US Title: Revenge of the Robot

Back in the city Chris is running across the main bridge trying to get the emerald to Knuckles, as a helicopter appears overhead. The helicopter reports on the defused missile and Tails heroic skill of defusing the missile, saying his real name. Chuck comments on Tails' real name as he sees a littler nervous about it. Chuck offers Tails to stay and catch up on sleep, but Tails says he needs to find the X Tornado. Chuck then has an idea and Ella appears with a baby carriage. The crowd demands to see the baby who is actually Tanaka dressed as a baby. She continues onward with a disappointed crowd. And down an alley Tails appears from under Ella's skirt thanking Tanaka also for his help he takes off.

In the desert Gamma searches through his memories of the past day and decides that Eggman is no longer his master and that he must rescue the remaining E-series robots. He takes off into the air while elsewhere Sonic slowly approaches the temple in the Mystic Ruins and heads inside. Walking through the passageway he finds a waterfall with an opening behind it and steps through with some chao appearing behind him and watching. As he is lead on he enters the shrine area with a mural showing Perfect Chaos. As he stands there he hears a chant saying to beware of Chaos and he has his own vision with the shrine on fire in front of him. He runs up to find Tikal holding onto the injured Chao she then decides to stop them and Sonic's vision ends with him back outside the temple. He then spots Eggman and chases off after him into the base.

Inside Eggman spots Sonic and begins an all-out assault on Sonic complete with lasers as he runs down the corridor. Sonic then becomes stuck on rollers as a ball rolls towards him. Going into spin ball mode Sonic is shot through the rollers and escapes down other hallways only to run into Bokkun. He shows Sonic a message that Eggman challenges Sonic to chat in the lower chamber and has Bokkun show the way. Sonic follows the robot and finds the Egg Viper as Eggman is rather upset at his plans failing as he begins the assault on Sonic. Sonic stands his ground and does battle with the Viper releasing a spin ball the Viper retreats only to come through the ground and knock Sonic onto the ground. Eggman pins Sonic with a tail and being to pound Sonic. Sonic quickly counters with a spin ball and destroys the Egg Viper. Eggman runs off leaving Sonic to escape from the exploding base quickly as it explodes.

Meanwhile Gamma has located the first robot in Windy Valley as Amy and Birdie stand at the docks. Froggy appears and Big begins talking knowing where the Egg Carrier is. Amy thinks Froggy is talking as Big appears in front of her. Big shows Amy where the Egg Carrier is in the sea. In Windy Valley Gamma spots Delta and uses some connections to reprogram Delta to free the robot. The animal inside is released as the robot shuts down and Gamma goes off after Epsilon releasing the animal inside as well. Gamma does not know where Beta is as it destroys a carving of Eggman it concludes that Beta is on the Egg Carrier and takes off.

Amy slowly rows towards the Egg Carrier and boards the abandoned ship walking through the corridors and promises to find the remaining siblings. Gamma lands on the Egg Carrier and finds another E-series robot blasting its way in. Amy inside then encounters Zero with both Becoe and Decoe back inside the Egg Carrier. They spot Amy and order Zero to take off after Amy as the three chase Amy dives into a main chamber and shuts the door. Gamma is elsewhere and soon finds Zeta sitting quietly. Amy reads what is on the computers and learns of the upgrades to Beta. She opens the door to find Zero trying to get her. Using her hammer she takes the robot out of commission as Gamma powers down Zeta. Suddenly the upgrades Beta appears before Gamma and the two get ready to duel. Amy hears the nose and quickly follows Lily as they find Beta and Gamma battling on the ship both in a stalemate. Amy tries to stop the battle but Gamma has already defeated Gamma and causes it to explode releasing the tan birdie. Gamma also having received damage is destroyed as the pink bird is released. The two fly into the air and Lily joins back up with its siblings. Amy thanks the fallen robot as she leaves the Egg Carrier.

Meanwhile Sonic is lying on the ground watching the sly as Tails appears on the island. Tails informs that everyone is okay as the sky darkens over. Knuckles also notices the lightning and stands watching as a tree is struck. Eggman passes the stricken tree rather upset at his defeat as he comes across Chaos.