I give this issue Rings! It had a great story, and a cool plot! The art work was really awsome and I like the part when Knuckles as a baby. He looks so cute in his diapers and I like the way he spelled Sega and Stud with his little letter blocks I've got the giggle after seeing that one.

I give this issue Rings! I thought that part with Knuckles spelling with blocks was so cute too! ^.^ At first I thought he spelled "stud", but if you look at all the letters across, it's actually "Sega Saturn". I can't stop reading Knux#16, I love the whole issue! Especially the end....*grins* Though Knux looked so sad when he found out about Lara marrying Wyn. Yeeee....a mouthful for someone who doesn't usually say much! ;D Byeees

~Mara-Re ^.^
ps. Oh, and way nice cover, don'tcha think?

Rings. I give this issue 4 big rings. There's a LOT of set-up for future things here: Lara-Le and Wynmacher getting married and Knuckles' reaction to it; Knuckles and Julie-Su developing feelings for each other; and the Brotherhood's dealing with Knuckles and his new powers. We also learned a little about Knuckles' origins (and might I add, he was such a KYOOT baby!)

Rings. Wow! Let's see why. Ken is actually going to put the bad issues (Sonic #59-61) to use! I can't think of the down part to this other than Lara and Wyn getting married sometime in the future and said right when Knuckles gets home. Uhh... I have to eat lunch now... BYE!