US Title: A Chaotic Day

The episode starts in Chuck's lab as Sonic says they should be working on figuring out how to stop Eggman rather than taking a coffee break. Chuck says he hopes they can put their heads together to figure out what Chaos is about. Knuckles says it is the most powerful thing he has ever seen and Chuck knows it will be trouble. Knuckles says he saw it on Angel Island as he guarded the Master Emerald. During a lightning storm he sees Chaos above him and looks worried.

Chris thinks that the Master Emerald is on the island and wonders why Knuckles was not there. Looking back the Master Emerald is shattered as Knuckles attacks Chaos, but the monster disappears before he can do anything. The island falls into the ocean without the power of the Master Emerald. Back in the present Chuck says Knuckles should not blame himself for the Master Emerald. Big remembers about Froggy disappearing and Chris has a feeling that it is a Chaos Emerald. Chuck knows the frog will not have long if Eggman goes after it in search of the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic says he will tackle the emeralds as Knuckles goes for the Master Emerald pieces and Chris and Big go off to look for Froggy.

On the island inside Tails' workshop the fox is busy working on the X Tornado as Sonic shows up in the lab. Sonic informs Tails about the Chaos Emeralds and Tails reveals that he has collected the green Chaos Emerald inside the X Tornado and says he can use it to track down the other emeralds. The two launch off in the X Tornado. At Casinopolis Knuckles shows up to see some destruction in the city and he inquires to the officers wondering what happened. The police say it was a glowing object and the police lead Knuckles inside to find it is a piece of the Master Emerald. As Knuckles grabs onto it he has a sudden vision.

Standing in the forest he looks around to see a shrine in front of him. He slowly approaches it wondering why the buildings look so new. He spots some other echidnas where a young Tikal is fighting her father to try and stop an invasion by using emeralds. The vision ends and Knuckles opens his eyes. The police let Knuckles keep the emerald shard as he walks off.

Elsewhere the X Tornado has discovered a new Chaos Emerald and the two land in Windy Valley looking for the emerald. After a few minutes Sonic digs into the ground and recovers the light blue Chaos Emerald. Tails hopes the others are just as easy to track down as Eggman appears in the Egg Hornet. He swoops in on Tails causing him to drop the emeralds, which Eggman quickly picks them up. Eggman takes off with Sonic quickly coming after him. He lands on the ship as Eggman tries to shake him off by driving into the ground. Sonic is knocked off but Tails throws a power ring and Sonic destroys the Egg Hornet with a power spin. Eggman takes off as the two emeralds fall into a pond.

Before Tails and Sonic can get the emerald Chaos appears now with four emeralds powering it. Tails and Sonic stand in awe of the more powerful beast as it sends them flying with a throw of its arm. Sonic lands on a Lilly pad ready to tackle monster as he uses his footwork to knock Chaos apart. It reforms ready for another round. Sonic attacks again and sends Chaos into the pond along with himself. Chaos tries to keep Sonic under the water but Sonic manages to use the wind to give himself an extra boost and turns Chaos into another puddle. Tails thinks the monster is done as Eggman retrieves it and takes off with the Egg Carrier appearing overhead. Tails is upset at dropping the emeralds and Sonic says not to worry.

Meanwhile in the city Amy wonders why the sky has gotten dark as the Egg Carrier appears overhead with the X Tornado in tow. Tails tries to attack the fortress but Eggman releases a barrage of return fire as Tails continues to dodge it and releases some missiles to create a large whole in the ship. An object falls out as a small bird hits Amy on her head. She makes sure the small bird is okay as the battle above continues. Tails goes in to finish Eggman as Eggman himself prepares to use the Egg Cannon. With a powerful blast he knocks off a wing on the X Tornado and causes it to make a crash landing. Amy sees this and runs off even though the X Tornado is long gone.

Later lying on a couch bandaged up Tails dreams about an adventure where he runs from a giant robot. The original Tornado appears with Sonic piloting it. Picking up Tails he lets the fox take over as pilot. Sonic has Tails go after a now 6 strong robot army. Tails wakes up thinking he stopped the robots. He sits up to see he is at Chris' house with his head hurting. Chuck tells Tails what happened as Sonic watches the news. Sonic seems rather upset at letting Eggman get away as Tails looks rather upset. Chuck tells Tails the X Tornado has taken heavy damage and that Amy and Cream have gone out, Sonic heads out to check on them. Meanwhile Amy and Cream are heading home with bags full of groceries as the two wonder where the bird has come from, Amy decides to call the bird Lilly. Amy promises to take the bird home as Zero appears in front of the two as a loud scream is heard. Sonic hears this and comes to find that Amy is being taken away by the robot. Sonic gives chase as Amy struggles to break free. Zero takes off into the air leaving Sonic to only watch as she is taken away.