's quils are on miracle grow or something.... almost looks like knuckles :S

" i'll shoot the sheriff! "

art is awsome as always! ( way to go axer! )

story- woo!! ive been waiting for this one for awhile. not exactly huge on a biblical sence, but its good readin ^.^ no peevs for this one -

"trouble with girls "

ART - HEY!! butler is back!!!! the art looks straight out of sonic adventure ( infact a few of the poses look like they were taken right from the charecter art )

story - weve needed this story for a long time, finally get some insight on how sonic feels about girls and girlfreinds, tails works well as his companion in this one too, offering advice in his own inocent childish views -

also we see that sonic is still thinking about the sally/mina thing

my fav part : sonic explaining why he doesnt want a girlfreind right now.

all in all: MAN WHAT AN ISSUE!! i havnt liked an issue this much since, ... the dragon issue ( # 98? ) and im gald they fixed the cover


announcing my first ever review of a STH issue. Hokay here goes.

"Kids of the Spider Woman"

art - you will never ever ever here me criticize the art in a comic book unless it looks like I could've drawn it. The day that happens hasn't been scheduled yet as pigs will need to fly first.

story - Lets go page by pageof criticism and comments(NO ONE WILL EVER READ THIS)

first page has Amy and Rob o' racing back to Knothole and Amy tripping into some spider webs. I like the way this introduces not only the plot of this story, but also sets up the second story.

Page 3 - Tails is sent out as a messenger boy to round up the FF's. King Acorn, time to divert the money from Knothole High school to get a hotline to the FF's. Doesn't make sense really how long Tails takes. Also I'd like to say once again how ridiculous the royal guard look. Why? I don't know.

Page 5 - I really like the positioning in this shot. The ninjas are up in the try looking very loud, yet the guards are remarking how quiet it is. Shows you how serious these guys are.

Page 7 - Sonic hears something "Big Time" I'm sorry but the whole issue has been building on the ninjas stealth, I really don't think Sonic heard something "Big Time" .

Page 9 - I like here how Sonic gets the snot beat out of him. It shows how much he realies on his speed and really doesn't have many fighting skills that don't involve running very fast.

Page 10 -Why does Sally call them children. Even if she knows who they are why would SHE call them children.

Page 11 - I don't buy how easily she gives away the sword. Even more so I don't buy how easily the sword gives up. "Please don't give me away" seems kinda short since the Source is all hyped up on Sally really.

"I'll shoot the Sheriff"

Art - Notice I didn't criticize the last story. Allow me to complement this one. I love the expression, particularely on Rob o'. I also love the detail Axer puts on characters in the distance rather than just an outline.

Story: Didn't love it, actually I hated it the first time through but on a second reading it gets better. Three stories in one ish kinda brings down the quality of the others though IMHO.

Only a few probs with this one.

Page 3 - first of all, who are the muscle bound bodies in the second panel down here? They look like the royal guard on massive massive massive steroids. Second, wouldn't he electrecuote if he's a robot and he takes a shower.

Page 4 - Some people may have noticed I'm not too found of anime. Thus its no big surprise that I wasn't crazy about the rising sun around Rob as he won the card game. The scenery up until then had been magnificient. Why hide it behind a silly wild take like that?

Page 5 - another thing I don't like from anime. I really don't need snot bubbles to tell a person is snoring. In fact it wouldn't bother me if I never had to look at snot ever.

"Trouble with grrrls"

art - I hear that the artist on this story is an old time Sonic artist. Well I like it. Yeah it does look like segasonic, but I never had trouble with the segasonic art. Also, and excuse me for being blunt, he drew Sally with a huge rack in the pond reflection. Just pointing out an observation.

Story - cute and really captures Sonic's attitude correctly for once. I Like.

A pleasent read all in all, particularely on the LIRR. I Like.

Ok, I'm done, throw your stones.


Well even though I haven't been really reading Archie in a long time, I did manage to pick up a copy of #111 today and I felt I should at least voice my opinion.


Always a great cover by Spaz and others.

Story #1:

Story: Though I don't know the whole story on what's going on lately, this story just seems dull and boring and so much like the writer was high when they wrote it. It's just so predicatable and so boring that I almost wanted to skip it.

Art: Blah, is really the only thing that won't be censored. Lim in my opinion is a horrible artist and shouldn't be allowed to draw the comics. Sonic looks like he hasn't eaten in a year and Tails is horrible. Sorry, but I just don't like his style at all.

General: The side-stories are really what this issue is about as the main one isn't worth anything.

Rating: 2 out of 10.

Story #2:

Story: A short story with a decent plot. Even though it moves fast it just gives the nice background that is usually needed in stories to fill in the gaps and this does it very good. It may be short, but it's decent.

Art: Axer 'nuff said. ^^

General: Worth checking out, if not for the story, then for the artwork. Very good and very nicely drawn and written.

Rating 8.9 out of 10.

Story #3:

Story: A general classic Sonic-like story that's very funny and something to get you cracked up. It's predictable, but it's very decent and provides a great comic relief.

Art: I love Butler and I'm glad to see that he's working for Archie again. He does a great job and it looks SOOO classic-like. Very nice job.

General: Worth reading as it ligthens up the comic and gives a feeling of the classic Sonic comics that a lot of people miss. It's nicely written and is drawn great.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Overall rating: 7.8 out of 10. While the main story kills the comic the two extra stories greatly make up for it.



Sonic #111

Cover Art: Very Awesome. Nice angles, yay yay. ^_^ Coloring good pwa no gripes here ^_^ Although I like fullscreen shots of the Blue Blur and larger than life upward angles, it's nice to see smaller more artsy things like this.

Inside Splash Page: Way to go Axer ^_^ this rivals' Spaz's Cover art for the last Arachinis story.

Main Story:Kids of the Spider Woman

Storyline: 8 ^^ Short, sweet. The twist ending where Sal entrusts the sword to the Ninjas is A-okay in my book. I would have liked to have seen a little more life-threatening menacing situation ion the woods rather than the palace, otherwise here we go ^^

Artwork: Nice. I give it a 6. It's better than some things I've seen but Tails looks like one of those dipping birds and Sonic's too.... angled and Sally's hair looked like a rat died on it.

Mid Story: I'll Shoot the Sheriff!

Storyline: 10 ^_^ Why Ten? Because Robians and distrust go hand in hand. And It has such comic potential when two former rivals have to team up. Although this was not manditory like some stories, The thought of Rob and Ummm zee Sheriff hanging out together is cool ^^ Because it fleshes out the characters more. It also saw the return of Amy Rose who also deserves fleshing out ^_^ If I have any complaint it's "Too short" but considering there's 3 stories in one comic, kudos.

Artwork: 10 Axer strikes again causing emotion from metal, cuteness but not complete sugar from Amy, and a Personality to the barely explored Rob o' Hedgehog ^_^

Finale: Trouble With Grrrls!

Story: 7 It's one of those telltales and all Sonic, showing his fandom following, and his old attitude edge. ^_^ Sonic has Real friends, and seeing Tails again also makes me feel very happy ^_^ Good job!

Art: 10 Mm! SA style applied well. Sally looks like Sally too in her brief appearance.