Knuckles The Echidna #28 Review by Rolland Therrien
The First Date - Part Three: "It Could Be Love (I Should Have Known Better)"

Okay, I don't know that song, but I guess it must be pretty popular...

We reunite with everyone's favorite Guardian, as he's visiting his mom, trying to get advice about dating from her. Namely, what to do on the date. He asks her what she and Locke did on their first date. Lara Le then reveals a little-known fact about his father, that being that he writes poetry (poetry? from Locke? Who knew?), and her first date with him was wonderful. Hmm... I guess it probably wasn't a "completly" bad mariage... When Knux mentions his date is on Friday, Lara Le suddenly thinks that it'll conflict with her plans for Friday, unless she can do something about it.

We then go to Julie-Su's apartment, with our heroine (finally being drawn with a decent figure) welcoming Lara Le inside. The two ladies start to talk, with Lara wanting Julie to help her out with a surprise on Friday, which will make the date unforgettable.

We then reunite with the Chaotix, back in that food court from Issue #26, with the guys talking about Vector's attitude towards Julie-Su (three words: Oil and Water), when Knux shows up. Vector resolves to try and be a bit more civil around Julie-Su, that hatchet is buried, and the buds have fun as buds again.

We go Locke, watching his son from Haven (as usual), when he gets a call from Lara Le. Here, we learn that Knux's 16th Birthday is this Friday, and that she wants him to attend. Locke and Lara decide to bury their own hatchet for their son's sake.

After one last brief pep talk from Archy, Knux goes to pick up Julie-Su, who says they're going to a poetry recital at the Commons Hall. Knux seems slightly surprised, but goes along. But when they get there, He's surprised to find not a poetry recital...

...But his own Birthday party! After recovering from the shock, he meets up with his parents, who aren't getting back together, but will nonetheless be there to give him support. He then goes back to Julie-Su, who's dressed in a fetching slinky black dress, by the way, and sets up a date for next week, which he seals with a kiss so fine, I've only seen it topped by the kiss Sonic gave Sally in Sonic#50, Director's cut. And our story ends here.

Rating: Rings

Well, this was a pretty good issue. I still find it disappointing that the artist only finally managed to do a decent Julie-Su at the end of his run in the book... Same thing happened with Jim Valentino, by the way... The story was kewl too, as it had the characters actually acting nice to one another! Imagine! I mostly like the way Knux's parents actually decided to out the differences aside for their son's sake.

Mighty The Armadillo - Part Three: "Below The Belt"

The Back-up story, "Below the Belt", was honestly a bit boring... it's partly an explanation of some mysteries, (where's Ray been? stuck in a zone where time nearly stood still for him; what became of Fiona? after Robo made that duplicate of her seen in S #28-29, he left her in that camp, with only the 'bot maintenance to sustain her, until she made her break for it two years later; why didn't Sonic and Mighty rescue her? they saw Robo haul her duplicate in his escaoe shuttle and thought she was gone), but some other things are just confusing (Time was sped up for Sonic and Mighty first time around inside the zone: They pop in one panel, and pop out the next, talking about a wild ride; but time practically stood still for Ray in all those years)

Rating: Rings

I think the back story was unnecessarily complicated, but it did serve it's primary purpose: Explain Ray's link to both Mighty and Sonic, as well as his whereabouts for the last 9-8 years in the comics, as well as explain Fiona's past and introducing us to Nic the weasel. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Fiona and Nic, as the first has a link to the Sonic books through her duplicate's involvement with Tails, and the second has, since her appearance two months ago, has become a fan favorite almost overnight.

Overall Rating: Rings