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The episode starts off by just recapping the previous battles and a summary. The first round starts off with Knuckles against Chris, but Knuckles does not want to fight Chris. Tails has been moved to commenting with Scarlet. Knuckles continues dodging making sure not to hurt Chris. Chris suggest that Knuckles just give up but after Knuckles points out who will be in the next match Chris decides to throw in the towel rather than fight Amy or Rouge. Lucky then faces off against Stuart, but as Scarlet goes to interview she sees its her reporting boss and fearing his cover has been blow he runs off. The next match is Tanaka against Emel, with Emel blocking Tanaka's attack and using it against him before Tanaka can be hurt he gives up. The final match is Rouge against Amy with Amy using her hammer while Rouge stays airborne.

Rouge manages to tire Amy out and sends her hammer out of the ring making Amy quit. Elsewhere in the desert Eggman and company are busy running away from Sonic rapidly. The next match starts with Emel against Lucky. Lucky runs out of power leaving Emel as the winner. In the next match of Rouge against Knuckles the battle starts with a standstill with Rouge knowing she will have to out-smart Knuckles. Rouge wants them to settle this in private and a tent is placed around the battlefield, blinding Knuckles. Being a bat Rouge has an advantage over Knuckles.

Rouge emerges as the victor though she is badly beaten, however a quick removal of the tent shows Knuckles as the actual winner. Eggman continues to be chased by Sonic with the two of them arguing back and forth as Sonic slams into Eggman's hovercraft he sends the doctor flying. In the final match Knuckles stands off against Emel. Knuckles starts off throwing punches by Emel is too fast for Knuckles though Knuckles does get behind Emel and grabs him Emel goes into a spin ball and slams Knuckles into the ring face first. With Knuckles a little down Emel continues to outmatch Knuckles and when Cream throws in a hankie they think Knuckles has given up. Cream gets upset but Knuckles says he gave up on purpose and goes to shake Emel's hand ending the match.

When Emel goes to get the red chaos emerald, Eggman is busy yelling at Decoe and Becoe and then goes into shock seeing Emel with an emerald. The robot suddenly goes haywire and absorbs the emerald and begins to attack the stadium and the people. Cream is upset at Emel's destruction, as Rouge, Knuckles, and Sonic appear the robot outmatches each of them causing more destruction in the ring. Cream begs Emel to stop and Sonic runs in to save Cream's mother from being attack.

Amy runs in with her hammer but the robot blocks each of her mad swings. Cream begs Emel to stop but the robot doesn't listen as it goes to attack her Sonic saves her and begins to run off. Emel continues his destruction through the city and Chuck explains that the emerald must have reprogrammed by the emerald. Eggman flies overhead saying that he was designed to destroy and the chaos emerald reactivated his combat programming and that is why. Sonic stands below and stares at Emel as Knuckles also appears with his new move Emel copies it and keeps matching move for move. Knuckles keeps trying to fight as Emel pummels him everyone thinks that they can stop Emel.

The robot keeps dodging and blocking everyone's attacks tiring them out and injuring him. Knuckles gets the idea that if Rouge and Sonic fight with them they will be able to stop Emel. Emel leads the group to the sea. Rouge tires out leaving Knuckles and Sonic fighting Emel on the pier. Sonic almost falls into the water but Cream comes in and catches Sonic. Knuckles left alone can't stand up and goes to fall into the water. Cream confronts Emel upset wanting to help if Emel stops. The robot starts to short-circuit and go after Cream again, Sonic takes the blow and collapses onto the ground. Cheese then starts attack Emel and as Emel goes to copy Cheese, Cream comes in and sends the robot flying. Emel cannot keep up with the tag team of Cream and Cheese and the two of them keep attacking Emel and with one last attack Cream sends Emel into the ocean causing him to explode after remembering Cream.

The episode ends with everyone looking at the rainbow caused by Emel's explosion.