The cover's the same except Sonic's saying, "hello...?", The word ICEsolation is below the Sega logo which haven't been seen since #104.

Cover: 9 out of 10

Sonic, Sally, Rotor, and Bunnie are travelling in a submarine and found an oil pepeline on the ocean floor. Robotnik found the FFs' sub on screen at Robotropolis and gets furious as we threw a wrench at a computer screen.

The robotic electric eel attacks the sub and the FFs escaped by using escape pods.

The FFs found Ice-bots(they look more like the Shadow Bots), an oil well that Rotor's hypnotized herd is building, and computer screens of Eggman. Sonic and Bunnie were smashing bots, Sally uses the sword to free the herd's mind and it works, and Rotor had set up a detenator on the well. BOOM.

Story: It was an ok story. It showed some emoition when Rotor hugged Sketter who hasn't spoken in the comics(not counting Must...Destroy...Rotor... in #32). and his mother. I didn't see Rotor shed a tear.

7 out of 10.

Art: I hate the way he draws the furries. He makes Sonic too skinny(mostly Sonic when he's not in action except when his mouth is open), He improved a little bit on Sally, I hate it how he draws Bunnie's hairstyle. I like the SatAm and Archie(before #94) version better.

There's an easy Sonic crossword puzzle and the answers to Knuckles' family tree.

Note: I think Ken improved a little bit on drawing Sonic.

Here are the answers for the crossword puzzle:

1. Snivley
2. Yaner
3. Zonic
4. Bee(Across), Bernie(Down)
5. Espio
6. Antoine
7. Su
8. Nack
9. Charles
10. Rap
11. Chaos
12. Ivo
13. Lupe
14. Dimitri(Across), Dulcy(Down)
15. Tails
16. Is.(without .)
17. Knuckles
18. St. John(without .)
19. Sally
20. Leigon
21. Nicole
22. Rat(Across), Rosie(Down)
23. Amy
24. Rotor
25. Croc
26. Big
27. Rabbot
28. Egg
29. Overlander
Extra.(1. Down) Sonic

Fan Art:

1. Dad Leithead
2. Marie Schroeder
3. Stefano Cimino
4. Tyler
5. Zak Leithead

"..The Crush!"

Mina saw Sonic and was running towards him till she almost tripped on a rock until Sally saved her from tripping. Sally's saying keeping up with Sonic isn't easy.

Mina tries to get his attention and told Sally that Mina kissed him and seemed more surprised tha pleased.

Sally asked Mina if there not dating. Mina told Sally that she can't keep up with his speed or his rude-boy attitude. Then Mina asked what makes him tick. Sally was telling Mina about him. Sally doesn't think she'll figure him out but she never stopped trying.

After Mina thanked Sally and said their goodbyes, Sally smiled.

Story: 5

Darn it, I'd thought there'd be a fight or something. Axer thinks that neither of them should be Sonic's true love. I think Sally should be his true love mostly because I'm a hardcore SatAm fan. Amy Rose is my second choice.

Art: 10!!!!!!!!!!

Go Axer!!!!!!!!! I loved the way he drew Sonic with the SA Sunglasses.

Reunification: The Conclusion

Lara-Su came in as someone else tried to fire at Dimitri but Mean Green War-Machine saved Dimitri as Knux got shot. Lara-Su stopped Remington from trying to shoot at the killer.

Kommissar didn't see signs of a wound nor detecting the beating of his heart. The shot went off sooner than she excepted. So she's the traitor.

Dimitri wished that he was lying there, not Knux.

Kommisar contaced a DL snipper named Syntar. He found Julie-Su talking to Remington as him and a EST member were taking him to the EST police car.

Kommissar said that she found another one(Lara-Su) and told him to take them both down. Lara-Su took out the snipper before he could do so. She's wondering mabye it wasn't Knux she was supposed to save. Then, all of a sudden she was forced to go back to her time.

Later, Julie-Su's happy to know that Knux is alive. Dimitri was wondering why Knux was pretending that he was dead?

Knuckles took the hit to win his trust. The only worry that Dimitri will have is a traitor in the DL.

20 Years Later...Lara-Su meet up with the future Julie-Su. Lara-Su told her that she failed to save Knuckles when she went back in time. Julie-Su told Lara-Su that Knuckles is alive. Knuckles went berserk upon abosrbing so much chaos energy. Knuckles became the evil that is currently leading the Dark Leigon into conquering Mobius. She wanted Lara-Su to beleive that he's dead.

Now, Lara and Julie now head off to stop him from taking over the Floating Island again.

The next Knux story will continue on #114

Story: 10
I loved it. The more I read the "Reunification" saga, the more I want to see of Lara-Su.

As always, Dawn is my favorite female artist.
Art: 9

Karl Bollers interviews J. Axer.

Dan Drazen's email is in Sonic Grams. His was about Lara-Su. Penders said they might think of a way to bring her back.

#110 Spoilers

As if things coudn't get worse for our heroes. "Station Square Attacks" Robotropolis to get rid of the threat of Dr. Robotnik once and for all. However, it's deing done with nuclear weapons that will surely affect the Kingdom of Knothole. Can Sonic and Tails save Dr. R in time?

There's a weird story about Princess Sally and the Sword of Acorns having a very in-depth conversation.

NEW: Since Knuckles stories will continue at #114, Spaz picks out his favorite Sonic covers he penciled of the year in(1995-2001). Check out his selection without the logos and in B/W.


what the heck is with the cover?..yes..its nice, but hasn't got much of a connection to the story inside as hes with the others in the entire story..oO;

*skips over the first story as its pretty..blah to her* is it me, or does rotor's head keep changing size? oo; yay, they go to rescue rotor's herd, they wreak their ship-thingy..they fight..sally does the zap glowy thing with the sword..good guys blow up some metal thingy..everyone walks off.

*wonders how sonic and crew will get home without a sub*..o.o;

second story..^^
its all a conversation, which is good..a comic just can't be all mindless action all the time..its nice to see them sit back and talk now and then.

*picks up ron lim ..points him to j.axer and dawn's art* look at how they draw face expressions! oo;

i like the fan art bai marie schroeder, it reminds me of a arguement with a freind who asked how one of my hedgie charas could wear clothes..c.c;

*point* they printed one of dan drazen's letters! guess they do read the stuff he writes then..^^;


love the middle story!!


the main

the last story : thumbs up!

and thats my cue to scadue -


Rating system of rings: 5-excellent, 4-Great, 3-Good/average, 2-Can do better, 1-waste of a tree, 0-KILL THEM)

"I heard it Through the Pipeline"

Story: 3 rings
The story was good but the pacing was off. Benny should off started the story with the freedom fighters already in the sub. Also putting the story in parts and having the Sonic logo at the beginning of each part seemed kinda stupid.

Art: 2 rings
Other than the sub, the swatbots/icebots, and the part where sonic destroys a bot, nothing very spectacular about Ron's Artwork.

"The Crush"
Story: 4 rings
Story was good and I'm glad Karl didn't make Sally and Mina get into a fight over sonic if he had then it would of seem OOC for both them. But did anyone get the feeling that something was off about the story. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Art: 4 rings
More awesome work by Axer but Sally's right eye on page 3 when she was remembering the kiss was off. Also did anyone get the a sense that there was something wrong with the coloring and inking. The inking felt kind of heavy.

"Reunification: Part 4"
Story: 3
Story was...okay but the sequence where all the politic were happening was kinda odd considering there was what they thought was a "dead" body in the same room with the politicians plus it felt more wordy than it needed to be. Also the the part where Julie-su admitted to Lara-su that she was lying to her [Lara-su] didn't add up. Why would Lara think this would be the time that Knuxs died especially considering Lara is suppose to be 15/16 was born when Knux will be in his 20's?

Art: 3
D. Best's (hmm...she's Dee Best, The best) artwork is pretty good. I especially liked the close up of Lara-Su on the bottom left-hand corner on page 3 and her Future Julie-su looks kinda... no is very sexy but everything felt kinda of crowded (guess because of the all the word balloons-Thanks Ken). Also it looks like she did a lot of very loose pencilling or she couldn't draw a few panels throughout the issue because I saw Ken's style more than hers (Don't ask me why but I hate Ken's drawing style. The only time I thought it was good was during the Girls Rule special.)

Overall Score: 3
A good issue overall

"but Sally's right eye on page 3 when she was remembering the kiss was off. "

Actually, that was the colourist making a mistake. Her right iris wasn't supposed to be showing- that is more of her hair covering her eye. However, the colourist took it as her eye (notice how it has a bold border...?) and coloured it blue so sally looks retarded for a panel. but half my lines were changed or not inked in that issue anyway. bah. --J. Axer


Cover: It's a lot of ice, what more can I say?

Main Story - I heard it through the Pipeline.
Sketchy, not meaty, with a certain lack of flavor. I suppose it's like sucking on an ice cube, I give this particular story the cold shoulder. I do like the fact the KH FFs are back in action and actually DOING stuff again, and Sally's sword is awesome. THe art work is not my favorite, though Egg Man/Robotnik is drawn equisitely. Somebody bring back the Bunnie from the Mecha Madness issues PLEASE. On a scale of one to ten, this is a 5.

Mid story - "The Crush"
Mina needs to learn something - do NOT go barking up Sonic's tree, can't you see, Sal's Sonic's his gal?! *kills the Vector Rap* Artwork here is MAGNIFICENT! And it also does something I've been waiting to see for ISSUES since Mina kissed Sonic- Sally Finally understands what happened. Sally's expression at the end is priceless - you can tell she's thinking about Sonic. Wish it was longer, otherwise I give it an 8

Last Story - Reunification the Conclusion!
Drama and disappointment. The Artwork is fine, the character actions are fine, even the end is fine. I want to see more of Lara Su too. I just can't help feeling like this is X-Men and Knux is the neo Appocolypse and Lara Su's taken the role of Cable.... Yeah I like time travels, but nothing really happened, no big showdown, no big hunk o mourning... yeesh. She should have stayed a while longer *le Sigh*
Overall rating 6. (my opinion on the previous editions of Reunification is 9 on all counts)